LosslessBob LB-8548
xx/xx/88outtakes, early mixes, and demos from both of the Travelling Wilburys albums1B+75min

BOOTLEG: Recovered Treasure; The Traveling Wilburys, Bootleg issued by VOXX, serial number 0011-01, Lineage: Bootleg>EAC (to wave, secure mode)>FLAC Frontend ver. 1.7.1 (to flac, level 8) >Hungercity

bittorrent download 07/07; nothing above 16k except lego parapets; has tv band; t1 to t9 have little over 14k except a tv band and noise; (did not listen to all of this)
Tracks:, 01. Handle With Care (basic trax), 02. Dirty World (alternate take/vocals), 03. Rattled (alternate version), 04. Last Night (early basic trax), 05. Congratulations (basic trax), 06. Heading For The Light (instrumental), 07. End Of The Line (alternate take/vocals), 08. Maxine (outtake), 09. Inside Out (early take), 10. Where Were You Last Night? (alternate mix), 11. You Took My Breath Away (alternate take), 12. If You Belonged To Me (rough mix), 13. Poor House (rough mix), 14. She's My Baby (alternate take), 15. The Devils' Been Busy (alternate take), 16. Like A Ship (outtake), 17. Wilbury Twist (early mix minus overdubs), 18. Seven Deadly Sins (early take), 19. New Blue Moon (rough mix), 20. Cool Dry Place (early mix), 21. Runaway (Del Shannon) (rough mix), 22. Wilbury commercial, 23. Seven Deadly Sins (studio plabk w/ sing-along), 24. Stormy Weather (studio plabk w/ Olivia comments), 25. Like A Ship(studio playback w/ dubs), 26. Fish And Chips (comments from George)
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Year 1988
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