LosslessBob LB For Year 1975
LB-0906xx/xx/75Renaldo & Clara2B30 Oct - 8 Dec 1975, source: lk, s Stereo -
LB-1505xx/xx/751975 bits and pieces1B 
LB-1694xx/xx/75Live 1975 Companion1B+* fin remaster, This is a compilation of every
LB-1834xx/xx/75Answerphone1Cbootleg cd Vastly Original Work > eac > wav > shn;
LB-3757xx/xx/75Desire Sessions2A-Extraordinary quality compilation by Captain Acid
LB-5834xx/xx/75Renaldo & Clara4Bversion "a"; lineage:, ?>open reel>DAT>CD-R>EAC>
LB-5846xx/xx/75 RENALDO AND CLARA1B+version "b"; Taken from a stereo source, this is
LB-6715xx/xx/75USA Various1 BOOTLEG: Songs For Patty Valentine; cd > ultraplex
LB-7884xx/xx/75Desire Sessions2A-TokeMaster; July 14 & 28-31, 1975, Compiled by:
LB-8041xx/xx/75Music From RENALDO1B+(Stereo FILM Soundtrack) (JTT Transfer), BOB DYLAN
LB-8061xx/xx/75Various1B-BOOTLEG: Four Times Around; (JTT Vinyl Transfer),
LB-8062xx/xx/75Various2B-BOOTLEG: Passed Over and Rolling Thunder; (JTT
LB-85841/1/75Better Midler1A-version "a'; October 1975
LB-9728xx/xx/75various2B+BOOTLEG: abandoned desire; Scorpio
LB-9869xx/xx/75some big tv network2 BOOTLEG: some big tv network tv shows part ii;
LB-11210xx/xx/75Renaldo & Clara2Brenaldo clara soundtrack captainacidremaster, Hi
LB-11248xx/xx/75various1B+BOOTLEG: alternate live desire; Wonderland Records
LB-11410xx/xx/751975 Radio Spots1Aradio spots, 3 45-second radio spots from 5" reel
LB-12059xx/xx/75renaldo and clara3B+renaldo and clara projector reels, To the best of
LB-12443xx/xx/75Renaldo And Clara2 renaldo and clara acidproject 030, Hi everybody,
LB-14863xx/xx/75various  BOOTLEG: best of rtr 1975
LB-15348xx/xx/75various2 BOOTLEG: live rarities with friends; Label: Usa
LB-52153/10/75Oakland1A-Mary Travers Interview, Broadcast by KNX-FM Radio
LB-79923/10/75Oakland AHH; (48k); Notes, Broadcast by KNX-FM Radio 26
LB-59893/23/75San Francisco1B+version "b"
LB-59903/23/75San Francisco1B+version "c"; Source: SBD, Geneology: Pre-FM SBD
LB-59923/23/75San Francisco1A-version "a"; from Wolfgangsvault.com concert
LB-67143/23/75Snack Benefit and2CBOOTLEG: Duets; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav > flac;
LB-71773/23/75SF SNACK1A-sbd LTA remaster; Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Rick
LB-71843/23/75San Francisco1A-version "f"; Neil Young with Bob Dylan, Rick Danko
LB-95323/23/75San Francisco1CBOOTLEG: snack vinyl; jtt, Very Good Broadcast
LB-97463/23/75San Francisco -- Bay1A-version "h", Lineage: SBD > Fm > Unknown Recorder
LB-15067/3/75The Other End Club Bpart of 1975 bits and pieces compilation
LB-16027/3/75The Other End1B#1-7 Complete unedited master tape.
