LosslessBob LB For Year 1981
LB-1264xx/xx/81Shot of Love -2B 
LB-3231xx/xx/81Shot Of Love: Work2BRecently received two cd set as detailed below.,
LB-6378xx/xx/8180's Studio Working2BJTT; (Low Generation Transfer), April - March 1981
LB-6398xx/xx/81Studios Rehearsals2Bversion "b";sbd, 60m 48k trade dat > midiman delta
LB-83541/1/81special rider and1BBOOTLEG: GOD ONLY KNOWS; Sunflower 001, 1CD, (1)
LB-8837xx/xx/81Shot Of Love1B+BOOTLEG: between saved and shot; March/April 1981,
LB-14977xx/xx/81Clover Studio 1981  clover studio captainacidremaster, "Empress Valley
LB-15368xx/xx/81Clover Studio1A-BOOTLEG: clover studio 1981; Lineage: silver
LB-28576/10/81Chicago2B-SOURCE : Aud recording of unknown generation,
LB-112666/10/81Hoffman Estates2B-version "a"
LB-02176/11/81Pine Knob Music2Baud master,
LB-02236/11/816/11/81 & 6/12/811D 
LB-21336/11/81Pine Knob Music2B-version "a"; Source: aud, Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > EAC
LB-58756/11/81Clarkston2C+legendary taper G, cut after Maggie's Farm, Lenny
LB-88966/11/81soundchecks for 6/112Dversion "d"; soundchecks
LB-02256/12/81Pine Knob Music2C-aud master,
LB-21266/12/81Pine Knob Music2C-version "a"; Source: aud, Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > EAC
LB-63996/12/81Clarkston, Michigan2C-legendary taper G, cut after Maggie's Farm, Mary
LB-64526/xx/81Interviews1B+from shn download > cdr > eac > wav > flac; , 01
LB-89866/12/81Clarkston, Michigan2D+(New Transfer From Tape, JTT), Average Audience
LB-09016/14/81Marjorie2Balt version "a"
LB-53746/14/81Columbia2A-version "b"; In honor of Bob's fifth appearance at
LB-03286/21/81Toulouse, France2B+master aud,
LB-83606/21/81Toulouse2B+Taper: LTA, Nakamichi CM 300 Electret Condenser
LB-00906/23/81Colombes, France2 master aud,
LB-03716/23/81from set 22 alternate
LB-03026/26/81Earle's Court2A-master aud,
LB-05736/26/81Earls Court2  
LB-82496/26/81London, England2A-net taper B, end of Walk Around Heaven All Day
LB-110086/26/81London, England2A-BOOTLEG: walk around heaven all day;
LB-03346/27/81Earle's Court2A-master aud,
LB-69796/27/81London, England2A-BOOTLEG: Think I'll Call It a Man; THINMAN 058/59
LB-03296/28/81Earle's Court2A-master aud,
LB-70276/28/81London2A-BOOTLEG: Ways of the Flesh; Thinman 048/49
LB-82506/28/81Earls Court2B+raz; New Source, This is ripped from a 2cd silver
LB-00186/29/81London2A-BOOTLEG: A Bird's Nest In Your Hair; Taken from
LB-03476/29/81Earle's Court2A-master aud,
LB-65206/29/81London1C+kh; jtt; incomplete; "Uncirculated Partial Tape",
LB-03376/30/81Earle's Court2Bmaster aud,
LB-07266/30/81Earle's Court2B+aud; alternate different recording
LB-08976/30/81Earle's Court2B-version "b"
LB-02247/1/81London2Bprobably master aud,
LB-29007/1/81London2BGENUINE, Previously Uncirculated Original Master
LB-45157/1/81Earle's Court2Bmaster aud,
LB-48557/1/81London2BJTT version "a"; Complete Show "JTT Master" New
LB-105767/1/81London, England2Bversion "d", lternative recording to
LB-121987/1/81London2B+lta, taper: Legendary Taper A, location: Block 2,
LB-71987/2/81White House Hotel1ABOOTLEG: A Lot Of Love Talk,; 2003, CD FISK005,
LB-80127/2/81Dylan London1B+"Vinyl Transfer, JTT", Promo LP, Columbia AS 1259
LB-03507/4/81National Exhibition2 master aud,
LB-32687/4/81Birmingham2 version "a; SOURCE: Taper Unidentified, LINEAGE:
LB-122757/4/81Birmingham, England2Bjtt, VG, First Transfer from MY Tape Copies,
LB-03407/5/81National Exhibition2A-master aud,
