LosslessBob LB For Year 2003
LB-1110xx/xx/03On The Tracks -1A 
LB-3492xx/xx/03Looking For Maurice4 February 6-26, 2003, - Looking For Maurice
LB-09462/6/03Canberra, Australia1A- 
LB-10122/6/03Canberra, Australia2B+ 
LB-112652/6/03Canberra2C-version "b"; torrent descriptions adds "CD-R trade
LB-09442/8/03Melbourne, Australia2C 
LB-09482/11/03Brisbane2A-alternate "a"
LB-49252/11/03Brisbane2B+csb upgrade; "Wherever I'm Welcome is Where I'll
LB-09452/13/03Adelaide, Australia2B 
LB-09502/13/03Adelaide, Australia2Balternate "a"
LB-15242/13/03Adelaide2BAR Version 3, CDR (clean, thanks Ken) > EAC V0
LB-81742/13/03Adelaide, Australia2Bversion "c"; mis-described as "LB 950, upgrade
LB-94342/13/03Adelaide, Australia2Bversion "d", Good audience recording, If you dont
LB-36752/17/03Sydney2Aversion "a"; New Tape source
LB-37442/17/03Sydney2Aversion "b"; I recorded this show from the 5th row
LB-49552/17/03Sydney2A-csb version "c"; complete show, times = 69:07 /
LB-09272/18/03Newcastle, Australia2A- 
LB-09242/21/03Auckland2 alternate version "a"
LB-15222/21/03Auckland2B+CEDAR Version 3, CDR (clean, thanks Ken from
LB-09252/22/03Auckland2 alternate version "a"
LB-15312/22/03Auckland2BCEDAR Version 3 (http://www.angelfire
LB-09262/24/03Wellington2B+alternate "a"
LB-70702/26/03Christchurch2Bversion "b"; Have not seen this one around, so I'm
LB-09714/18/03Dallas2A-bd amplified version,
LB-09754/18/03Dallas2A-bd un-amplified version,
LB-09774/18/03Dallas2A-bw version,
LB-09804/18/03Dallas2A-alternate version "a"
LB-70144/18/03Dallas2B+Taper: V4TX, DPA4061>Sony D100>CDR>EAC>FLAC, These
LB-09744/19/03Austin2A-bw version (shure r184b super cardiod
LB-09814/19/03Austin2Aalternate version "a"
LB-09834/19/03Austin2Abd version (unknown mics>pre-amp>sony tcd-d8 dat),
LB-09844/19/03Austin2A-bw version (shure r184b super cardiod
LB-16464/19/03Austin1Balternate "b"; incomplete; hat mics > D8 > ? >
LB-53054/19/03Austin2A-version "c"; trade cdr>eac>flac, This is the
LB-70154/19/03Austin1B+Taper: V4TX-even though he really doesn't want to
LB-09734/20/03Austin2A-bw version (shure r184b super cardiod
LB-10534/20/03Austin2A-bw version (shure r184b super cardiod
LB-16494/20/03Austin2B+version "a"; D8 > ? > CD-R > Windac 1.41 > WAV >
LB-09764/22/03Houston2Aversion "j",
LB-49084/22/03Houston2ACedar 2 Version
LB-09784/23/03Houston2A-bw's version,
LB-49074/23/03Houston2A-Cedar 1 Version
LB-10064/25/03New Orleans Jazz &2B+ 
LB-24774/25/03New Orleans Jazz &2Aversion "a"; I haven't seen this Dylan show
LB-09964/26/03New Orleans2B+ 
LB-10434/26/03New Orleans2Acb recording,
LB-10814/26/03New Orleans2Acb recording,
LB-10444/27/03Tunica2Acb recording,
LB-10854/27/03Tunica2 cb recording,
LB-10264/29/03Nashville2A-version "j",
LB-102154/29/03Nashville, Tennessee2A-schubert asm
LB-09944/30/03Louisville2Alisted on server as "Jeff's version"
LB-85934/30/03Louisville, KY2ABOOTLEG: Jillian's Parking Lot,; Manufacturer /
LB-10195/2/03Atlanta1A-version "j",
LB-10635/2/03Atlanta1A-version "j" upgraded,
