LosslessBob LB-4848
11/18/79Santa Monica, CA, Santa Monica Civic Auditorium2A-69min+60min

BOOTLEG: Live by Faith; Source: Commercial bootleg, "Live by Faith", from Thinman 020/021 > (dBpowerAMP, set at compression 6) flac., Comment: I circulated a complete version of 11/18/79 at STG along with other 1979 shows. While some of these recordings were taped by LTE, I mistakenly attributed all of them to LTE. This Santa Monica date was certainly not recorded by LTE. In any case, I do not at the moment have my original 11/18/79 recording with me, and am offering instead a new commercial boot, "Live by Faith", for this date. I would expect the ultimnate source to be the same as the show I torrented. Perhaps someone can confirm. In any case, I listened to "Live by Faith" and it seemed very nice to me, so I am sharing it.

bittorrent download 05/07; this is a sort of close eac match to LB-1819 with same digital flaws; (did not listen to all of this)
analog drop d1t9 4:50 not in music; pop d2t8 1:26; has small discontinuities near some track boundaries; drop/cut between cdrs; has some discontinuities in music
Disk One, 01-Monologue, 02-I've Got My Ticket, Lord, 03-It's Gonna Rain, 04-Do Lord, Remember Me, 05-Look Up and Live By Faith, 06-Oh Freedom, 07-This Train, 08-Gotta Serve Somebody, 09-I Believe In You, 10-When You Gonna Wake Up, 11-When He Returns, 12-Man Gave Names To All The Animals, 13-Precious Angel, 14-Slow Train, Disk Two, 01-Covenant Woman, 02-What are You Doing With Your Heart (Helena Springs), 03-Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking, 04-Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others), 05-Solid Rock, 06-Saving Grace, 07-Saved (Bob Dylan/Tim Drummond), 08-What Can I Do For You?, 09-In The Garden, 10-Blessed Be The Name, 11-Pressing On
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Year 1979
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