LosslessBob LB For Year 1984
LB-1127xx/xx/841984 tour2B+collection by pb of sbds which are not most of a
LB-4922xx/xx/84LJK '1984 PA6 John Leiper has recently vined the LJK '1984 PA
LB-9827xx/xx/841984 interviews2Bpress conferences lk, Interview with Antione De
LB-14835xx/xx/84various live 841 BOOTLEG: last encore vinyl; last encore vinyl,
LB-15525xx/xx/84various  BOOTLEG: how i spent the summer empress valley;
LB-15775xx/xx/84various10 BOOTLEG: 1984 soundboard collection; Shared by LTB
LB-53093/xx/84Dylan's garage2B-PLUGZ REHEARSALS, unidentified label 2CDR, NOTE:
LB-57323/xx/84The Plugz Rehearsals2B-version "a"; (Fixed LB-5309), Rehearsals for "Late
LB-57333/xx/84The Plugz Rehearsals2C+version "b"; (Alternate copy), Rehearsals for
LB-110063/22/84DISCOVERIES1B-discoveries volume 5, 2011, art/concept/slection
LB-00265/23/84Beverly Theater1B+unkn>48k dat>delta dio 2496> cooledit2000> wav>
LB-31375/23/84Beverly Theater1B+version "a", 1984 Project, Mick Taylor with Bob
LB-67525/23/84Los Angeles -2 BOOTLEG: Dirty Lies; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-79105/23/84Beverly Theater2B+BOOTLEG: Angel Of Rain; (Rattle Snake RS226), CD-R
LB-83535/23/84Beverly Theater1B+BOOTLEG: DIRTY LIES 3; no label 1CDR, Lineage:
LB-98285/23/84Los Angeles1B+rehearsal short tape lk, Shortly before the full
LB-98305/23/84Los Angeles1B+rehearsal full tape lk, This is the full tape of
LB-127405/23/84Beverly Theater Brehearsal dolphinsmile 48k, Tour Rehearsal, This
LB-149435/23/84Los Angeles, CA2BBOOTLEG: essential 1984 tour rehearsals;
LB-42295/27/84European Tour2B+27-28 May 1984, ?>CDrs>EAC>TLH>flac, TT: 90:31.02
LB-98335/27/84Verona, Italy2B+lk, This is the tape of the second (late May 84)
LB-17805/28/84Arena Di Verona2B-Converted by: Fendert, Conversion: ?>CDR>WAV>FLAC,
LB-39105/28/84Verona, Italy2B-version "a"; my 2 Verona 84 are off master, but I
LB-47295/28/84Verona2B-38f; Pretty good audience recording from master.,
LB-64685/28/84Verona, Italy2B-Taper: Legendary Taper B, Source: transferred from
LB-65425/28/84Verona, Italy2B-BOOTLEG: Jokerman Plays The Arena; "Vinyl
LB-97735/28/84Verona, Italy2B-lk, Source my Tape -> Tascam102 -> cooledit pro
LB-104465/28/84Verona, Arena2B-rlr ldb, LDB Special Series #375 (RLR collection),
LB-14725/29/84Verona, Italy2BConversion: CDR>EAC(secure)>MKW Audio Compression
LB-17815/29/84Arena Di Verona2B-Converted by: Fendert, Conversion: ?>CDR>WAV>FLAC,
LB-39115/29/84Verona, Italy2B-version "a"; my 2 Verona 84 are off master, but I
LB-64745/29/84Verona, Italy2B-Taper: Legendary Taper B, Source: transferred from
LB-97755/29/84Verona, Italy2B-lk, #2 of 27, Description This is my current
LB-108155/29/84Verona, Italy2Cjtt, (2nd Generation Tape) JTT, Fair Audience
LB-123375/29/84Villa Cortine1Bpress conference, and Carlos Santana, Unknown
LB-136995/29/84Verona, Italy B-senn2oo2 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by my legendary
LB-08815/31/84Hamburg2B+cb master,
LB-17825/31/84Withelm-Koch-Stadion2BConverted by: Fendert, Conversion: ?>CDR>WAV>FLAC,
LB-38705/31/84Hamburg2 version "a"; CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC
LB-38935/31/84Hamburg2B+sm master cass>cass>cdr, my source wrote to me
LB-97765/31/84Hamburg2B+lk, #3 of 27, Description This is my current
LB-06706/2/84Basel, Switzerland2 from the cb master,
