LosslessBob LB For Year 1986
LB-6763xx/xx/86USA1 BOOTLEG: Covering Them; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-8484xx/xx/86Press Conferences1BBOOTLEG: Hearts of Five CD; Liberated Boot, I
LB-9442xx/xx/86Superstar Concert1Awestwood one radio, part of HARD TO HANDLE
LB-12319xx/xx/86A COUPLE MORE YEARS1 a couple more years, Pink Panther Records, lost
LB-15445xx/xx/86Hearts Of Fire music2 hearts of fire sykesinterviews cabad anti
LB-02222/5/86Wellington3Caud master,
LB-34732/5/86Wellington2Cversion "a"; Source/Lineage: aud>?>CD-Rs>EAC>speed
LB-32542/6/86Wellington1DI got this show from a trade out of NZ about 1 1/2
LB-18432/7/86Auckland3B-from lk master recording
LB-81202/7/86Auckland2CJTT; (Transfer from Low Generation Tapes, JTT
LB-93922/7/86Auckland2B-version "b", Source/Lineage: aud>?>CD-Rs>EAC>speed
LB-04552/10/86Sydney, Austrailia3C+from aud
LB-76702/10/86Sydney, Australia3C+version "a"; Master tape
LB-112142/10/86Press Conference1Bpress conference, complete raw tape stereo,
LB-115492/10/86Press Conference1A-sydney press conference mixedup, incomplete, Dylan
LB-03052/11/86Entertainment Center3 Aud master,
LB-35012/11/86Sydney3 version "a";, w/ Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers,
LB-03112/12/86Entertainment Center3C-Aud master,
LB-50832/12/86Sydney2C-version "a"; Master
LB-93982/13/86Sydney, Australia2C+version "a", Master
LB-02212/15/86Adelaide, Austrailia2Caud master,
LB-125452/15/86Adelaide2B-inc, From cassettes (received in trade 1993 - no
LB-158572/15/86Adelaide, Australia Bversion "b", Master tape, never circulated
LB-24392/19/86Melbourne, Australia1C-Dylan joining Dire Straits at a concert, Poor
LB-76682/19/86Melbourne, Australia1C-version "a"; Guest Appearance at Dire Straits
LB-144742/20/86Melbourne2Bmondoprune, previously uncirculated mondoprune
LB-94152/21/86Melbourne, Australia2Bversion "a", Master
LB-94162/22/86Melbourne, Australia3B-version "a", Master
LB-01732/24/86Sydney2 alternate version,
LB-03762/24/86Sydney2 BOOTLEG: Lonesome Town;
LB-08382/24/86Sydney2A-BOOTLEG: Lonesome Town;
LB-44192/24/86Sydney, Austrailia2A-BOOTLEG: True Confessions For Carol.; Manufacturer
LB-47262/24/86Sydney, Aus2A-True Speed For Carol", This is a speed corrected
LB-6764xx/xx/86Austrailia -1ABOOTLEG: True Confessions; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-83262/24/86Sydney1ABOOTLEG: Precious Memories,; 24 and 25 february
LB-83792/24/86Austrailia -1ABOOTLEG: Bye Bye Johnny; lineage unknown received
LB-90912/24/86Sydney1AImproved Air Catalog Number: IAR 033, TITLE:
LB-93732/24/86Australia and1ABOOTLEG: dueling banjos; 1986-02-24,25 Australia,
LB-94272/24/86Sydney2 BOOTLEG: Lonesome Town; version "k", SBD recording
LB-100282/24/86Sydney, Aus2A-captainacid, Hi Dylan fanatics, i have only fixed
LB-107072/24/86Austrailia -1 Label:Swingin' Pig, Transfer From My Vinyl, Sony
LB-123462/24/86Sydney2A-BOOTLEG: across the borderline; [2016], Original
LB-154402/24/86various1ABOOTLEG: live radio broadcasts grace recordings;
LB-156752/24/86various1ABOOTLEG: live on the radio 86; live on the radio
LB-47593/1/86Brisbane2C-Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 8
