LosslessBob LB-9372
4/xx/89"Oh Mercy Outtakes", Studio On The Move Recording studio, New Orleans, LA1A66min

BOOTLEG: broken days; Information:, Source / Venue:, Studio On The Move Recording studio, New Orleans, LA March 7-24, 1989, Manufacturer / Catalog No., Tambourine Man / TMR 003, Lineage:silvers>EAC>Wav>Flac

bittorrent download 05/11, the tracks on this vary a lot in wav and spectral view with some harsh and compressed; in comparison on t1 this is a little warmer and fuller than Mercy on Us LB-5745 but not as full and warm as Ring them Bells LB-5747; in comparison on t2, this has a warmer, fuller, more upfront and less echoey sound than on Ring them Bells LB-5747 but this sounded a little fast;; excellent sound [A]
digipop t1 1:31; has some discontinuities like a pop at t5 4:44; analog drop t4 2:03
Tracks:, Political World, Everything Is Broken (Broken Days), Ring Them Bells, Ring Them Bells, Most Of The Time, Most Of The Time, What Was It You Wanted, Shooting Star, Shooting Star, God Knows, God Knows, Born In Time, Series Of Dreams, Series Of Dreams, Series Of Dreams, Dignity
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Year 1989
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