LB-10516/2/84Basel, Switzerland2Bcb master tape remastered by Improved Air
LB-17836/2/84Basel2BConverted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-30016/2/84Basel2 taped by sm; CVR:, Some gaps removed, amplified by
LB-38976/2/84Basel2BTaper: SM, Source: First generation tape > audio
LB-97776/2/84Basel, Switzerland2Blk, #4 of 27, Description This is my current
LB-06716/3/84Munchen2B+from the cb master,
LB-15146/3/84Munich, West Germany2B+Taped by Legendary Taper D, remastered in the
LB-17846/3/84Olympiastadion2BConverted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-67536/3/84Munich2B+BOOTLEG: The Jokerman has just left the Stadium;
LB-97786/3/84Munich, West Germany2B+lk, #5 of 27, Description This is my current
LB-135806/3/84Munich, West Germany2Bversion "e", (incomplete) (Cassette Transfer)
LB-135816/3/84Munich, West Germany  version "f" 24bit, (incomplete) (Cassette Transfer
LB-06806/4/84Rotterdam2B-from the cb master,
LB-17856/4/84Sportpaleis2B-Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-39146/4/84Rotterdam2BTaper: SM, Source: First generation tape > audio
LB-39176/4/84Rotterdam2Bversion "a"; alternate recording to LB-0680 &
LB-42326/4/84Rotterdam2BBOOTLEG: Tangled and Twisted; Thinman 38/39
LB-74166/4/84Rotterdam, Holland2BJvV; Different version*: this is an upload of a
LB-97796/4/84Rotterdam2B-lk, #6 of 27, Description This is my current
LB-17886/6/84Rotterdam2B-Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-38946/6/84Rotterdam2B+Taper: SM, Source: Audio disks transferred from
LB-97816/6/84Rotterdam2B+lk, #7 of 27, Description This is my current
LB-06786/7/84Brussels, Belgium2Bfrom the cb master,
LB-17926/7/84Brussels2B-Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-58576/7/84Brussels2B-version "b", Aud master > CDwave > Flac6, and band
LB-64716/7/84Brussels, Belgium2B-version "c"; TDK-SA(1 or 2 generation), @> Wave >
LB-64786/7/84Brussels, Belgium2Bversion "d"; TDK-SA(1 or 2 generation), @> Wave >
LB-70986/7/84Brussels, Belgium2Bsb; *Still Walking Towards The Sun*, *A Southside
LB-97826/7/84Brussels Belgium2Blk, #8 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-151726/7/84Brussels, Belgium2BBOOTLEG: brussels affair 1984 revisited; Bootleg:
LB-06986/9/84Goteborg, Sweden2B+from the cb master,
LB-18096/9/84Gothenburg2BConverted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-28516/9/84Gothenburg2B"DocBox #3" - A series of concerts taped from FM
LB-39076/9/84Gothenburg2B+Taper: SM, Source: First generation source > audio
LB-45816/9/84Gothenburg2B+improved air; CD Trade > EAC > FLAC > HD >
LB-69756/9/84Gothenburg, Sweden,2B+BOOTLEG: A Dying Voice Within Me; Thinman 072/73,
LB-92606/9/84Gothenburg, Sweden2B+BOOTLEG: Extra Dylan; extra dylan vinyl jtt,
LB-97846/9/84Gothenburg, Sweden2Blk, #9 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-119326/9/84Gothenburg, Sweden2BBOOTLEG: dont think twice; Gothenburg 84, source:
LB-08016/10/84Copenhagen, Denmark2Bcb master,
LB-18136/10/84Copenhagen2BConverted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-39156/10/84Copenhagen, Denmark2Bdirect copies from SM masters (master>DAT>CDR)
LB-52196/10/84Copenhagen, Denmark2BTaper: NET Taper B, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-63026/10/84Copenhagen, Denmark2Bversion "d" (fendert v2); Converted by: Fendert,
