LosslessBob LB For Year 1974
LB-0073xx/xx/74Tangled and Twisted2 live BOTT compilation created by members of the
LB-0703xx/xx/74Hero Blues - All1  
LB-1418xx/xx/74If You See Her Say1A-Collection of 10 If You See Her Say Hello
LB-2162xx/xx/74so-called new BOTT1B+"I gather that they have a few word changes
LB-6702xx/xx/74Various Studio1 BOOTLEG: Acetates on the Tracks Vol. 3 (1974-1984)
LB-6703xx/xx/74Various74-951 BOOTLEG: Genuine Hard to Find Volume 2; cd >
LB-6704xx/xx/74USA/Canada - All3 BOOTLEG: Phantoms of My Youth; cd > ultraplex >
LB-9487xx/xx/74USA/Canada - All3 BOOTLEG: phantoms of my youth; version "c", cd >
LB-11118xx/xx/74various10A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection 1974; 10CD Box Set
LB-11516xx/xx/74Blood On The Tracks1Ablood on the tracks test pressing lowgen, All
LB-11534xx/xx/741974 Tour Anthology3 tour anthology, This was compiled in 2001 by Bob
LB-00391/3/74Chicago Stadium2B- 
LB-04381/3/74Chicago Stadium2B-version "a"
LB-25801/3/74Chicago Stadium2B-version "b", Audience Recording
LB-26351/3/74Chicago Stadium2B-from lk aud set, Low gen Dylan tape combined with
LB-93031/3/74Chicago, Illinois2B-version "d", Lineage: Low gen Dylan tape combined
LB-125601/3/74Chicago Bfixed 32k;, FIXED: There was an issue with track
LB-152831/3/74Chicago, IL2Blta, taper: unknown, lineage:, Maxell HS-4/60S
LB-26361/4/74Chicago Stadium2B+from lk aud set; The stereo master contained many,
LB-35911/4/74Chicago1 version "a"; Source/Quality/Length: AUD/VG-/85,
LB-55861/4/74Chicago1C+BOOTLEG: Chicago 1974; TMR-010; Source: Vg-
LB-93071/4/74Chicago, Illinois2B+version "c", Lineage: The stereo master contained
LB-150931/4/74Chicago1C-3rd gen kingrue, Source : Audience Recording > 3rd
LB-26371/6/74The Spectrum2B+afternoon; from lk aud set, Master tape > CD > EAC
LB-26381/6/74The Spectrum2Bevening; from lk aud set;, Master tape > CD > EAC
LB-36021/6/74Philadelphia PA2 version "a"; Early Show, cda>wavelab>Flac, Mono
LB-36031/6/74Philadelphia Pa2 version "b"; Evening Show, Mono Audience Recording
LB-69221/6/74Philadephia2B+BOOTLEG: At the Spectrum 1974; cd > ultraplex >
LB-93091/6/74Philadelphia2B+aft version "d", [Afternoon show], Lineage: Master
LB-93141/6/74Philadelphia2Beve version "e", [Evening show], Lineage: <
LB-23201/7/74The Spectrum;2BDylan portions only, I think this 3rd Philadelphia
LB-26471/7/74Philadelphia2Bfrom lk aud set,; Low gen tape > CDR > EAC > Flac
LB-35771/7/74Philadelphia1Brepitched by lowgen, Mono audience recording,
LB-36041/7/74Philadelphia PA2 version "a"; Mono Audience Recording,
LB-93101/7/74Philadelphia2Bversion "d", Lineage: Low gen tape > CDR > EAC >
LB-26501/9/74Toronto2C+from lk aud set,; Low gen tape > CDR > EAC > Flac
LB-36051/9/74Toronto2B-version "a"
LB-39781/9/74Toronto1CAud Reel
LB-52181/9/74Toronto Maple Leaf2Blowgen; I don't like compilation/matrixes and this
LB-93121/9/74Toronto2C+version "e", Lineage: Low gen tape > CDR > EAC >
