LosslessBob LB For Year 1980
LB-1689xx/xx/80Property of No One -2A- 
LB-104541/1/80Bob Dylan Up To Date1B+radio special part two, Hilversum#3 (KRO)
LB-115471/12/80Portland, Oregon2A-jems, JEMS Master, Recording Gear: Sony Mic > Sony
LB-50741/13/80Seattle2B-version "a"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-79501/13/80Seattle, Washington2Blk 80 series; Source: my tape. Sound is excellent,
LB-149931/14/80Seattle, WA Blta 48k, stereo audience recording, unknown taper
LB-116281/15/80Seattle, WA2A-jems, JEMS Master, Recording Gear: Sony Mic > Sony
LB-12591/16/80Paramount Theater2A-BOOTLEG: Seeking Salvation;
LB-79511/16/80Seattle, Washington2B+lk 80 series; Source: my tape. Excellent stereo
LB-80891/16/80Portland, Oregon2A-JTT; Very Good Audience Recording, SOURCE: DVD
LB-103451/16/80Portland, Oregon2A-version "c", Lineage unknown, cdr received in
LB-01161/21/80Rainbow Music Hall /2Bfrom master aud
LB-21911/21/80Rainbow Music Hall2A-version "a"; Source: mono aud, Lineage: ? > CD-Rs
LB-100041/21/80Denver, Colorado2Bversion "b", fixed LB-0116, Taper & Equipment:
LB-100121/21/80Denver2A-version "c", Mono audience recording., Clearly an
LB-02861/22/80Rainbow Music Hall1  
LB-16691/22/80Rainbow Music Hall1B+partial sbd; very good to excellent sound
LB-35641/22/80Denver2BAudience recording, Unknown (=3rd or 4th)
LB-35651/22/80Denver1B+BOOTLEG: In the Summertime (partial); (bootleg SBD
LB-35861/22/80Denver1A-version "a"; Soundboard, d2t11 start missing + cut
LB-79521/22/80Denver, Colorado1B+lk 80 series; PA recording, Source: my tape
LB-100021/22/80Denver, Colorado2Bversion "e", fixed LB-3564, Taper: Allen Ginsburg,
LB-01101/23/80Rainbow Music Hall2A-from master,
LB-25541/23/80Rainbow Music Hall2B+version "a"
LB-79531/23/80Denver2Blk 80 series; Source: my tape - not particually
LB-99961/23/80Denver, Colorado2A-version "d", fixed LB-0110, Taper & Equipment:
LB-06881/25/80Orpheum Theater2 from master,
LB-09111/25/80Orpheum Theater2Bversion "a"
LB-51751/25/80Omaha2Bversion "b"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-79751/25/80Omaha, Nebraska2Blk 80 series; Source: My tape upgrade over LB-0688
LB-06241/26/80Orpheum Theater2 from master,
LB-51761/26/80Omaha2Bversion "a'; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-65811/26/80Omaha, Nebraska2B-"Low Generation Transfer" "JTT", Very Good
LB-100031/26/80Orpheum Theater2Bversion "c", fixed LB-0624, Taper & Equipment:
LB-32801/27/80Kansas City2B 
LB-39211/27/80Kansas City2B+bh 1st gen transfer; master>cassette>cdr, taper BH
LB-79761/27/80Kansas City2B-lk 80 series; Source: My tape, full show very good
LB-32811/28/80Kansas City2BSorry, I have no recording info for this one.
LB-49661/28/80Kansas City Uptown2Bversion "a";, Here's one of the fine Kansas City
LB-32821/29/80Kansas City2B 
LB-80291/29/80Kansas City2A-lk 80 series; My tape:very good quality. Upgrade
LB-82051/29/80Uptown Theater2BBOOTLEG: Surrender Your Crown; (Thinman-111/112)
LB-32901/31/80Memphis2BLineage:, Unknown but may be a low generation copy
LB-147281/31/80Memphis, TN2Blta, This was 40 years ago... from the LTA
LB-80302/1/80Memphis2B-lk 80 series; My Tape: excellent quality mostly.
