LosslessBob LB For Year 1988
LB-3313xx/xx/88Travelin Wilburys2B+BOOTLEG: Park It Where the Sun Don't Shine; Hollow
LB-6788xx/xx/88Various 88-921 BOOTLEG: Golden Vanity; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-6789xx/xx/88USA1 BOOTLEG: The Critics Choice Vol 3; cd > ultraplex
LB-6790xx/xx/88USA1 BOOTLEG: The Critics Choice Vol 4; cd > ultraplex
LB-6791xx/xx/88Various1 BOOTLEG: The Critics Choice Vol 7; cd > ultraplex
LB-6792xx/xx/88Various1 BOOTLEG: The Critics Choice Vol 8; cd > ultraplex
LB-6793xx/xx/88Traveling Wilburys2B+BOOTLEG: Traveling Wilburys, Complete Collection;
LB-6794xx/xx/88Traveling Wilburys1BBOOTLEG: Unsurpassed Masters; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-8548xx/xx/88outtakes1B+BOOTLEG: Recovered Treasure; The Traveling
LB-8549xx/xx/88TRAVELLING WILBURYS1B+Secret Tapes Of Lucky Boo; Excellent quality Pink
LB-8550xx/xx/88Traveling Wilburys1B+BOOTLEG: Traveling Wilburys, Volume 2; Publisher:
LB-9552xx/xx/88Demo Sessions, 19881 traveling wilburys volume 2 fixed, Source: Studio,
LB-11492xx/xx/88vsrious1 BOOTLEG: george harrison pirate songs; (1995)FLAC,
LB-14392xx/xx/88Various live9 BOOTLEG: genuine net covers collection 1988 2000;
LB-88051/20/88New York1B+BOOTLEG: Together-Live At The Rock And Roll Hall
LB-77455/29/88Lone Star Cafe2Cversion "a"; Levon Helm concert., Bad tape
LB-80785/29/88Lone Star Cafe, NYC1A-Levon Helm & Friends, * w/Harry Dean Stanton, +
LB-143915/29/88Lone star Cafe, NYC1A-sbd 3rdgen, Levon Helm, (early show), (3rd gen sbd
LB-02526/7/88Concord1B+alternate sbd, (mis-described - really an aud)
LB-02556/7/88Concord1B+digital master,
LB-25646/7/88Concord Pavilion1B+Source/lineage information:, taper markp, transfer
LB-85606/7/88Concord1B-Greeney55; incomplete; SonyD6>tape>WAV,Stereo,44
LB-107196/7/88Concord, California1Bbw nak 1gen, first gen cass from BW master analog
LB-146616/7/88Concord1B+lk, (drop-outs patched) best copy, My Tape >
LB-151626/7/88Concord, CA1B+markp v2, source: nakamichi cm300 (cp1) > sony
LB-05466/9/88Sacramento, CA1A 
LB-60636/9/88Sacramento1ALTD; cut after Two Soldiers, legendary taper D,
LB-146626/9/88Sacremento1B-lk, UG, My Tape > Cooledit Pro >
LB-11876/10/88Berkeley2B+cb master
LB-58896/10/88Berkeley2B+BOOTLEG: San Francisco Bay Blues; cd > ultraplex >
LB-83816/10/88Berkeley, California2BTransfer FRom 2nd Generation Cassette, JTT, Nice
LB-85556/10/881988-06-102CGreeney55; SonyD6>tape>WAV,Stereo,44.100kHz
LB-98956/10/88Berkeley, California2B+sonyd5, Audience recording, Sony D5 > master
LB-146606/10/88Berkeley, CA B+neumann teddy ballgame 48k, From the Teddy
LB-150076/10/88Berkeley, CA B+bw dolphinsmile 48k, taped by BW with Nak300 and
LB-150286/10/88Berkeley2B+BOOTLEG: berkeley 1988; (Zion Records); Zion 168
LB-07116/11/88Shoreline2BCASS (1st gen) > CDR > EAC (w/correct offset) >
LB-25656/11/88Shoreline1BSource/lineage information: taper markp, transfer
LB-55926/11/88Mountain View1B-little guy; incomplete; source : aiwa cm30 > sony
LB-66376/11/88Mountain View1B+BOOTLEG: Driftin Too Far From the Shore; cd >
LB-80486/11/88Mountain View2Bversion "d"; received in a trade as "off master".