LB-120311/9/74Toronto2B-version "f", CDR trade > XLD > flac, apa05
LB-120611/9/74Toronto2B-version "g", 2CDR, (57min+53min), version "a"; has
LB-02101/10/74Maple Leaf Gardens2B-master,
LB-10411/10/74Maple Leaf Garden2B-Ballad Of A Thin Man, Toronto Jan 10, 1974,
LB-26511/10/74Toronto2Bfrom lk aud set,; Master tape > CDR > EAC > Flac
LB-29051/10/74Toronto1BSouce/Lineage: mono aud (Dylan only)>?>CD-R>me>you
LB-36081/10/74Toronto2Bversion "b"; CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC, Mono Audience
LB-70731/10/74Toronto2BBOOTLEG: As I Went Out One Evening; Be Twisted /
LB-93151/10/74Toronto2Bversion "f", Lineage: Master tape > CDR > EAC >
LB-93191/10/74Toronto2Bversion "g", mono recorder, Contrast Clause:, -
LB-107261/10/74Toronto Maple Leaf2Bversion "h", A good recording of a first-class
LB-26521/11/74Montreal2Bfrom lk aud set, Low gen tape > CDR > Eac > Flac
LB-36161/11/74Montreal Canada2Bversion "a", Mono Audience Recording,
LB-53751/11/74Montreal2Bversion "b"; (Project 74 Upgrade Version), (low
LB-93161/11/74Montreal2Bversion "c", Lineage: Low gen tape > CDR > Eac >
LB-26531/12/74Montreal1B+from lk aud set, Low gen tape > CDR > Eac > Flac
LB-36231/12/74Montreal2 version "a"
LB-93241/12/74Montreal1B+version "b", Lineage: Low gen tape > CDR > Eac >
LB-03631/14/74Boston Gardens2B(probably afternoon) Evening, master,
LB-06171/14/74Boston Gardens2 afternoon, PA tapes,
LB-14971/14/74Boston2A-and The Band, afternoon, part of The 1974 PA Tape
LB-25181/14/74Boston Garden2B(early show), /The Band, Source: AUD > MC (Joe
LB-25601/14/74Boston Garden2Blate show, Source: AUD > MC (Joe Maloney
LB-26561/14/74Boston Gardens2B+version "c"; late show, audience recording., Dylan
LB-28661/14/74Boston2 (late show), pitch-corrected of Source: AUD > MC
LB-39801/14/74Boston Gardens1B-Aud Reel; evening show, missing first two songs:
LB-50371/14/74Boston Garden2Bversion "d", early show, Audience recording, (Both
LB-60201/14/74Boston, MA2B+afternoon show, SBD/AUD Mix, SBD - "Love Songs For
LB-62931/14/74BOSTON GARDEN3Bearly jm krwco; (4PM SET), AUDIENCE ANALOG
LB-63111/14/74BOSTON, MA3B+late jm krwco; 8:30PM SET, AUDIENCE ANALOG
LB-67051/14/74Boston Gardens, MA2 BOOTLEG: Love Songs for America; cd > ultraplex >
LB-85351/14/74Boston, MA2B+version "m"; Complete Afternoon Show, SBD/AUD mix,
LB-93781/14/74Boston2A-early wgv jtt, (Early Show) INCOMPLETE SOUNDBOARD
LB-93891/14/74Boston2A-version "m"; [Afternoon], PA + AUD tape., Lineage:
LB-104691/14/74BOSTON MA3Bearly jm master ttd; version "n", (EARLY SHOW 4PM
LB-115971/14/74Boston2B+eve sm lowgen, late show, A fine show, recorded by
LB-120871/14/74Boston2A-aft jtt a, (Incomplete SBD, LOSSY) JTT, Early Show
LB-130141/14/74Boston, USA2A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection; aft , (Afternoon),
LB-138981/14/74Boston, MA Bearly maloney master krw_co 24bit, (4PM Early Show
LB-138991/14/74Boston, MA2Bearly maloney master krw_co, (4PM Early Show), A