LB-32697/5/81Birmingham2A-version "a"; SOURCE: Taper Unidentified, LINEAGE:
LB-69877/5/81NEC Birmingham, UK2A-BOOTLEG: War Against the Spirit; THINMAN 050/51
LB-03467/8/81Johanneshovs2B+master aud,
LB-27217/8/81Stockholm2B+version "a"; CDR trade. Unknow lineage. Spectral
LB-42907/8/81Stockholm2B+(Thanks to French taper SM, I was there with him)
LB-92487/8/81Stockholm, Sweden2Bversion "c", Fair quality audience recording
LB-107707/8/81Stockholm, Sweden2B+BOOTLEG: politics of sin; (Chrome Horse Records
LB-03487/9/81Drammenshallen2B+master aud,
LB-28657/9/81Drammen2BTransferred From First Generation Tape by JTT,
LB-42467/9/81Drammen, Norway2B-version "b", Linage:, NO info on the taper
LB-71727/9/81Drammen, Norway2Bsb; *There Is So Much To Discover*, A Southside
LB-123947/9/81Drammen, Norway2Bjtt version "e";, (New Transfer from Tape 2016)
LB-03397/10/81Drammenshallen2A-master aud
LB-55977/10/81Drammen2B+version "a"; low generation SBD > ? > CD > EAC +
LB-66347/10/81Drammen, Norway2B+BOOTLEG: In the Summertime; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-66357/10/81Drammen, Norway1B+BOOTLEG: In the Summertime; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-72227/10/81Drammen, Norway2B+sb; *The Wheel's Still In Spin*, A Southside
LB-85747/10/81Drammen2B+lk 81 upgrade series; PA tape 2CDR, Source:(LK)My
LB-104907/10/81Drammen, Norway2A-lta, legendary taper A, cut before Girl From The
LB-142707/10/81Drammen  pa dolphinsmile 48k, master cass>put on dat many
LB-03557/12/81Brondby-Hallen2B+master aud,
LB-27227/12/81Copenhagen2B+version "a"; SOURCE : "off (CB) master" recording,
LB-46497/12/81Copenhagen2Bversion "b"; Note. This show was recorded by
LB-30767/13/81Travemunde1CPress Conference
LB-03707/14/81Freilichttheater2Bmaster aud,
LB-34887/14/81Bad Segeberg2 version "a"; Here's a fantastic recording from a
LB-46107/14/81Bad Segeberg2B+version "b"; unknown aud>CDR>EAC>FLAC
LB-46207/14/81Bad Segeberg2B+JTT; Very Good Audience Recording, Source: Trade
LB-85397/14/81Bad Segeberg2B+BOOTLEG: "Hanging In The Balance; (Incomplete)
LB-85777/14/81Bad Segeberg2B+lk 81 upgrade series; Source:My Tape (LK). This is
LB-03687/15/81Freilichttheater2Bmaster aud,
LB-46167/15/81Bad Segeberg2BJTT; "1st or 2nd Generation Transfer", Very Good
LB-85187/15/81Bad Segeberg2Blk 81 upgrade series; (LK)My Tape: better than
LB-03597/17/81Freilichtbuhne2B+master aud,
LB-46707/17/81Loreley2Bversion "a"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 8
LB-135787/17/81Loreley2B-version "c", (incomplete) (Cassette Transfer)
LB-135797/17/81Loreley  version "d" 24bit, (incomplete) (Cassette Transfer
LB-03677/18/81Eisstadion. Mannheim2B+master aud,
LB-80587/18/81Mannheim2C+JTT vinyl; Possibly Uncirculated Other Than Vinyl
LB-119917/18/81Mannheim2B+lta, , taper LTA new transfer, ***new direct
LB-03607/19/81Olympiahalle2Bmaster aud,
LB-35807/19/81Munich2B+GS master
LB-84047/19/81Munich, West Germany2Bfrom lk 81 series; Unknown Audience
LB-85857/19/81Munich, West Germany2B+version "c"; lk 81 upgrade series; Source: My
LB-33277/20/81Munich2B+GS master
LB-35817/20/81Munich2BGS master
LB-84037/20/81Munich, West Germany2Cfrom lk 81 series ;CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 8; File
LB-01927/21/81Stadthalle2B+aud master,
LB-34137/21/81Vienna, Austria2 BOOTLEG: Shot of Live; Original Master Tape >
LB-70207/21/81Vienna, Austria2B+Danneberg; alternate recording, This is not LB-192