LB-85596/11/88Mt. View2B-Greeney55; SonyD6>tape>WAV,Stereo,44.100kHz
LB-109326/11/88Mountain View, CA2BBOOTLEG: visions from mountain view; (Chrome Horse
LB-125826/11/88Mountain View B+hec jt schoeps doplhinsmile 48k, just pulled this
LB-146636/11/88Mountain View2Blk, UG, My Tape > Cooledit Pro >
LB-151636/11/88Mountain View, CA2Bmarkp v2, source: nakamichi cm300 (cp4) > sony
LB-09926/13/88Park West (Park City2B+titled 'Leave No Stone Unturned'
LB-31386/13/88Park City2B+version "a"
LB-123716/13/88Park City2B+version "c", Unidentified taper, LB-3138 (most
LB-154286/13/88Park City, UT  sennheiser2002 dolphinsmile 48, taped with
LB-22196/15/88Denver, Colorado1 Improved Air (IA08), Excellent Audience Recording
LB-46946/15/88Denver2A-Southside Butcher series "A Wanderer By Trade,"
LB-60086/15/88Denver, Colorado2Alegendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE 2002 (?) ->
LB-72346/15/88Denver, Colorado2A-BOOTLEG: DENVER 1988; lineage: Silver CD > Wav >
LB-12406/17/88St Louis2B+from Southside Butcher series titled 'Born in
LB-27766/17/88St Louis2B+neu version; Casus Remaster of the previous
LB-60266/17/88St. Louis, Missouri2A-LTD; cut before Boots Of Spanish Leather, before
LB-91186/17/88St. Louis, Missouri2A-version "c"; torrenter's comment "dat from master
LB-106956/17/88St Louis2A-version "d"
LB-127416/17/88St. Louis, MO B+lta 2448, 24/48, taper: unknown, lineage:,
LB-10936/18/88East Troy2B+ 
LB-27236/18/88East Troy2B+rb; aud>master dat>cdr, akg 451 mics>Sony tcd-d10,
LB-84326/18/88East Troy, Wisconsin2C(Most Likely Uncirculated, JTT Transfer), Very
LB-103176/18/88East Troy, Wisconsin2B+d5scott, Recorded by "Da Weez", Transferred and
LB-31396/21/88Cuyahoga Falls1B+ 
LB-41026/21/88Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio2B+version "a"; Audience recording (full spectrum) >
LB-46886/21/88Cuyahoga Falls2BSouthside Butcher series "Like A Corkscrew To My
LB-79626/21/88Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio1B-version "c"; Received in a trade. No info about
LB-46896/22/88Cincinnati2BSouthside Butcher; Taper: Unidentified, Source:
LB-60856/22/88Cincinnati, Ohio1B+LTD; cut after Barbara Allen, before encore,
LB-146646/22/88Cincinatti1B+lk, UG, My Tape > Cooledit Pro >
LB-24466/24/88Garden State Arts1Bversion "a"; Audience recordings, unknown tapers >
LB-62916/24/88Holmdel, New Jersey1Blegendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE 2002 -> cassette
LB-72356/24/88Holmdel, New Jersey1ABOOTLEG: NEW JERSEY 1988; lineage: Silver CD > Wav
LB-18926/25/88Holmdel2A-Source: Aud, Lineage: CD-Rs > EAC (secure mode) >
LB-24436/25/88Garden State Arts2A-version "a"; Audience recordings, unknown tapers >
LB-62956/25/88Holmdel, New Jersey2A-LTD; cut after Trail Of The Buffalo, before encore
LB-146656/25/88Holmdale2B+lk, UG, My Tape > Cooledit Pro >
LB-11866/26/88Saratoga Springs1A-cb master
LB-24016/26/88Saratoga Performing1B+The taper of this show ("Legendary Taper E")
LB-79696/26/88Saratoga Springs2B+olav remaster; Legendary Tapers Series #13 (Taper=
LB-83756/26/88Saratoga Springs1A-version "c"; Legendary Tapers Series #13 (Taper=
LB-105566/26/88Saratoga Springs, NY1C+version "d", There are currently 2 recordings at
LB-139986/26/88Saratoga Springs, NY B+akg mono akerman noel t 2448, Ackerman Archives,
LB-146666/26/88Saratoga Springs1B+lk, slight UG, My Tape > Cooledit Pro >
LB-22856/28/88Finger Lakes2B+SOURCE : AUD recording, LINEAGE : Audio cdr > (EAC
