LosslessBob LB For Year 1999
LB-2114xx/xx/99ACE OF CLUBS5ABOOTLEG: ACE OF CLUBS; Wild Wolf 99-001/2/3/4/5
LB-6951xx/xx/99Various1 BOOTLEG: Boots of Spanish Treasure; cd > ultraplex
LB-11169xx/xx/99various2B+BOOTLEG: across the borderline; Original Torrent
LB-11031/26/99Fort Myers2B+ 
LB-62161/26/99Fort Myers, Florida2B-version "a", Unidentified taper, This recording
LB-96451/26/99Fort Myers, Florida2B+version "b", Taper & Equipment: unknown (possibly
LB-74861/28/99Sunrise2B+*** Not listed in LosslessBob ***, Taper:
LB-91361/28/99Sunrise1Bversion "b"
LB-95691/28/99Sunrise, Florida2B+version "c", Alternative recording to Lossless Bob
LB-121971/28/99Sunrise B+dolphinsmile 48, recorded by dolphinsmile with
LB-122021/28/99Sunrise B+dolphinsmile remaster 48k; taped by DOLPHINSMILE
LB-34091/29/99Daytona Beach2B+Excellent Audience (or soundboard)
LB-50671/29/99Daytona Beach3B+version "a"; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-62211/29/99Daytona Beach2B+version "b"; this recording seems different from
LB-109601/29/99Daytona Beach2B+version "e", Same recording as LB-5067 with same
LB-132861/29/99Daytona Beach, FL  tarantula lta 48k, taper: tarantula, lineage:,
LB-50101/30/99Tampa2BUnknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-96251/30/99Tampa, Florida2A-version "c", Taper & Equipment: unknown (LB-5010),
LB-125781/30/99Tampa, FL Bcore sounds dolphinsmile 48k, taped on dat with
LB-130951/30/99Tampa, FL2Bsound pro binaurals, Source: (FOB) Sound Pro
LB-155821/30/99Tampa, FL Bdolphinsmile 48, Dat clone from taper>file cloned
LB-60712/1/99Tallahassee, Florida2B-Off DAT master, Taper: Tarantula, Source/Lineage:,
LB-91102/1/99Tallahassee2A-IAR 041, Improved Air Catalog Number: IA41, TITLE:
LB-143412/1/99Tallahassee, FL B-core sounds dolphinsmile 48k, I got this from the
LB-143592/1/99Tallahassee, FL Bversion "d", 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-48842/2/99Pensacola2B+source: soomlos, core-sound cardioids > sony d8
LB-125922/2/99Pensacola, Florida A-version "d" 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-32132/3/99New Orleans2AAudience recording, CDR > EAC > wav > shn
LB-70122/3/99New Orleans2Aversion "a"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-44622/5/99Memphis2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-70132/5/99Memphis2A-version "a";Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-128922/5/99Memphis, Tennessee2B+version "d", Taper: unidentified, Rating: A-,
LB-51772/6/99Nashville2Abourbon; Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony
LB-62742/6/99Nashville, Tennessee2BTaper: Tarantula, Off master, Source/Lineage:,
LB-69802/6/99Nashville2A-version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-106432/6/99Nashville, TN2A-version "e", Alternative recording to 'Bourbon'
LB-153362/6/99Nashville2Aschoepsinthehat er cdwave, A SchoepsInThe Hat
LB-153372/6/99Nashville2Aschoepsinthehat er lta, taper: "Bobby Bourbon",
LB-63312/7/99Birmingham, Alabama2CAudience recording>Lineage Unknown>Flac>md-5
LB-69832/7/99Birmingham, Alabama2A-version "a"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-153232/7/99Birmingham, AL2Aschoepsinthehat lta, source: Post by
LB-153382/7/99Birmingham, Alabama2Aschoepsinthehat, Shared bij SchoepsInHat at WR as
LB-47192/9/99Dayton2ATrade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD > Hungercity > You, No
LB-24372/10/99Veterans Memorial2AComplete Show, Excellent Audience from CD Master,
LB-106462/10/99Columbus, OH2A-version "b", Alternative recording to Schoeps
LB-46952/12/99Carbondale2APDub Master: Sonic Studios 6p mics > Sony D3, D7
LB-71472/12/99Carbondale, Il2Aversion "b"; Source: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony
LB-106472/12/99Carbondale, IL2A-version "e"; Alternative recording to PDub., Trade
LB-106482/12/99Carbondale, IL2Aversion "f", DAUD, from ftp shn, shn > cdr > eac >
LB-47972/13/99Redbird Arena2BIS THIS NORMAL, no label, NOTE: Commercial clones
LB-80152/13/99Normal, Illinois2Asullylove; GA FLOOR ... WITH THE SHOE'S!!!, 25
LB-135872/13/99Normal, IL2Aversion "d", From an old DAT (received in trade,
LB-75292/14/99South Bend, Indiana2A*** This recording does not yet have an LB-number
LB-101832/14/99South Bend, Indiana2Aschubert asm, This is a Schubert Remaster of this
