LosslessBob LB-9373
2/24/86Australia and Washington1A71min

BOOTLEG: dueling banjos; 1986-02-24,25 Australia, and 1986-07-31 Washington * (see note)., *Note: The Papillion cd seems to mistakenly say "Recorded in Seatle during `89 USA Tour". Through some research I feel, that the info I am giving here is the correct dates and location for this based on a Swingin` Pig 107 (T-184) cd`s info. If anyone has any information that is correct for sure, please make a reply with that info., Lineage: Soundboard > Fm > Papillion Cd 016 (cd title-Duelling Banjos) > Sony RCD-W500C cd player > Magix audio cleaning lab >, WAV > FLAC, Audio Quality: A- (Some songs seem to have an abrupt start, possibly due to commercials being removed), Recorded Location and Date:, (1) Sydney, Australia 1986-02-24 (2) Tacoma, Washington USA 1986-07-31 (3) Sydney, Australia 1986-02-25

bittorrent download 05/11; in comparison to IAR 033 LB-9091, that has levels raised with compression to make it harsher; in 4-way comparison, this and bootleg Precious Memories LB-8326 have similar warm sound with this does not having the pops on that one; bootleg True Confessions LB-6764 is harsher and bootleg Bye Bye Johnny LB-8379 is a little more harsher than that; excellent sound [A]
Tracklist: (1) Positively 4th Street, (2) All Along The Watchtower, (1) Masters Of War, I'll Remember You, I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know;, Bye Bye Johnny, Breakdown, Just Like A Woman, (3) Blowin' In The Wind, (1) Lucky Old Sun, So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star, Spike, 3) Like A Rolling Stone, Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Tracks:, 01. Positively 4th Street, 02. All Along The Watchtower, 03. Masters Of War, 04. I`ll Remember You, 05. I Forgot More Than You`ll Ever Know, 06. Bye Bye Johnny (Tom Petty), 07. Breakdown (Tom Petty), 08. Just Like A Woman, 09. Blowin` In The Wind, 10. Lucky Old Son, 11. Rock And Roll Star (Tom Petty), 12. Spike (Tom Petty), 13. Like A Rolling Stone, 14. Knockin` On Heaven`s Door
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Year 1986
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