LosslessBob LB For Year 1979
LB-0128xx/xx/791979-1980, oddments2  
LB-1078xx/xx/79Bob Looks Up2A- 
LB-1495xx/xx/79INVISIBLE THINGS1BINVISIBLE THINGS is a new (probably the first ever
LB-1549xx/xx/79Gotta Serve Somebody1 Another one in the "Redundant Series", this one
LB-2868xx/xx/79Helena Springs demos1A-Either: (1) from Olof: demo tape with Helena
LB-44961/1/79Helena Springs demos1Balternate
LB-4605xx/xx/79Helena Springs demos1A-fixed version; without digital noise on
LB-7207xx/xx/79The Classic1B+BOOTLEG: The Classic Interviews Vol. 3 - 1979-1981
LB-8149xx/xx/79THE COMPLETE3B+version "a"; & Mark Knopfler, Compilation
LB-8150xx/xx/79"The Complete3B+version "b", and Mark Knopfler, CD-R3 - 69:55 /
LB-8321xx/xx/79interviews1B+BOOTLEG: Both Ends of the Rainbow; Originally
LB-11240xx/xx/79various1BBOOTLEG: alternate live slow train coming;
LB-11559xx/xx/79MARK KNOPFLER3B+complete sessions knopfler c, , CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC,
LB-12546xx/xx/79compilation with3B+the jokerman, Label: Scorpio (UK)-79, silver
LB-13216xx/xx/791979: All the2 all the bobtalk, Sourced from various LB entries,
LB-14563xx/xx/79various1 BOOTLEG: performance; Northworld NW00162 13 june
LB-14564xx/xx/79various1 BOOTLEG: re transmissions; Silver-EAC secure mode-
LB-15267xx/xx/79Helena Springs A-helena springs demos lta 48, 1979-09-26, Demo tape
LB-15504xx/xx/79various1 BOOTLEG: pressing on live1979; m4a, Unreleased
LB-835810/20/79SNL1Alk 80 series; Source: My tape. I compared this to
LB-019711/1/79Fox Warfield Theatre2B+aud master,
LB-031411/1/79Warfield2B-complete show,
LB-574111/1/79San Francisco2BBOOTLEG: New Found Faith; bootleg cd > ultraplex >
LB-781311/1/79Warfield2B-from lk 79 series; full
LB-1256211/1/79San Francisco, CA B+dolphinsmile 48, Analog master>dat>clone>file
LB-1588611/1/79San Francisco B-audiowhore complete, 'the first gospel era
LB-011111/2/79Fox Warfield Theatre2B+alternate aud, 1st gen,
LB-019111/2/79Fox Warfield Theatre2A-aud master,
LB-479011/2/79Warfield2Bversion "b"; Taper: Unidentified., Source: Audio
LB-480011/2/79Warfield2A-V2 lowgen; A stereo audience recording of the 2nd
LB-781411/2/79Warfield2Bfrom lk 79 series; full
LB-017811/3/79Warfield, SF2 aud master
LB-018311/4/79Warfield, SF2B+aud master
LB-480111/4/79San Francisco2B-version "a"
LB-781511/4/79Fox Warfield Theatre2B+from lk 79 series; SOURCE: "off master" (aud)
LB-781711/4/79Warfield2A-from lk 79 series; alternate
LB-018611/6/79Fox Warfield Theatre2A-aud master,
LB-179111/6/79Fox Warfield Theatre2A-(mislabled mistakenly to be 11/7/79) Legendary
LB-361111/6/79San Francisco Fox2A-jf version "a"; Stereo audience recording, Dylan
LB-781811/6/79San Francisco2A-from lk 79 series; SOURCE: "off master" (aud)
LB-188211/7/79Fox Warfield Theatre2A- 
LB-781911/7/79San Francisco2A-from lk 79 series; authentic; Audience recording.
LB-921611/7/79San Francisco2B+BOOTLEG: slow train to warfield; [Mainstream -
LB-973611/7/79Warfield2A-Lowgen, Excellent show from the first Warfield
LB-124511/8/79Warfield, SF2A-from master,
LB-479611/8/79San Francisco2A-version "a"; SOURCE: "off master" (aud) recording,
LB-188611/9/79Fox Warfield2A-Legendary Tapers Series #27, Offmaster recording
LB-821211/9/79San Francisco, CA2A-BOOTLEG: Born Already Ruined; (Thinman-109/110),
LB-022911/10/79Warfield2B+aud, complete,
LB-188811/10/79Fox Warfield Theatre2A-Legendary Tapers Series #28, Offmaster audience
LB-299411/10/79Fox Warfield Theatre2B+Taper: Identified, but prefers to remain masked
LB-782011/10/79Warfield2B+from lk 79 series; full; aud, complete, very good
LB-1092511/10/79San Francisco2B+BOOTLEG: got to be holy; (AUD) Thinman-135/136
LB-188711/11/79Fox Warfield Theatre2A-Offmaster audience recording. AUdio CDR > (Feurio)
LB-455311/11/79San Francisco2A-version "a"; audience recording, An above average
LB-483011/11/79San Francisco2A-version "b"; Taper: Unidentified., Source: Audio
LB-783811/11/79San Francisco2A-lk 79 series; full
LB-1099511/11/79San Francisco, CA2A-BOOTLEG: warfield witness; source: Analog Audience
LB-023311/13/79Warfield2A-aud, complete,
LB-072511/13/79Warfield2 aud, alternate version "b"
LB-189111/13/79Fox Warfield Theatre2 Legendary Tapers Series #30, Offmaster audience
LB-783911/13/79San Francisco2A-lk 79 series; full
LB-1236211/13/79San Francisco2A-version "e", Legendary Tapers Series #30,