LB-79386/10/84Copenhagen, Denmark2Biar; Taped by Legendary Taper D, Improved Air
LB-97886/10/84Copenhagen, Denmark2Blk, #10 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-18126/11/84Offenbach, Germany2B+aud, rated vg-ex, at cd1t11 2:53 small scrape in
LB-18146/11/84Offenbach2B-Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-29676/11/84Offenbach, Germany2Bversion "a"; taped by "gs"
LB-50876/11/84Offenbach, Germany2Bversion "b"; Taper: Not certain., Source: Low-gen
LB-63126/11/84Offenbach2Cfendert v2;, Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-65216/11/84Offenbach2BBOOTLEG: Live at Offenbach; swinging pig; jtt;
LB-97906/11/84Offenbach2Blk, #11 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-18306/13/84Waldbuehne2B-Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-29636/13/84Berlin2Btaped by "gs"
LB-39236/13/84Berlin, West Germany2B+direct copies from SM masters (master>DAT>CDR)
LB-67546/13/84Berlin2B-BOOTLEG: Just the Girls; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-92786/13/84West Berlin1B+version "d", partial; Referring to Torrent
LB-97946/13/84Offenbach2B+lk, #12 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-98576/13/84West Berlin2B+ltd jf, Taper: "Legendary Taper D", Transfer: "JF"
LB-15356/14/84Wiener Stadthalle2B-BOOTLEG: Jokerman In Europe; Main Stream Records,
LB-18296/14/84Wiener2B-Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-63016/14/84Vienna, Austria2Bversion "b" This is Fendert version, but I took
LB-6755xx/xx/84Various Europe1 BOOTLEG: From the Mountains of Madrid; cd >
LB-97966/14/84Vienna, Austria2B-lk, #13 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-98586/14/84Vienna, Austria2Bltd jf, Taper: "Legendary Taper D", Transfer: "JF"
LB-15366/16/84Cologne2B"Leave No Stone Unturned" Southside Butcher's
LB-18416/16/84Cologne2 Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-29686/16/84Cologne2Bversion "a"; taped by "gs"
LB-39246/16/84Cologne2B+direct copies from SM masters (master>DAT>CDR)
LB-97976/16/84Cologne2B+lk, #14 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-98596/16/84Cologne2B+ltd jf, Taper: "Legendary Taper D", Transfer: "JF"
LB-18466/17/84Nice2B-Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-49696/17/84Nice2Bversion "a"; Taper: Not certain., Source: Audio
LB-97996/17/84Nice, France2Blk, #15 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-119446/17/84Nice, France2Bversion "c", CDR trade shn > XLD > flac, apa05
LB-04256/19/84Rome2BBOOTLEG: Live at Palaeur 1984;
LB-29696/19/84Rome2A-version "a"; taken from master
LB-54666/19/84Rome2B-BOOTLEG: Rome 84 Revisited; form original Red Cow
LB-55346/19/84Roma, PalaEUR2B-version "c"; Soundboard tape recieved in a trade
LB-67566/19/84Rome2BBOOTLEG: Oh the streets of Rome; cd > ultraplex >
LB-75006/19/84Roma, Italy2Bversion "e"; Very Good SBD,
LB-98006/19/84Rome, Italy2B-lk, #16 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-107346/19/84Roma, Italy2Cversion "h", Audience master tape Maxell UD
LB-107536/19/84Rome, Italy2B+ltb, legendary taper B, cut before A Hard Rain's
LB-147776/19/84Rome, Italy2B-BOOTLEG: 84 revisited; From the private collection
