LosslessBob LB-5406
11/16/93The Supper Club, New York, NY2A80min+80min

BOOTLEG: (And It Ain't) In The Seats Of A Supper Club; fixed; Supper Club soundboards, the new silver boot of the Supperclub soundboards. It contains the whole of the first show from the 16th November 1993 and the second show from the 17th. There are 5 filler tracks from the other two shows.There were some irritating silent gaps between some tracks which I have removed;;bootleg label Liberator

a few light crackly spots on the filler; excellent sound [A];

(a bittorrent from 10/06 had similar wav and spectral view on d1t11 except fade ins at beginning of d1t11 and small drops d1t11 2:12, 3:27, 3:57, 4:57 which are not on this one and could hear the one at 3;59; described as "SOURCE: Commercial Bootleg (Liberator)>EAC>CDRs>EAC>Soundforge 9 (Clean Track Transitions &Fades)>dbpowerAmp FLAC Level 6 Align on sector boundaries"; further reported that there were many more than 30 micro-gaps);

(a bittorrent from 05/08 of the CD2 11/17 portion is a not very close eac match on d2t9 and has some digi-pops and drops such as d2t6 1:30, 1:45, d2t8 1:02 plus more; described as CD2 of the bootleg "Live at the Supper Club"; "Soundboard: excellent quality, Bootleg-silver>eac>flac-level8>EF CheckSum Manager>btcompletedir>hc>you, Bootleg WLR-2062" with filenames like"bd-1993nov17-late-tr08.flac"

has small gaps at track boundaries
Disc one:, 16th November 1993 - first show, 1-Absolutely Sweet Marie (acoustic w band), 2-Lay Lady Lay (acoustic w band), 3-Blood In My Eyes (acoustic w band), 4-Queen Jane Approximately (acoustic w band), 5-Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love) (acoustic w band), 6-Disease Of Conceit (acoustic w band) /, 7-I Want You (acoustic w band), 8-Ring Them Bells (acoustic w band), 9-My Back Pages (acoustic w band), 10-Forever Young, 17th November- first show, 11-Ragged and Dirty, 12-One More Cup of Coffee, 13-I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Dist Two, 17th November1993 - second show, 1-Ragged And Dirty (acoustic w band), 2-Lay Lady Lay (acoustic w band), 3-Tight Connection To My Heart (Has Anybody Seen My Love) (acoustic w band), 4-Weeping Willow (acoustic w band), 5-Delia (acoustic w band), 6-Jim Jones (acoustic w band), 7-Queen Jane Approximately (acoustic w band), 8-Ring Them Bells (acoustic w band), 9-Jack-A-Roe (acoustic w band), 10-Forever Young (acoustic w band), 11-I Shall Be Released (acoustic w band), 16th November 1993 - second show, 12-One Too Many Mornings, 13-My Back Pages
Year 1993
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