LB-49487/3/75New York City1 stew ART; *flac filrd data dvd trade, * stew ART,
LB-112187/3/75The Other End Club1Bversion "c", RE-SEED, Thanks to original uploader,
LB-122267/3/75The Other End, N.Y.1Blowgen jtt, & RAMBLIN' JACK ELLIOTT, (LOWGEN'S
LB-159617/3/75Abandoned Love solo B+abandoned love remaster, Genuine Bootleg Series II
LB-159927/3/75Abandoned Love solo  abandoned love panda remaster goody pitch fix,
LB-97257/14/75Joey (Alternate Take1B+abandoned desire joey alternate jtt, SOURCE:
LB-65407/28/75Studio E1A2nd Desire session or 29 July 3rd Desire Session,
LB-05109/10/75'The World Of John1A-"Hammond WBAI Reel Master; This is taken from the
LB-15049/10/75The World of John A-part of 1975 bits and pieces compilation; SOURCE:
LB-36919/10/75'The World Of John1A-from 75 lk set,, Tracks 1-3 from WBAI Reel Master,
LB-43479/10/75The World Of John1Aversion "c", PBS network broadcast 13Sep1975,
LB-99119/10/75WTTW-TV Studios1A-speed corr, 2 Sources: WBAI master reel & PBS
LB-110199/10/75Chicago1B+flyingm, Broadcast, December 13, 1975, Audio Only,
LB-083010/30/75Plymouth, MA2C+Upgrade version, better sound and includes the
LB-251710/30/75Plymouth, MA1Cversion "a"
LB-734010/30/75Plymouth, MA2C+lk; EAC < CD made from Cassette Master., lk
LB-1588210/30/75Plymouth, MA2 BOOTLEG: dasuye nhk; part of Dasuye NHK issue of
LB-368910/31/75Plymouth, MA1Baud from lk set
LB-369010/31/75Plymouth, MA1APA from lk
LB-3883xx/xx/75Rolling Thunder2APreviously unavailable, Various Dates in 1976
LB-428210/31/75Plymouth2 sbd source: 1,4-5,7-9,c-f, 10-16 ("TTD
LB-561710/31/75Plymouth1Amonicasdude sbd comp; line recording, no reliable
LB-671610/31/75Plymouth, MA1 BOOTLEG: Plymouth Rock; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-706910/31/75Plymouth, MA2Asbd; LTA Remaster, Sources:, Source 1: WV
LB-967110/31/75Plymouth1Awgv jtt, SBD (JTT Streaming Capture), Very Good
LB-1205610/31/75Plymouth1Apa lk plus, Some years ago when further tracks
LB-1210410/31/75Plymouth2Awgv jtt a, (SBD LOSSY), JTT, 'NEW CAPTURES',
LB-1341310/31/75Plymouth2Aversion "p", Show on an astonishing SoundBoard
LB-924311/2/75Lowell1Awgv jtt, Incomplete SBD (JTT Streaming Capture),
LB-957911/2/75Lowell1ABOOTLEG: out on the road; (Godfather Records 646),
LB-012011/4/75Civic Center3B-afternoon,
LB-223511/4/75Providence2A-version "a"; afternoon show, Audience recording.
LB-369211/4/75Providence3B+afternoon; from lk 75 set
LB-418511/4/75Providence2A-lowgen version "b": afternoon, This is a fine show
LB-443911/4/75Providence5 version "d", Afternoon, Source 1: complete (a-n,
LB-724911/4/75Providence3B-version "e"; bootleg; late show, Audience
LB-815511/4/75Providence2B-(Evening Show) (Transfer from Cassettes, JTT),
LB-895311/4/75Providence, RI3B+warburton berger, source: aud 1st gen reel, taped
LB-940511/4/75Providence2A-version "i", afternoon, Mono audience recording,
