LosslessBob LB-15339
2/19/99Binghamton, NY2A 

mk4v sxm2 sbm1 d100 schoepsinthehat er cdwave, A SchoepsInThe Hat recording Shared at ER as wav. Download with Jdownloader2. Taper said all his shares are datrecordings, no further info on lineage. Uncut wav tracked with CDwave, Wav's are converted to flac level 6 with Dbpoweramp. Tagging is done with Dbpoweramp.

bittorrent download 11/21; this is same recording as LB-4250 based on same clapping wavs at end of d1t1 with same wav and spectral view and levels; this has more crowd at beginning of show and less at end of show; this has less digital flaws; (did not listen to all of this)

(the wav file source for this LB downloaded 11/21 from an expecting rain fileshare from schoeps in the hat is one track with filename "BD 1999-02-19 broome county convention center binghampton ny mk4v sxm2 sbm1 d100 16 44.wav"; xref-02069)

Set List, Gotta Serve Somebody, Million Miles, Watching the River Flow, Make You Feel My Love, Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, Masters of War, One Too Many Mornings, Tangled Up In Blue, Friend of the Devil, Til I Fell in Love with You, Every Grain of Sand, Highway 61 Revisited, Love Sick, Everything Is Broken, Blowin in the Wind, Not Fade Away
Year 1999
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