LB-14662/2/80Jefferson Civic2Bsource: AUD - "off master" recording, sound: good
LB-80312/2/80Birmingham2B-lk 80 series; My Tape: excellent quality. Upgrade
LB-93312/2/80Birmingham2B+lowgen, From Jeff Friedman's Golden Archives, An
LB-40712/3/80Birmingham, Alabama2B+ 
LB-80322/3/80Birmingham2B-lk 80 series; My Tape: Did not compare with
LB-00702/5/80Knoxville2ABOOTLEG: Knoxville Holy Grail;
LB-46602/5/80Knoxville2ATaper: BS, Source: Flac files from taper.,
LB-03542/6/80Civic Auditorium2B+ 
LB-46612/6/80Knoxville2B+Taper: BS, Source: Flac files from taper.,
LB-90962/6/80Knoxville, TN2BImproved Air Catalog Number: IA36, TITLE: untitled
LB-80902/8/80Charleston2Cfrom lk 80 series; My Tape: Tape sounds like it
LB-116552/8/80Charleston2Bversion "b", AUD > unknown generation cassette >
LB-40832/9/80Charleston2B-version "a"
LB-80922/9/80Charleston2B-from lk 80 series; My Tape: Unlike LB-4082 this
LB-116142/9/80Charleston2B-version "c", AUD > unknown, probably low
LB-83572/27/80Grammy Awards1Blk 80 series; I recorded this track almost 30
LB-123882/27/80Two Grammy Award1A-two grammy, (JAPANESE BROADCASTS, UPGRADES) DVD &
LB-138812/27/8022nd Annual Grammy1A-version "b", In 1963 The Grammy's could have given
LB-45494/17/80Toronto2A-analog master [Reel ?] > Reel > DAT > CD-R > EAC >
LB-82334/17/80Toronto B+lk 80 series; Source:My tape. Very good sound but
LB-76504/18/80Toronto2C-Pilgrim remaster, from July 2005; by splits, times
LB-82344/18/80Toronto2C-lk 80 series; Source:My tape. Average to poor
LB-04564/19/80Toronto1A-BOOTLEG: Rock Solid; line recording, allegedly an
LB-12554/19/80Toronto1Anew sbd; the bonus track from the watchtower
LB-69244/19/80Toronto1A-BOOTLEG: Rock Solid; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-82354/19/80Toronto2B-lk 80 series; Source:My tape. Very good sound.
LB-83404/19/80Toronto Canada1ABOOTLEG: True Disciple; incomplete missing t11,
LB-85364/19/80Toronto1ABOOTLEG: True Disciple; version "f"; Judah Records
LB-92114/19/80Toronto, ON1ABOOTLEG: house of judah; (unknown label [USA 2004]
LB-153654/19/80Rock SOLId1A-rock solid iar002, Improved Air Catalog
LB-157194/19/80Toronto2Bnew tape transfer jtt, (New Transfer from Tape)
LB-12474/20/80Massey Hall (Toronto2A-BOOTLEG: Gospeller; line recording
LB-18714/20/80Massey Hall2A-BOOTLEG: Gospeller; Supersonic / SS 200030/31,
LB-39224/20/80Toronto2Bdm 1st gen transfer; master>cassette>cdr, taper DM
LB-67454/20/80Toronto - Massey2ABOOTLEG: Solid Rock; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-67464/20/80Toronto - Massey2A-BOOTLEG: The Born Again Music; cd > ultraplex >
LB-82364/20/80Toronto2B-lk 80 series; Source:My tape. Very good /
LB-82774/20/80Toronto2A(Complete Stereo Soundboard) JTT Transfer,
LB-123904/20/80Toronto2Apatched jtt, **Contract Clause**, This recording
LB-30304/22/80Montreal1C-Soundcheck, Lineage: ?>CD-R>me>you, Notes: All
LB-50614/22/80Montreal1C-version "a"; Soundcheck, This is the raw source
LB-70594/22/80Montreal2B-version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-82374/22/80Montreal2B-lk 80 series, My tape for the opening girls set of
LB-83664/22/80Montreal1C-lk series; Soundcheck, This is my tape of the
LB-70624/23/80Montreal2B-version "a"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-70654/24/80Montreal2B-version "a"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-82414/24/80Montreal2Dlk 80 series, Source: my Tape. Included for
LB-82424/25/80Montreal2B-lk 80 series, Source: my Tape, reasonable quality.
