LosslessBob LB-9464
7/2/86Akron, Ohio2B-78min+74min

BOOTLEG: joint adventures vinyl; Lp Title: Joint Adventures, Source: Audience, Transfer: Vinyl > Unknown Receiver & Record Player > Cassette Tape (Maxell XL II 90min) >, Sony Cassette Player > RCA Cable > Stereo Audio Minijack > Macintosh Dual 2.3 GHz Power PC G5 >, CD Spin Doctor 6.1.2 > Peak 5.2 (For Tracking) > xAct 1.71 for Flac (Level 8) encoding, Nice German package from 1986., 5 album set pressed on colored and/or marble vinyl., LPs were various combinations of colored & marble vinyl including lime, maroon, & olive drab., Packaged in a textured metallic silver box with a custom Dylan drawing glued on front. Includes a flier that lists song lineup and performances., Custom made Dylan drawing labels., Matrix: BDGD (1-10), Note: I only wanted the Dylan / Petty part. So this represents 3 of the 5 LP's. This was recorded in a local record shop (which is out of business now) right from the vinyl copy to cassette., Also I included the review of the show from my local paper (The Columbus Dispatch) and a copy, of my ticket stub from the show and Pictures of the Box Set & Vinyl., Concertfan

bittorrent download 07/11; cdr splits not specified; same recording as LB-0720 based on same crowd talking at beginning of t12; in comparison this has less hiss and is brighter and clearer but on this track it also had a shaky sound as if the music was dropping quickly in and out; that shakiness was present on other songs sampled; it sort of sounds like some type of an autoleveler may have been used on this music which made it hard to listen to; (did not listen to all of this)
discontinuity cut t15 2:54, t34 3:15; discontinuity between some tracks

Shake a hand, Positively fourth Street, Clean cut kid, I'll remember you, Trust yourself, Lucky old sun, Masters of war, Straight into darkness *, Rock me *, The wait *, Breakdown *, To Ramona, One too many mornings, It ain't me, babe, I forgot more than you'll ever know, Band of the hand, When the night comes falling from the sky, Lonesome town,


Ballad of a thin man, Even the losers *, Spike *, Don't do me like that *, Refugee *, Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35, Seeing the real you that last, Across the borderline, I and I, Like a rolling stone, In the garden, Blowin' in the wind, Red Cadillac & a black moustache, Knockin' on heaven's door, It's all over now, Baby Blue * *, Information:, Bob Dylan and the Heartbreakers, Tom Petty and the Heart breakers (*), Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead ( * *)

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Year 1986
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