LB-146875/2/03Atlanta, GA1A-csc, Core Sound cardioids> Sony Minidisc MZ-R70 >
LB-10205/4/03West Palm Beach2A-version "j",
LB-11705/4/03West Palm Beach2A-Cedar version 2
LB-89705/4/03West Palm Beach2A-version "b"; torrent comment: "master dat AKG 391
LB-10245/5/03Orlando2Aversion "j",
LB-11405/5/03Orlando2A-alternate version "c"
LB-103035/5/03Orlando2A-version "d"; described in torrent by dolphinsmile
LB-143155/5/03Orlando, FL A-at dolpinsmile 48k, Audio Technica mics and sony
LB-10275/6/03Charleston2Aversion "j",
LB-98785/6/03Charleston2Aat853 soomlos,, source: soomlos, 6th row center,
LB-09955/8/03Portsmouth, Virginia2B+ 
LB-10215/8/03Portsmouth2A-version "j",
LB-09975/9/03Atlantic City2A 
LB-10335/9/03 Atlantic City2Aversion "j"
LB-10385/9/03Atlantic City2 'Theodore's version', stereo remaster
LB-14315/9/03Atlantic City2Aremastered by Schubert; same recording as cedar
LB-102165/9/03Atlantic City2Aschubert asm
LB-10225/10/03Atlantic City2A-theo's mono version,
LB-10285/10/03Atlantic City2A-Jay's version,
LB-10345/10/03Atlantic City2A-cedar 1 version,
LB-10455/10/03Atlantic City2A-Theodore stereo remaster version, originally on
LB-14885/10/03Atlantic City2A-Schubert remaster of cedar version 1
LB-86165/10/03Atlantic City2A-version "e"; Unknown rec.Great sound
LB-91975/10/03Atlantic City2A-iar084
LB-10465/11/03Solomons2A-Theodore's version - Stereo Remaster,
LB-10975/11/03Solomons2A-version "a"
LB-11595/11/03Solomons2A-from Jeff F: ", This is an outdoor recording of a
LB-135385/11/03Solomons, MD2A-csheb dolphinsmile, Coresound HEB4060>Sony
LB-10085/13/03Cary2BFrom Section 4, Row F > Sony MZ-R55 with Sony
LB-38435/13/03Cary2B+I Don't Have Nuch to Say
LB-86305/14/03Asheville2A-version "a";, unknown rec. Great sound, Waifs set
LB-13515/16/03Birmingham Alabama2A-The emergence of this long awaited and much sought
LB-11335/17/03Jackson1A-alternate version "b"
LB-32345/17/03Jackson MS1 BOOTLEG: Jubilee Jam; SilverCds > xAct (level 8,
LB-10655/18/03Little Rock2A 
LB-86395/18/03Little Rock2Aversion "a";, Unknown rec. Very good sound, drop
LB-1332xx/xx/03collection of3 Many thanks to all the hard working people that
LB-38517/xx/03Dylan & The Dead4 d1t01-03 - The Dead with Bob Dylan on piano &
LB-5837xx/xx/03Various2B+BOOTLEG: Meeting Again in 2003; Bob Dylan & the
LB-10867/12/03Winter Park2B+BW version,
LB-11397/12/03Winter Park2Aversion "b"
LB-13787/12/03Winter Park2Acb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-113237/12/03Winter Park2Aversion "c", CDr < XLD < flac < Dime, apa05
LB-10897/13/03Casper2A-BW version
LB-11717/13/03Casper2A-version "b"
LB-13457/13/03Casper, Wyoming2A-Contemporary Tapers Series #2 (Taper: CTA =
LB-13797/13/03Casper2Acb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-61727/13/03Casper2A-Taper: Milehigh, Source: Audio disks from taper >
LB-99867/13/03Casper, Wyoming2A-at853 soomlos, 16th row center, audio technica
LB-13817/15/03Jackson2Acb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-86517/15/03Jackson2A-version "c";, Unknown rec. Very good sound.
