LosslessBob LB-9438

BOOTLEG: genuine live 1966; version "f", Scorpio CD Box Set (10-CD version containing the 2 bonus CDs of material from Bristol 5/10/1966), GBS66-1/10, Lineage: Silvers >FLAC (ripped with XLD v20110611, using FLAC 1.2.1 - level 8), http://www.bobsboots.com/CDs/cd-g13.html, This is a different release than the torrent still running in this tracker:, http://www.hungercity.org/details.php?id=11819, which is LB-8913... and as explained on the loslessbob review it substantially differs from the Scorpio release.

bittorrent download 06/11; this is a close eac match on d1t1 to LB-8913 with same digital flaws; this is a close eac match on d7t1 to LB-9439 with same digital flaws; this is a close eac match on d9t1 to LB-9424 with same digital flaws; (did not listen to all of this)

(a bittorrent from 07/11 is similar to the genuine bootleg with lower levels and shorter as some between song Bob talk has been cut out like at end of d1t2 and has other discontinuity flaws; described as "(Factory Pressed Gold Discs) JTT" with filenames like "01 A Phoenix In April\Dylan - A Phoenix in April_Disc 01 Track 01.flac"; xref-00835)

drop/cut between cdrs; digipops d9t6 2:43; square wav static and drop d10t7 13:25; drops and squeal d1t1 0:06
"A Phoenix In April" (46:41.15 / 46:25.10), - Sydney Stadium, Sydney, Australia - 13 April 1966 (acoustic set), d1t01 She Belongs To Me (cuts in/splice near beginning) 03:44.23, d1t02 Fourth Time Around 04:51.20, d1t03 Visions Of Johanna 07:52.15, d1t04 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 05:54.20, d1t05 Desolation Row 11:00.47, d1t06 Just Like A Woman 05:43.08, d1t07 Mr. Tambourine Man 07:35.32, - Sydney Stadium, Sydney, Australia - 13 April 1966 (electric set), d2t01 Tuning 02:15.20, d2t02 Tell Me, Momma 04:54.09, d2t03 I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) 05:56.10, d2t04 Baby Let Me Follow You Down 05:57.55, d2t05 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 06:02.19, d2t06 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 04:44.69, d2t07 One Too Many Mornings 03:39.23, d2t08 Ballad Of A Thin Man 07:20.17, d2t09 Positively 4th Street 05:35.13, ____________________________________________, "The Children's Crusade" (68:44.70), - Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia - 20 April 1966, d3t01 She Belongs To Me 03:04.38, d3t02 Fourth Time Around 05:52.72, d3t03 Visions Of Johanna 10:09.38, d3t04 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 06:47.07, d3t05 Desolation Row 12:28.29, d3t06 Just Like A Woman 05:58.52, d3t07 Tell Me, Momma 01:36.66, d3t08 Baby Let Me Follow You Down 04:17.18, d3t09 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, + - Adelaide, Australia, 22 April/Edinburgh, Scotland - 20 May 1966, 18:44.21, ____________________________________________, "While The Establishment Burns" (64:58.24), - Adelphi Theatre, Dublin, Ireland - 5 May 1966, d4t01 Visions Of Johanna 07:29.23, d4t02 Fourth Time Around 04:41.41, d4t03 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 05:11.59, d4t04 Desolation Row 10:52.11, d4t05 Just Like A Woman 05:53.27, d4t06 Mr. Tambourine Man 07:59.41, d4t07 I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) 05:16.08, - KB Hallen Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark - 1 May 1966, d4t08 Ballad Of A Thin Man 06:50.59, - ABC Theater, Edinburgh, Scotland - 20 May 1966, d4t09 One Too Many Mornings 03:12.20, d4t10 Like A Rolling Stone 07:31.35, ____________________________________________, "A Nightly Ritual" (53:18.19 / 67:58.48), - Odeon Theatre, Liverpool, England - 14 May 1966, d5t01 Tell Me, Momma 04:07.22, d5t02 I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) 05:11.59, d5t03 Baby Let Me Follow You Down 03:38.50, d5t04 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues 05:34.62, d5t05 Crowd 01:55.17, d5t06 