LB-94473/1/86Brisbane2C-version "a", LosslessBob entry: LB-4759,
LB-38193/5/86Tokyo2B+MASTER > DAT > CDr(x) > EAC (secure,logs included)
LB-38203/5/86Tokyo2C-Lineage: Bootleg LP* > CDr > me > EAC (secure,
LB-115393/5/86Tokyo, Japan2Cinc jtt, (Incomplete) Transfer from Low Generation
LB-38213/6/86Osaka Fu3BLineage: MASTER > DAT > CDr > EAC (secure, logs
LB-67653/6/86Osaka2B-BOOTLEG: Positively Far East; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-15893/8/86Gymnasium2B+Improved Air Remaster
LB-38223/8/86Nagoya2BLineage: MASTER > DAT > CDr > EAC (secure, logs
LB-60863/8/86Nagoya, Japan2B+version "b"; Improved Air Remaster 051 [IA051].,
LB-38233/10/86Tokyo3B+Audience MASTER > DAT > CDr > EAC (secure, logs
LB-38243/10/86Tokyo1B-Likely Lineage: 3rd gen HG VHS tape > SoundForge 8
LB-106313/10/86Tokyo, Japan2BBOOTLEG: last night in far east;
LB-109793/10/86Budokan2B+BOOTLEG: Sukiyaki Party In Budokan; (Mainstream
LB-39014/7/86MTV interview1 short interview not included in
LB-71995/21/86R-0532 WBAI Radio ABOOTLEG: A Lot Of Love Talk,; 2003, CD FISK005
LB-69726/6/86INGLEWOOD1C+Master Cassette -> Untracked Aiff File ->
LB-95176/6/86INGLEWOOD,CA1B-aud sbd
LB-147636/6/86Inglewood, CA B+tv lta 48k, soundboard, lineage:, reel-to-reel >,
LB-03956/9/86Sports Arena4Baud master,
LB-147766/9/86San Diego, CA B+tv lta 48k, Showbiz Today, MTV, lineage:,
LB-03926/11/86Lawler Events Center4Baud master,
LB-27826/11/86Reno2Bmp version; Source/lineage information: taper
LB-38546/11/86Reno3Bsource : aiwa cm-30 > aiwa hf-s1, transfer from
LB-48956/11/86Reno2Bversion "d"; source: 1st gen. analogue audience
LB-151746/11/86Reno, NV3Bmarkp v2, source: nakamichi cm300 (cp1) > sony
LB-03846/12/86Cal Expo4B+aud master,
LB-27836/12/86Sacramento2BSource/lineage information: taper markp, transfer
LB-41376/12/86Sacramento2Bsource : aiwa cm-30 > aiwa hf-s1, transfer from
LB-53596/12/86Sacramento2Bsource: 1st gen. analogue audience recording
LB-106986/12/86Sacramento2Bbw 1stgen, firs gen cassetes from BW masters
LB-136776/12/86Sacramento Bbw nak 300 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped on cassette by
LB-151756/12/86Sacramento, CA2Bmarkp v2, source: nakamichi cm300 (cp1) > sony
LB-151976/12/86Sacramento2Bdolphinsmile v2, Taped on cassette by BW with Nak
LB-03936/13/86Greek Theatre2B+aud master,
LB-38996/13/86Greek Theatre2B+source : aiwa cm-30 > aiwa hf-s1, transfer from
LB-50516/13/86Berkeley2B+version "b"; complete with Petty parts, source:
LB-86316/13/86Berkeley, Ca., Greek2B+greeney55;, SonyD6>tape>WAV,Stereo,44.100kHz
LB-136986/13/86Berkeley, California B+bw nak300 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by BW with Nak
LB-138966/13/86Berkeley, CA2B+version "f", Alternate recording to
LB-152256/13/86Berkeley, CA2B+nak300 markp v2, source: nakamichi cm300 (cp1) >
LB-03966/14/86Greek Theatre3B+aud master,
LB-27846/14/86Berkeley2Bmp; Source/lineage information: taper markp,
LB-38666/14/86Greek Theatre2B-little guy; source : aiwa cm-30 > aiwa hf-s1,
LB-50756/14/86Berkeley2B+version "c"; source: 1st gen. analogue audience