LB-18616/20/84Palaeur, Rome, Italy2B-Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-39386/20/84Rome, Italy Palaeu2B-JJ or SM master > Audio Discs > EAC > FLAC
LB-39546/20/84Rome2B-version "b"; lineage: master > CDDA > EAC > FLAC,
LB-98016/20/84Rome, Italy2B-lk, #17 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-107676/20/84Rome, Italy2B+ltb, legendary taper B, cut before Like A Rolling
LB-18646/21/84Palaeur, Rome, Italy2CConverted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-39986/21/84Palaeur, Rome, Italy2BSM recording
LB-72206/21/84Rome, Italy2B+version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: ? >
LB-98026/21/84Rome, Italy2B+lk, #18 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-107846/21/84Rome, Italy2B+ltb, legendary taper B, cut before A Hard Rain's
LB-149076/21/84Rome, Italy B+dolphinsmile 48k 24bit, Cassette masters put on
LB-03626/24/84Stadio San Siro2B+from the master tape) > ? > SHN; Posted to a.b.m.s
LB-19006/24/84Milan2C+Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-47446/24/84Milano2C+38f; w. M. Taylor, I. MacLagan & Carlos Santana,
LB-71856/24/84Milano, Italy2B+Taper: Legendary Taper D, Source: DAT clone >
LB-72156/24/84Milano, Italy2B+version "d"; Taper: No information, Source:
LB-98046/24/84Milan, Italy2B+lk; #19 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-08826/26/84Madrid, Spain2B+cb master,
LB-19356/26/84Estadio del Rayo2 Converted by: Fendert, Conversion:
LB-66106/26/84Madrid, Spain2C+version "b"; Stereo Audience Recording. Incomplete
LB-98086/26/84Madrid, Spain2B+lk, #20 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-98606/26/84Madrid, Spain2B+ltd jf, Taper: "Legendary Taper D", Transfer: "JF"
LB-03216/28/84Barcelona2A-from dylantree.com source
LB-19346/28/84Minestadio2B+Conversion: ?>CDR>Wav(EAC)>flac, Conversion by:
LB-39306/28/84Barcelona2A-Taper: CB, Lineage: MasterTape > DAT > DATClone >
LB-65316/28/84Barcelona, Spain2A-legendary taper D, cut before A Hard Rain's
LB-67576/28/84Barcelona, Spain2B+BOOTLEG: From the Coast of Barcelona; cd >
LB-83566/28/84Barcelona, Spain2B+BOOTLEG: From The Coast Of Barcelona; version "e";
LB-98096/28/84Barcelona, Spain2B+lk, #21 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-98616/28/84Barcelona2A-ltd jf, Taper: "Legendary Taper D", Transfer: "JF"
LB-99256/28/84Barcelona, Spain2B+sb, A Wicked Wind Still Blowin`, A Southside
LB-152506/28/84Barcelona, Spain2A-sennheisers dolphinsmile, taped with Sennheisers
LB-152576/28/84Barcelona A-tv3 lta 48, Estoc de Pop, TV3, lineage: VHS >
LB-14966/30/84Stade Marcel-Saupin2B 
LB-19366/30/84Stade Marcel Saupin2C+Conversion: ?>CDR>Wav(EAC)>flac, Conversion by:
LB-64516/30/84Nantes, France2B-"1st Generation Transfer" (JTT), Audience
LB-98126/30/84Nantes, France2B+lk, #22 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-98626/30/84Nantes, France2B+ltd jf, Taper: "Legendary Taper D", Transfer: "JF"
LB-01257/1/84Paris, France1B-sbd, incomplete,
LB-06597/1/84Paris1Ball of circulating sbd,
LB-10567/1/84Paris2B+aud analog master,
LB-19487/1/84Parc de Sceaux2C+Conversion: ?>CDR>Wav(EAC)>flac, Conversion by:
LB-30237/1/84Paris2B+Taper: M.S, CVR:, Several gaps removed, Track
LB-47787/1/84Sceaux2B+sm0-pitch-corrected; Audience cassette
LB-64447/1/84Paris, France2B-"1st Generation Transfer" (JTT), Audience
LB-64897/1/84Paris, France2B+version "g"; TDK-SA(1 or 2 generation), @> Wave >