LB-82434/27/80Albany2C+lk 80 series, Source: my Tape. Excellent Sound
LB-82524/27/80Albany, New York2C+(Complete Show, JTT RM), Very Good Audience
LB-70514/28/80Albany2B-version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-21824/30/80Kleinhans Music Hall2B-Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > EAC secure mode > CoolEdit
LB-70524/30/80Buffalo, New York2B-version "a"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-71764/30/80Buffalo, New York2B-version "b"; This one has been requested by
LB-09515/1/80Buffalo, New York2B+ 
LB-29045/2/80WORCESTER2B-version "a"
LB-82555/2/80Worcester2C+lk 80 series; LosslessBob LB-952 in wav editor has
LB-82565/3/80Worcester2Clk 80 series; My tape, same source as LosslessBob
LB-84005/3/80Worcester2C-version "b"
LB-84425/3/80Worcester2C-version "c"; Fixed LB-8400, >, wav > Wave Repair 4
LB-123735/3/80Worcester2Cversion "d", LB-953, good sound, but lots of hiss.
LB-03585/4/80Syracuse Area2Bmaster aud
LB-69265/4/80Syracuse, New York2Bversion "a"; cut in Slow Train, before Pressing On
LB-82575/4/80Syracuse, NY2C-lk 80 series;, My Tape. Different recording to
LB-82585/5/80Syracuse2B-lk 80 series;,, Source my Tape: Different source
LB-123745/5/80Syracuse, New York2Bversion "b"
LB-09695/7/80Hartford2Balternate "a"
LB-65845/7/80Hartford2C"2nd Generation Transfer" "JTT", Excellent
LB-82595/7/80Hartford2B-lk 80 series; My tape: upgrade over LosslessBob
LB-82805/7/80Hartford2BBOOTLEG: East Coast Bondage; Thinman 121-122
LB-123755/7/80Hartford2Bversion "f"
LB-127285/7/80Hartford2Bshure dolphinsmile, Sent to me long ago by the
LB-09675/8/80Hartford2Balternate "a"
LB-24445/8/80Hartford2B+version "b"; This is a clean recording of a nice
LB-60345/8/80Hartford2B+version "c"; Taper Bob E., /Lowgen
LB-82605/8/80Hartford2Blk 80 series;, My tape: Same recording as
LB-09565/9/80Portland, Maine2B- 
LB-82615/9/80Portland, Maine2B-lk 80 series; My Tape: might be the same as
LB-84235/9/80Portland, Maine2B-version "c"
LB-128495/9/80Portland, ME B-bf 2448, taper: BF, lineage:, mono mic >small
LB-24205/10/80Portland2C-Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > me > you, Source: Aud,
LB-82715/11/80Providence2B-lk 80 series; Source: My tape. I don't have
LB-84405/14/80Pittsburgh2C-version "a"
LB-82725/15/80Pittsburgh2C-lk 80 series; Source my CDR. This is probably the
LB-123765/15/80Hilton Hotel1B+pat crosby interview, Pat Crosby interviews Bob
LB-156035/15/80Pittsburgh, PA2C-lta, lineage: cassette>reel>DAT>, TASCAM
LB-05605/16/80Stanley Theatre2B-aud master,
LB-82735/16/80Pittsburgh2B-lk 80 series; My Tape > CDR > Eac. This is
LB-98475/16/80Pittsburgh2B-version "b", Lineage: My Tape > CDR > Eac. This is
LB-119955/16/80Pittsburgh2B-version "c", Lineage: Flac Data DVD (audience
LB-82745/17/80Akron, Ohio2B-lk 80 series; Source: My cdr(Dylan set)plus the
LB-98735/17/80Akron, Ohio2B-version "b", Edit/fix of LB-8274:, for the Dylan
LB-106035/17/80Akron2B-version "c"
LB-15915/18/80Civic Theater (Akron2B+CIVIC THEATER AKRON, OHIO, , unidentified label