LB-86326/14/86Berkeley, Ca., Greek3B-greeney55;, SonyD6>tape>WAV,Stereo,44.100kHz
LB-135856/14/86Berkeley, CA2Bkrw co, An analog master from the RP Archives,
LB-135866/14/86Berkeley, CA  krw co 2496, An analog master from the RP Archives
LB-152276/14/86Berkeley, CA2Bnak300 markp v2, source: nakamichi cm300 (cp1) >
LB-03946/16/86Pacific Amphitheater3B+aud master,
LB-50936/16/86Costa Mesa2Bsource: 1st gen. analogue audience recording
LB-131336/16/86COSTA MESA, CA3B-version "c", Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff
LB-04046/17/86Pacific Amphitheater3Baud master,
LB-16016/17/86Pacific Amphitheatre2BImproved Air Remaster
LB-50956/17/86Costa Mesa2B+cb; incl. Petty-parts, source: 1st gen. analogue
LB-91516/17/86Costa Mesa, CA2Biar050, Improved Air Catalog Number: IA50, TITLE:
LB-03896/18/86Veterans Memorial3Baud master,
LB-51096/18/86Phoenix2Bcb; source: 1st gen. analogue audience recording
LB-129826/18/86Phoenix, AZ Bhce cb dolphinsmile 48k, taped by a friend of mine
LB-41386/20/86Houston3B-Audience cassette master > Cassette > Cassette >
LB-81736/20/86Houston2C(Transfer from 2nd Generation Cassettes, JTT),
LB-99136/20/86Houston, Texas2B+sb, * A Heart Full Of Tears *, A Southside Butcher
LB-122286/20/86Houston3B+version "e", Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, From
LB-03916/21/86Frank Irwin Center3B+aud master,
LB-44666/21/86Austin3B+version "a"; Trade > CDR > FLAC(Level 8), size:1
LB-51326/21/86Austin2B+source: 1st gen. analogue audience recording
LB-04106/22/86Reunion Arena3B+aud master
LB-46036/22/86Dallas2A-Recording: Audience > 2 x ECM33F > Sony D6 >
LB-51486/22/86Dallas2B+source: 1st gen. analogue audience recording
LB-06796/24/86Market Square Arena2B+ 
LB-28966/24/86INDIANAPOLIS2B+version "a"
LB-51966/24/86Indianapolis2B+source: 2nd gen. analogue audience recording
LB-05476/26/86Hubert H. Humphrey3C+from master aud,
LB-98116/26/86Minneapolis2C+version "b", incomplete; Aud. recording (Unknown
LB-128916/26/86Minneapolis, MN Asbd cm miller 24bit, Recording Info:, SBD >
LB-129136/26/86Minneapolis, MN2Asbd cm miller, Recording Info:, SBD > Cassette
LB-151556/26/86Minneapolis2ABOOTLEG: Minneapolis 1986; cc; Crystal Cat
LB-00586/27/86Alpine Valley2B 
LB-05516/27/86Alpine Valley2Bfrom master aud,
LB-52236/27/86East Troy2Bsource: 2nd gen. analogue audience recording
LB-90496/27/86East Troy, Wisconsin2Biar004;
LB-123386/27/86East Troy, WI2B-version "e", unknown taper, unknown gen, lineage:,
LB-05526/29/86Poplar Creek Music3Bfrom master aud,
LB-25316/29/86Poplar Creek Music2B+BOOTLEG: Lonesome Town Vol. 1 & 2; CDBOOT>EAC>FLAC
LB-62776/29/86Chicago2B+(Soundboard), Soundboard Recording, Dylan Set Only
LB-67666/29/86Hoffman Estates, IL1 BOOTLEG: Lonesome Town Vol 2; cd > ultraplex >
LB-99476/29/86Chicago, Illinois3Bversion "e", Original lineage info: from master
LB-136476/29/86Hoffman Estates B+48k; dolphinsmile, Here is a dat I found. The note
LB-05686/30/86Pine Knob Music4Baud master,
LB-09036/30/86Pine Knob Music2B-version "a"
LB-52566/30/86Clarkston2B-source: 2nd gen. analogue audience recording
LB-05147/1/86Pine Knob Music3B 
