LosslessBob LB-14687
5/2/03Atlanta, GA1A-60min

csc, Core Sound cardioids> Sony Minidisc MZ-R70 > 24bit/48hz> SonicStage > harddisk >audacity >track split &-->16bit/44.1hz >tlh flac level8, Music Midtown was an outdoor concert across multiple stages in the Midtown section of Atlanta that lasted 3 days. Every year from the mid 1990s until its demise in 2005 the concert was plagued by bad weather. (Promoters brought a smaller version of Music Midtown back a few years later in the Fall instead of the Spring) The first night of Music Midtown 2003 was no different. Dylan came on stage after nearly a 2 hr rain delay that drove away most of the crowd. The day started out with the temperatures in high 70's F, but after the storms rolled through, it got really cold. Most of the crowd had left. Dylan played in front of about 200 people on the "96 Rock" stage. He was energetic and at one point danced from his piano. Unfortunately, I did not have a battery box with my Minidisc recorder and the recording is a bit distorted. I was hoping to get a better recording of this show, but I have not found one yet., Don't sell. Support this great artist. Keep the music alive like Jared Houser, https://vimeo.com/190021070/14a4b5b7ca, Recorded by Jorje

bittorrent download 01/20; nothing above 20k except light noise; in 3-way comparison these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of t2; in comparison on t6 this is the brightest with most upfront vocals over LB-1063 and LB-1019 which are more muffled; (did not listen to all of this)
1-To Be Alone With You, 2-I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, 3-Highway 61 Revisited, 4-Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, 5-Drifter's Escape, 6-She Belongs to Me, 7-Honest With Me, 8-Summer Days, Encore:, 9-Like a Rolling Stone, 10-All Along the Watchtower
Year 2003
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