LosslessBob LB-9424
5/10/66Bristol, England2B-73min+74min

BOOTLEG: away from the past; May 10th 1966 plus Fillers (Factory Pressed Discs) JTT, This is an Upgrade to this Torrent which has unknown proven Lineage, and is not the complete Release:, http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=361159, air/Good Audience Recording, SCORPIO: GBS66-9 / GBS66-10, 24KT Gold Plated Factory Pressed Discs, This Release was Designed & Intended to fit in the Scorpio "Genuine Live 1966" Box Set, 300 dpi Scans of Artwork included, Also included 300 dpi Artwork for Double Jewel Case created from Original Scans, SOURCE: Factory Pressed Discs > Soundforge PRO10c (Extract) > FLAC Level 8 Align on Sector Boundaries, JTT June 2011

bittorrent download 06/11; the torrent referred to in the description is LB-9419; this is a close eac match on d1t1 to LB-9419 and as indicated has the fillers and the bootleg identification; this has less digital flaws; in comparison on denver hotel tape LB-0264 has the harshest sound and is easiest to hear the vocals, then bootleg jewels and binoculars LB-6676, and then this is warmest but murkiest; good to very good sound [B-]

(a bittorrent from 05/13 has more hiss and is more muffled; described as "(Transfer from Tape) JTT" and "Audience Recording from Low Generation Cassette, This is the First Transfer to Digital from 'MY' copy of this Tape, SOURCE: ??? > TDK SA90 (GS) > Akai GX95 Mk11 > Soundforge PRO 10c > .WAV >, FLAC Frontend Level 8 Align on Sector Boundaries, Mastering & Artwork by JTT, May 2013," with filenames like "Disc One\BOB DYLAN - Colston Hall May 10th 1966 (JTT)_Disc 01 Track 01.flac"; xref-01203)

drop/cut between cdrs; digipops d1t6 2:43; square wav static and drop d2t7 13:25
DISC ONE, 01. SHE BELONGS TO ME, 02. FOURTH TIME AROUND, 03. VISIONS OF JOHANNA, 04. IT'S ALL OVER NOW BABY BLUE, 05. DESOLATION ROW, 06. JUST LIKE A WOMAN, 07. MR. TAMBOURINE MAN, 08. TELL ME MOMMA, 09. I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, 10. BABY LET ME FOLLOW YOU DOWN, 11. JUST LIKE TOM THUMB'S BLUES, 12. LEOPARD-SKIN PILL-BOX HAT, 13. ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS, DISC TWO, 01. BALLAD OF A THIN MAN, 02. LIKE A ROLLING STONE, ***, 03. POSITIVELY VAN GOGH (Denver Hotel Room March 13th 1966), 04. DON'T TELL HIM (Denver Hotel Room March 13th 1966), 05. IF YOU WANT MY LOVE (Denver Hotel Room March 13th 1966), 06. JUST LIKE A WOMAN (Denver Hotel Room March 13th 1966), 07. SAD EYED LADY OF THE LOWLANDS (Denver Hotel Room March 13th 1966), 08. POSITIVELY 4th STREET (Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh February 6th 1966), 09. LOVE MINUS ZERO/NO LIMIT (Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh February 6th 1966), 10. MR TAMBOURINE MAN (DeMontfort Hall, Leicester May 15th 1966)
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Year 1966
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