LB-24006/28/88Finger Lakes1BThe taper of this show ("Legendary Taper E")
LB-62846/28/88Canandaigua1B+version "b"; 1CD (79:49), Same recording as
LB-146676/28/88Canadaigua1Blk, UG, My Tape > Cooledit Pro >
LB-02496/30/88Long Island2  
LB-22906/30/88Jones Beach2Asoundboard
LB-23976/30/88Jones Beach Music2Asbd from LTE;; THE SOUNDBOARD FOR 1988-06-30 HAS
LB-28446/30/88Wantaugh, NY2ABOOTLEG: Live At Jones Beach Theatre 1988;
LB-60056/30/88Wantagh2A-LTD; cut after Lakes Of Pontchartrain, legendary
LB-67956/30/88Jones Beach2A-BOOTLEG: Blown Out On The Trail; cd > ultraplex >
LB-67966/30/88Jones Beach1A-BOOTLEG: You Figure It Out; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-80516/30/88Wantagh, New York1A-BOOTLEG: Masters Of War; Whatever Label,
LB-141266/30/88Wantagh, NY Asdb from master dolphinsmile 48k, cassette
LB-02047/1/88Long Island1B+master,
LB-21537/1/88Jones Beach Theater1B-version "a"; No info on linage; Excellent show
LB-21897/1/88Wantagh, New York2B+version "b"; This, is an outstanding quality
LB-22317/1/88Jones Beach Theater1Bversion "c"
LB-24047/1/88Jones Beach Music1B+The taper of this show ("Legendary Taper E")
LB-125637/1/88Wantagh, NY2B+ltd lta, "Bob Dylan/The Alarm", taper: LTD,
LB-02437/2/88Mansfield1Cmissing 3 songs, sbd,
LB-46407/2/88Mansfield1Bby Southside Butcher, Pay For Your Ticket And
LB-72837/2/88Mansfield1B+Lineage:, SBD > cass a? > DAT > CD-R > EAC >
LB-79867/2/88Mansfield1Bversion "d"; No info about lineage and taper., I
LB-98487/2/88Mansfield1Bversion "f", Lineage: No info about lineage and
LB-107407/2/88Mansfield1C+version "g"; came with generic info file for
LB-107427/2/88Mansfield1Cjtt, (Transfer from Low Generation Tape, JTT),
LB-150757/2/88Mansfield, MA Bsdb ds, cass master>Dat>me>, file cloned in
LB-06937/3/88Portland1A-complete version
LB-54217/3/88Portland1B-JTT; "2nd Generation Transfer", Very Good Audience
LB-55827/3/88Portland1B+BOOTLEG: By The Waterfront Docks; Stereo
LB-56327/3/88Portland1B+By The Waterfront Docks, Stereo Soundboard
LB-66387/3/88Portland, ME1 BOOTLEG: Old Orchard Beach; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-79887/3/88Portland, Maine1A-version "f"; source unknown
LB-146687/3/88Old Orchard Beach1B+lk, UG, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro >
LB-12437/6/88Philadelphia1Bfrom Southside Butcher series titled 'Even the
LB-58247/6/88Philadelphia2B+legendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE 2002 (?) ->
LB-67977/6/88Philidelphia1BBOOTLEG: Subteranean Philidelphia Blues; cd >
LB-79907/6/88Philadelphia2Bversion "c"; from Southside Butcher series:, 'Even
LB-109147/6/88Philadelphia2B+ltd ssrc, legendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE 2002
LB-121097/6/88Pennsylvania1BBOOTLEG: subterranean philadlphia blues vinyl;
LB-133177/6/88Philadelphia PA.1Bnak100 pw, Tape flip after 07. Missing - Hard
LB-20887/8/88Forum de Montreal1B-Source: Aud, Lineage: ?? > CD-R > EAC (secure mode
LB-27677/8/88Montreal1C+version "a"; source: cdr>cddae>flac, i had a
LB-31407/8/88Montreal1C+version "b"
LB-84347/8/88Montreal1C(Transfer from 2nd Generation Tape, JTT),
LB-146697/8/88Montreal1B-lk, UG, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro >
LB-31887/9/88Ottawa1Bversion "a"
LB-123707/9/88Ottawa1Bversion "c", Unidentified taper, Very good to
LB-105577/11/88Hamilton1Cversion "c", Alternative recording to LB-800.,
LB-108977/11/88Hamilton1B-version "d", Different recording than LB-10557
LB-107207/13/88Charlevoix, Michigan1B-version "b"; torrent description adds "Audio CDR
