LosslessBob LB-11990
5/1/69The Johnny Cash Show, Nashville Tennessee Ryman Auditorium1A-9min

cash tv lowgen, ABC-TV network broadcast June 7, 1969, Recorded May 1, 1969, Audiotrack only, Nice performance by Dylan., Quality dub from the taper's copy. The broadcast audio was not very good., Lowgen, TUIT June 2015

bittorrent download 07/15in 7-way comparison, bootleg ONE PUSH OF THE BUTTON LB-6281 has the harshest narrowest sound; next harshest is bootleg TV Guide: Various TV Broadcasts 1964-1986 LB-8506; these 4 have sort of similar sound: dvd38 LB-4819 (nothing above 16k), bootleg nashville skyline sessions LB-11525, bootleg Nashville 1969 LB-8534, and LB-7882; of those four dvd38 LB-4819 has the warmest sound; overall this has the fullest sound but is harsher and tinnier than dvd38 LB-4819; excellent sound [A-]
has tv band
1 I Threw It All Away, 2 Living the Blues, 3 Girl Of the North Country (duet), Charlie Daniels-g, Norman Blake-g, Charlie McCoy-b, Robert Wilson-b, Ken Buttrey-d
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Year 1969
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