LB-52857/1/86Clarkston2B-cb version "a"; source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-05127/2/86Rubber Bowl2B 
LB-07207/2/86Rubber Bowl2B-CASS (low gen) > CDR > EAC (w/correct offset) >
LB-45767/2/86Akron2B+joining Grateful Dead, MotB Release: #0005/16bit,
LB-45777/2/86Akron B+joining the Grateful Dead; MotB Release:
LB-45787/2/86Akron OH2Bjoining the Grateful Dead; AUD>DAT>CDR, d2t05 -
LB-45797/2/86Akron Ohio2B+joining the Grateful Dead; 2 Beyer M160 FOB> Sony
LB-53237/2/86Akron2Bversion "b"; source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-94647/2/86Akron, Ohio2B-BOOTLEG: joint adventures vinyl; Lp Title: Joint
LB-107397/2/86Akron, Oh.2Bjoining Grateful Dead, Recorded by David Cohen,
LB-111817/2/86Akron Ohio4B-BOOTLEG: joint adventures vinyl; doinker, Tom
LB-158617/2/86Akron OH B+beyerm88 pinney 24, Played before the Grateful
LB-05157/4/86Rich Stadium2B 
LB-33097/4/86Rich Stadium2B+BOOTLEG: Farm Aid 1986; artwork says pre-broadcast
LB-67677/4/86Buffalo, NY2B+BOOTLEG: Rich for Poor; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-103257/4/86Buffalo, New York2B+flying m video sourced audio, MTV Pro-Shot
LB-115057/4/86Orchard Park1B+jtt 2014, Farm Aid 1985 / 1986 (clips) (DVD and
LB-135887/4/86Buffalo, New York B+flying m version "g" 48k;, Source:, Flying M's DVD
LB-139187/4/86Buffalo, NY B+fob senn441 ackerman noel t 2496, Ackerman
LB-149057/4/86Buffalo, New York2B+captainacidremaster, Captain Acid Remaster, Hi
LB-05237/6/86RFK Stadium3B-from the cb master audience
LB-53517/6/86Washington2B+version "a"; source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-86937/6/86Washington, D.C.2B-d5scott;, recorded and mastered to cdr by D5scott,
LB-157107/6/86Washington DC B+petty nak300 tedc 2448; Lineage & Transfer: NAk
LB-01777/7/86Rfk Stadium4B+aud master,
LB-04327/7/86Rfk Stadium4B-sbd,
LB-32487/7/86Robert F. Kennedy1Bsee Grateful Dead, 7/7/86;, SBD >multi gen cass>
LB-47467/7/86Washington DC2BMaster: In-house FM > Portable FM Receiver >
LB-63347/7/86Washington DC2Bversion "d"; Master: In-house FM > Portable FM
LB-99167/7/86Washington2Bsb, *Smokin' Down The Track & Sniffin' Drainpipes*
LB-124147/7/86Washington, DC2A-fm miller 88176, Recording Info:, In-House FM ->
LB-129717/7/86Washington D.C. (RFK B+sbd incomplete new transfer, From a DAT (received
LB-130207/7/86Washington, DC A-akg24 24bit, Recording Info:, AKG C42 (m/s) >
LB-130217/7/86Washington, DC A-gd akg24 24bit, Recording Info:, AKG C42 (m/s) >
LB-130597/7/86Washington, DC3A-akg, Recording Info:, AKG C42 (m/s) > Cassette
LB-130607/7/86Washington, DC A-gd akg, Grateful Dead -, Recording Info:, AKG C42
LB-135427/7/86Washington, DC  soundboard lta 48k, In-House FM, In-House FM,
LB-05247/8/86Great Woods4Bfrom the cb master audience
LB-53997/8/86Mansfield2Bversion "a"; source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-05227/9/86Great Woods4Bfrom the cb master audience
LB-32717/9/86Mansfield2BSOURCE: 'BW Master', Lineage: 'BW Master' >
LB-54037/9/86Mansfield2Bversion "a"; source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-67687/9/86Providence1B+BOOTLEG: Charlie's Choice; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-30007/10/86Hotel jam1B(early morning hours), Source: DAT >> SoundForge
