LosslessBob LB-8837
xx/xx/81Shot Of Love sessions studio tape1B+74min

BOOTLEG: between saved and shot; March/April 1981, Bonus: Clover Recorders studio tape April/May 1981., Shot Of Love outtakes. * Live in the studio., Silver cd>EAC (secure mode)>TLH (level 8)>maketorrent, Artwork incluided

bittorrent download 08/10; in comparison to LB-3231 on t1, this has raised levels with compression and is harsher but has less hiss and is clearer and less muffled; sound quality varies from B- to A- depending on song; very good to excellent sound [B+]
01-Is It Worth It, 02-High Away, 03-Hallelujah, 04-Magic, 05-You're Still A Child To Me, 06-Wind Blows On The Water, 07-All The Way Down, 08-My Oriental Home (Instrumental), 09-We're (Living) On Borrowed Time, 10-I Want You To Know I Love You, 11-On A Rockin' Boat, 12-Movin' (On The Water), 13-Almost, 14-Don't Ever Take Yourself Away, Bonus:, 15-Mystery Train (S Phillips/H Parker) *, 16-Heart Of Mine, 17-Watered Down Love, 18-Shot Of Love
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Year 1981
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