LB-85967/21/81Vienna, Austria2B+lk 81 upgrade series; Source: My Tape. This is
LB-105247/21/81Wiener Stadthalle2BBOOTLEG: zimmermans joy vinyl; jtt, 'THE
LB-02197/23/81Sporthalle2Baud master,
LB-08987/23/81Basel, Switzerland2Bversion "a"; aud master
LB-51727/23/81Basel2C38f, from master, Discreet audience recording, one
LB-53407/23/81Basel2Bversion "b"; This recording hasn't been seeded
LB-152007/23/81Basel Bjvs lta 48k, taper: JVS, lineage:, Sennheiser
LB-152017/23/81Basel Dsoundcheck jvs lta 48k, soundcheck, taper: JVS,
LB-51217/25/81Avignon1DBd-soundchecks, Soundcheck
LB-67487/25/81Avignon, France2A-BOOTLEG: Avignon; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-67497/25/81Avignon France -1 BOOTLEG: True Stories; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-85977/25/81Avignon, France2B+lk 81 upgrade series; aud; Source (My Tape- LK)
LB-99147/25/81Avignon, France2A-BOOTLEG: avignon revisite; lineage:Unknown, cd-r
LB-112847/25/81avignon, France3B+version "f", Audience Recording 148 mins LB-8597,
LB-042610/16/81Mecca Auditorium2B 
LB-799410/16/81Milwaukee, Wisconsin2Bversion "a"; ***** This is PROBABLY the same
LB-1128510/16/81Milwaukee, Wisconsin2Bversion "b", audience recording 130 mins, LB-0426
LB-799710/17/81Milwaukee, Wisconsin2C-version "a"; ***** This is (probably) the same
LB-861410/17/81Milwaukee, Wisconsin2B-lk 81 upgrade series; Source (my tape LK)., This
LB-851610/18/81Madison2D+version "a"; lk 81 upgrade series; My Tape: same
LB-1030610/18/81Madison, Wisconsin2D+version "b"; torrent comment by dolphinsmile "this
LB-1128610/18/81Madison, Wisconsin2D+version "c", audience recording 105 mins, LB-8516
LB-1531110/18/81Madison, WI2D+lta, 2CDR, stereo audience recording, taper
LB-302910/19/81Merrillville2A"where the corn grows tall"
LB-1147510/19/81Merrillville2Bjtt, (Uncirculated Tape Transfer) JTT, Fair/Good
LB-1494610/19/81Merrillville ID  rb 24, 24b/192K ** POSTED BY ANALOG **, A Covid-19
LB-308210/21/81Boston2Bversion "a"
LB-539410/21/81Boston2C+JTT; "Transfer from 2nd Generation Tapes",
LB-861510/21/81Boston, MA2Blk 81 upgrade series; Source: My Tape > CDR > EAC.
LB-1378310/21/81Boston, MA2Bfirst gen krw_co, First Generation Audience, From
LB-1378410/21/81Boston, MA  first gen krw_co 24, First Generation Audience,
LB-065810/23/81The Spectrum1 soundcheck
LB-591810/23/81Philadelphia2Bversion "a"; Taper: Unidentified., Source: Audio
LB-606410/23/81Philadelphia2B-version "b"; request from Mas..., please Mas, take
LB-1385210/23/81Philadelphia, PA2Bversion "f", Alternative recording to
LB-029010/24/81Penn State2B- 
LB-864910/24/81State College, PA2Blk upgrade;, Source:my tape(LK). This is a
LB-308410/25/81BETHLEHEM2Cversion "a"
LB-811410/25/81Bethlehem2CJTT; (Transfer from Low Generation Tapes, JTT
LB-308610/27/81East Rutherford2B- 
LB-422710/27/81East Rutherford2C+version "a"; torrented by hkdave July 2006 at Boot
LB-458810/27/81East Rutherford2B-version "b"; Unknown Aud>CDR>EAC>FLAC
LB-863610/27/81East Rutherford2B-version "d";, Source Lineage = Unknown Aud > CDR >
LB-865510/27/81East Rutherford2B-lk upgrade;, Source: my tape(LK). This is an
LB-947910/27/81East Rutherford2Blostbrook, The Lostbrook Tape Series - Volume 45,
LB-1087410/27/81East Rutherford2BBOOTLEG: tongues on fire; (Durango Records 02/03),
LB-047010/29/81Maple Leaf Gardens /2B- 
LB-841710/30/81Montreal, QC, Canada2C+lk 81 series; File names & tags edited by Chopen,
