LosslessBob LB For Year 1969
LB-1338xx/xx/69Cash From Dylan1A-a compilation of songs that are performed by bob
LB-9991xx/xx/69nashville1ABOOTLEG: nashville sessions 1969 and more; New
LB-11523xx/xx/69Dylan Portrait1A-dylan portrait rough mixes jtt, No idea of the
LB-14346xx/xx/69Various1 BOOTLEG: be my guest; Blue Eyes / 005, Released:
LB-14783xx/xx/69various  BOOTLEG: legendary broadcasts 1969 1984; The
LB-35282/13/69One More Night1BWe can read on the Dundas' Book:, February 13,1969
LB-66972/17/69Nashville, TN1A-BOOTLEG: The Dylan Cash Sessions; cd > ultraplex >
LB-78822/17/69COLUMBIA-STUDIO'S1B+version "a"; & JOHNNY CASH (FEBRUARY 17TH, 1969),
LB-85342/17/69Nashville, TN1A-BOOTLEG: Nashville 1969; yellow dog
LB-99202/17/69Nashville, Tennessee1B+BOOTLEG: the dylan cash session vinyl; jtt,
LB-10703xx/xx/69nashville1B+BOOTLEG: nashville 1969 vinyl; Label:Clarke
LB-115252/17/69Nashville, TN1A-BOOTLEG: nashville skyline sessions; 1969-02-18,
LB-119272/17/69CBS Studio1A-BOOTLEG: songs from the real america vinyl; JOHNNY
LB-128172/17/69Dylan/Cash Acetate1B+acetate dolphinsmile, Feb 1969, Mystery item
LB-59323/22/69Scott Muni radio2A-Scott Muni radio show is from WNEW-FM 3/22/69 and
LB-119905/1/69The Johnny Cash Show1A-cash tv lowgen, ABC-TV network broadcast June 7,
LB-14748/31/69Isle of Wight1B-& The Band, This is the complete concert compiled
LB-32248/31/69Isle of Wight1B-gs master/1st gen; that's the way I received this
LB-35138/31/69Isle Of Wight1C+pink robert; The uncirculated complete audience
LB-37208/31/69Isle Of Wight1Bversion "d"; starting with the IOW complete
LB-54448/31/69Isle of Wight1B-version "e":;(Potential first generation) Ten Inch
LB-54578/31/69Isle Of Wight1B-JTT; Just the straight concert from keithdylan's
LB-66988/31/69Isle of Wight1B-BOOTLEG: Isle of Wight; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-66998/31/69 Isle of Wight1C+BOOTLEG: Minstel Boy; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-73858/31/69Isle Of Wight1C+BOOTLEG: Mighty Mockingbird; (Hollow Horn Encore),
LB-85828/31/69Isle Of Wight1B-CRYPTICAL70; JTT; (Possible Alternate Source),
LB-85898/31/69Isle Of Wight1B-BOOTLEG; JTT; Incomplete (Dutch Radio Tape ???), I
LB-85918/31/69Isle Of Wight1B-BOOTLEG: GWW BELLE ISLE; (10" vinyl limited


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