LosslessBob LB-15231
11/18/00Atlantic City, NJ A 

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bittorrent download 06/21; this may be same recording as LB-5217 in that they have the same crowd and clapping although the wavs do not match that well so could be side by side tapers; in comparison on early t3 they sounded the same; that has wavs that are more limited and are at -9db while the levels are higher on this; (did not listen to all of this)

Ian reports "would say they are the same taper as NTE LB-5217 due to both more or less having the same track timings plus they both have the exact same mini crowd edits/transitions between final acoustic opener and the main electric set, as well as between encore tracks."

Early Show:, Duncan And Brady, To Ramona, Desolation Row, Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, Tangled Up In Blue, Searching For A Soldier's Grave, Country Pie, The Man In Me, Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues, Make You Feel My Love, Cold Irons Bound, Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat, Things Have Changed, If Dogs Run Free, Like A Rolling Stone, Late Show:, I Am The Man, Thomas (acoustic), My Back Pages (acoustic) (Larry on fiddle), It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (acoustic), Tomorrow Is A Long Time (acoustic), Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic), Searching For A Soldier's Grave (acoustic) (Larry on mandolin), Country Pie, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Larry on acoustic guitar and Bob on harp), Tombstone Blues, Tryin' To Get To Heaven, Drifter's Escape (Bob on harp), Cat's In The Well, Things Have Changed, If Dogs Run Free (acoustic) (Larry and Charlie on electric guitars), Highway 61 Revisited, Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)
Year 2000
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