LB-117067/10/86Marriot Hotel1Betta james jam george, Source: Soundboard >
LB-05257/11/86Civic Center3B+from the cb master audience
LB-53777/11/86Hartford2B+version "a"; source: 1st gen. analogue audience
LB-96967/11/86Hartford4B+Down The Drain Vol.1
LB-05267/13/86Saratoga Performing4B+from the cb master audience
LB-39417/13/86Saratoga Springs3 version "a"; CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC
LB-54277/13/86Saratoga Springs2C+source: soundboard recording > CDR-trade > eac >
LB-61297/13/86Saratoga Springs3Bversion "c"; unknown lineage, SOUNDBOARD recording
LB-61337/13/86Saratoga Springs3BJTT; SOURCE: SOUNDBOARD RECORDING (unknown lineage
LB-108327/13/86Saratoga Springs3Cpa tape dolphinsmile; no info file was supplied
LB-148857/13/86Saratoga Springs, NY3Bcaptainacidremaster 2020, Lonesome Town Of
LB-149197/13/86Saratoga Springs NY B+sbd1 24, Lineage, Sbd 1st Cassette> Playback>
LB-149207/13/86Saratoga Springs NY3B+sbd1, Lineage, Sbd 1st Cassette> Playback> Marantz
LB-05367/15/86Madison Square4B+from the cb master audience
LB-25527/15/86Madison Square3B& Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Taped and
LB-54847/15/86New York City2Bversion "b", source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-01127/16/86Madison Square4Bfrom the cb master audience,
LB-24477/16/86Madison Square2B-version "a"; Recorded from 14th Row Center of
LB-54977/16/86New York City2Bversion "b"; source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-106427/16/86New York2B-BOOTLEG: clean cut gig; Manufacturer : THINMAN -
LB-03877/17/86Madison Square3B+aud master,
LB-40667/17/86New York City3Cversion "a"; CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC
LB-55017/17/86New York City2Bversion "b", source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-71787/17/86New York City2Bsb; * A Place Of Broken Dreams *, A Southside
LB-05537/19/86The Spectrum4B+from master aud,
LB-55357/19/86Philadelphia2Bversion "a"; source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-03827/20/86The Spectrum4B+aud master,
LB-55487/20/86Philadelphia2B+version "a"; source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-130397/20/86Philadelphia, PA3B+nak100 kingrue, New Source # 3, Source: Nakamichi
LB-03857/21/86Meadowlands Brendan4B+aud master,
LB-48597/21/86East Rutherford4B+version "a"
LB-55727/21/86East Rutherford2B+version "b", source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-125297/21/86East Rutherford, NJ B+sennheisers 2002 dolphinsmile 48k, recorded with
LB-112627/22/86Mansfield2B-version "b", Aud Recording 157 mins
LB-02767/24/86Bonner Springs, KS1A-incomplete - last portion, sbd,
LB-37697/24/86Bonner Springs3B"On the Corner of 12th Street and Vine", 1st
LB-55887/24/86Bonner Springs2Bversion "b", source: 2nd gen. analogue audience
LB-115117/24/86Bonner Springs1B+sbd jtt, (Partial SBD) Low Generation Tape (JTT),
LB-157077/24/86Bonner Springs3B+BOOTLEG: bonner springs 1986 soundboard; ZION-219;
LB-01597/26/86Red Rocks2B-sbd,
LB-57127/26/86Morrison1B+version "a"; low gen incomplete soundboard