LB-146707/13/88Charlevoix1C+lk, Charlevoix, UG, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit
LB-47057/14/88Hoffman Estates2Bfrom the Southside Butcher series, I've Been
LB-79987/14/88Chicago, Illinois1B+version "c"; received in a trade. No info about
LB-154177/15/88Indianapolis, IN1B+p dolphinsmile 48, taped by P with Crown/Radio
LB-12977/17/88Meadow Brook1Bfirst gen
LB-71267/17/88Meadow Brook1Bversion "a"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: Audio
LB-75417/17/88Rochester, Michigan1B+version "b"; Most likely same source as LB-1297,
LB-75547/17/88Rochester, Michigan1B+Luisbp51; Fixed version of my previous upload (See
LB-107547/17/88Rochester Hills1B+version "d"
LB-109357/17/88Rochester Hills2B+ltc cd, legendary taper C, cut before Barbara
LB-109377/17/88Rochester Hills1Bltg, legendary taper G, cut before Barbara Allen,
LB-146717/17/88Rochester1Blk, (best xref LB-1297) 1st track in 2 versions (a
LB-12987/18/88Rochester1Bfirst gen
LB-62277/18/88Rochester, MI1C+Recorded By: Robert Mullen, Equipment/Transfer: 2
LB-71177/18/88Rochester1B+version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: Audio
LB-83307/20/88Columbia1D+version 'a"; Tape Flip between 09 & 10. Tape
LB-97427/20/88Columbia, Maryland1C+jtt, (Transfer from Low Generation Tape, JTT),
LB-146727/20/88Columbia1Blk, (best) (xref-LB-1475) UG, My Tape > Tascam102
LB-12427/22/88Nashville1B-from Southside Butcher series titled 'Cut to the
LB-99317/22/88Nashville, Tennessee2B-sb version "b", info file mis-described this as
LB-109467/22/88Nashville, Tennessee2Bltc cd, legendary taper C, cut before Don't Think
LB-11117/24/88Troy G. Chastain1Blow gen tape > "master cd" > eac (secure) > wav >
LB-109517/24/88Atlanta, Georgia1B+ltc cd, legendary taper C, cut before The Lonesome
LB-146737/24/88Atlanta1Blk, slight UG, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro
LB-80067/25/88Atlanta, Georgia2Bversion "a"; received in a trade., When I get this
LB-146747/25/88Atlanta2B-lk, UG, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro >
LB-78417/26/88Memphis, TN3BBOOTLEG: Mudplex; version "a"; Silver cd's > EAC >
LB-20797/28/88Starplex2B-Source: AUD, Lineage: the chicken > the egg > ????
LB-78427/28/88Dallas, TX3B-BOOTLEG: Mudplex; see 7/26/88 LB-7841 for info as
LB-18337/30/88Mesa Amphitheater2A-Source: Aud, Lineage: CD-Rs > EAC secure mode >
LB-38477/30/88Mesa2A-version "a"
LB-71357/30/88Mesa, Arizona2B+version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-31667/31/88Costa Mesa2B 
LB-80137/31/88Costa Mesa2Cversion "a"; received in a trade. No info about
LB-155807/31/88Costa Mesa, CA Bakg first gen via jems, Mike Millard Master Tapes
LB-31538/2/88Los Angeles2B 
LB-123278/2/88LOS ANGELES, CA2Bversion "a", Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff
LB-31548/3/88Los Angeles1B+ 
LB-61258/3/88Los Angeles1C+Howlin' Husky,; Lineage. Taper unknown (see
LB-12698/4/88Greek Theatre1B 
LB-125648/4/88Los Angeles, CA1B+version "a", From cassette (received in trade,
LB-131438/4/88LOS ANGELES, CA Bversion "b", D3 Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff
LB-47308/6/88Carlsbad1BTaper: Glen Dundas, Source: Flac files made from
LB-80208/6/88Carlsbad, California1Bversion "b"; received in a trade. No info about
LB-146758/6/88Carlsbad1B-lk, UG, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro >
LB-31578/7/88Santa Barbara1B- 
LB-80288/7/88Santa Barbara2B-version 'a"; No info abot lineage and taper.