LB-1040211/4/75Providence, RI3A-evening berger jpc3, Rolling Thunder Revue, late
LB-1040411/4/75Civic Center A-evening berger jpc3 24, Rolling Thunder Revue,
LB-1190011/4/75Providence Civic2A-late lowgen, late show, One of the best 1975 shows
LB-1247011/4/75Providence3B+BOOTLEG: with god on our side; http://www
LB-1424411/4/75Providence, RI3B+sonyecm99a warburton smith joeb sirmick, Evening
LB-1424511/4/75Providence, RI  sonyecm99a warburton smith joeb sirmick 24,
LB-1588311/4/75Providence, RI3A-BOOTLEG: dasuye nhk; evening
LB-014611/6/75afternoon1B-aft; alternate, incomplete,
LB-046711/6/75Civic Center1C+evening
LB-048711/6/75Civic Center1B+afternoon
LB-252611/6/75Civic Center1C-version "a"; (evening)
LB-577811/6/75Springfield2Bversion "d"; Afternoon, ., Source 1: 1-17 (14, 16
LB-816111/6/75Springfield2B(Afternoon Show) (Transfer from Low Generation
LB-252011/8/75Patrick Gymnasium2C+ 
LB-369611/8/75Burlington2 from 75 lk set
LB-369311/9/75Durham2C-from lk 75 set
LB-450511/9/75Durham2C-version "a"; unknown aud>DAT>CDR>EAC>FLAC
LB-033211/11/75Palace Theater2 aud,
LB-044511/11/75Palace Theater3B+full sbd,
LB-561111/11/75Waterbury  see Dylan-Bob 10/31/75 Rolling Thunder Redux
LB-671711/11/75Palace Theater1B+BOOTLEG: Satisfied Man; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-671811/11/75Palace Theater1B+BOOTLEG: Tell it Like It Is; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-814411/11/75Waterbury, CT1B+BOOTLEG: Magical Mystery Caravan; (Godfather
LB-816811/11/75Waterbury3B-(Soundboard & Audience Versions, JTT Transfers),
LB-967411/11/75Waterbury1Awgv jtt, (Soundboard) JTT Capture, BOB DYLAN & The
LB-11113xx/xx/75Rolling Thunder 19752Arolling thunder upgrades sbd lossy jtt, (LOSSY)
LB-1210311/11/75Waterbury3Ajtt version "b", (SBD, LOSSY) JTT, 'NEW CAPTURE',
LB-1321711/11/75Waterbury, CT3Asdb dolphinsmile, My master cassettes>Direct to
LB-1341411/11/75Waterbury2Aversion "m", Show on an astonishing SoundBoard
LB-152811/13/75New Haven2B+afternoon show, Southside Butcher's series, "We'll
LB-280411/13/75New Haven2A-(Afternoon), Taper: LTE, Source: Audio disks
LB-280511/13/75New Haven2A-(Evening), Taper: LTE, Source: Audio disks direct
LB-280811/13/75New Haven2A-1st show (afternoon), AUD R-0>D, rates A-, 48k
LB-280911/13/75New Haven1 2nd show (evening), AUD R-0>D, rates A-, 48k dat>
LB-357811/13/75New Haven Veterans2B+afternoon, lowgen version; Mono audience recording
LB-369711/13/75New Haven2 Late, from 75 lk set as alternate incomplete
LB-371511/13/75New Haven2BAfternoon, version "e"; Stereo Audience Recording,
LB-444011/13/75New Haven4 version "f"; Evening, Source A: 1-19, Source B:
LB-703811/13/75New Haven2C-JTT afternoon; misidentified as: Lowell,
LB-789611/13/75New Haven2Bversion "k"; (afternoon):, AUD > CDR > FLAC > You,
LB-896011/13/75New Haven2A-early lowgen version "k";, Dylan sets complete.