LB-139001/14/74Boston, MA B+late maloney master krw_co 24bit, (8:30 PM Late
LB-139011/14/74Boston, MA2B+late maloney master krw_co, (8:30 PM Late Show), A
LB-150351/14/74Boston, MA2Beve diane krw co, A Diane DiVittorio Strauss
LB-150361/14/74Boston, MA  eve diane krw co 24bit, A Diane DiVittorio Strauss
LB-151091/14/74Boston, MA  partial sdb plus blue jean bash bonus, cass
LB-159321/14/74Boston B-BOOTLEG: dylan and the band return vinyl;
LB-159331/14/74Boston, MA A-sbd aud rm goody, afternoon show, Goody's
LB-26541/15/74Largo2B+from lk aud set, Low gen tape > CDR > Eac > Flac,
LB-67061/15/74Capital Center2BBOOTLEG: Into the Flood; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-93271/15/74Largo, Maryland2B+version "b", Lineage: Low gen tape > CDR > Eac >
LB-26551/16/74Largo2Bfrom lk aud set, Low gen tape > CDR > Eac > Flac,
LB-36241/16/74Largo1 version "a", Mono Audience, CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC
LB-93281/16/74Largo, Maryland2Bversion "b", Lineage: Low gen tape > CDR > Eac >
LB-03641/17/74Coliseum2Cmaster, lk reports on this cdr that it is not a
LB-26621/17/74Charlotte1Cversion "a"; Dylan parts only, FLAC files, This is
LB-26631/17/74Charlotte2Cfrom lk aud set, There is NO tape of the Dylan set
LB-36251/17/74Charlotte NC2 version "b", Mono Audience Recording,
LB-93301/17/74Charlotte2Cversion "e", Lineage: There is NO tape of the
LB-03831/19/74Hollywood2C+evening, from master aud,
LB-05571/19/74Hollywood2Cafternoon, from master aud,
LB-26641/19/74Hollywood2C(Afternoon), from lk aud set, Low gen tape(s) > CD
LB-26651/19/74Hollywood2C+(Evening), from lk aud set; Low gen tape > CD >
LB-28991/19/74Hollywood1B-afternoon show, Dylan parts only, An above-average
LB-36261/19/74Hollywood1B-version "c"; Afternoon Show, Stereo Audience
LB-36301/19/74Hollywood FL2Cversion "d"; Afternoon Show, Stereo Audience
LB-37271/19/74Hollywood2BAfternoon show, d1=01-16, d2=17-29, master
LB-93341/19/74Hollywood, Florida2Cversion "h", (Afternoon), Low gen tape(s) > CD >
LB-93361/19/74Hollywood, Florida2C+version "i", Lineage: Low gen tape > CD > EAC >
LB-108071/19/74Hollywood (Florida)2Bearly lowgen, early show aud, Here's an exciting
LB-118921/19/74Hollywood, Florida2BBOOTLEG: hollywood sportorium 1974; Afternoon Show
LB-02321/21/74Atlanta Georgia2 master,
LB-26661/21/74Atlanta2C+from lk aud set; Master / Low gen tape(s) > CD >
LB-36381/21/74Atlanta2 version "b", Mono Audience Recording,
LB-93381/21/74Atlanta, Georgia2C+version "c", Lineage: Master / Low gen tape(s) >
LB-107881/21/74Atlanta1B-lowgen, One of the best performances from the 1974
LB-25021/22/74The Omni1D+ 
LB-26761/22/74Atlanta1 from lk aud set, Low gen tape > CD > EAC > Flac
LB-93421/22/74Atlanta, Georgia1D+version "b", Lineage: Low gen tape > CD > EAC >
LB-02011/23/74Memphis, TN2B-master,
LB-26771/23/74Memphis2B-from lk aud set,, Master / Low gen tape > CD > EAC
LB-34691/23/74Memphis Mid-South1B-version "a"; Mono audience recording 73:09.