LB-107438/7/88Santa Barbara2Bjtt, (Transfer from Low Generation Tape, JTT),
LB-150108/7/88Santa Barbara Bsenn2002 2gen dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by a Dylan
LB-150888/7/88Santa Barbara, CA Brw lta 48, taper: RW, lineage:, Sennheiser
LB-80338/18/88Portland, Oregon1Bversion "a"; Strightly from Olav collection. No
LB-96468/18/88Portland1B+jems, Source: Audience, Lineage: ANA(M)>DAT(1)>WAV
LB-146768/18/88Portland1B+lk, slight UG, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro
LB-39478/20/88George2B+speed corrected; taped by tw
LB-80348/20/88George, Washington1Bversion "b'; received in a trade. The sound is
LB-96398/20/88George2B+jems, Source: Audience, Lineage: ANA(x)>WAV
LB-135828/20/88George, WA  wayneg lta 48k, taper: wayneG, lineage:, Sony
LB-157838/20/88George, WA B+wayneg lta v2 48, taper: wayneG, lineage:, Sony
LB-39508/21/88Vancouver2Bspeed corrected; taped by tw
LB-150578/21/88ancouver, Canada2Bversion "d", From an old cassette (received in
LB-80408/23/88Bob Dylan2C+version "a"; Received in a trade. I don't have the
LB-150318/23/88Calgary, AB Bdolphinsmile 48k, 1st gen cassette>Microtrack
LB-80428/24/88Edmonton1B-version "a"; Received in a trade. No info about
LB-90238/24/88Edmonton1BIAR 060
LB-97478/24/88Edmonton, Alberta1B-jtt, (Transfer from Low Generation Tape, JTT),
LB-46428/26/88Winnipeg2C-version "a"; dataDVD trade, shit...no info..only
LB-99008/26/88Winnipeg1C-version "b", LB-4642, (49min+27min), version "a";
LB-123558/26/88Winnipeg2Bcassette transfer, From an old cassette (received
LB-146778/26/88Winnipeg1B-lk, Alt UG, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro >
LB-18408/29/88Toronto1BSource: Aud, Lineage: CD-R > EAC (secure mode) >
LB-54238/29/88Toronto1B-JTT; "2nd Generation Transfer" "Probably
LB-125338/29/88Toronto2Bversion "b", From a cassette (received in trade
LB-25948/31/88Syracuse2B+cb master
LB-86468/31/88Syracuse, New York1B+version "b";, Audio cassette > Tascam DR07 WAV >
LB-128338/31/88Syracuse, NY B+jvs lta 2448, 24/48, taper: JVS, lineage:,
LB-140748/31/88Syracuse, NY A-fob akg ackerman noel t 2496, Ackerman Archives,
LB-25959/2/88Middletown2B+cb master
LB-146789/2/88Middletown, NY2B-lk, alt better, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro
LB-10499/3/88Manchester1B+shn folder was bd_9-3-88_Fixedbytbuick
LB-25889/3/88Manchester2A-cb master
LB-111809/3/88Manchester2A-lochner master, (M-AUD Lochner master), Quite fine
LB-129599/3/88Manchester, NH A-jvs version "d" 2448, 24/48, taper: JVS, lineage:
LB-143449/3/88Manchester, NH1A-jvs lta, taper: JVS, lineage:, Sennheiser MKE-2002
LB-32219/4/88Bristol, Connecticut2B+jvs 1st gen from master
LB-32469/4/88Bristol1BBOOTLEG: Lake Compounce Festival Park; (Audif, n /
LB-67989/4/88Lake Compounce1B+BOOTLEG: Wanted Man; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-80559/4/88Bristol, CT1B+bootleg wanted man speed corrected; These were the
LB-91999/4/88Bristol, Connecticut1BBOOTLEG: Lake Compounce Festival Park; version "f"
LB-121849/4/88Bristol, CT2Bsony ecm 939lt, Lots of drunks, talkers, and
LB-128069/4/88Bristol, CT1B+hce mmg dolphinsmile, received from HCE MMG, who
LB-09659/7/88Essex Junction (VT)1B+Beauty Walks On A Razor's Edge; A Southside
LB-25909/7/88Burlington1A-cb master
LB-146799/7/88Essex Junction1A-lk, Upgrade, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro >
LB-25869/8/88Binghampton2B+jvs master
LB-109369/8/88Binghamton, New York1B+version "b", This is a reworked version of,
LB-02099/10/88Stanhope, NJ2B+complete aud,
LB-05659/10/88Stanhope, NJ1B+partial sbd,
LB-07169/10/88Stanhope, NJ1B+partial sbd,
LB-28609/10/88Stanhope1A-aud>master dat>cdr, akg 451 mics>Sony tcd-d10, Rob
LB-29509/10/88Stanhope2B+version "a", Complete concert.