LB-20422/15/99Van Andel Arena2A-BOOTLEG: Honky Tonk Blues; & The Brian Setzer
LB-150582/15/99Grand Rapids, MI A-version "b" 48k, From an old DAT (received in
LB-22182/17/99CSU Convocation2B+version "a"
LB-96232/17/99Cleveland, Ohio2B+version "d", Derived from Olav66's torrent at dime
LB-129222/17/99Cleveland, OH B+version "e"; 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-51782/18/99Bethlehem2ASchoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony SBM-1>Sony
LB-70752/18/99Stabler Arena3B+BOOTLEG: Someone's Distant Cry; Thinman /
LB-42502/19/99Binghamton2ARecorded By Bobby Bourbon, Source: Schoeps
LB-99332/19/99Binghamton,N.Y.2B+boeditaper, Source:Sony D6 Cassette Master>Sony
LB-106522/19/99Binghamton, NY2Aversion "c", Alternative recording to 'Bourbon'
LB-113202/19/99Binghamton2Aversion "d"
LB-153392/19/99Binghamton, NY2Amk4v sxm2 sbm1 d100 schoepsinthehat er cdwave, A
LB-153502/19/99Binghamton, NY2Aschoepsinthehat lta, taper: Bobby Bourbon,
LB-32842/20/99Lake Placid2A-source: FOB Schoeps MK4V > Sonosax SX-M2 > SBM-1 >
LB-42512/20/99Lake Placid2A-incomplete; Recorded By Bobby Bourbon, Source:
LB-70172/20/99Lake Placid2A-version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-70242/20/99Lake Placid, NY2A-bourbon LTA remaster; Taper: Bobby Bourbon, 14th
LB-153402/20/99Lake Placid, NY2A-schoepsinthehat er cdwave, A SchoepsInThe Hat
LB-153412/20/99Lake Placid, NY2A-schoepsinthehat lta 48, taper: "Bobby Bourbon",
LB-07802/22/99Rensselaer Poly2A 
LB-23672/22/99Rensselaer Polytech2ABOOTLEG: The Lonely Graveyard Of My Mind;
LB-40362/22/99Troy2ASource: DAUD Master ATM-35 Hyper Cardioid Capsules
LB-45442/22/99Troy2ABOOTLEG: Lonely Graveyard of My Mind; version "a";
LB-153512/22/99Troy, NY2Astevemtl, Fine set by Dylan and his excellent band
LB-96512/23/99Buffalo, New York2Aversion "b", Taper: unidentified, Source: CD audio
LB-106942/23/99BUFFALO NEW YORK2B+bigdaddybflo, A bigdaddybflo MASTER KRW_CO
LB-113252/23/99Buffalo, New York2Aversion "d", CDr < XLD < flac < Electricladyland,
LB-44572/24/99Amherst2B+Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-57002/24/99Amherst2A-AT853H -> D7 -> Tascam CD-RW750 -> CD Wave -> FLAC
LB-70192/24/99Amherst2Aversion "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-105872/24/99Amherst, MA2Aversion "e", Alternative recording to Unwanted Man
LB-130412/24/99Amherst, MA2A-dolphinsmile, This one, and the night before, are
LB-44522/25/99Portland2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-56832/25/99Portland2ARecorded by Unwanted Man Music, AT853H -> Sony D7
LB-96272/25/99Portland, Maine2A-BOOTLEG: dressed up like a squire; version "e",
LB-127152/25/99Portland, ME A-hc gg akg451 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by (HCE)-GG
LB-13632/27/99The Copa Room1Alate show, source: FOB/ORTF Schoeps
LB-13642/27/99The Copa Room1AEarly show; source: FOB/ORTF Schoeps
LB-31912/27/99Atlantic City, NJ2ABOOTLEG: ATLANTIC CITY;
LB-32832/27/99Atlantic City1 Early Show, version "a"; source: FOB Schoeps mk4V
LB-32882/27/99Atlantic City1 Late Show; version "a"; source: FOB Schoeps mk4V >
LB-113262/27/99Atlantic City3Aversion "e", (Early & Late Show), Recorded By
LB-152982/27/99Atlantic City, NJ1Aearly bourbon lta, taper: bobby bourbon, source:
LB-153422/27/99 Atlantic City, NJ Aearly schoepsinthehat er wavf
LB-153432/27/99Atlantic City, NJ2Alate schoepsinthehat er cdwave, Late show, A
LB-04933/1/99Rio Suite Hotel &2A- 
LB-52763/1/99Las Vegas2A-version "a"; Audio CD > EAC > dBpoweramp > HD >
LB-70333/1/99Las Vegas2A-version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-45963/2/99Las Vegas2B+No LB-number, No info on taper; no lineage, NOTE:
LB-45973/2/99House Of Blues2ADAUD > CCM4 > SXM2 > SBM1 > D8 (FOB); from shn ftp
LB-49603/2/99Las Vegas2Aversion "b"; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-121803/2/99Las Vegas, NV Ateddyballgame, a teddy ballgame DAT Master -,
LB-140253/2/99Las Vegas Aschoeps teddy ballgame t 48k, From the Teddy
LB-11924/7/99Lisbon2ASchubert's remastering of Lisbon, April 7, 1999
LB-18624/7/99Lisbon, Portugal2ASchubert Remaster; VOLUME 1 - Let Me Ask You One
LB-143734/7/99Lisbon, Portugal Adolphinsmile 48k, dat clone>file cloned in
LB-00214/8/99Oporto, Portugal2A 
LB-18674/8/99Oporto, Portugal2Aversion "a"; VOLUME 2 - What's The Matter With Me?
