LosslessBob LB-12112

BOOTLEG: a rare batch of little white wonder; 3 (single) vinyl albums 33 Rpm, Joker records (italy), Volume 1 - SM 3605, Volume 2 - SM 3728, Volume 3 - SM 3780, Lineage: Cleaned Vinyl albums - Audacity - Computer Hard disc - Wave 16 bits -, CD wave editor (split tracks) - Trader Little helper (Flac level 8 Highest), No EQ or whatever., Straight from the vinyl albums

bittorrent download 10/15; (did not listen to all of this)
Side one:, California, Grasshoppers on my pillow, Baby please don't go, Man of constant sorrow, Only a hobo, Side two:, Candy man, I ain't got no home, The death of Emmet Till, Poor Lazarus, Farewell, Side three:, Stealin', Hard times in New York town, Wade in the water, That's all Right Mama, New Orleans rag, Side four:, Baby let me follow you down, VD blues, Suze, All over you, Cocaine, Side five:, Sitting on a barbed wire fence, If you Gotta go, go now, She belongs to me, Love - 0/no limit, Dusty old Fair grounds, Side six:, Can you please crawl out your window, From a Buick 6, Lay down your weary tune, It's all over now, Baby Blue, It takes a lot to laugh
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Year 1960
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