LB-75429/10/88Stanhope NJ1B+AUD Source: 2x Nakamichi CM100's > Sony TC-D5.
LB-125029/10/88Stanhope, NJ1B+fixed lta, source: tangledupintorrents 2014-05-26
LB-25859/11/88Fairfax2Bpl master
LB-47479/11/88Fairfax2Bversion "a"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 8
LB-109349/11/88Fairfax, Virginia2Bversion "b", Source: LB-2585 (PL master), Lineage:
LB-51049/13/88Pittsburgh2B-version "a"; Lineage -, monaural mic, unknown make
LB-25879/15/88Chapel_Hill2B+pl master
LB-47559/15/88Chapel Hill1B-"Worth Your Money" not sourced from the PL master
LB-146809/15/88Chapel Hill1B+lk, alt better, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro
LB-25919/16/88Columbia1B+pl master
LB-60849/16/88Columbia, SC1B+Lineage: Sony TC-D5M->Senn ME80s->Master Cassette,
LB-107029/16/88Columbia, SC1C+version "b", Alternative recording to 'PL' LB-2591
LB-152599/16/88Columbia1B+version "d", Taper: PL, Source: appears to match
LB-25929/17/88Charlotte2Bpl master
LB-60819/17/88Charlotte, NC1B+Lineage: Sony TC-D5M->Senn ME80s->Master Cassette,
LB-108479/17/88Charlotte, NC1Bversion "b", My tape:, 2nd Gen Cassette - AKG One
LB-25939/18/88Knoxville2B+pl master
LB-02939/19/88Charlottesville2B-version "a"; master aud,
LB-47119/19/88Charlottesville1B-version "b"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 8
LB-146819/19/88Charlottesville2B-lk, alt better, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro
LB-80829/22/88Tampa, Florida1Cversion "a"; Unknown origin., This recordin has
LB-146829/22/88Tampa, Florida1Clk, (xref LB-00220) Upgrade, My Tape > Tascam102 >
LB-31649/23/88MAMI ARENA1Cversion "a"
LB-98929/23/88Miami, Florida1Cversion "b", Lineage:, received in a trade as SHN
LB-146839/23/88Miami, Florida1Clk, (xref LB-3164) Upgrade, My Tape > Tascam102 >
LB-158549/23/88Miami FL Cdolphinsmile 48, Sony mics, and Sony recorder.,
LB-02389/24/88Gainesville2Cmaster aud,
LB-102539/24/88Gainesville, Florida2Cversion "b", Lineage: Trade CDRs > EAC > WAV >
LB-153099/24/88Gainesville, FL C+dolphinsmile 48, cassette master>dat to me>file
LB-31659/25/88NEW ORLEANS2B-version "a"
LB-127310/13/88Tower Theater1C-Soundcheck
LB-511710/13/88Upper Darby C-Soundcheck before concert
LB-529410/13/88Upper Darby2B+Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-808310/13/88Upper Darby2B+version "c"; Unknown lineage. some drops between
LB-1188210/13/88Upper Darby, PA.3B+BOOTLEG: upper show; No label, BD 111690; see info
LB-1501110/13/88Upper Darby, PA B1gen dolphinsmile 48k, 1 gen cassette>Dat to me>,
LB-108710/14/88Upper Darby2B- 
LB-523310/14/88Upper Darby2B+version "a"; This appears to be the same source as
LB-725510/14/88Upper Darby2B-version "b"; Lineage: LB-1087 (torrent-download)
LB-1468410/14/88Upper Darby2Clk, Upgrade, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit Pro >
LB-1500610/14/88Upper Darby, PA2B+dolphinsmile, Cassette Master>dat to me>, File