LB-82755/18/80Akron, OH2B+lk 80 series; LosslessBob LB-1591; note from LK,
LB-123775/18/80Akron, Ohio2B+version "b", Most likely LB-1591, based on;, The
LB-03095/20/80Franklin County2C 
LB-32305/20/80Columbus, OH1D+this is a missing song from LB-309
LB-32405/20/80Columbus, OH2C+version "a"
LB-83595/20/80Columbus, OH2C+lk 80 series; Source: My tape. This differs from
LB-127555/20/80Columbus, OH2C+cw lta, "An Evening with Bob Dylan", taper: Cliff
LB-83645/21/80Dayton, OH2B-Source: My tape(s). I've not compared my tapes to
LB-123785/21/80l, Dayton, Ohio Bversion "b", My copy seems to be neither LB-8359,
LB-050511/9/80Fox Warfield Theatre2B+master aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-744411/9/80San Francisco2 from lk fall 80 set
LB-1129211/9/80San Francisco2B+lowgen, (aud), First show of this leg - maybe
LB-1238011/9/80San Francisco2B+version "d"
LB-052111/10/80Fox Warfield Theatre2A-master aud from "legendary" taper jf, incomplete
LB-699311/10/80San Francisco2A-BOOTLEG: Ain't Slept In Three Days,; source:
LB-700911/10/80San Francisco2A-version "b"; this is from lk fall 80 set;
LB-808711/10/80San Francisco2A-Notes for Fixed LB-7009:, The long and winding
LB-1085011/10/80Warfield Theatre2A-version "e", audience analog master tape (recorded
LB-1106511/10/80San Francisco2A-lowgen, aud, Second show of this leg - maybe
LB-001211/11/80Warfield, SF2B+unknown cass>dat, rated EX-, very good to
LB-049711/11/80Fox Warfield Theatre2A-alternate a, master aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-068311/11/80Fox Warfield Theatre2A-Master Audience
LB-744611/11/80San Francisco2A-from lk fall 80 set
LB-1111411/11/80San Francisco, CA2A-BOOTLEG: something calls for you; Thinman /
LB-1114711/11/80San Francisco2A-lowgen, audience recording, Third show of this leg
LB-050411/12/80Fox Warfield Theatre2A-master aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-420211/12/80San Francisco2B+version "a"; Hi friends!, This not the comlete
LB-659011/12/80San Francisco2B"Alternate Transfer" "JTT", Original Torrent of
LB-744711/12/80San Francisco2A-from lk fall 80 set
LB-1127311/12/80San Francisco2A-lowgen, Continuing this leg - maybe Dylan's best
LB-049611/13/80Fox Warfield Theatre2B+reported as master aud from "legendary" taper jf;
LB-656711/13/80San Francisco2B-"Transfer From Cassettes" "JTT", Bob Dylan, Fox
LB-726611/13/80San Francisco, CA2B+BOOTLEG: Burning of the Page; THINMAN 084/85,
LB-744811/13/80San Francisco2B+from lk fall 80 set
LB-847811/13/80San Francisco2B+version "d"
LB-1129311/13/80San Francisco2B+lowgen, (aud), Continuing this leg - maybe Dylan's
LB-1482611/13/80San Francisco, CA2B+lta, lineage:, taper unknown, cassette
LB-050011/15/80Fox Warfield Theatre2 master aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-146511/15/80Fox Warfield Theatre2B+mixed source aud from lk of complete show with
LB-147611/15/80Fox Warfield Theater2B+aud; Complete concert
LB-148211/15/80Fox Warfield Theater2B+SOUNDBOARD recording,
LB-177511/15/80Fox Warfield Theater2B+Watchtower remaster of the SOUNDBOARD recording.,