LB-41344/8/99Oporto (Porto)2Alineage : dat > Schubert remaster > Me > Flac
LB-46594/8/99Oporto2B+version "c"; Total running time: 50:55 - 51:42, ,
LB-112344/8/99Portugal2ABOOTLEG: fourth time around in portugal; Durango.
LB-01544/9/99Santiago de2  
LB-18654/9/99Santiago de2Aversion "a"; VOLUME 3 - How Does It Feel? from
LB-40984/9/99Santiago de2Alineage : master dat > Schubert > Me > Flac
LB-64114/9/99Santiago de2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-18594/10/99Gijon, Spain2A-VOLUME 4 - Which Side Are You On? from Lisbon to
LB-41264/10/99Gijon2Alineage : dat > Schubert remaster > Me > Flac
LB-63954/10/99Gijon, Spain2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-75664/10/99Gijon, Spain2Aversion "c"; Schubert's remastering of
LB-151444/10/99Gijn, Spain2B+version "f", There are currently 4 LB#s
LB-01324/11/99San Sebastian, Spain2B- 
LB-18584/11/99San Sebastian, Spain2BVOLUME 5 - Don't I Know Your Name? from Lisbon to
LB-42084/11/99San Sebastian2A-lineage : Flac files from Bach master, All your
LB-64164/11/99San Sebastian, Spain2A-ssrc;, Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion
LB-01534/13/99Santander, Spain2A 
LB-18684/13/99Santander, Spain2Aversion "a"; VOLUME 11 - Are You Having A Good
LB-41944/13/99Santander2Alineage : Flac files from Bach master, All your
LB-57254/13/99Santander2Aversion "c"; Taper: "Bach", Linieage: OKM II R >
LB-64204/13/99Santander, Spain2Assrc; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-18574/14/99Madrid, Spain2AVOLUME 7 - How Much Do I Know? from Lisbon to
LB-41154/14/99Madrid2Ash; I didn't write the name of the taper on the Cd
LB-64074/14/99Madrid2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-129384/14/99Madrid, Spain2A-version "d", Unidentified
LB-18694/15/99Valencia, Spain2A-VOLUME 8 - Is There Any Truth In That? from Lisbon
LB-41714/15/99Valencia2A-lineage : Flac files from Bach master, quality :
LB-64024/15/99Valencia2A-version "b"; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II
LB-88704/15/99Valencia2Bversion "c"; incomplete, Received in a trade, so
LB-109714/15/99Valencia, Spain2A-BOOTLEG: standing at valencias gate; Durango 00/01
LB-129544/15/99Valencia, Spain2B+version "f"
LB-18734/17/99Malaga, Spain2A-version "a"; VOLUME 9 - Was That Some Kind Of
LB-64014/17/99Malaga2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-18764/18/99Granada, Spain2 VOLUME 10 - How Can I Explain? from Lisbon to
LB-64004/18/99Granada2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-01694/19/99Murcia, Spain2A- 
LB-18804/19/99Murcia, Spain2B+version "a"; VOLUME 11 - Are You Having A Good
LB-40934/19/99Murcia2Ash; Back to Spain...for another excellent show of
LB-64134/19/99Murcia2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-129984/19/99Murcia, Spain2A-version "d", No lineage. No info. Taper
LB-149294/19/99Murcia, Spain2B+version "f", Alternative recording to
LB-18904/21/99Zaragoza, Spain2B+VOLUME 12 - What Good Am I? from Lisbon to
LB-40944/21/99Zaragoza2A-taper : Bach (S.H.) - excellent recording of a
LB-64094/21/99Zaragoza, Spain2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-71584/21/99Zaragoza, Spain1C-version "c"; Incomplete show, lineage>cd-r>flac
LB-18934/22/99Barcelona, Spain2B+version "a"; VOLUME 13 - Can This Really Be The
LB-41394/22/99Barcelona2 version "b"; about lineage :, I don't remember who
LB-60554/22/99Barcelona, Spain2B-Off master, Taper: Tarantulla, Source/Lineage:,
LB-63944/22/99Barcelona2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-92004/22/99Barcelona, Spain2B+BOOTLEG: restless hungry feelings; (Factory
LB-00224/23/99Marseilles2A-trade cdr > shn
LB-27624/23/99Marseille2 BOOTLEG: Back to Marseille; Released:, 1999,
LB-41834/23/99Marseilles2Arecording quality : top class, lineage : taper >
LB-65224/23/99Marseille, France2Alegendary taper J, Sennheiser MKE 2002 -> DAT -
LB-65274/23/99Marseille, France2Anet taper A, Sonic ? -> DAT - clone -> (digital
LB-101864/23/99Marseille, France2Aschubert asm, This is the Schubert remaster of
LB-103304/23/99Marseilles2B+BOOTLEG: keep on keeping on; plus Filler
LB-25834/25/99Zurich2B+BOOTLEG: Masters of Zurich;
LB-26164/25/99Zurich2A-version "a"; daud
LB-26204/25/99Zurich2A-version "b"; daud
LB-40994/25/99Zurich2A-lineage : master dat > Schubert remaster > Me >