LB-36501/23/74Memphis Tn2B-version "b"; Audience Recording, CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC
LB-39811/23/74Memphis1 Aud Reel; Stereo audience recording > ? > Memorex
LB-93441/23/74Memphis, Tennessee2B-version "e", Lineage: Master / Low gen tape > CD >
LB-96371/23/74n: Memphis2B-jems, Sources: Audience, Lineage Source 1: low gen
LB-157061/23/74Memphis, TN B-dolphinsme 48, analog reel masters>Dat>Clone snail
LB-16071/25/74Tarrant County2B 
LB-22061/25/74TCCC Fort Worth TX1B(Untangled) (T-78) from the original analog tapes,
LB-26781/25/74Fort Worth2Bfrom lk aud set,, Master / Low gen tape > CD > EAC
LB-49471/25/74Fort Worth Tarrant1BThis was torrented June 2005 on Dime by "T" who
LB-69231/25/74Fort Worth2B-BOOTLEG: Fort Worth 1974; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-72981/25/74Fort Worth, Texas2Blk fixed; Master / Low gen tape > CD > EAC > Flac,
LB-93511/25/74Fort Worth, Texas2Bversion "f", Lineage: Master / Low gen tape > CD >
LB-120621/25/74Fort Worth, TX2Bversion "i"
LB-16101/26/74Hofheinz Pavilion2Cafternoon and evening shows
LB-25011/26/74Hofheinz Pavilion2C+set version "aa"
LB-26801/26/74Houston2C(Afternoon), from lk aud set, Low gen tape > CD >
LB-26881/26/74Houston1C(Evening), from lk aud set, Low gen tape > CDR >
LB-36511/26/74Houston1 version "b"; Evening, Mono audience recording.,
LB-39821/26/74Hofheinz Pavillion2C+version "c"; evening show, master audience tape >
LB-93261/26/74Houston, TX2B-eve jems, incomplete; Evening Show, JEMS archive,
LB-93451/26/74Houston, Texas2Cafternoon g, (Afternoon), Lineage: Low gen tape >
LB-93551/26/74Houston, TX2B-eve jems lk, Evening Show, JEMS archive, low gen
LB-93571/26/74Houston2B-jems, (Afternoon Show); Source: Audience, Lineage:
LB-04531/28/74Nassau County2 from aud master,
LB-26941/28/74Nassau2B+from lk aud set, Master tape > CDR > EAC >
LB-53501/28/74Long Island2B+Lowgen; audience tape, Exceptionally well-recorded
LB-04611/29/74Nassau County2 from aud master,
LB-26951/29/74Nassau2B+from lk aud set, Master tape > CDR > EAC > Flac
LB-27051/29/74Nassau2 version "a"; Source: mono Aud, Lineage: ? > On
LB-115541/29/74Uniondale, New York1B+lowgen, One of the better shows of 1974, from SM's
LB-26961/30/74Madison Square2B-from lk aud set, Low Gen tape > CDR > EAC > Flac
LB-29421/30/74NYC Madison Square2Bversion "a"; Audience recording. Dylan parts only.