LB-409211/15/80San Francisco.2B+JTT; Full Show), Excellent Audience Recording,
LB-657011/15/80San Francisco2B+JTT; "Incomplete Soundboard", Very Good Soundboard
LB-657111/15/80San Francisco2BBOOTLEG: Farewell Bloomfield; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-744511/15/80San Francisco2B+aud; from lk fall 80 set
LB-1129511/15/80San Francisco2B+aud lowgen, (aud), First of the truly great shows
LB-017611/16/80Warfield2B-alternate aud,
LB-043711/16/80Fox Warfield Theatre2B+master aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-123911/16/80Fox Warfield Theatre2Asbd,
LB-149011/16/80Warfield2A-This is the complete Warfield Theatre show
LB-276611/16/80Fox Warfield Theatre2ABOOTLEG: WEAR THE FOX HAT; (Rattlesnake), Source:
LB-366411/16/80Warfield2Bfrom lk fall 80 set; aud
LB-512911/16/80San Francisco, CA2 (SBD Cass-L>DAT & Aud) rated A,
LB-553911/16/80Warfield Theater2C+with Jerry Garcia, SOURCE: SBD>?>Bootleg
LB-674711/16/80Warfield, SF1ABOOTLEG: You Gotta Serve Somebody; cd > ultraplex
LB-743511/16/80San Francisco2Afrom lk fall 80 set; SOUNDBOARD RECORDING
LB-1128011/16/80San Francisco2Baud lowgen, From LK's torrent March 2009, Good
LB-1128111/16/80San Francisco2Asbd lowgen, From JF's golden archives., Good show;
LB-1502511/16/80San Francisco1ABOOTLEG: go ahead with a dead; Label: Raid Masters
LB-1534911/16/80Warfield2 BOOTLEG: bob dylan with jerry garcia; San
LB-019011/17/80Warfield2B+version "a"; aud,
LB-050811/17/80Fox Warfield Theatre2B+master aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-656811/17/80San Francisco2B"2nd Generation Transfer" "JTT", Excellent
LB-743611/17/80San Francisco2B+from lk fall 80 set
LB-743711/17/80San Francisco2B+from lk fall 80 set; ALTERNATIVE RECORDING;
LB-809911/17/80an Francisco2B+This version = LK - Fixed LB-7436, Notes for Fixed
LB-1130011/17/80San Francisco2A-lowgen, (aud), Continuing this leg - maybe Dylan's
LB-052711/18/80Fox Warfield Theatre2Bmaster aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-743811/18/80San Francisco2Bfrom lk fall 80 set
LB-850011/18/80San Francisco2Bversion "c"; Fixed version of same source of LK
LB-1129711/18/80San Francisco2Blowgen, (aud), This tape not so much. The taper
LB-050311/19/80Fox Warfield Theatre1D+Soundcheck, 30min, master aud from "legendary"
LB-052011/19/80Fox Warfield Theatre2Bmaster aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-366511/19/80Fox Warfield Theatre2B-from lk fall 80 set
LB-508811/19/80San Francisco1D+version "a"; Soundcheck, Please note:, There are
LB-855611/19/80San Francisco2B-version "d"; Lineage of source used for fixing =,
LB-921011/19/80San Francisco, CA1D+version "e", [Soundcheck], Lineage: master aud
LB-1129911/19/80San Francisco2Blowgen, (aud), Continuing this leg - maybe Dylan's
LB-1477911/19/80San Francisco, CA D+soundcheck lta 48k, Soundcheck, lineage:, taper
LB-018511/21/80Fox Warfield Theatre2Baud
LB-052911/21/80Fox Warfield Theatre2Bmaster aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-257111/21/80Ernesto Bladden1BErnesto Bladden interviews Dylan via telephone.
