LosslessBob LB-15025
11/16/80San Francisco, California1A52min

BOOTLEG: go ahead with a dead; Label: Raid Masters, Catalog Code #: RMCD 910704, Country: Italy, Release Date: 1991, Stereo Soundboard Recording, Lineage: ??? > FLAC (received in trade via internet on January 2018), Renamed tracks with Bulk Rename software adding a 0 prefix to tracks 1-9 so they keep the right order, avoiding the funny "n with a hat" in Senor (track08) as well., Luisbp51 (August 31, 2020), INFO FROM "BOB DYLAN CD GUIDE FRAME" (Monicasdude) Added tracktimes to the setlist, Raid 91074 [T-149], (line), rmd: The sound quality is pretty good by 1980 standards, but nothing special. There are now at least a half dozen essentially identical CDs from this source tape. (MZ)

bittorrent download 09/20; in spectral view this has nothing above 8k as if noise reduction applied; this is a close eac match on t1 to d2t1 of bootleg duets 3/23/75 LB-6714; in comparison on t5 both this and bootleg You Gotta Serve Somebody LB-6747 sound slower than the others and have less full sound than those with this the least full sound; in 6-way comparison on t5 LB-1239 and bootleg WEAR THE FOX HAT LB-2766 have similar the fullest warmest sound, then LB-5129, and then LB-11281; (did not listen to all of this)
Tracklist:, 01. [4:55.173] Gotta Serve Somebody, 02. [4:37.666] I Believe In You, 03. [5:36.066] Like A Rolling Stone, 04. [6:33.133] Man Gave Names To All The Animals, 05. [5:12.533] To Ramona, 06. [4:14.000] Let's Keep It Between Us, 07. [6:18.626] Covenant Woman, 08. [4:12.106] Senor, 09. [4:46.960] Simple Twist Of Fate, 10. [5:16.466] Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar
Year 1980
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