LB-86547/15/03Jackson2Aat853 soomlos;, source: soomlos, fob-dfc ga
LB-11147/16/03Big Sky2A- 
LB-11187/16/03Big Sky2A-MJS master
LB-11427/16/03Big Sky2A-alternate "c"
LB-13807/16/03Big Sky2Acb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-86567/16/03Big Sky2A-version "d";, Unknown rec. Very good sound
LB-11097/17/03West Valley City2A- 
LB-11197/17/03West Valley City2A- 
LB-13827/17/03West Valley City2Acb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-61747/17/03West Valley City2Amilehigh; SOurce: AUdio disks from the taper >
LB-120817/17/03West Valley City2A-BOOTLEG: never ending phenomenon; Bootleg, Never
LB-11157/19/03Lake Tahoe2B- 
LB-13007/19/03Lake Tahoe2A-CDR (clean, thanks Mary) > EAC V0.95pb3 > WAV >
LB-13877/19/03Lake Tahoe2Acb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-61757/19/03Lake Tahoe2A-milehigh; Source: Audio disks from taper >
LB-107147/19/03Lake Tahoe2Asonic, taped with sony dat and sonic studios mics,
LB-11897/21/03Ketchum2ATaper: Tyrus, Source: DPA 4021 > Lunatec V3 > Sony
LB-13727/21/03Ketchum2AFine Wine Series; Sound Core mics (with AT 823
LB-13917/21/03Ketchum2Acb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-13137/22/03Nampa2Aversion "a"; Taper: Tyrus, Source: DPA 4021 >
LB-13867/22/03Nampa2Acb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-12037/23/03Bend2ATaper: Tyrus, Source: Schoeps CCM4v > Lunatec V3 >
LB-13857/23/03Bend2 cb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-113377/23/03Bend, Oregon2Aversion "b", CDr trade < XLD < flac < dime\, apa05
LB-118887/23/03Bend, Oregon2ABOOTLEG: summer evolution; Tweedle Disc.TWD-03/04
LB-10997/25/03Kelseyville2BRecorded from 6th row almost dead center with a
LB-13207/25/03Kelseyville2A-version "a"
LB-13897/25/03Kelseyville2Acb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-103107/25/03Kelseyville2A-version "c"; torrenter described this as "very
LB-11437/26/03Paso Robles2A- 
LB-11617/26/03Paso Robles1A- 
LB-13367/26/03Paso Robles2A-Fine Wine Series, The recordings in this series
LB-13887/26/03Paso Robles2A-cb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-14157/26/03Paso Robles2A-Fine Wine Series, Version 2, The recordings in
LB-115647/26/03Paso Robles, CA2A-wilson66 km140s, incomplete; Neumann KM140s >
LB-157917/26/03Paso Robles A-grner1 48, Audience 48kHz Dat master recorded and
LB-12147/27/03Costa Mesa2A- 
LB-13927/27/03Costa Mesa2Acb master; levels raised by pb during remastering
LB-14107/27/03Costa Mesa2AFine Wine Series; Sound Core mics (with AT 823
LB-131687/27/03COSTA MESA  d6 cassette master, D6 Cassette Master ->
LB-11517/29/03Office Depot Center1A-with The Dead, From M.E.'s setup setup AT the
LB-35487/29/03Sunrise1A-Source: FOB B&K 4023's -> Modified Sonosax
LB-65857/29/03Sunrise Fl2B+recorded on dat from about the 8th row, akg 391,
LB-113477/29/03Sunrise1B+version "d", Trade CDr < XLD < flac < dime, apa05
LB-11507/30/03St. Pete Times Forum1A-with The Dead, From M.E.'s setup setup AT the
LB-16457/30/03Tampa3A-Fine Wine Series; includes The Dead set
LB-34357/30/03Tampa Florida4BALD SOURCE with The Dead and Robert Hunter;, An