LB-106854/25/99Zurich, Switzerland2B+version "d", Alternative recording to 'Masters of
LB-14004/27/99Linz2A-JT Series; Transferred from a DAT master tape
LB-22914/27/99Sporthalle2A-version "a"
LB-41214/27/99Linz2Alineage : master dat > Schubert remastered Cd > Me
LB-45474/27/99Linz2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-64154/27/99Linz2A-ssrc; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-12624/28/99Hala Tivoli2A-BOOTLEG: Roadmaps For The Soul; commercial
LB-35704/28/99Ljubljana2A-(DO NOT TORRENT) Schubert remaster 2006 -, This is
LB-41054/28/99Ljubljana2Ataper : Bach, lineage : master dat > Cd > Me >
LB-64224/28/99Ljubljana2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-29804/29/99Graz2ASchubert ASM; SOURCE : AUD recording of unknown
LB-45394/29/99Graz2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-56804/29/99Graz2AOff master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, Sony
LB-64184/29/99Graz2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-17744/30/99Stadthalle, Vienna2A-BOOTLEG: Rollin' Through Stormy Weather; plus
LB-77314/30/99Wien, Austria2A-version "a"; Source: Unknown > Audio CDR's > EAC
LB-101874/30/99Wien, Austria2A-schubert asm, This is the Schubert remaster of
LB-00645/1/99Ischgl, Austria2Bfrom trade cdr > shn
LB-41225/1/99Ischgl2Alineage : master dat > Schubert remastered Cd > Me
LB-45405/1/99Ischgl2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-64175/1/99Ischgl2Assrc; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-64215/1/99Ischgl2A-Taper: "Franconia", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-13585/2/99Munich2AJT series
LB-41235/2/99Munchen2B+version "a", master tape (equipt unknown) > CDR>
LB-95465/2/99Mnchen, West Germany2B+version "b", Lineage: master tape (equipt unknown)
LB-96425/2/99Munich, Germany2Aversion "c", There are 3 LB entries for this date
LB-129695/2/99Mnchen2Aversion "d", No-LB-ref unknown taper, Rather
LB-15736/5/99Fillmore Auditorium2A 
LB-69576/5/99Fillmore Auditorium2Aversion "a"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-118266/5/99Denver, Colorado2Awhotrader, This was a warm-up gig for Bob as the
LB-128706/5/99Denver, CO Adolphinsmiler 48k, Great sounding show. If my
LB-153666/5/99Denver, CO2Akingrue, Source : unknown gear > Cassette Master
LB-62246/6/99Colorado Springs, CO2BLineage: cdr's received in
LB-96416/6/99Colorado Springs3B+version "a", Stereo audience recording. Most
LB-49616/7/99Denver2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-69916/7/99Denver, Colorado2B+jtt; Very Good Audience Recording, SOURCE: DAT >
LB-118316/7/99Denver, Colorado3A-sonic whotrader, This was a frustrating show to
LB-119416/7/99Denver, Colorado3B+BOOTLEG: live in denver 1999; & Paul Simon, )
LB-129786/7/99Denver, CO A-mrx dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by a local, encouraged
LB-154266/7/99Denver, CO A-csb dolphinsmile 48, CSB mics> Sony D8 dat>Clone
LB-00936/9/99Salt Lake City2B+ 
LB-113526/9/99Salt Lake City, Utah2B+version "a", Source: derived from LB-0093, Taper &
LB-03016/11/99Vancouver2B-ALD sbd,
LB-43566/11/99Vancouver2B-version "a"; aud; Size: 658 MB, Time: 96:20, Trade
LB-55316/11/99Vancouver2A-version "b"; taper: not certain, lineage: DAT,
LB-90646/11/99Vancouver2B-Improved Air Catalog Number: IA27, TITLE:
LB-129776/11/99Vancouver2B-version "d", From the 4 LBs here:, http://jokerman
LB-15346/12/99Rose Garden Portland2A-BOOTLEG: THE SOUND OF SILENCE;
LB-55476/12/99Portland2A-version "a"; Taper: Not certain., Lineage:, DAT,
LB-74996/12/99Portland, Oregon2A-version "b"; *** This is the same set as LB-1534
LB-44316/13/99George2A-SIZE: 567MB, TIME: 101:49, TRADE: CDR > FLAC8
LB-55406/13/99George2A-taper: NET Taper G, lineage, DAT clone ->(digital
LB-71126/13/99George, Washington2B+version "b"; Alternative recording to LB entries,
LB-71436/13/99Columbia River Gorge3A-Schoeps MK-4 >, Sony SBM-1 A/D Converter >, DAT @
LB-127186/13/99George, WA A-simon set jems, Paul Simon (w/ Bob Dylan), JEMS
LB-127496/13/99George, WA2A-dylan set jems, JEMS Master, Taping Gear:
LB-129836/13/99George, WA A-neumanns km140 48k, I received this back in 1999,
LB-129976/13/99George, Washington2B+version "g", NOTE: Paul Simon was the opening act,
LB-153256/13/99George C-schoepsinthehat er wavf