LB-1133411/13/75New Haven2A-late lowgen l, This transfer was torrented in May
LB-369411/15/75Niagara Falls2B-evening; from lk 75 set
LB-369511/15/75Niagara Falls2B-evening; from lk 75 set with Guests; slight tv
LB-372911/15/75Niagara Falls2B-version "c"; Evening, Mono Audience Recording,
LB-444211/15/75Niagara NY2B-version "d"; late show. Audience recording., Dylan
LB-909311/15/75Niagara Falls2B-Improved Air Catalog Number: IA39, TITLE: "Niagara
LB-047311/17/75War Memorial1 afternoon
LB-047911/17/75War Memorial2B 
LB-230611/17/75War Memorial1B-version "a"; afternoon; This is a nice show that's
LB-292511/17/75Rochester War1B-early show, pitch changed; average quality
LB-369811/17/75Rochester1B-Early from 75 lk set
LB-369911/17/75Rochester2 Late from 75 lk set
LB-374011/17/75Rochester1 version "b"; Afternoon, CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC
LB-444111/17/75Rochester1Bversion "c"; Afternoon, Source note:, - CD-R(x
LB-895711/17/75Rochester, New York2Beve sb;, Evening; southside butchers series "Voice
LB-1552311/17/75Rochester, New York Dlossy stream, This source came to light in 2011,
LB-221211/19/75Worchester2B+Here's a nice listen. It's from an old tape and
LB-292311/19/75Worchester Memorial2B+pitch adjusted; average quality audience tape,
LB-370011/19/75Worchester2 from 75 lk set
LB-370211/19/75Worchester1B+from 75 lk set as alternate partial
LB-413111/19/75Worchester2B+lowgen version "b"; This is a fine show and a very
LB-455911/19/75Worcester2Bversion "c"; aud --> cassette --> reel --> Gina
LB-040811/20/75Cambridge3A-AUD R> 48k dats > delta dio 2496 > cooledit 2000
LB-370111/20/75Cambridge3 from 75 lk set
LB-494211/20/75Cambridge3 AUD R> 48k dats > delta dio 2496 > cooledit 2000
LB-563911/20/75Cambridge Harvard3A-Lowgen; Complete RTR Revue show, Great show-
LB-045911/21/75Boston, MA3A-evening
LB-083311/21/75Boston, MA2C+afternoon
LB-245911/21/75Boston Music Hall3A-version "a"; Evening, CDR>EAC>SHN, Track
LB-370311/21/75Boston, MA2A-Late; from 75 lk set as PA;
LB-372611/21/75Boston, MA2B-early, from lk 75 set
LB-450811/21/75Boston & Toronto2A-BOOTLEG: Get Ready! Tonight Bob's Staying Here
LB-450911/21/75Boston Music Hall2A-BOOTLEG: Cowboy Angel Blues; evening; silver
LB-710011/21/75Boston3A-BOOTLEG: Boston 1975 Complete; Screamer 04024-026,
LB-1055911/21/75Boston2Baft lowgen; version "j";, early show, audience
LB-1135511/21/75Boston2Bearly k, early show, audience tape. A fine
LB-1135811/21/75Boston Music Hall2A-late aud lowgen version "l";, late show aud, An
LB-1252211/21/75Boston3A-lk dvd set late, complete evening show - audience
LB-370511/22/75Waltham2Bfrom 75 lk set
LB-1292311/22/75WALTHAM2B+jc, & THE ROLLING THUNDER REVIEW, JC stereo aud
LB-1292411/22/75WALTHAM2B+jc speed corrected, & THE ROLLING THUNDER REVIEW,
LB-053711/24/75Hartford4B+(AUD-R-1-D), txt description " Here's the jist of
LB-370611/24/75Hartford2B+from 75 lk set as Alternate
LB-380911/24/75Hartford Connecticut3 A complete show from this legendary tour., This
LB-494311/24/75Hartford2 aud > ? > .flac files from Les Kokay RTR 75 dvd
LB-271611/26/75Augusta Maine Civic2B+TRIPLE-TURBO REMASTERED; Torrented at Dylantree
LB-606811/26/75Augusta Maine Civic2BBOOTLEG: A Dark Night on the Spanish Stairs;
LB-769811/26/75Augusta, Maine2B+version "b"; **** Rolling Thunder Revue ****, *
LB-1205411/26/75Augusta Maine Civic2B+lowgen, and The Rolling Thunder Revue, Audience
LB-1508011/26/75Augusta, ME2Bmr kingrue, Source : Audience Recording > unknown
LB-154311/27/75Bangor2B+"No Llores, Mi Querida" Southside Butcher's,
LB-370711/27/75Bangor1B-from 75 lk set as Alternate incomplete
LB-370811/27/75Bangor2B+from 75 lk set
LB-494411/27/75Bangor2B+aud > ? > .flac files from Les Kokay RTR 75 dvd
LB-903611/27/75Bangor, Maine1BBOOTLEG: bangor maine vinyl; (Incomplete) (Vinyl
LB-1123011/27/75Bangor, Marine2B+BOOTLEG: bangor bizarre; Chrome Horse Records.
