LosslessBob LB-1871
4/20/80Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada2A-61min+55min

BOOTLEG: Gospeller; Supersonic / SS 200030/31, Quality:, Excellent/Soundboard, Lineage:, Silver Discs->EAC->FLAC, Ripping info:, LG CD-RW CED-8120B used with read offset correction (+685) in secure mode. "Test and Copy" produced identical CRC values. SHNTOOL used to check wav's, no errors found., File set information:, Total size 643MB which will expand to two audio discs. Disc one 60:18 min (608MB) and disc two 54:06 min (546MB)., Included are cover scans, FLAC fingerprint files, MD5's for the expanded wav's and shntool logs.

bittorrent download 06/04; nothing above 16k; has lego parapets; has same wav and spectral view and levels on d1t1 as LB-1247; that has same digital flaws plus TAO drops between tracks;

(a bittorrent from 02/13 using this bootleg title, description, and filenames is very similar in wav and spectral view and levels to bootleg solid rock LB-6745 except it is missing the d1t2 and d1t3 on that from 4/19 and has additional d1t9 and d1t10 girls songs with very similar wav and spectral view and levels to LB-1871 as if put together from these two bootlegs; described the same as this with same artwork and flac filenames like "101 - Gotta Serve Somebody.flac"; xref-01178)

03/15 serge reports on xref-01178: "fade out after t1; beginning of t2 cut; beginning of t7 cut; t8 noise @ 0:09; short overlap (piano riff "Thank you.") between t8-t9; drop/cut between t10-t11 part of dialogue missing; cut between cdrs; d2t1 sound shifts to the right @ 0:52; drop/cut between d2t5-d2t6; d2t6 about 3:26 audience cut; d2t7 about 2:54 audience cut; drop/cut between d2t7-d2t8; CD 1: 60:19, CD 2: 47:26, 2 CDs 107:45"

small analog pop d1t3 5:02, d1t4 0:37, 3:48, d1t5 0:01, d1t5 2:30, d1t6 4:31, 4:43, light digi-like-pops d2t6 7:09 to 7:10, d2t7 8:57, 9:39 (these are not in music); drop/cut between cdrs
Disc 1:, 01. Gotta serve Somebody 6:58, 02. I Believe In You 4:54, 03. When He Returns 5:49, 04. Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody 5:22, 05. Coverdown Breakthrough 4:23, 06. Man Gave Names To All The Animals 5:50, 07. Precious Angel 4:35, 08. Slow Train 7:18, 09. Stranger In The City 4:13, 10. Walk Around Heaven All day 5:52, 11. Do Right To Me Baby 4:57, Total 60:18, Disc 2:, 01. "Rap" 6:44, 02. Solid Rock 4:16, 03. Saving Grace 4:59, 04. Saved 4:58, 05. What Can I Do For You ? 6:36, 06. In The Garden 10:03, 07. Are You Ready ? 10:13, 08. Pressing On 6:12, Total 54:06
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Year 1980
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