LosslessBob LB-6073
1/20/73Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid session,2A61min+34min

version "c"

bittorrent download 05/08; in comparison to LB-1013 on d1t3 that is less compressed and less harsh with less hiss; on most other tracks this is less compressed with similar amount of hiss and similar tone; this has similar tv band starting in d1t12; this has a cut before d2t15 which seems to be a repeat of the end of d1t5; this has a cut before d1t19 and d1t19 has an unusual spectral band at 22k; this has more cuts before d1t2, d2t2, d2t9, d2t11; this seems to be the recording that was remastered into LB-1013 by applying different amounts of level raising and compression depending on what the remasterer thought was needed for that segment; excellent sound [A]
Disc 1., CBS Discos Studios, Mexico City, Mexico, 20 January 1973, 1st Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid session, produced by Gordon Carroll., 1. Billy, 2. Billy, 3. Billy, 4. Billy, 5. Billy 4, 6. Turkey #1, 7. Turkey #2, 8. Turkey #2, 9. Billy, 10. Billy Surrenders, 11. Billy Surrenders, 12. And He's Killing Me Too, 13. And He's Killing Me Too, 14. And He's Killing Me Too, 15. And He's Killing Me Too, 16. Goodbye Holly, 17. Peco's Blues, 18. Peco's Blues, 19 Billy 7, Burbank Studios, Burbank, California, February 1973, 2nd Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid session, produced by Gordon Carroll., disc 2:, 1. Knockin' on heaven's door(1), 2. Sweet Amarillo, 3. Knockin' on heaven's door(2), 4. Knockin' on heaven's door(3), 5. Final theme (1), 6. Final theme (2), 7. Rock me mama (1), 8. Rock me mama (2), 9. Billy (8), 10. Billy (9), 11. Instrumental (1), 12. Instrumental (2), 13.. Ride Billy (1), 14. Ride Billy (2), 15. Wild track, Checksum file included!
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Year 1973
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