LB-34367/30/03Tampa Florida4CSony ECM-717; with The Dead and Robert Hunter;
LB-34437/30/03Tampa2B+ALD-Aud MATRIX, A Watchtower MATRIX., Thanks so
LB-65887/30/03Tampa FL2Bversion "g"
LB-11527/31/03Atlanta1A-with The Dead, From M.E.'s setup setup AT the
LB-35327/31/03Atlanta1A-Source: FOB B&K 4023's -> Sonosax Pre-amp ->
LB-42707/31/03Atlanta2B+version "a"; Audience recording, no info about
LB-90057/31/03Atlanta, GA1A-version "d";, Source: FOB B&K 4023's -> Sonosax
LB-108317/31/03Atlanta, GA1Dsony mz r700, SOURCE: Sony MZ-R700 (mini disc)
LB-11458/2/03Route 66 Speedway1A-with The Dead, Source:3 Nak CM 300's - All X-Y,
LB-11538/2/03Route 66 Speedway1A-with The Dead, source info: AKG c391b Cardiod
LB-12068/2/03Route 66 Raceway2A- 
LB-76878/2/03Joliet, Illinois2A-version "a"
LB-101518/2/03Joliet,Illinois1A-akg451 darby version "d", Master Audience Recorded
LB-101568/2/03Joliet,Illinois A-akg451 darby version "e" 48k, Master Audience
LB-12108/3/03Float Rite1AB&K 4023> Sonisaxs preamp> apogee mini me ad> sony
LB-17878/3/03Somerset1Aversion "a"
LB-22278/3/03Float Rite1ANeumann KM140 cardioid pair> Beyer MV-100 preamp >
LB-49268/3/03Somerset2B+Sonic Studios>Sony D6>Maxell XLIIS (master
LB-103498/3/03Somerset2Aversion "e"; torrenter described this as "DAT
LB-118498/3/03Somerset, WI.3Adead neumannskm184, The Dead, Source: Neumann SKM
LB-11488/5/03Verizon Wireless Amp1B+with The Dead, Location: Taper's section; Taper:
LB-11498/5/03Verizon Wireless Amp1AFOB
LB-11548/5/03Verizon Wireless Amp1A-FOB
LB-11688/5/03Verizon Wireless Amp1Aversion "b"; Source: Source: AUD (stealth unknown
LB-11838/5/03Verizon Wireless1B+Source:, AKG 480's/CK61's > V2 > AD2K > D8,
LB-13318/5/03Verizon Music2A-CEDAR Version 2, http://www.angelfire
LB-83908/5/03Noblesville2B+version "f"
LB-87038/5/03Noblesville, Indiana2A-version "g"
LB-106928/5/03Noblesville, IN1B+akg393 smadigan 28907, Bob Dylan as guest with the
LB-119028/5/03Noblesville, Indiana A-at853 soomlos; source: soomlos, center orchestra,
LB-11628/6/03Columbus1A-Source: Nak CM100 W/CP-4 Shotguns>Sony SBM-1>Sony
LB-11738/6/03Columbus1A-Source:, Neumann KM 140's > V3 > AD2K > D8,
LB-35338/6/03Columbus1A-To the best of my knowledge, Neumann U89 (omni,
LB-86808/6/03Columbus1A-version "f";, Unknown rec. Only BoB set., Great
LB-143478/6/03Columbus, OH A-akg451 dolphinsmile 48k, AKG451>Dat>clone snail
LB-11088/8/03Darien Center2B+Theodore recording., Recorded to MD via Sound Pros
LB-11748/8/03Darien Lake1B+Source: Nak CM100 W/CP-4 Shotguns>Sony SBM-1>Sony
LB-12998/8/03Darien Center2B+CDR (clean, thanks Mary) > EAC V0.95pb3 > WAV >
LB-16738/8/03Darien Lake PAC1BTaper: John Hicks, Transfer and Seed: Adam Hudson,
LB-101828/8/03Darien Center1B+suraci, The Dead, Source: Nakamichi
LB-108838/8/03Darien, NY1B-akg568ebs, The Dead, Audience, AKG568ebs>48v
LB-108848/8/03Darien Center, NY1Bschoeps, Taper: Adam Hudson, Email:
LB-147018/8/03Darien Center, NY B-merman dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by Merman, raw
LB-11588/9/03Holmdel2A-6th row center
LB-11798/9/03Holmdel2A-version "b"
LB-13378/9/03Holmdel2A-Fine Wine Series, The recordings in this series
LB-14168/9/03Holmdel2A-Fine Wine Series, Version 2, The recordings in
