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BOOTLEG: Legend In His Time; Source:Monserrat records, Silver cd>EAC (secure mode)>TLH (level 8)>maketorrent>HC, Artwork incluided

bittorrent download 04/10; (did not listen to all of this)
static/drop d2t1 2:30 to d2t1 2:53
Disc one, (1) Denver Hotel Tape:, Positively Van Gogh, Don't Tell Him, If You Want My Love, Just Like A Woman, Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands, (2) Pat Garrett sessions:, Billy 3, Goodbye Holly, Sweet Amarillo, Rock Me Mama, (3) Chicago Stadium:, Tough Mama, Nobody 'Cept You, Something There Is About You, Disc two, Wedding Song (4), Abandoned Love (5), (6) Clapton sessions:, Idiot Wind, Big River, Stepping Out, Stepping Out, (7) Massey Hall, Toronto:, Gotta Serve Somebody, Covenant Woman, When You Gonna Wake Up, Precious Angel, Slow Train, Solid Rock, In The Garden, Disc three, (8) Mansfield Marriott Marquis:, You Win Again, I'm A King Bee, Let The Good Times Roll, Earth Angel, House Of The Rising Sun (9), Hallelujah (10), Hey La La (11), Nothing But You (12), House Of Gold (13), Crazy Love (w/Van Morrison) (13), Confidential To Me (14), Dignity (15), Unbelievable (16), Legend In My Time (17), (1) Denver Hotel Tape, CO March 13, 1966, (2) Pat Garrett sessions, Burbank, CA Feb.'73, (3) Chicago Stadium, IL January 4, 1974, (4) Capitol Center, Largo, MD January 15, 1974, (5) Other End Club, New York, NY July 3, 1975, (6) Eric Clapton sessions, Malibu, CA March 1976, (7) Massey Hall, Toronto, ON April 19, 1980, (8) Marriott Marquis, Mansfield, MA July 10, 1986, (9) Madison Square Garden, NY July 17, 1986, (10) The Forum, Montreal, QU July 8, 1988, (11) Kingswood Theater, Maple, ON July 29, 1989, (12) Seashore Center, Orchard Beach, ME 7/15/89, (13) Panathanaikos Stadio, Athens, Greece 6/28/89, (14) Memorial Hall, Dayton, OH November 9, 1991, (15) Oh Mercy sessions, New Orleans, LA March'89, (16) Lansdowne Stadium, Ottawa, ON 8/22/92, (17) Performing Arts, Saratoga Springs, NY 7/26/89
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Year 1966
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