LB-36521/30/74New York City2Bversion "b", Stereo Audience Recording,
LB-41251/30/74New York City2Blowgen version "b"; This is a fine show and a good
LB-56771/30/74NYC Madison Square2BLowgen version "d"; This is a fine show and a good
LB-93801/30/74New York City2B-version "e", Lineage: Low Gen tape > CDR > EAC >
LB-06191/31/74Madison Square2A-evening, PA tapes,
LB-15001/31/74Madison Square2A-& THE BAND, evening, The 1974 PA tape collection
LB-26971/31/74Madison Square2B-(Afternoon), from lk aud set, Low Gen tape > CDR >
LB-26981/31/74Madison Square2B-(Evening), from lk aud set, Low Gen Tape > CDR >
LB-36531/31/74New York NY2Bversion "b"; Afternoon, CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC
LB-44511/31/74New York City2A-version "c"; (torrented as 1/30/74 evening)
LB-44641/31/74New York City2A-eve pa version "e"; this set compiled 2/07 is
LB-50491/31/74New York, NY2Aversion "f"; evening pa; (torrented as 1/30/74
LB-55851/31/74MSG, City: New York2AEvening Show, Source: Ex Stereo Soundboard
LB-56871/31/74NYC Madison Square2B-Lowgen; early show, Very good show. Average
LB-60661/31/74NYC2Alate show, Lowgen; Good show - soundboard
LB-63551/31/74MSG NYC, NY2B+version "i"; late sbd; mislabled 1/30/74; Dat was
LB-67071/31/74Madison Square2B+BOOTLEG: Before and After the Flood; cd >
LB-67081/31/74NYC2A-BOOTLEG: The Poet & the Players; cd > ultraplex >
LB-71881/31/74New York,NY2A-version "j"; Source:Low Gen Sbd>PCM>Casette>Cool
LB-81941/31/74New York City2Aeve, wgv stream, jtt; (Evening Show), NOTE #1:
LB-93471/31/74New York City2B-version "k", (Afternoon), Lineage: >>thanks LK<<
LB-93841/31/74New York City2B-version"l", (Evening), Lineage: Low Gen Tape > CDR
LB-93931/31/74NYC2A-version "m", (Evening), The 1974 PA tape
LB-108661/31/74New York, New York2Bafternoon verison "n";, AFTERNOON SHOW, I have not
LB-116241/31/74NYC Madison Square1Blate sc lowgen, late show aud, Best of the 3 NYC
LB-118991/31/74NYC Madison Square1B+aft lowgen version "bb", afternon show, Here's a
LB-130151/31/74Madison Square2A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection; eve, Evening),
LB-135901/31/74New York City1B+BOOTLEG: tangled up in new york; (Evening Show),
LB-145821/31/74NY1B+BOOTLEG: new york city 74; (Eve), Red Sky / 1001,
LB-150421/31/74New York City, NY1B+BOOTLEG: new york madison square garden;
LB-25132/2/74Crisler Arena2B- 
LB-26792/2/74Ann Arbor2B-from lk aud set, Master tape > CDR > EAC >
LB-34372/2/74Ann Arbor, MI2 version "c"; AUD, Very good audience recording
LB-36542/2/74Ann Arbor2 version "b"; Mono Audience Recording,
LB-108642/2/74Ann Arbor, Michigan2B-version "d", CD-R burned from master tape by me in
LB-05592/3/74University Of2C+ 
LB-27002/3/74Bloomington2C+from lk aud set, Low Gen Tape > CDR > EAC > Flac
LB-93492/3/74Bloomington, Indiana2C+version "b", Lineage: Low Gen Tape > CDR > EAC >
LB-108922/3/74Bloomington2B-version "c", This is maybe Dylan's most exciting
LB-21922/4/74St Louis Arena1B-afternoon show, This is an above average show (IMO
LB-27012/4/74St Louis1B-(Afternoon), from lk aud set,, Low Gen Tape > CDR
LB-27022/4/74St Louis1C+(Evening), from lk aud set, Low Gen Tape > CDR >
