LosslessBob LB-3565
1/22/80Denver, Colorado, Rainbow Music Theater1B+38min

BOOTLEG: In the Summertime (partial); (bootleg SBD)>EAC (secure)>SoundForge 8.0 (some most irritating loops and pops removed)>TLH(sbe fix, flac level8, checksums)>Dime, Complete circulating SOUNDBOARD recording., Taken from the "In the Summertime" Dandelion (DL022/23) bootleg with some of the problems fixed.

bittorrent download 02/06; has full spectral density; in comparison to LB-1669 this is harsher, has more hiss; and less natural sounding and is missing "Walk Around Heaven All Day" from that one; very good to excellent sound [B+]
37:22.68, 1. WHEN HE RETURNS [4:51.54], 2. MAN GAVE NAMES TO ALL THE ANIMALS [5:32.04], 3. PRECIOUS ANGEL [5:54.46], 4. SLOW TRAIN [3:51.07] (cut), 5. GONNA CHANGE MY WAY OF THINKING [4:48.62], 6. DO RIGHT TO ME BABY (DO UNTO OTHERS) [5:09.10], 7. SOLID ROCK [4:27.40], 8. SAVING GRACE [2:47.70] (cut)
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Year 1980
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