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 03:19.08, d5t07 One Too Many Mornings 04:03.06, d5t08 Ballad Of A Thin Man 07:00.42, d5t09 Like A Rolling Stone 07:29.09, d5t10 God Save the Queen 00:46.35, - Hotel Room, Glasgow, Scotland - 19 May 1966, d5t11 What Kind Of Friend Is This? 02:55.15, d5t12 I Can't Leave Her Behind I & II/Does She Need Me 07:16.69, - Gaumont Theatre, Sheffield, England - 16 May 1966, d6t01 She Belongs To Me 04:02.06, d6t02 Fourth Time Around 04:42.74, d6t03 Visions Of Johanna 08:27.04, d6t04 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 05:51.16, d6t05 Desolation Row 11:25.35, d6t06 Just Like A Woman 07:51.20, d6t07 Mr. Tambourine Man 10:30.38, d6t08 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 04:26.10, d6t09 One Too Many Mornings 03:27.29, - Odeon Theatre, Birmingham, England - 12 May 1966, d6t10 Ballad Of A Thin Man 07:14.41, ____________________________________________, "The Genuine Royal Albert Hall Concerts" (72:30.72 / 72:38.06), - Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England - 17 May 1966, d7t01 She Belongs To Me 04:05.35, d7t02 Fourth Time Around 05:09.50, d7t03 Visions Of Johanna 08:15.64, d7t04 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 06:01.53, d7t05 Desolation Row (cut) 06:57.74, - Royal Albert Hall, London, England - 26 May 1966, d7t06 She Belongs To Me 03:52.19, d7t07 Fourth Time Around 04:35.32, d7t08 Visions Of Johanna 07:28.02, d7t09 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 04:13.55, d7t10 One Too Many Mornings 03:56.14, d7t11 Ballad Of A Thin Man 07:07.53, d7t12 Like A Rolling Stone 10:46.71, - Royal Albert Hall, London, England - 27 May 1966, d8t01 She Belongs To Me 05:26.05, d8t02 Fourth Time Around 07:54.21, d8t03 Visions Of Johanna 08:56.72, d8t04 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 06:42.12, d8t05 Desolation Row 14:40.71, d8t06 Just Like A Woman 08:29.72, d8t07 Mr. Tambourine Man (cut) 08:21.09, - WBAI-FM Radio Show with Bob Faas, New York, NY - 19 January 1966, d8t08 "A Midwinter's Night's Scene" - Dylan radio show. 12:06.44, ____________________________________________, "Away From The Past" (72:38.54 / 71:22.45), - Colston Hall, Bristol, England - 10 May 1966, d9t01 SHE BELONGS TO ME 03:56.38, d9t02 FOURTH TIME AROUND 04:36.56, d9t03 VISIONS OF JOHANNA 07:30.69, d9t04 IT'S ALL OVER NOW BABY BLUE 05:21.05, d9t05 DESOLATION ROW 10:18.52, d9t06 JUST LIKE A WOMAN 05:18.38, d9t07 MR. TAMBOURINE MAN 08:07.64, d9t08 TELL ME MOMMA 05:03.08, d9t09 I DON'T BELIEVE YOU 06:03.48, d9t10 BABY LET ME FOLLOW YOU DOWN 03:47.04, d9t11 JUST LIKE TOM THUMB'S BLUES 05:51.97, d9t12 LEOPARD-SKIN PILL-BOX HAT 03:29.30, d9t13 ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS 03:19.33, - Colston Hall, Bristol, England - 10 May 1966, d10t01 BALLAD OF A THIN MAN 08:04.21, d10t02 LIKE A ROLLING STONE 07:16.58, - Fillers, d10t03 POSITIVELY VAN GOGH (Denver Hotel Room March 13th 1966) 05:52.12, d10t04 DON'T TELL HIM (Denver Hotel Room March 13th 1966) 04:40.13, d10t05 IF YOU WANT MY LOVE (Denver Hotel Room March 13th 1966) 09:13.21, d10t06 JUST LIKE A WOMAN (Denver Hotel Room March 13th 1966) 05:29.29, d10t07 SAD EYED LADY OF THE LOWLANDS (Denver Hotel Room March 13th 1966) 13:34.84, d10t08 POSITIVELY 4th STREET (Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh February 6th 1966) 04:16.81, d10t09 LOVE MINUS ZERO/NO LIMIT (Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh February 6th 1966) 03:56.78, d10t10 MR TAMBOURINE MAN (DeMontfort Hall, Leicester May 15th 1966) 09:02.60, All songs written by Bob Dylan except :, 'Baby Let Me Follow You Down' by Eric von Schmidt, and, 'God Save the Queen' (which is Britain's national anthem)., 'POSITIVELY VAN GOGH' by ???, 'DON'T TELL HIM' by ???, 'IF YOU WANT MY LOVE' by ???
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