LB-01936/14/99Eugene2 DSBD > ? > CDRs > EAC > SHN
LB-15276/14/99E.M.U. BALLROOM2Apatched SOUNBOARD TAPE, The soundboard tape
LB-16836/14/99Eugene Oregon2Asoundboard-aud recording mix.,
LB-24606/14/99Eugene, Oregon1ABOOTLEG: All Aboard; incomplete; Liberated Boot -
LB-110946/14/99Eugene, Oregon2ABOOTLEG: down along the cove; Series: Commercial
LB-46226/16/99Sacramento2AEquipment:, COS-11PTs > CPS161(Pre amp) > TCD-D8
LB-76256/16/99Sacramento, CA3A-A Bigfoot Disc recorded and mastered to cdr by
LB-96206/16/99Sacramento3ATaper: Hide, Source: Sanken COS-11PT's > CPS161 >
LB-142086/16/99Sacramento, CA A-dolphinsmile 48k, Dat clone from taper>file cloned
LB-149866/16/99Sacramento, CA3A-dolphinsmile, Dat clone>File cloned in Microtrack,
LB-41116/18/99Concord Pavilion2ACSHEB>D100, from 9th row on right just inside
LB-41136/18/99Concord2B+I WALK THE LINE, A Dyl-Dough Cdr Release, DYL-101,
LB-47156/18/99Concord2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-69526/18/99Concord2Aversion "c"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-72716/18/99Concord2A-russjcan;, Hat mounted Realistic PZM's with, Sony
LB-41126/19/99Mountain View2ACSHEB>D100, from 20th row on left, back from
LB-55286/19/99Mountain View2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-70256/19/99Mountain View2Aversion "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-151516/19/99Mountain View, CA2Aversion "e", Alternative recording to LB-4112
LB-08576/20/99Anaheim1B+Missing Hallelujah, I'm Ready To Go @, Mr.
LB-119256/20/99Anaheim1B+version "a", This is a fixed version of the
LB-69616/22/99Hollywood2Aversion "a"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-95356/22/99HOLLYWOOD2B(Sony Clip On -> D3 or D6) Cassette Master ->
LB-31936/25/99Chula Vista2B+olav66 ASM;, A short, complete set (Paul Simon's
LB-70486/25/99Chula Vista2A-version "a"; This is probably same recording as
LB-75436/25/99Chula Vista2A-version "b"; incomplete
LB-75626/25/99Chula Vista2A-version "c"; fixed
LB-126356/25/99Chula Vista, CA2A-dolphinsmile, something i cloned to disc a few
LB-17116/26/99Garden Arena2A- 
LB-34116/27/99Phoenix2AOlav ASM; Lineage: FLAC CD-R > WAV > TrackS 24 >
LB-87796/27/99Phoenix, Arizona2AThis is the RAW version of the Olav ASM version,
LB-61596/30/99New York City1C-(Eric Clapton & Friends - Crossroads Centre
LB-61636/30/99New York City1B+JTT; "Upgrade", This is Torrented as an Upgrade
LB-70496/30/99New York City1B+version "b"; Disc 2 had bonus tracks named after
LB-95186/30/99New York City, NY1B+jtt version "c", This is an alternate source to:,
LB-104646/30/99New York, New York.1A-BOOTLEG: crossroads; sbd version "d", 1-6.
LB-113566/30/99New York3B+aplay1 geetarz remaster, Eric Clapton and Friends,
LB-119696/30/99Madison Square1A-sbd jtt, Crossroads Benefit, (SBD AUDIO), Eric
LB-40627/2/99Minneapolis2B+Audience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR(x) >
LB-63357/2/99Minneapolis3A-Neumann KM140 with dat deck>clone from master>
LB-143607/2/99Shakopee, MN A-neumann km140 dolphinsmile 48k, i think this is
LB-35317/3/99Duluth2Aversion "a"; Audience recording, Flaws, d1t2:
LB-46727/3/99Duluth2Aversion "b"; 2CDr received in trade> Flac 8
LB-96407/3/99Duluth, Minnesota2ATaper: Bt (Net Taper P), DPA 4061 microphones and
LB-107967/3/99Duluth, Minnesota3Aversion "g", dat clones from master dats
LB-52067/4/99Milwaukee2B+Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-52077/4/99Milwaukee3B+version "a"; Audience recording (Lossy) > Unknown
LB-76827/4/99Milwaukee, Wisconsin2B+version "b"; * This recording is the same as
LB-49627/6/99Detroit2B+Unknown audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-49797/6/99Detroit2B+version "a"; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-54437/6/99Detroit2B+DPA4061 - M1 - Zefiro ZA2 - Sound Forge - CDR -
LB-99187/6/99Detroit, Michigan2B+version "c", "St. Andrew's Blues"
LB-32597/7/99Clarkston2ANo information concerning source availalble
LB-14037/9/99Tinley Park2A- 
LB-15407/9/99World Music Theatre2A-alternate version "a"; Disc Two Track 10 ("BITW")
LB-63217/9/99Tinley Park Illinois3A-version "b"; dat master clone to cd and uploaded,
LB-126777/9/99Tinley Park Illinois3A-dolphinsmile deglitched, Here is something I
LB-158767/9/99Tinley Park B+sonic, & Paul Simon, Source: Sonic Studios DSM-6