LB-513711/21/80San Francisco2BLowgen; audience recording, This comes to us from
LB-744911/21/80San Francisco2Bfrom lk fall 80 set
LB-745011/21/80San Francisco2BAlternative recording. from lk fall 80 set
LB-775711/21/80San Francisco2Bversion 'f"; Slow Train from diff source?, low gen
LB-777611/21/80San Francisco2Bversion "g"; Slow Train, Senor, When You Gonna
LB-1130211/21/80San Francisco2Blowgen, (aud), Continuing this leg - maybe Dylan's
LB-019611/22/80Fox Warfield Theatre2B-alternate version,
LB-053011/22/80Fox Warfield Theatre2Bmaster aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-455811/22/80San Francisco2B+version "b"
LB-657311/22/80San Francisco2B+JTT; "Very Good Audience Recording", Very Good
LB-745111/22/80San Francisco2Bfrom lk fall 80 set
LB-854711/22/80San Francisco2Bversion "f"; Linage of source used for fixing =,
LB-1130411/22/80San Francisco2B+lowgen, (aud), Continuing this leg - maybe Dylan's
LB-366711/24/80Tuscon, AZ2B-from lk fall 80 set;
LB-491111/24/80Tuscon, AZ2B-version "a"
LB-1130611/24/80Tucson Community2B-lowgen, (aud), Continuing this leg - maybe Dylan's
LB-047611/26/80Golden Hall2Bmaster aud,
LB-341611/26/80San Diego2 version "a"; SOURCE : AUD recording of unknown
LB-341811/26/80San Diego1CThese are the missing and incomplete tracks from
LB-341911/26/80Golden Hall1C+version "b"; 30123.shn, This is a better copy of
LB-366811/26/80Golden Hall2Cfrom lk fall 80 set
LB-592011/26/80San Diego2Bversipn "d"; This is a HOT show., It's a minor
LB-1130711/26/80San Diego Golden2Blowgen, (aud), Continuing this leg - maybe Dylan's
LB-048111/29/80Paramount Northwest2B+ 
LB-244211/29/80Seattle2B+version "a"; This is a very good show, but a
LB-366611/29/80Paramount Northwest2B+from lk fall 80 set
LB-593411/29/80Seattle2B+version "c", nother superb show., This was seeded
LB-746211/29/80Seattle, Washington2B+Alternative recording. from lk fall 80 set;; I now
LB-856511/29/80Seattle2B+(Transfer from 2nd Generation Tapes, JTT), I have
LB-1122711/29/80Seattle, Washington2B+BOOTLEG: full moon faith; Durango. DRGO-06/07,
LB-345011/30/80Seattle2B+NOTES : very good sound, no recording info
LB-657811/30/80Seattle, Washington2B"2nd Generation Transfer" "JTT", Very Good
LB-657911/30/80Seattle2B+BOOTLEG: Rise Again; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-049912/2/80The Armory2 master aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-323212/2/80Salem2 editted version; Downloaded from alt.binaries
LB-366912/2/80Salem, Oregon2 from lk fall 80 set
LB-048312/3/80Paramount Theatre2B+master aud from "legendary" taper jf,
LB-367012/3/80Portland, Oregon2B+from lk fall 80 set
LB-809512/3/80Portland, Oregon2B(JTT "1st Time" Transfer), I only have one version
LB-901512/3/80Portland, Oregon3B+BOOTLEG: a musical retrospective; plus Fillers
LB-191012/4/80Paramount Theatre2B+Source: Aud, Lineage: shn's d/l off a dylan ftp
LB-746312/4/80Portland, Oregon2B+from lk fall 80 set


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