LosslessBob LB For Year 1960
LB-0151xx/xx/60The Karen Wallace1  
LB-0168xx/xx/60Karen Wallace1  
LB-4819xx/xx/60Various dvd 38  Various early sixties material in no particular
LB-4820xx/xx/60Various dvd 39  Various after sixties material in no particular
LB-6619xx/xx/60Various Sidemen4 BOOTLEG: Alias: The Sideman Story Vol 1, 2, 3,4;
LB-6620xx/xx/60Various Sidemen1 BOOTLEG: Alias: The Sideman Story Vol 5; cd >
LB-6624xx/xx/60Various3 BOOTLEG: The Band - Crossing the Great Divide -
LB-10457xx/xx/60Hilversum#3 (VPRO1B+dylan radio special hilversum3, from Sept.10th,
LB-12112xx/xx/60various2B-BOOTLEG: a rare batch of little white wonder; 3
LB-14860xx/xx/60Stealin' (Freedom  BOOTLEG: stealin freedom records ep jtt; (Vinyl)
LB-14861xx/xx/60Church With No  BOOTLEG: church with no upstairs vinyl transfer
LB-15054xx/xx/60various4 BOOTLEG: live collections; Dylan The Live
LB-15108xx/xx/60various7 BOOTLEG: zimmerman ten of swords vinyl box set;
LB-0083xx/xx/60Karen Wallace1  
LB-122205/xx/60May 1960 collection  lk collection, , I decided to put together a
LB-04059/xx/60Hugh Brown Tape1  
LB-04099/xx/60Hugh Brown Tape1  
LB-151079/xx/60Minneapolis  BOOTLEG: number one vinyl; September 1960 from the


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