LosslessBob LB-8653
9/xx/74Studio Sessions in New York City1A80min

BOOTLEG: IDIOT WIND IN 48TH STREET; idiot wind in 48th street;, , QUALITY:, Excellent Soundboard, MUSICIANS:, Bob Dylan - Vocals, guitar, harmonica and jacket-button-noises, Eric Weissberg - guitar, Tony Brown - bass, Richard Crooks - drums, Barry Kornfield - guitar, Thomas McFaul - keyboards, Paul Griffin - organ, Charles III Brown - guitar, PERFORMANCE:, no comments - it's above "comments about performance", COMMENTS:, What to say ?, ADDITIONAL COMMENTS:, I LOVE this "bootleg" - but I realise that it might be "unnecessary" by now, as some fantastic "alternate BOTT"-torrents have been kindly shared on HC, during the last years., When purchasing this "Wanted Man"-bootleg - I didn't have any of those torrents stored or downloaded., ARTWORK:, I have scanned the artwork in high resolution quality., Also, I have made the "back" and the "front" + "front-inside", using paintbrush - to make it fit into a "standard 1CD jewel case" - in case somebody would like to print it, Both the "original scans" and the "homemade covers" (taken from original scans) are included., Enjoy.....Erik Snow, May 2010

bittorrent download 05/10; (did not listen to all of this)
surface noise on some songs like t10
TRACKLIST:, 01. Simple Twist Of Fate, 02. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go, 03. Shelter From The Storm, 04. Buckets Of Rain, 05. If You See Her Say Hello, 06. Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts, 07. Call, 08. Idiot Wind, 09. Tangled Up In Blue, 10. You're A Big Girl Now, 11. Shelter From The Storm, 12. If You See Her Say Hello, 13. Up To Me, 14. Idiot Wind
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Year 1974
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