LB-97677/26/86Morrison, Colorado2C+version "c", Unknown lineage
LB-102527/26/86Morrison, Colorado2C+aud sbd version "d", Lineage: CDR trade > Wave
LB-112637/26/86Morrison, Colorado2C+version "f", audience Recording 155 mins
LB-157497/26/86Morrison, Colorado3Ared rocks 1986 1st night soundboard, STEREO
LB-08417/27/86Red Rocks2B+version "a"
LB-10907/27/86Red Rocks2B- 
LB-16907/27/86Red Rocks2B 
LB-112797/27/86Morrison, Colorado3C+version "d", audience recording, 176 mins,
LB-49837/29/86Portland2BAudience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR (x) >
LB-57217/29/86Portland2Bversion "a"; 2nd gen aud. rec. (taper unknown) >
LB-95757/29/86Portland3Bjems, Source: Audience, Lineage: ANA(M)>WAV
LB-150847/29/86portland3BBOOTLEG: portland 1986; crystal cat
LB-04647/31/86Tacoma Dome. Tacoma.2B+sbd,
LB-07027/31/86Tacoma Dome2Caud
LB-51397/31/86Tacoma2B+version "a"; SBD>C>EAC>FLAC
LB-54317/31/86Tacoma2B+38f; and more, German FM Broadcast compilation.,
LB-62127/31/86Tacoma Dome2Bversion "d"; ? -> cassette master -> DAT - clone
LB-91317/31/86TAKOMA WASHINGTON2Bsbd flyingm, source:, Soundboard > ? > VHS Hi-Fi
LB-112647/31/86Tacoma, Washington2B+sbd f, Soundboard Recording 117 mins
LB-121857/31/86Tacoma, WA3C-sbd at, Raw Soundboard, AT-161, This is an
LB-149447/31/86Takoma Washington3Bcaptainacidremaster, Remastered By Captain Acid in
LB-57658/1/86Vancouver2B-version "a"; 2nd gen aud. rec. (taper unknown) >
LB-05898/3/86The Forum3C+ 
LB-06958/3/86Inglewood2A-sbd, incomplete - end of show,
LB-10668/3/86The Forum2 alternate
LB-57668/3/86Inglewood (LA)2Bversion "b"; This is a combination of a vg aud.
LB-67698/3/86The Forum, LA1 BOOTLEG: Come Baby Rock Me; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-107018/3/86Los Angeles1 BOOTLEG: lonesome la town; Limited Edition Of 300
LB-122868/3/86Los Angeles2C+low gen tape, From my low gen tape>nak cassette
LB-27758/5/86Mountain View3B-Source/lineage information: taper markp, transfer
LB-41668/5/86Mountain View3Bsource : aiwa cm-30 > sony wm-d3, transfer from
LB-67708/5/86Shoreline3B+BOOTLEG: There is a place of Broken Dreams; cd >
LB-151818/5/86Mountain View, CA3B-markp v2, source: nakamichi cm300 (cp1) > sony
LB-155478/5/86Mountain View, CA Bsony ecm, analog audience master recording (taped
LB-31958/6/86Paso Robles3C+Off Master - Possibly New Source, This is one of
LB-47358/6/86Paso Robles2Cversion "a"; CD(Trade) > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-51238/6/86Paso Robles C- 
LB-58528/6/86Paso Robles2B-version "b"; 2nd gen aud. rec. (taper unknown) >
LB-34858/27/86Townhouse Studios1BBOOTLEG: The Complete Hearts Of Fire Outtakes;
LB-85408/27/86Hearts of Fire1BA Panda Production for TDD 347 MB, studio>cassette
LB-125248/27/86Hearts of Fire1Boriginal tapes, August 28 & 28, 1986, Bob Dylan,
LB-128448/27/86London A-lta 2448, 24/48, lineage:, TDK SA90 Super Avilyn
LB-154448/27/86Hearts of Fire1BBOOTLEG: hearts of fire session 1986; For the
LB-116619/9/86Filming of Hearts of1B-filming of hearts of fire jtt, (Uncirculated Tape
LB-01189/20/86Colston Hall2  


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