LB-34782/4/74St Louis1B-version "a"; early show, Mono audience recording
LB-36572/4/74St. Louis2 version "b"; Afternoon Show, Mono Audience
LB-36592/4/74St. Louis2Cversion "c"; Evening Show, Mono Audience Recording
LB-57162/4/74St Louis - Missouri1C+Lowgen; late show, A first-class show made from a
LB-93562/4/74St Louis, Missouri1B-version "g", (Afternoon), Lineage: Low Gen Tape >
LB-93582/4/74St Louis, Missouri1C+version "h", (Evening), Lineage; Low Gen Tape >
LB-117622/4/74St. Louis Arena2B-early lowgen, early show, One of my favorites from
LB-02112/6/74Denver2B-early, master,
LB-27032/6/74Denver2B-(Afternoon), from lk aud set, Low Gen Tape > CDR >
LB-27042/6/74Denver2C-(Evening), from lk aud set, Low Gen Tape > CDR >
LB-36612/6/74Denver Co2 version "b"; Evening, Mono Audience Recording,
LB-93602/6/74Denver, Colorado2B-version "d", (Afternoon), Lineage: Low Gen Tape >
LB-93612/6/74Denver, Colorado2C-version "e", (Evening), Lineage: Low Gen Tape >
LB-16122/9/74Coliseum2Cevening; version "a"
LB-25062/9/74Seattle  evening show
LB-25332/9/74Seattle Coliseum1B-version "b"; evening show, Here's a fine
LB-27062/9/74Seattle2B(Evening), from lk aud set, Low Gen Tape > CDR >
LB-27072/9/74Seattle2B(Afternoon),, from lk aud set, Low Gen Tape > CDR
LB-36632/9/74Seattle, WA2 BOOTLEG: Day And Night,; Stereo Audience Recording
LB-93622/9/74Seattle, Washington2Bversion "g", (Afternoon), Lineage: Low Gen Tape >
LB-93632/9/74Seattle, Washington2Bversion "f", (Evening), Lineage: Low Gen Tape >
LB-120322/9/74Seattle, WA1Baft source2 1stgen reel jems, Afternoon Show,
LB-00112/11/74Oakland, CA2A-evening (previously mislabled afternoon);
LB-05442/11/74Oakland, CA2 Evening, full sbd,
LB-06142/11/74Alameda County2 evening, PA tapes,
LB-14982/11/74Alameda County2A-& The Band; evening, The 1974 PA Tape Collection
LB-24822/11/74Oakland Calif1Cearly show, aud, This is a good show from an old
LB-27082/11/74Oakland1C+(Afternoon), from lk aud set, Low Gen tape > CDR
LB-27092/11/74Oakland2B-(Evening), from lk aud set, Low Gen tape > CDR >
LB-44452/11/74Oakland, CA.2 BOOTLEG: Oakland Flood; Silvers>Eac>Flac,
LB-56222/11/74Oakland Coliseum1Cversion "i"; earlyshow, Decent recording of a good
LB-88462/11/74Oakland Coliseum2A-late wgv jtt;, (Late Show) Soundboard, NOTE: This
LB-93672/11/74Oakland, California1C+version "j", (Afternoon), Lineage: Low Gen tape >
LB-93712/11/74Oakland, California2B-version "k", (Evening), Lineage: Low Gen tape >
LB-93912/11/74Oakland, CA2A-version "l", [Evening], PA recording, Lineage: The
LB-130162/11/74Oakland, USA2A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection; eve, (Evening),
LB-130222/11/74Oakland, CA2A-evening cass master dolpninsmile, Late show, SDB,
LB-25072/13/74The Forum2B- 
LB-27102/13/74Inglewood1Bfrom lk aud set, Low Gen tape > CDR > EAC > Flac
LB-44502/13/74Inglewood2B-version "a"; SBD/Aud???, CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC
LB-52422/13/74Los Angeles2B-Lowgen; This may be my favorite show from this leg
LB-93852/13/74Inglewood1Bversion "d", Lineage: Low Gen tape > CDR > EAC >