LB-45878/9/03Holmdel2A-source: soomlos, orch left center, row t, at853's
LB-144368/9/03Holmdel, NJ2Aat853 dolphinsmile, at853's > denecke ad-20 > sony
LB-12418/10/03Holmdel2A-version "a"
LB-86988/10/03Holmdel, New Jersey2A-soomlos;, source: soomlos, orch right center, row
LB-129568/10/03Holmdel, New Jersey2A-petty at853 soomlos, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
LB-11368/12/03New York2A- 
LB-11578/12/03New York2A-version "b"
LB-11638/12/03New York2Aversion "c"
LB-11658/12/03New York2Aversion "d"; recording: dpa 4021 > sound devices
LB-12828/12/03New York2 CEDAR 2, the "definitive" version, CDR Gift (clean
LB-16478/12/03New York2AFine Wine Series
LB-70618/12/03Hammerstein, NYC2ABOOTLEG: Guitar Boogie Shuffle; silver discs > eac
LB-110368/12/03New York, NY2ABOOTLEG: ballroom swinging; Mainstream 92/93, Flac
LB-11378/13/03New York2Arecording: dpa 4021 > lunatec v3 > sony m1, cdr:
LB-11608/13/03New York2Aversion "b"
LB-99858/13/03New York, New York2Aat853 soomlos, source: soomlos, ga standing center
LB-11288/16/03Bushkill2A-Theodore recording. In stereo!,
LB-12178/16/03Bushkill2A-version "a"
LB-11218/17/03Wallingford2A-recorded by Shasta; Sony TCD-D7 DAT recorder with
LB-35798/17/03Wallingford2 Sony ECM-717 mic > Sony MZ-NF810CK Minidisc Master
LB-11238/19/03Northampton2Adat Recorded by Shasta; Sony TCD-D7 DAT recorder
LB-11418/19/03Northampton2Aalternate "a"
LB-11948/19/03Northampton2Aversion "b"
LB-29548/19/03Northampton2ATaper: Unwanted Man, Source: Unknown generation
LB-87258/19/03Northampton2A-version "d"; Unknown recording. Very good sound
LB-11978/20/03New York2B+ 
LB-11988/20/03New York2A-version "a"
LB-16508/20/03Hammerstein Ballroom2A-Fine Wine Series
LB-11258/21/03Gilford1Aincomplete, Recorded by Shasta; Sony TCD-D7 DAT
LB-11918/21/03Gilford2Aalternate "a"
LB-31788/21/03Gilford2 Unwanted Man Music 037, "I Didn't Expect Such a
LB-11298/22/03Syracuse2B+Theodore recording. In stereo!,
LB-11648/22/03Syracuse2A-alternate "a"
LB-35408/22/03Syracuse NY2B-taped by Bouliasoul, CSBs > Sharp MD > cdr > wav >
LB-87378/22/03Syracuse, New York2A-remaster; version "d;", SOURCE, Excellent Audience
LB-152808/22/03Syracuse,New York2A-nueman ak 40 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-11308/23/03Niagara Falls2B+Theodore recording. In stereo!,
LB-11448/23/03Niagara Falls2A-alternate "a"
LB-13258/23/03Niagara Falls2AContemporary Tapers Series #1, bd2003-08-23
LB-123210/4/03Flushing1CBob made a guest appearance with Bruce Springsteen
LB-1133310/4/03Flushing1Cjuan samuez version, Bruce Springsteen & The E
LB-1194810/4/03Flushing, NY1CBOOTLEG: the last dance; Bruce Springsteen, A
LB-124610/9/03Hartwall Areena2Asource: Sound Professional BMC6-mics (AT803b,
LB-129010/11/03Stockholm2A-Michael from Sweden taped with DPA 4600 and DAT
LB-132610/11/03Stockholm2A-watchtower/Jonathan remaster of "Michael from
LB-1015710/11/03Stockholm, Sweden2A-version "b"
LB-129110/12/03Karlstad2A-Michael from Sweden taped with DPA 4600 and DAT
LB-1172510/12/03Karlstad,Sweden2A-version "a", No LB reference., taped with DPA 4600
LB-128910/13/03Oslo2AMichael from Sweden taped with DPA 4600 and DAT
