LosslessBob LB For Year 1966
LB-35271/xx/66WBAI studios c. Jan2A-Dylan and Band friends visit Bob Fass, Omi chats
LB-4921xx/xx/66Hollow Horn2 BOOTLEG: Looking for the savior; gap free version
LB-6676xx/xx/66collection26 BOOTLEG: Jewels and Binoculars; cd > ultraplex >
LB-6678xx/xx/66Various1 BOOTLEG: Dignity; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-8583xx/xx/66various3 BOOTLEG: Legend In His Time; Source:Monserrat
LB-8913xx/xx/66Various8BBOOTLEG: genuine live 66; scorpio incomplete;,
LB-9438xx/xx/66various10BBOOTLEG: genuine live 1966; version "f", Scorpio
LB-9439xx/xx/66genuine live 661 genuine live 66 scorpio dtt1-5, , five RAH missing
LB-10115xx/xx/66various1B+BOOTLEG: forever young secret history; Bob Dylan &
LB-10221xx/xx/66Britain various3BBOOTLEG: british judas concerts; & THE HAWKS, THE
LB-10312xx/xx/66May 1966 various1BBOOTLEG: play fucking loud; BOB DYLAN & The Hawks
LB-10324xx/xx/66Gelston Acetates Vol3B+gelston acetates, SOURCE: Acetates, LINEAGE:
LB-11171xx/xx/66various10Bgenuine live 1966 captainacidremaster, Hi Zimmy
LB-11528xx/xx/664 rare tracks from1B+5rare 1966 tracks, Almost everything in
LB-12068xx/xx/66Gelston Acetates3A-gelston acetates lk, These are the famous Gelston
LB-14232xx/xx/66various3 BOOTLEG: legend in his time; jtt, (Factory Pressed
LB-14987xx/xx/66UK Tour 19661 BOOTLEG: you know tom thumb; Bell Bottom bootleg
LB-26171/26/66WBAI Studios2A-Bob Fass Show, Bob Dylan answers telephone calls
LB-21942/5/66Westchester County1C-This is for collectors only -- a low-fi, recording
LB-22022/6/66Syria Mosque1DFlac files, Audience recording, originally posted
LB-24922/20/66CBC  see Bob Dylan, 12/3/65, The Classic Interviews
LB-21932/26/66Island Gardens1D+I will upload Hempstead66. This is really for
LB-02643/12/66Denver Hotel Tape1C 
LB-115433/12/66Motel de Ville1Crs, 1966-03-13, 3 AM, Motel de Ville, 650 W Colfax
LB-42774/xx/66Australia 1966 -1B-a) ?? April 1966 Stan Rofe interview, Radio 3KZ,
LB-16984/13/66Sydney Stadium2AComplete show, SBD recording, "off master", Sydney
LB-22934/13/66Sydney Stadium2Aversion "a"; Tape source was a mono feed from
LB-56214/13/66Sydney, Australia2AJTT; "From Master Reel", BOB DYLAN, Sydney Stadium
LB-79634/13/66Sydney, Australia2ABOOTLEG: FIRST TIME AROUND; Lineage: cdr's
LB-79644/13/66Sydney, Australia2ABOOTLEG: Happy Dylennium; (Rattlesnake RS009/10),
LB-103474/13/66Sydney Stadium2ABOOTLEG: tales of a mexican painter; Soundboard
LB-123664/13/66Sydney2Asbd lta, Soundboard, tape source: Television
LB-06364/19/66Festival Hall1A- 
LB-16994/19/66Festival Hall1A-version "a"; SBD recording, As with the April 13th
LB-36474/19/66Melbourne1Bversion "b"; Acoustic Set, Source: Reel,
LB-36484/19/66Melbourne1A-A Watchtower Remaster; Australia, SBD recording,
LB-56414/19/66Melbourne1A-"Low Generation", April 19th or 20th 1966, All
LB-66834/19/66Melbourne Austrailia1ABOOTLEG: Melbourne Austrailia; cd > ultraplex >
LB-111334/19/66Melbourne, Australia1B+enigmatic story of a boy and his dog, The
LB-118554/19/66Victoria, Australia1A-lowgen, April 19 or 20, 1966, An above-average
LB-122844/19/66Melbourne Australia1B+BOOTLEG: enigmatic story of a boy and his dog
LB-29854/29/66Stockholm1B--primitive audience recording, but good for the
LB-29874/29/66Stockholm1B-lowgen remaster of previous version; : This is a
LB-89444/29/66Stockholm1B-going going gothenburg jtt;, Vinyl Source (JTT
LB-89454/29/66Stockholm1B-going going gothenburg jtt fixed;, Vinyl Source
LB-110814/29/66Konserthuset1B-BOOTLEG: historical stockholm 66; (Stockhom,
LB-48965/5/66Dublin1Alowgen; All 6 circulating songs (solo acoustic).,
LB-66845/5/66Dublin1A-BOOTLEG: The Live Dylan; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-10965/10/66Colston Hall2B-from master; Philips battery portable with a hand
LB-28075/10/66Bristol Colston Hall2B-version "a"; Mono audience recording grade C, 89
LB-66855/10/66Bristol, England2C-BOOTLEG: Get Loud; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-89615/10/66Bristol, England2C+ia012; Audience Recording, Improved Air Remaster
LB-94195/10/66Bristol, UK2B-version "d", Audio CDs>foobar>flac, md5 and ffp
LB-94245/10/66Bristol, England2B-BOOTLEG: away from the past; May 10th 1966 plus
LB-66865/15/66Leicester, England1CBOOTLEG: Leicester '66; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-80035/15/66Leicester1CRemastered 2009 by Mick the Merciless, CASS (1ST
LB-118085/15/66Leicester, England1Clowgen, An exceptional performance from the 1966
LB-38595/17/66Manchester Free1A-electric half only (8 tunes - 45 min), 17May1966,
LB-66805/17/66England2B+BOOTLEG: Sings the Body Electric; cd > ultraplex >
LB-66875/xx/66England1 BOOTLEG: A week in the Life; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-66885/17/66Manchester Free2 BOOTLEG: Guitars Kissing and the Contemporary Fix;
LB-66895/17/66London - Royal1 BOOTLEG: The Live Dylan; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-80545/17/66The Live 19662B+BOOTLEG: Live 1966 Acetates Vols. 1 & 2 vinyl;
LB-131565/17/66Manchester Free1 BOOTLEG: manchester prayer cd; EAC log included,
LB-153035/17/66London, England  BOOTLEG: Royal AlbertHall 1966;
LB-29575/20/66Edinburgh2C-Warning- this is not an easy listen. Carefully
LB-79095/20/66Edinburgh1Bversion "b"; These were broadcast about March 1969
LB-15115/26/66Royal Albert Hall2A-5/26/66 & 5/27/66; SOURCE: Acetate>Reel>CD, NOTES:


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