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xx/xx/75some big tv network tv shows part ii2 80min+80min

BOOTLEG: some big tv network tv shows part ii; hollow horn vol4 some big tv network tv shows part ii, FLAC - Source - Forgotten Download > Tags, info and some artwork supplied by me., Hollow Horn Reference Recordings, Volume 4: Some Big TV Network TV Shows Part II

bittorrent download 01/12; (did not listen to all of this)
drops between tracks and 2 to 3 minutes drops at end of cdrs
DISC ONE:, World Of John Hammond, September 10th 1975, Hurricane, Simple Twist Of Fate, Oh Sister, Saturday Night Live, October 20th 1979, Gotta Serve Somebody, I Believe In You, When You Gonna Wake Up?, David Letterman, March 22nd 1984, Don't Start Me Talkin', License To Kill, Jokerman, Martin Luther King Birthday Tribute, January 20th 1986, I Shall Be Released, Chabod Telethon, August 1986, Thank God, The Gershwin Gala, March 11th 1987, Soon, Hall Of Fame, January 20th 1988, All Along The Watchtower, Like A Rolling Stone, Grammy Awards, February 20th 1991, Masters Of War, David Letterman, January 18th 1992, Like A Rolling Stone, DISC TWO:, Hill Of Muses, June 27th 1989 [Is that Van Morrison?], *Crazy Love, *(And) It Stoned Me, Foreign Window, One Irish Rover, Willie Nelson Big 6-0., April 28th 1993, Pancho & Lefty, Hard Times, David Letterman, November 18th 1993, Forever Young, Hall Of Fame., September 2nd 1995, All Along The Watchtower, Just Like A Woman, Seeing The Real You At Last, Highway 61 Revisited, Forever Young, Sinatra Birthday, November 19th 1995, Restless Farewell, Grammy Awards, February 25th 1998, Love Sick, Johnny Cash Tribute, March 1999, Train Of Love, Academy Awards, March 26th 2001, Things Have Changed, Grammy Awards, February 27th 2002, Cry A While, Academy Awards, March 26th 2001, Academy Awards Acceptance Speech [Hidden Track], *'Crazy' and 'Stoned' were juxtaposed on the original download
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Year 1975
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