LB-277311/14/79Fox Warfield Theatre2 Legendary Tapers Series #23, Offmaster of an
LB-359411/14/79Warfield2A-version "b"; as described in LB-2773 this is an
LB-418911/14/79San Francisco2A-Lowgen; Here's a top-notch show by Bob and the
LB-784011/14/79San Francisco2A-lk 79 series; full
LB-023011/15/79Warfield2Baud, complete,
LB-267411/15/79Fox Warfield Theatre2 Legendary Tapers Series #22, Taped by Legendary
LB-481111/15/79San Francisco1B+incomplete fragment; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC
LB-784311/15/79Warfield2Bfrom lk 79 series; full; Linage Unsure
LB-086111/16/79The Warfield2A-Not sure of source/lineage; see this link for some
LB-181811/16/79Fox Warfield Theatre2A-Legendary Tapers Series, From an offmaster copy of
LB-220311/16/79Fox Warfield Theater2A-from bootleg "A Better Contract", Tambourine Man
LB-674411/16/79Fox Warfield Theater2A-BOOTLEG: Contract with the Lord Part 1 & 2; cd >
LB-795811/16/79San Francisco, CA2B+version "d"; AUD., Received a copy of this from
LB-1111211/16/79San Francisco2A-captain acid, Hi gang, this is a remaster i was
LB-1349811/16/79Fox Warfield Theater A-menke miller 2496, Bob Menke Recording: Nak 700
LB-055411/18/79Civic Auditorium2 ?Reels>dat>cd-r, ripped with EAC, wav>shn with MKW
LB-181911/18/79Santa Monica2A-LTE; Offmaster copy of audience recording by
LB-482111/18/79Santa Monica2B+version "b"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-484811/18/79Santa Monica2A-BOOTLEG: Live by Faith; Source: Commercial bootleg
LB-703711/18/79Santa Monica2A-JTT; I assume this is LB-1819 which was also
LB-791311/18/79Santa Monica2Dlk; fake tape; It should have been in the bin,
LB-1175911/18/79Santa Monica, CA2A-millard 1gen jems, Mike Millard first gen via JEMS
LB-1462311/18/79Santa Monica, CA2A-BOOTLEG: slow train coming tour; From the private
LB-033611/19/79Civic Auditorium2B+ 
LB-784411/19/79Santa Monica2B+from lk 79 series; SOURCE: "off master" (aud)
LB-785811/19/79Santa Monica2Bfrom lk 79 series; I've not seen this full tape in
LB-785911/19/79Santa Monica1B+from lk 79 series; incomplete; The Santa Monica
LB-1187011/19/79Santa Monica, CA2B+millard 1gen jems, Mike Millard first gen via JEMS
LB-1462411/19/79Santa Monica, CA2B+BOOTLEG: slow train coming tour; From the private
LB-031511/20/79Civic Auditorium2B+1st gen aud
LB-183211/20/79Santa Monica2A-Legendary Tapers Series #26, From an offmaster
LB-1462511/20/79Santa Monica, CA2B+BOOTLEG: slow train coming tour; From the private
LB-155411/21/79Civic Auditorium2B-Conversion: ?>cdr>wav>flac, Conversion by:
LB-185411/21/79Santa Monica2BOffmaster audience recording., Taper: LTE
LB-384911/21/79Santa Monica, CA2BBOOTLEG: Preaching to the Converted;
LB-706011/21/79Santa Monica, CA.2BBOOTLEG: A Higher Calling to an Ordinary People;
LB-1575811/21/79Santa Monica2Dversion "e", Source: Audience recording > ? >
LB-033811/25/79Gammage Center2 from master,
LB-1531411/25/79Tempe, AZ  dolphinsmile 48, analog master>Dat>File cloned, in
LB-079811/26/79Grady Gammage2A- 
LB-420311/26/79Tempe2A-IN THE WILDERNESS, no label, NOTE: The original
LB-721011/26/79Tempe2A-version "b"; Label: none, Audio Source: audience
LB-786011/26/79Tempe, AZ2A-from lk 79 series; no info file
LB-931311/26/79Tempe, Arizona2A-version "d"
LB-211211/27/79Golden Hall2C 
LB-413011/28/79San Diego1Bpartial
LB-751911/28/79San Diego1Bversion "a"; incomplete, net taper A, 1st gen reel
LB-358212/4/79Albuquerque2B+I got this years ago, way before bittorrent
LB-1099012/4/79Albuquerque, NM2B+BOOTLEG: blessed be the name; (Thinman-024/025),
LB-1186912/4/79Albuquerque2A-lowgen, Very good show, taped by BP. A personal
LB-008812/5/79Albuquerque2A-redo without the gaps and editting
LB-272012/5/79Albuquerque2A-Source: "Dual mono Audience Tape"-> direct to CDR
LB-1571412/5/79Albuquerque2 BOOTLEG: blood of the lamb; Label: Thinman 098/99,
LB-412912/7/79Tucson1BTelephone interview by Bruce Heiman., Note.
LB-596912/8/79Community Center2B+One known reference tape circulating source for
LB-792512/8/79Tucson2Bfrom lk 79 series; my low gen tape. Thanks to
LB-792612/8/79Tucson2Cfrom lk 79 series; alt incomplete; my low gen tape
LB-1215812/8/79Tucson2B+lowgen, New Discovery!, I thought this was lost
LB-792712/9/79Tucson2Cfrom lk 79 series
LB-1212912/9/79Tucson, Arizona2B-lowgen, New discovery! I found this in the back of


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