LB-08907/10/99Riverport3B+Source: Core Sound Carioids > Sony PCM-M1 > HHb
LB-106657/10/99Maryland Heights, MO2A-version "a", Alternative recording to Core Sound
LB-125087/10/99Maryland Heights A-see Dylan-Bob 07/07/00 at933 LB-12507 where this
LB-157237/10/99Maryland Heights B+csb, 20th row center in front of house speaker;
LB-18367/11/99Bogart's, Cincinnati2B+Source:, Oade Micro Mics > D8 (44.1), Transfer:,
LB-50447/11/99Cincinnati2B+version "a"; CDR-EAC-Trader Little Helper (to flac
LB-126127/11/99Cincinnati, Ohio Bversion "b"; 48k, From a DAT (received in trade,
LB-41567/13/99Virginia Beach2ATaped by Bobby Bourbon, Source: Schoeps
LB-96567/13/99Virginia Beach, VA2B-version "a", Alternative recording to LB-4156, Not
LB-108397/13/99Virginia Beach2ASOURCE:, Taper Bt, DPA 4061 microphones and Sony
LB-43747/14/99Raleigh2Bversion "a"; SIze: 649MB, Time: 99:09, Trade >
LB-43027/16/99Bristow2ASchubert Remaster
LB-22137/17/99Camden, N.J.3A-with Paul Simon set; Received in a trade. Pretty
LB-41357/17/99Camden2A-Recorded by Bobby Bourbon & Wklitz (Ticket &
LB-69907/17/99Camden, New Jersey2A-BOOTLEG: We Hear You Knockin'; (Thinman-064/65),
LB-126557/17/99Camden, NJ3A-hce bb schoeps dolpjinsmile, Taped by HCE BB,
LB-149567/17/99Camden, NJ2Aversion "c", Alternative recording to
LB-96507/18/99Burgettstown3ANo LB Number Listed, Audio CD > EAC (Secure) > TLH
LB-139297/18/99Burgettstown, PA3A-sonic kingrue, Source: Sonic Studio DSM mics >
LB-96577/20/99Albany, NY2Aversion "a", Alternative recording to LB-3075,
LB-113937/20/99Albany, NY2Amrbill, with PAUL SIMON, Fresh transfer from DAT
LB-57317/22/99Tweeter Center2A-Recorded by Unwanted Man Music, AT853H -> D7 ->
LB-70417/22/99Mansfield2A-version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-57247/23/99Mansfield2A-Recorded by Unwanted Man Music, AT853H -> D7 ->
LB-74887/24/99Hartford2A-BOOTLEG: Hot & Humid Night; Bob Dylan was the
LB-11957/26/99Tramps2ASchubert's remastering of Tramps, NYC, July 26,
LB-12637/26/99Tramps (New York2 BOOTLEG: OH TRAMPS IT AIN'T NO LIE;
LB-31557/26/99New York City2 version "a"; Source: Audience recording, File
LB-32047/26/99Tramps, New York, NY2 version "b"; Lineage: daud->cdr->eac->flac, Sound
LB-41367/26/99New York, NY, Tramps2A-Recorded by Bobby Bourbon & Mike Inhatt, Schoeps
LB-60377/26/99Tramps, NYC3A-BOOTLEG: No More Alibis; also Madison Square
LB-77217/26/99New York; USA2Aversion "e"; Schuberts remastering of:
LB-94007/26/99New York City2 version "h", Audience Recording
LB-111117/26/99Tramps, New York2Alossy jtt, SOUNDBOARD ? (LOSSY) JTT, SOUNDBOARD
LB-144467/26/99Tramps, NYC2Ad sbd, (D-sbd), The Recording:, Master: soundboard
LB-150717/26/99New York City  wgv tp 24bit, Soundboard Recording, ***24 bit***,
LB-150727/26/99New York City2Awgv tp, Soundboard Recording, Streaming Capture
LB-48577/27/99New York City2A-Trade CD > EAC > FLAC > HD > Hungercity > You
LB-50247/27/99New York City2A-version "a"; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-50257/27/99New York City2A-Schubert ASM; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-60387/27/99Madison Square  BOOTLEG: No More Alibis; see 7/26/99, LB-6037
LB-96587/27/99New York City2A-version "f", Fixed LB-4857. Spotted drops patched
LB-113327/27/99New York City2A-version "g", (Schubert), lineage: trade cdrs > eac
LB-29707/28/99Holmdel2BSound Mastering by Schubert
LB-47037/30/99Wantaugh NY3B+SBD>DAT>CD>clone>EAC>FLAC, Audio:3, Media:3, I
LB-50997/30/99Jones Beach, NY3B+BOOTLEG: Something Is Happening On Mr. Jones'
LB-51007/30/99Jones Beach, NY2B-A DoinkerTape; audience master; incomplete; SBD +
LB-72007/30/99Wantaugh, NY2B+SBD/AUD Matrix by OctopusRider (Bob Dylan set only
LB-96597/30/99Wantaugh New York3B+BOOTLEG: jones beach 1999; (Factory Pressed Discs)
LB-99957/30/99Wantagh, New York3B+BOOTLEG: jones beach and the atlantic ocean;
LB-52097/31/99Wantagh2AAudience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-97087/31/99Wantagh, New York2Aversion "b", Lineage: This appears to be derived
LB-151457/31/99Wantagh, New York2B+version "e", Alternative recording to
LB-156947/31/99Wantagh, NY B+two of us, (Two Of Us Master Series Volume 141),
LB-04639/2/99Coral Sky2C+ 
LB-78279/2/99West Palm Beach2C+version "a"; ***** Bob Dylan was the opening act!
