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6/xx/17Nobel Prize for Literature Lecture1 80min

BOOTLEG: nobel proze box; cc, Nobel Prize Box Crystal Cat Stockholm 1&2-april-2017, Silver Discs -> EAC -> Traders Little helper -> FLAC, thanks marcos

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Bonus Disc, Announcement of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan, presented by Professor Sara Danius, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, on 13 October 2016., 01 Track01 in Swedish, 02 Track02, 03 Track03 in English, 04 Track04 in French, 05 Track05 in German, Following the announcement, Sara Danius, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy, was interviewed by freelance journalist Sven Hugo Persson about the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature to Bob Dylan., 06 Track06, The 2016 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony took place at Stockholm Concert Hall at 4:30 PM CET on Saturday, 10 December 2016., introduction by Alexander Norn on 10 December 2016, 07 Track07, 08 Track08, 09 Track09, 10 Track10, Swedish National Anthem, 11 Track11, 12 Track12, Opening Address by Professor Carl-Henrik Heldin, 13 Track13, 14 Track14, 15 Track15, 16 Track16, 17 Track17, Award Ceremony Speech by Professor Horace Engdahl (voice over by Alexander Norn), 18 Track18, 19 Track19, 20 Track20, 21 Track21, 22 Track22, 23 Track23, Patti Smith sings A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, 24 Track24, introduction of the Banquet Speech by Bob Dylan with horns and ladyspeaker, 25 Track25, Banquet speech by Bob Dylan given by the United States Ambassador to Sweden Azita Raji, 26 Track26, 27 Track27, 28 Track28, 29 Track29, Presentationstal av professor Horace Engdahl (Swedish), 30 Track30, 31 Track31, 32 Track32, 33 Track33, Bob Dylan's Nobel Prize lecture, 34 Track34, 35 Track35, 36 Track36, 37 Track37, 38 Track38, 39 Track39, 40 Track40, 41 Track41, 42 Track42
Year 2017
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