LB-119242/13/74Inglewood CA2B-craven, and The Band, AUD:MR(Dual Element Stereo
LB-06152/14/74he Forum2 afternoon, PA tapes
LB-06162/14/74The Forum2 evening, PA tapes,
LB-14992/14/74The Forum2A-& The Band, afternoon, The 1974 PA Tape Collection
LB-15032/14/74The Forum2A-& The Band, evening, The 1974 PA Tape Collection
LB-27112/14/74Inglewood2B+(Afternoon), from lk aud set, Low Gen tape > CDR >
LB-27122/14/74Inglewood2B+(Evening); from lk aud set, LP: (mint) St
LB-67092/14/74Forum, Los Angeles2 BOOTLEG: Paint the Daytime Black; cd > ultraplex >
LB-67102/14/74Inglewood, CA1 BOOTLEG: With a Little Help of Two Stones; cd >
LB-72262/14/74Inglewood1Fconversation fragment (Evening), Track 0 is an
LB-79822/14/74Los Angeles Forum2AEarly, Catalog: Bill Graham, wolfgangsvault
LB-79832/14/74Los Angeles Forum2ALate, Catalog: Bill Graham, wolfgangsvault
LB-79852/14/74Los Angeles2A(Evening Show) (Soundboard "JTT Transfer"), NOTE:
LB-93862/14/74Inglewood2Bversion "l", (Afternoon), Low Gen tape > CDR > EAC
LB-93882/14/74Inglewood2A-version "m", (Evening), Lineage: The opening three
LB-93952/14/74Inglewood, CA2A-version "n", (Afternoon), Lineage: The 1974 PA
LB-94082/14/74Inglewood, CA2A-version "o", (evening), PA + AUD sources, Lineage:
LB-101642/14/74Los Angeles4ABOOTLEG: before the flood completed; Afternoon And
LB-120882/14/74Los Angeles2Aaft jtt a, (Afternoon Show) (SBD, LOSSY) JTT, 'NEW
LB-124422/14/74Inglewood (Los1 BOOTLEG: stem the tide vinyl rip; Description: rip
LB-130172/14/74Inglewood2A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection; aft inc,
LB-130182/14/74Inglewood2A-BOOTLEG: soundboard collection; eve inc, (Evening)
LB-18815/9/74Chile Benefit   
LB-18835/9/74Friends of Chile1B-Concert organised by Phil Ochs. Track 1 Arlo lead
LB-49495/9/74New York City2 Complete show,; Phil Ochs - Pete Seeger - Arlo
LB-50945/9/74"Friends of Chile"2B+Lowgen; This sometimes circulates with a last
LB-132455/9/74Friends Of Chile1Bkingrue, Source: unknown mic / recorder > low gen
LB-59359/1/74 (BOTT NY session1 BOOTLEG: The Outtake Vol1;
LB-59429/1/74Blood on the Tracks1Amanually declicked....again, Flac>Wav>Wave
LB-67119/xx/74Blood on the Tracks1 BOOTLEG: Blood on the Tapes; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-6712xx/xx/74New York1ABOOTLEG: New York Sessions - Blood on the Tracks;
LB-67139/xx/74Blood on the Tracks1 BOOTLEG: Vastly Original Work; cd > ultraplex >
LB-73219/xx/74The BLOOD ON THE1AAvailable songs not on the LP, NYC, Studio A, A &
LB-76919/xx/74BLOOD ON THE TRACKS2ATracks Of The Blood
LB-8626xx/xx/74New York1 BOOTLEG: New York Sessions 1974-75; Source:
LB-86539/xx/74Studio Sessions in1ABOOTLEG: IDIOT WIND IN 48TH STREET; idiot wind in
LB-106219/xx/74Blood on the Tracks2ABOOTLEG: complete blood on the tracks; lineage
LB-107259/16/74Studio A1Aiw mmitm lk, Source: Acetate and vinyl single,
LB-107419/16/74Studio A1Aiw mmitm lk version "a", Date: September 16 1974
LB-1156112/30/74Tangled Up In Blue 71Atangled up in blue 7 different studio versions,
LB-1167212/30/74Tangled Up In Blue1A-tangled moog, Background....., From theTwinWithin,


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