LosslessBob LB-7960
5/1/70Nashville and NYC1A61min

BOOTLEG: almost went to see elvis; version "b"; & George Harrison, CBS Studio Nashville, TN May 3, 1969 and, CBS Studio B, NYC May 1, 1970; torrenter commented that this is bootleg "almost went to see elvis"

bittorrent download 09/09 of tapecity torrent from 10/05; in 3-way comparison these are all excellent sounding and the slight differences noted only appear in the side by side comparison; bootleg possum belly overalls LB-6700 has the warmest sound and least hiss, then this, then bootleg yesterday LB-6981 is least warm with more hiss; excellent sound [A]
has some discontinuities but were not noticed except t1 0:25
Nashville, 1969:, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Cupid, All I Have To Do Is Dream, Gates Of Eden, I Threw It All Away, I Don't Believe You, Matchbox, Your True Love, Las Vegas Blues, Fishing Blues [fragment], Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, New York, 1970:, Song To Woody, Mama You Been On My Mind, Don't Think Twice [instrumental], Yesterday, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Da Doo Ron Ron, One Too Many Mornings [instrumental], One Too Many Mornings, If Not For You
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Year 1970
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