LB-286110/16/88Radio City Music2A-aud>master dat>cdr, akg 451 mics>Sony tcd-d10, Rob
LB-891110/16/88New York City, NY1A-d5scott;, Recorded by The Weasel - "Da Weez",
LB-1292610/16/88NEW YORK CITY B+jc, Previously Uncirculated Mono audience
LB-1297210/16/88NEW YORK CITY2B+jc pitched, Previously Uncirculated Mono audience
LB-1394310/16/88New York City2B+version "e", Alternate recording to (LB-2861) /
LB-1541410/16/88NYC B+nak 100 pasternak 1track wavf, Jon Pasternak
LB-1591010/16/88New York City, NY Bshure mic, (Two Of Us Master Series Volume 192),
LB-045410/17/88New York City2B+aud
LB-1295710/17/88NYC (Radio City B+version "b", From cassette (received in trade,
LB-1468510/17/88New York City2B-lk, alt complete, My Tape > Tascam102 > Cooledit
LB-1591110/17/88New York City, NY Bshure mic, (Two Of Us Master Series Volume 193),
LB-046210/18/88New York City2B- 
LB-109410/18/88New York City2B- 
LB-125210/18/88New York City2B-BOOTLEG: Old Men with Broken Teeth;
LB-324210/18/88Radio City Music2 version "b"; Source/Lineage: Aud>?>CD-Rs>EAC>speed
LB-604410/18/88New York City2B-version "d"; no info file in torrent so the rest
LB-1591210/18/88New York City, NY B-shure mic, (Two Of Us Master Series Volume 194),
LB-316210/19/88New York City2B+aud
LB-316310/19/88New York City2A-sbd
LB-324310/19/88Radio City Music2A-"Stuck Inside Of New York" KTS 012/13 (Kiss The
LB-540210/19/88NYC2Adubwise; SDB/2, Interesting my tape has alway said
LB-541410/19/88New York City -2Alowgen; soundboard incomplete, Band member x >
LB-541510/19/88NYC2B+JTT; "Incomplete Mixing Desk", Excellent recording
LB-541610/19/88NYC2B-JTT; "Complete Audience Record.ng", "Transfer From
LB-605410/19/88New York City2B+version "g"; no info file in torrent so the rest
LB-679910/19/88Radio City, NYC2 BOOTLEG: Stuck inside of New York; cd > ultraplex
LB-1292710/19/88New York, NY Asoundboard lta 24bit, soundboard, 24/48, lineage:,
LB-1468610/19/88New York City2B-lk, alt aud (final track not on SBD), My Tape >
LB-063412/4/88The Bridge Benefit1Asbd, upgrade
LB-177812/4/88Oakland Coliseum1Apatched; Lineage: sbd > ? > cd-r > EAC secure mode
LB-233912/4/88Bridge School A version "c"; incomplete;
LB-234412/4/88  Aversion "d"; see Bridge School Benefit II "Bridge
LB-592812/4/88The Bridge Benefit1Asbd, upgrade,
LB-960212/4/88Bridge Benefit1A-jtt, AUDIO (JTT), NOTE: THIS IS LOSSY BUT SOUND IS
LB-1019412/4/88Oakland, California1A-aud morris flying m, Source:, unknown recording
LB-1154012/4/88Oakland, CA1A-aud sony d5, NOTE: This is an incomplete recording
LB-1199212/4/88Bridge Benefit1Ajtt, 1988 DVD + SBD AUDIO (Probable Upgrade) JTT,
LB-1346812/4/88Oakland, CA Aultramatrix miller 24bit, Recording Info:,
LB-1506312/4/88Oakland, California1Awgv tp, An all acoustic evening of music to
LB-1506412/4/88Oakland, California  wgv tp 24bit, An all acoustic evening of music to


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