LB-107879/2/99West Palm Beach2A-dolphinsmile luisbp51, A Dolphinsmile AUD
LB-53839/4/99Atlanta2A-AUD DAT clone(s) [unknown equipment] > WAV >
LB-78229/4/99Atlanta, Georgia2Bversion "a'; ***** No LB-reference found; also not
LB-88199/4/99Atlanta, Georgia2A-version "b", cut before All Along The Watchtower,
LB-151589/4/99Atlanta, GA2B+version "c", Alternative recording to
LB-49039/5/99Charlotte2A-Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC Level 5
LB-50789/5/99Charlotte2A-version "a"; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-50799/5/99Charlotte2Bversion "b"; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-135569/5/99Charlotte, NC A-mj dolphinsmile 48k, Taped on dat D8 and Sonics by
LB-15329/8/99First American Music2A- 
LB-36279/8/99Antioch, Tennessee2A-neumann km140 > sonosax > pcm-m1 > trade cdrs >
LB-61229/8/99Nashville,TN2A-version "b"; My taping info:, Sony TCD-D8 w/ my
LB-70779/8/99Antioch, Tennessee2A-BOOTLEG: World Full of Lies; Thinman / 066/067,
LB-126339/8/99Antioch, TN3A-km140 dolphinsmile, neumann km140 > sonosax >
LB-50739/9/99Noblesville2B+Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-63099/9/99Noblesville, Indiana2A-version "a"
LB-64739/9/99Noblesville, Indiana3ATaped by: Terry Roeder (R.I.P), Equipment: Sonic
LB-96689/9/99Noblesville, Indiana2A-version "e", Lineage: No info, LosslesBob entry:
LB-14629/11/99Memphis2B+BOOTLEG: Hangin With Paul Simon;
LB-20079/11/99Memphis2A-version "a"; from dat master
LB-70919/11/99Memphis2Aversion "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-14839/12/99Lafayette3A-occasional background talking on d1t1, d1t2, d1t3,
LB-70089/15/99Austin, Texas2BTaper: Unidentified, Source: audio disks >
LB-70109/15/99Austin2B+version "a"; Taper: unidentified, Source: CD audio
LB-08589/17/99The Woodlands2B+ 
LB-79489/17/99The Woodlands2B+version "a"; source for fix = LB-858 (68min+47min)
LB-79729/17/99The Woodlands2B+version "b"; Fix of LB-7948, LN notes for LB-7948
LB-31759/18/99Dallas2B+taped by pw; Greetings Claus (cevau = noon1503)
LB-70079/18/99Dallas2B+version "a" Taper: unidentified, Source: audio
LB-70119/18/99Dallas2B+Taper: V4TX, Source: MASTER DAT>CDR>EAC>FLAC, Sony
LB-654110/12/99PLAY1A-http://www.searchingforagem.com/BobUnrelP.htm, Two
LB-219910/26/99Park West1ALate show
LB-374310/26/99Park West1AEarly
LB-375010/26/99Chicago1 late; ,version "a"; datadvd(trade) (FLAC) >
LB-472510/26/99Chicago1Aearly show, version "a"; AUD DAT Master [unknown
LB-472810/26/99Chicago1Alate show, version "b"; AUD DAT Master [unknown
LB-756910/26/99Chicago2Aversion "i"; AUDDAT > CD, Encoded by Dan Krass
LB-800710/26/99Chicago, Illinoois1B+sullylove; Early show, FOR THIS SET I TAPED ON THE
LB-800810/26/99Chicago, Illinoois1Asullylove; lATE show, BECAUSE THE SOUND WAS NOT
LB-1141710/26/99Chicago, IL1B+early roy martin, Early Show, Recorded by Roy
LB-1354510/26/99Chicago, IL2Aearly late bk4021 dolphinsmile, Brel & Kjr 4021
LB-135910/27/99 Champaign2AJT series
LB-468310/27/99Champaign2Apair of B+K 4021's 12th row, from taper: "....this
LB-484410/27/99Champaign2Aversion "b"; DAT AUD Master > DAT clone(s) > Wav >
LB-1133510/27/99Champaign, IL2Aversion "c", Audience Recording: No Source Info,
LB-146410/29/99Millett Assembly2A- 
LB-249510/29/99University of Miami2B+Audience A, Schoeps CMC64 > Sonosax p/s > sv255 >
LB-402910/29/99Oxford2Aversion "c"; incomplete; audio cd trade > xACT >
LB-473710/29/99Oxford2Aversion "d"; AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-773010/29/99Oxford2ASchuberts remastering of
LB-1068010/29/99OXFORD OHIO2A-bigdaddybflo, A bigdaddybflo MASTER, MANY THANKS
LB-1437410/29/99Oxford B+schoeps dolphinsmile 48k, taped on Dat with
LB-073310/30/99Milwaukee Arena -2 Fades in/out beg/end of sets--3 sec fade-in's and
LB-473910/30/99Milwaukee2Aversion "a"; AUD DAT Master [Sonic Studios 6P] >