LB-131910/13/03Oslo2Awatchtower/Jonathan remaster, Michael from Sweden
LB-146910/13/03Oslo  The 13 Oct 2003 Oslo Watchtower Remaster has a
LB-173710/13/03Oslo, Norway2ABOOTLEG: Oslo 2003; Crystal Cat, Notes:, There are
LB-129210/15/03Goteborg2AMichael from Sweden taped with DPA 4600 and DAT
LB-1016110/15/03Gothenburg, Sweden2Aversion "a"
LB-131810/16/03Copenhagen2A-Michael from Sweden taped with DPA 4600 and DAT
LB-134010/16/03Copenhagen2A-watchtower/Jonathan remaster of "Michael from
LB-875110/16/03Copenhagen, Denmark2A-BOOTLEG: things have changed; Liberated Boot,
LB-1490410/16/03Copenhagen Forum, DK2A-honecker, Source: 2xsony ecm-155->sony mz-r91 md,
LB-128110/17/03Hamburg2A-version "a"
LB-128710/17/03Hamburg2A-version "b"; titled 'raw' version
LB-129310/17/03Hamburg2Ataped by Schubert with Neumann SKM140 / Neumann
LB-133310/17/03Docks2B+CCK Master, Core Sound Binaurals>Sony TCD-100 DAT
LB-144210/17/03Docks2 SAB Master, Core Sound Binaurals>Sony TCD-100 DAT>
LB-151810/17/03Hamburg2Arecorded by hv
LB-157610/17/03Hamburg2Ataped and remastered by Schubert with Neumann
LB-374610/17/03Hamburg2Asource: DPA 4060's > DPA MPS6020 p/s > Sony SBM-1
LB-886410/17/03Hamburg, Germany4ABOOTLEG: by the waterfront docks; October 17th &
LB-1031310/17/03Hamburg, Germany2A-version "k", excellent audience recording, LB-1518
LB-1106810/17/03Hamburg2ABOOTLEG: in the club; CDR, no label, Complete show
LB-1188910/17/03Hamburg, Germany2A-BOOTLEG: if you see her say hello; Tweedle Disc
LB-129410/18/03Hamburg2Ataped by Schubert with Neumann SKM140 / Neumann
LB-131010/18/03Hamburg2Aversion "a"; Michael from Sweden taped with DPA
LB-136010/18/03Hamburg2Aversion "b"; this is the Schubert version but is
LB-151910/18/03Hamburg2Arecorded by hv
LB-1107610/18/03Hamburg2ABOOTLEG: in the club again; Unknown label., Flac
LB-130610/20/03Berlin2ASchubert recording
LB-152310/20/03Berlin2Ahv recording
LB-525710/20/03Berlin2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-798710/20/03Berlin, Berlin Arena2Aversion "c", schubert; SOURCE, "Along with, By The
LB-875610/20/03Germany, Berlin2ABOOTLEG: honest with us; Bootleg CD>eac>mkw>shn
LB-1101610/20/03Berlin, Germany2ABOOTLEG: man totally into his music; Tambourine
LB-127510/22/03Leipzig2B+from naughtyknightland yahoo group; 'Blue Lion
LB-152510/22/03Leipzig2A-hv recording
LB-159510/22/03Leipzig2Aversion "a"
LB-525810/22/03Leipzig2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-1012110/22/03Leipzig, Germany2Aschubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-144710/23/03Prague2A-recorded by hv
LB-525910/23/03Prague2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-1012210/23/03Prague2A-schubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-145110/24/03Budapest2Arecorded by hv
LB-1012410/24/03Budapest, Hungary2A-schubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-1103810/24/03Budapest, Hungary2A-BOOTLEG: hungary blues; (AUD), TMR-074/75, Flac
LB-153910/26/03Graz2A-hv recording
LB-526510/26/03Graz2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-1012510/26/03Graz, Austria2A-schubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-154610/27/03Vienna2A-hv recording
