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xx/xx/84various live 84 (Vinyl)1  

BOOTLEG: last encore vinyl; last encore vinyl, Lineage:, Vinyl - Thorens Td 165 special - orthophon pro - Tascam HD-P2 Digital Recorder - CompactFlash Card - .Wav files 44khz/24 bit, Card Reader - PC - Audacity - .Wav files 44khz/16 bit - Foobar 2000 - flac files level 8, 300 dpi Cover Scan Inside, Info taken from:, http://www.bobsboots.com/boots/bt-l001.html, Sources:, The venues and dates listed on the insert are not complete. They should read:, (1) David Letterman show 3/22/84, (2) Berlin Waldbuhne 6/13/84, (3) Rome Palaeur 6/21/84, (4) San Siro Stadium, Milan, Italy 6/24/84, (5) Wembley Stadium, London 7/07/84, The venue of 'Visions of Johanna' is uncertain. The listing says "Somewhere 68". Why it is included in this collection of 1984 tour songs is anyone's guess., Notes:, (1) Backed by the band "The Plugz", (3) This is the only tour performance., (5) This is one of only 3 performances and includes Eric Clapton on guitar., All other songs are among the most commonly performed songs of the tour., Information:, This is a rather lackluster piece that was pressed in Germany in 1984 on the Deadand Label., Glued on orange 10x10 insert lists songs and sources alongside a loose line pen and ink drawing of Dylan. (Smoking Dylan photo didn't come packaged with LP), Blank white labels. The insert says, "this is another deadand production", Fair audience recordings., Matrix: joke 84

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various live 84 (Vinyl), One:, 01 License to kill (David Letterman show 3/22/84), 02 Jokerman (David Letterman show 3/22/84), 03 Tombstone blues (Berlin Waldbuhne 6/13/84), 04 Senor (Rome Palaeur 6/21/84), Two:, 05 Desolation row (Rome Palaeur 6/21/84), 06 Girl of the north country (Berlin Waldbuhne 6/13/84), 07 Tangled up in blue (San Siro Stadium, Milan, Italy 6/24/84), 08 Visions of Johanna
Year 1984
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