LosslessBob LB For Year 1973
LB-2909xx/xx/73Studio Outtakes 732B+BOOTLEG: WHERE THE MONKEY DANCES; Hollow Horn
LB-10461xx/xx/73In The Footsteps Of1B+in the footsteps of planet waves, (Concept
LB-15243xx/xx/73pat garrett outtakes2 pat garrett outtakes source files lk, Forget the
LB-10131/20/73Pat Garrett & Billy2AStudio recordings for Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid
LB-2907xx/xx/73Pat Garrett And2A-BOOTLEG: BLOOD ON YOUR SADDLE; Hollow Horn
LB-44431/20/73The complete Pat2A-version "b"; most of this circulated already
LB-60731/20/73Pat Garrett & Billy2Aversion "c"
LB-65041/20/73Pat Garrett & Billy2A(slightly) upgraded by Howlin' Husky (esp. talk in
LB-67011/20/73Pat Garret and Billy1 BOOTLEG: Pecos Blues; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-79841/20/73Pat Garret and Billy1 BOOTLEG: Lucky Luke;
LB-96111/20/73Pat Garrett & Billy2A-version "i", Complete circulating material from
LB-103411/20/73Pat Garrett & Billy1ABOOTLEG: final theme; CD & CD-ROM, Diamonds In
LB-152421/20/73Pat Garret and Billy1 BOOTLEG: pat garrett and zimmy the kid; (RD067-1),
LB-158211/20/73Billy The Kid2Abilly the kid sessions acidproject, Hi Dylan gang,
LB-95952/xx/73Pat Garrett1B+unidentified label 1CDR, (1) Pat Garrett
LB-357311/xx/73Planet Waves1A-November 2-14, 1973, Outtakes, alternate takes &
LB-1524411/2/73Planet Waves1 planet waves outtakes


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