LB-444410/27/03Vienna2A-Bach recording and additional soundmastering by
LB-527310/27/03Vienna2A-Taper: "Bach" ----- with additional Sound
LB-1012610/27/03Vienna, Austria2A-schubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-151510/29/03Munich2Aby Schubert
LB-154510/29/03Munich2Ahv recording
LB-440910/29/03Munich2Aversion "a"; a Schubert Recording, with additional
LB-154210/30/03Bolzano2A-hv recording
LB-1011910/30/03Bolzano, Italy2A-version "b"
LB-1013010/30/03Bolzano, Italy2A-schubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-129511/1/03Rome2B+taper's comments: "Obviously! not a wonderful
LB-140511/1/03Rome2AAJ recording
LB-140711/1/03Rome2AAJ recording,
LB-144811/1/03Rome2Arecorded by hv
LB-1013111/1/03Rome, Italy2Aschubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-142711/2/03Milan2A-version "a"
LB-145011/2/03Milan2A-recorded by hv
LB-1013211/2/03Milan, Italy2A-schubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-136111/3/03Zurich2B+version "a"
LB-137011/3/03Zurich2B+Jonathan/Watchtower remaster of LB-1362 source
LB-145811/3/03Zurich2A-recorded by hv
LB-211311/3/03Hallenstadion2B+BOOTLEG: I Get My Sweet Reward; Label: Tambourine
LB-1012811/3/03Zurich, Switzerland2B+schubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-144111/5/03Freiburg2A-version "a"
LB-144611/5/03Freiburg, Germany2 version "b"
LB-144911/5/03Freiburg, Germany2A-recorded by hv
LB-505211/5/03Freiburg2A-Taper: Vito, Equipment: Sony TCD-D100 > OKM Rock
LB-132211/6/03Frankfurt2ASchubert; Technical Info: Neumann SKM140 / Neumann
LB-132411/6/03Frankfurt2Awatchtower/Jonathan remaster of Schubert;
LB-145711/6/03Frankfurt2Arecorded by hv
LB-337611/6/03Frankfurt2 version "a"; I received this nice sounding
LB-1014711/6/03Frankfurt2A-schubert raw, Taper: schubert, Lineage: Neumann
LB-137411/8/03Dusseldorf, Germany2A-Taper : zimmy21, Sony Dat recorder TCD-D8>Core
LB-142011/8/03Dusseldorf, Germany2A-version "b"
LB-1013311/8/03Dsseldorf, Germany2Aschubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-136611/10/03Heineken Music Hall2Asource: MK4v>SX-M2>SBM1 (24 bit)>D100
LB-139311/10/03Heineken Music Hall2Aversion "b"
LB-518511/10/03Amsterdam2Abourbon; Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony
LB-886311/10/03Amsterdam2Anim;, SOURCE: OKM -> MD -> optical -> pioneer cd
LB-1135711/10/03Amsterdam2A-version "d", Trade CDr < XLD < flac < dime, apa05
LB-132911/11/03Amsterdam2B+Taper: VW, Sony digital mic>Sony md recorder then
LB-136711/11/03Heineken Music Hall2Asource: MK4v>SX-M2>SBM1 (24 bit)>D100
LB-145911/11/03Heineken Music Hall2Arecorded by hv
LB-275011/11/03Amsterdam2B+BOOTLEG: You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine;
LB-518611/11/03Amsterdam2Abourbon, Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony
LB-886511/11/03Amsterdam2Anim;, SOURCE: OKM -> MD -> optical -> pioneer cd
LB-1013411/11/03Amsterdam2Aschubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-1135911/11/03Amsterdam2Areel, "An Old Dutch Masters Production for Reel
LB-1188711/11/03Amsterdam2ABOOTLEG: dylan amsterdam; Here is the third and
