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xx/xx/79The Classic Interviews Vol. 3 - 1979-19811B+64min

BOOTLEG: The Classic Interviews Vol. 3 - 1979-1981; Label: 2006, Chrome Dreams, CIS2014, Audio Source: telephone, radio interviews, Lineage: Silver - XLD - Flac 8, Number of Discs: 1, Artwork: included, Total running time: 63m 59s, Torrent History:, Originally seeded to tangledupintorrents by WilliamLee on February 10th 2009., Rip made with XLD Version 20080926 (93.3)., - Test before copy, - Cache disabled, - Suspicious sectors verified, - AccurateRip confirmed, log, cue, m3u, ffp, md5, st5, and complete artwork as 300 dpi pngs included.

bittorrent download 02/09; mostly below 6k but does not have lego parapets; (did not listen to all of this)
t3 has a lot of small drops and there are a lot of discontinuities some heard as pops such as t5 2:23 or t7 11:20
Tracklisting:, 01 - Critical Audience Reaction To One Of The Gospel Shows - San Francisco, CA Nov 1979, 02 - Telephone Interview With Bruce Heiman, KMGX radio, 7 Dec 1979, 03 - Interview Backstage With Paul Vincent, KMEL FM Radio, 18 Nov 1980, 04 - Telephone Interview With Ernest Bladden, KPRI FM Radio, 21 Nov 1980, 05 - Telephone Interview With Paul Gambaccini, BBC Radio 1, London, 12 Jun 1981, 06 - Telephone Interview With Tim Blackmore, Capital Radio, London, 12 Jun 1981, 07 - Telephone Interview With Yves Bigot, Radio Europe 1, Paris, 12 Jun 1981
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Year 1979
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