LB-1021810/30/81Montreal2C+version "c", Lineage: lk 81 series; File names &
LB-1240810/30/81Montreal2C+version "c", From old cassettes (received in trade
LB-593610/31/81Kitchener2C-version "a"; Alternate recording to LB-3088, (This
LB-883110/31/81Kitchener2Cversion "b"; Fixed LosslessBob-3088[xref-00248],
LB-253711/2/81CIVIC CENTRE2Bversion "a"
LB-519011/4/81Cincinnati2Bversion "a"; Lineage: Flac Data DVD (audience
LB-519111/5/81Cincinnati2D+version "a"; Lineage: Flac Data DVD (audience
LB-309211/7/81University Of2B- 
LB-599611/7/81Ann Arbor2B-Fixed LB-3092, (68min+59min), good to very good
LB-311611/8/81Ann Arbor2B+ 
LB-490511/8/81Ann Arbor, Michigan2BJTT; "Transfer From 2nd Generation Tape", Bob
LB-1128811/8/81ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN2B+version "b", 138 audience recording LB 3116
LB-557911/10/81New Orleans2B-JTT; "Transfer from 2nd Generation Tapes", New
LB-632911/10/81New Orleans2A-BOOTLEG: Child's Balloon; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-663611/10/81New Orleans -2A-BOOTLEG: Stadiums of the Damned; cd > ultraplex >
LB-869411/10/81New Orleans2B-aud lk;, Source My Tape(LK)->CDR->EAC. This is an
LB-1077911/10/81New Orleans2A-sbd jtt, Soundboard (First Transfer from Tape, JTT
LB-1078511/10/81New Orleans2B-jtt e, COMPLETE AUDIENCE (NEW Transfer from 2nd
LB-1252111/10/81New Orleans, LA2A-sbd inc dolphinsmile, SDB tape, I found this tape
LB-060911/11/81New Orleans-1 sbd,
LB-311711/11/81New Orleans2B 
LB-586211/11/81New Orleans1B+sbd; partial
LB-791111/11/81New Orleans2B+version "c"; ***** This recording does not seem to
LB-1128911/11/81NEW ORLEANS2B+version "d", 135 audience recording LB 3117
LB-390311/12/81Houston, The Summit2B-(audience), Source master > cassette (XLII) >
LB-583811/12/81Houston2B+Lowgen; sbd; Here is yet another surprise from
LB-584211/12/81Houston2B+BOOTLEG: You Can't Kill an Idea; cd > ultraplex >
LB-585411/12/81Houston, The Summit2A-version "c"; ( EXCEPT AS NOTED ), ** SAENGER PAC,
LB-861111/12/81Houston2B+(Incomplete Soundboard) (JTT Tape Transfer), Good
LB-869611/12/81Houston, The Summit2B-aud lk 81 upgrade series;, (audience), Source
LB-875911/12/81Houston, TX2B+BOOTLEG: lucky shot live; Bonus: Saenger
LB-1566611/12/81Houston, Texas  jtt 24, Complete PA Recording, FIRST TIME DIGITAL
LB-1573211/12/81Houston, Texas2 BOOTLEG: Houston 1981 Soundboard; zion jtt,
LB-189611/14/81Nashville2B+Source: Aud, Lineage: CD-R's > EAC secure mode >
LB-871111/15/81Atlanta, GA2B+lk upgrade;, Source: my tape(LK) a good quality
LB-880611/16/81Atlanta, Georgia2B-(Transfer from Tape, JTT), Audience Recording,
LB-211811/19/81Sunrise Musical2BLineage: ? > CD-Rs > EAC (secure mode) > shntool >
LB-1321211/19/81Sunrise, FL2B+cb jems, CB Master via JEMS, Recording Gear: Shure
LB-1592511/19/81Sunrise, FL2BBOOTLEG: out from the garden; Mystic 009 2CDR,
LB-852011/20/81Miami, Florida2Cversion "a"; Lineage: Trade CDImage.flac with
LB-879611/20/81Miami, FL2C+lk upgrade;, Source: My tape (LJK). This is the
LB-1129011/20/81MIAMI, FLORIDA2Cversion "c", 135 mins audience recording LB-8796
LB-313011/21/81Lakeland2Cfrom Mystic: "Out From the Garden II"
LB-466611/21/81Lakeland2C+JTT; "Transfer From 2nd Generation Tapes", Good
LB-879711/21/81Lakeland, FL2C+lk upgrade;, Source:my tape(LJK from JG). The JTT
LB-1153211/21/81Lakeland, Florida2C+jtt inc, (Incomplete) "Transfer from Low


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