LB-1248711/11/03Amsterdam, NL2Acsb odm reel records, OLD DUTCH MASTERS ARCHIVES
LB-134911/12/03Brussels2B+same unnamed taper as Wembley; a Spot recording
LB-144511/12/03Brussels2ASchubert recording with ASM (additional sound
LB-146711/12/03Brussels2AJonathan/Watchtower remaster of "Schubert
LB-416811/12/03Brussels2A"Cedar 3", Audience recording > no idea > trade
LB-713611/12/03Brussels Vorst2BZhimmering in Brussels; source: Sony ECM 719 micro
LB-1102811/12/03Brussels2ABOOTLEG: revisited belgium; Tambourine Man Records
LB-142211/13/03Paris2Aversion "a"
LB-213911/13/03Paris2Aremastered by Schubert
LB-496711/13/03Paris, France2A-version "c"
LB-1271911/13/03Paris, France2B+version "d"
LB-132311/15/03London2A-a Spot recording
LB-132711/15/03Wembley Arena2B-Bandridge BMC530 stereo condenser mic > Sony
LB-132811/15/03London2BTaper: VW, Sony digital mic>Sony md recorder then
LB-148011/15/03London2A-BOOTLEG: Tour of London vol. 1; Doberman
LB-154111/15/03Wembley Arena2A-hv recording
LB-195411/15/03London2ABOOTLEG: London Tour 2003 Box; Crystal Cat
LB-1164611/15/03London2Aebr, Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-244911/17/03The Point Depot;2Bversion "a", MASTER, Sound Quality : A, Artwork
LB-137711/20/03Sheffield2A-same unknown taper as Wembley; a Spot recording
LB-162111/20/03Sheffield2B+version "a"
LB-1017311/20/03Sheffield, England2B+version "b", LINE:, Recieved in a CD-R Trade (2003
LB-135311/21/03Birmingham2A-same unknown taper as Wembley; a Spot recording
LB-151311/21/03Birmingham2A-BOOTLEG: Bye and Bye;
LB-1164911/21/03Birmingham2A-ebr, Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-1513011/21/03Birmingham, UK2A-BOOTLEG: bye and bye; version "c", A Doberman
LB-135011/23/03London2B+By courtesy of howlingwind I am seeding this show.
LB-138411/23/03London2Aversion "a"
LB-151611/23/03London2A-BOOTLEG: London Tour 2003; Doberman bootleg
LB-151711/23/03London2A"Shephard's Best" version
LB-152111/23/03London2A-Schubert recording
LB-172511/23/03London2ASchubert remaster
LB-195911/23/03London2A-BOOTLEG: London Tour 2003 Box; Crystal Cat
LB-416511/23/03SHEPHERDS BUSH2A-MR JTT; DAT Master, Excellent, clear, warm
LB-1013511/23/03London, England2A-schubert raw, recording by schubert, Neumann
LB-1165011/23/03London2Aebr; Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-135411/24/03London2Asame unknown taper as Wembley; a Spot recording
LB-136511/24/03London2ATaper: Tyrus, Source: DPA 4021 > Lunatec V3 > Sony
LB-146111/24/03London2ABOOTLEG: Tour of London vol. 1; Doberman
LB-154811/24/03London2A-hv recording
LB-196011/24/03London2ABOOTLEG: London Tour 2003 Box; Crystal Cat
LB-1104011/24/03London, England2ABOOTLEG: romance in durango; Tambourine Man
LB-1165311/24/03London2Aebr, Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-135511/25/03London2A-same unknown taper as Wembley; a Spot recording
LB-137111/25/03London2 Taper: Tyrus, Source: DPA 4021 > Lunatec V3 > Sony
LB-147011/25/03London2ABOOTLEG: Tour of London 2003 Vol. 2; Doberman
LB-154411/25/03London2 hv recording
LB-196111/25/03London2ABOOTLEG: London Tour 2003 Box; Crystal Cat


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