LB-67587/1/84Paris2B+BOOTLEG: Les Temps Changent; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-98137/1/84Paris, France2B+lk, #23 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-98637/1/84Paris, France2B+ltd jf, Taper: "Legendary Taper D", Transfer: "JF"
LB-143767/1/84Paris, France B-long version sdb dolphinsmile 48k, sdb>cassette
LB-27277/3/84Grenoble2CAudience Recording, This one is for the completist
LB-98157/3/84Grenoble, France2C+lk, #24 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-121417/3/84Grenoble, France2Bntb, taper: NET Taper B, lineage (corrected from
LB-25697/5/84Newcastle2B-Audience recording
LB-53907/5/84NEWCASTLE2C+JTT; "Transfer from 1st Generation Tapes, possibly
LB-65107/5/84Newcastle2C+version "b"; "Possibly Uncirculated" "JTT
LB-98207/5/84Newcastle, England2C+lk, #25 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-157947/5/84Newcastle A-BOOTLEG: newcastle 1984 captain acid remaster;
LB-17307/7/84Wembley Stadium2CThis is the soundtrack to the "lighting rig film"
LB-40617/7/84Wembley Stadium2B+probably 1st gen cassette > dat > cd
LB-45827/7/84London2C-gs jtt; "1st Generation Transfer", Very Good
LB-67597/xx/84Studio1B-BOOTLEG: Real Live Outtakes 1984; cd > ultraplex >
LB-67607/7/84London3 BOOTLEG: What's Real; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-72537/7/84London, England, 2B+legendary taper B, cut before A Hard Rain's
LB-72827/7/84London, U.K.2Cversion "g"; incomplete; ALL TRACKS OFFICIALLY
LB-98227/7/84London, England3B+lk, #26 of 27, Description: This is my current
LB-108247/7/84London2C+jtt, "1st Generation Tape Transfer" JTT, Very Good
LB-144737/7/84London, England2A-BOOTLEG: all roads lead to wembley; EMPRESS VALLEY
LB-147787/7/84London, England2A-BOOTLEG: 84 revisited; From the private collection
LB-01507/8/84Slane Castle1 t1-10 sbd,
LB-13177/8/84Slane Castle2BLegendary Taper Series#1. (Taper=LTA), Off master
LB-25737/8/84Slane Castle1B+version "a"; Complete SOUNDBOARD recording,
LB-56977/8/84Slane2CGS; JTT; "Transfer from Uncirculated 1st
LB-62707/8/84Slane, Ireland2B+net taper B, cut in It's All Over Now, Baby Blue,
LB-62827/8/84Slane, Ireland1BBOOTLEG: Over the Broken Glass; cd > ultraplex >
LB-62927/8/84Slane, Ireland1B+version "f"; Source - Audio CD in trade, 2007 >
LB-67617/xx/84Slane Castle1 BOOTLEG: Life takes Livetakes; cd > ultraplex >
LB-78567/8/84Slane Ireland2B-version "h"; incomplete; Audience Recording
LB-98237/8/84Slane Castle3Blk, #27 of 27 final show of the tour, Description:
LB-138837/8/84Slane Castle2Cversion "j", Alternate incomplete recording to
LB-152847/8/84Slane, Ireland Bcb dolphinsmile 48, Taped by CB with Sennheiser
LB-157117/8/84Slane, Ireland3ABOOTLEG: slane 1984 soundboard; SBD(from Original
LB-157207/8/84Slane, Ireland Aslane 1984 soundboard captainacidremaster, Slane
LB-25897/30/84Ritz-Carlton Hotel1B+Bert Kleinman interviews Dylan, Parts are released
LB-56677/30/84Dylan on Dylan2Aversion "b"; Lineage: LP -> Tascam CD-RW750 ->
LB-85017/30/84Dylan on Dylan1B+(JTT Master), From Bert Kleinman interview July
LB-11298xx/xx/84Westwood One Radio2A-westwood one tuit hh, Interview by Bert Kleinman &
LB-676211/xx/84LA Studio1CBOOTLEG: Important Words; cd > ultraplex > eac >


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