LosslessBob LB For Year 1970
LB-0122xx/xx/70The Weberman phone1 Four tracks, one day; This fan release contains
LB-1233xx/xx/70New Morning Acetate1A 
LB-2140xx/xx/70Working on a Guru1B-BOOTLEG: Working on a Guru; t1 Dylan Harrison
LB-4631xx/xx/70a few studio;1AFrom a Data DVD disc, A few 1970 files
LB-9114xx/xx/70various1B+BOOTLEG: hard to find volume 6; Dylan's Zip Gun;
LB-11955xx/xx/70MR. TAMBOURINE MAN Bmrtambourineman 45rpm acetate3 wavf, From the
LB-67005/1/70Nashville, TN1ABOOTLEG: Possum Belly Overalls; cd > ultraplex >
LB-69815/1/70Bob Dylan and George1ABOOTLEG: Yesterday; Bob Dylan and George Harrison
LB-79605/1/70Nashville and NYC1ABOOTLEG: almost went to see elvis; version "b"; &
LB-83435/1/70Studio Sessions1ABOOTLEG: Almost Went To See Elvis; version "c";
LB-93825/1/70Columbia Records1ABOOTLEG: almost went to see elvis; version "d";,
LB-95215/xx/701970 studio sessions1B+BOOTLEG: dylan harrison sessions vinyl; Transfer
LB-125265/1/70Columbia Studios B1Aversion "g", and George Harrison
LB-143585/1/70Studio Sessions1ABOOTLEG: if not with you; Nashville 1969-05-03 and
LB-327712/xx/70Carmel1CEarl Scruggs Documentary,


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