LB-1206011/27/75Bangor2B+lk k, Yesterday (15 August 2015) I decided to do a
LB-1222711/27/75Bangor Maine1B+lowgen jtt, (LOWGEN'S TAPE), Can't see an LB
LB-029411/29/75Quebec City2  
LB-370911/29/75Quebec City2C+from 75 lk set
LB-226412/1/75Maple Leaf Gardens4A-titled The Rolling Thunder Review; rmd: A great
LB-252312/1/75Maple Leaf Gardens4 version "a"; Complete Show, This is the complete
LB-364512/1/75Toronto4A-version "b", Notes, The circulating tape contains
LB-368512/1/75Toronto4A-from 75 lk set as "This one is just the Vine That
LB-435712/1/75Toronto4A-version "d"; Size: 1,28 GB, Time: 238:59, Trade:
LB-565212/1/75Toronto4Aversion "e"; source: 2nd generation analogue tape
LB-671912/1/75Maple Leaf Gardens2 BOOTLEG: Flagging Down the Double E's; cd >
LB-1132412/1/75Toronto4Alowgen, Good show, very well-recorded and complete
LB-325812/2/75Toronto4BMaster Audience Reel (no info on mic's or tape
LB-370412/2/75Toronto4A-from 75 lk set as "This one is based on the Vine
LB-566612/2/75Toronto4A-version "b";, source: 2nd generation analogue tape
LB-927912/2/75Toronto4A-version "c", Lineage: [AUD] from 75 lk set "This
LB-1131912/2/75TORONTO CANADA4A-krw co, analog master to dat clone, LINEAGE
LB-1132212/2/75Toronto4A-lowgen; torrenter's comment: "Lineage- From the PL
LB-045712/4/75Forum de Montreal2B+Taken from Bob Bowman's Master tape, this is the
LB-539812/4/75Montreal Forum2B+BOOTLEG: One of The Hurricane Night; Silvers >
LB-964312/4/75Montreal, Quebec1Awgv jtt, (Incomplete Soundboard - 6 Tracks), This
LB-1341512/4/75Montreal2Aversion "f", (FLAC), > Show on an astonishing
LB-150712/7/75Correctional B-part of 1975 bits and pieces compilation
LB-046512/8/75Madison Square3C-from 1st gen off aud master, Taped by David Peters
LB-124412/8/75Madison Square2A-BOOTLEG: Night of the Hurricane 1;
LB-278812/8/75Madison Square2Aversion "a"; sbd; Taper: Unidentified, Lineage:
LB-280012/8/75Madison Square3Cpb remaster (one channel overrecorded) of dp
LB-371012/8/75Madison Square3Cfrom 75 lk set as Alternate
LB-673112/8/75Madison Square2A-BOOTLEG: Knight of the Hurricane; cd > ultraplex >
LB-797712/8/75New York2A"Soundboard" "JTT Transfer", Bob Dylan, "Night of
LB-798112/8/75New York, NY4ACatalog: Bill Graham, wolfgangsvault internet
LB-799512/8/75New York City4Aversion "h"; (Complete) "Soundboard" "JTT
LB-830412/8/75New York City2A-BOOTLEG: Farewell; (FW20028), silver disc>EAC
LB-1016712/8/75New York City4ABOOTLEG: night of the hurricane; gold, Night of
LB-1044012/8/75New York2Awgv jtt version "l", (Soundboard) New JTT Capture,
LB-1049712/8/75New York City2B+inc aud vinyl jtt, Incomplete Audience Recording
LB-1115912/8/75NY, NY2A-BOOTLEG: night of the hurricane 1; version "m",
LB-1210512/8/75New York, New York3Awgv jtt o, & The Rolling Thunder Review, (SBD
LB-1341612/8/75New York, NY4Aversion "p", Show on an astonishing SoundBoard


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