LB-719310/30/99Milwaukee, Wi, USA2ASource: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony D8,
LB-997210/30/99Milwaukee, WI2Aversion "c", Alternative audio source to the 3 LB
LB-1318710/30/99Milwaukee, WI Abk4022 dolphinsmile 48k, DAUD/FOB B&K 4022 (ORTF)
LB-1578110/30/99Milwaukee, WI2B+version "f", This is a fine showing for Bob and
LB-131610/31/99UIC, Chicago,IL2B+coresounds > D8, about 30 ft from stage, center.,
LB-474210/31/99Chicago2A-version "a"; AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-562510/31/99Chicago2AAUD DAT Master [Sonic Studios 6P] > DAT clone(s) >
LB-715410/31/99Chicago, Il, USA2Aversion "d"; Source: Sonic Studio Mics PA-6 > Sony
LB-1513610/31/99Chicago, IL2B+version "f", Alternative recording to LB-1316
LB-002311/2/99East Lansing, MI2 ripped with EAC, Shn'ed with mkw
LB-245111/2/99Breslin Student2AExcellent Audience, SchoepsMK4V > Schoeps Box >
LB-474311/2/99East Lansing2Aversion "b"; AUD DAT Master [Sonic Studios 6P] >
LB-249611/3/99Schottenstein Center2AAudience A, Schoeps CMC64 > Sonosax p/s > > SV255
LB-279411/3/99Columbus2 Schoeps MK-4>KC5>CMC-6>VMS 52 UB preamp>D-7 @ 48
LB-474911/3/99Columbus2Aversion "b"; AUD DAT Master [Sonic Studios 6P] >
LB-220011/5/99Civic Arena2A-version "a"
LB-244511/5/99Civic Arena2A-Excellent Audience, Schoeps Mics, MasterDAT > CDR1
LB-325711/5/99Pittsburgh2A-No information about the source
LB-460811/5/99Civic Arena2A-AT831 mics>M1dat>PC>CdR
LB-313111/6/99State College2A-SOURCE: Core Sound Cardiods(FOB
LB-475811/6/99State College2Aversion "a"; AUD DAT Master [Sonic Studios 6P] >
LB-514511/6/99State College2Abourbon; Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony
LB-177211/8/99Baltimore Arena2A- 
LB-278011/8/99Baltimore Arena, MD3ACSB>D8 DAT>PC>CDR, row 28 on the floor,
LB-472011/8/99Baltimore Arena, MD2Adaud fob sonic studios, tree trade 48k dat >
LB-485811/8/99Baltimore2Aversion "c"; AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-1169411/8/99Baltimore, Maryland2B+nak701s baker 131069 fixed, Phil Lesh And Friends,
LB-1541911/8/99Baltimore,Md.2B+nak 701s, Nak.cm701's>sony pcm-m1 dat
LB-206411/9/99The Apollo of Temple2Aversion "a"; Audience Recording,
LB-273711/9/99Philadelphia2A-version b"; Broad Street Traffic Jam, The Fall
LB-428911/9/99Philadelphia2ARecorded By Wklitz & Mike Inhatt, Schoeps
LB-519411/9/99Philadelphia2Abourbon; Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony
LB-873011/9/99Philadelphia, PA2ABOOTLEG: THE FUGITIVE; TF CD 2001 A/B, Silver
LB-984111/9/99Philadelphia2Ad5scott, incomplete; Recorded by Mendo-Steve,
LB-1265711/9/99Philadelphia, PA2Amk4v dolphinsmile, Schoeps MK4V's and Sony
LB-003711/10/99New Haven Coliseum B+DAT AUD>CDR>unknown extraction TAO>CDR>EAC>SHN -
LB-243811/10/99Veterans Memorial2A-version "a"
LB-312611/10/99New Haven2 version "b"; AUD>DAT>CDR>EAC>WAV>Mkw 0
LB-376611/10/99Veterans Memorial2Ba jmanproduction; stereo mic>MD(master)>CDR(1
LB-463411/10/99New Haven, CT2ASonic DSM6 ;48k trade dat > midiman deltadio 2496
LB-477011/10/99New Haven2Aversion "c"; AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-177311/11/99Civic Center2A-version "a"
LB-477311/11/99Augusta2A-version "b"; AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-790311/11/99Augusta, Maine2A-version "c"; Source: AUD > CDR > FLAC
LB-1101411/11/99Augusta, Maine2A-BOOTLEG: augusta 99; (Commercial CDR) JTT,
LB-147911/13/99Continental Airlines2B+Core sound Cardiods->D8, recorded dead center, 50'
LB-276311/13/99Meadowlands3ACSB>D8 DAT>PC>CDR; excellent sound, behind the
LB-276411/13/99East Rutherford2Bversion "b"; lineage: daud->cd-r->eac->flac; Stuck
LB-426011/13/99E Rutherford2ASchoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony SBM-1>Sony
LB-813611/13/99East Rutherford2BTaper: TWilbury, Lineage: audio discs straight
LB-087011/14/99Centrum Arena2A- 
LB-320611/14/99Worcester2AUnwanted Man Music 002, Centrum Performance: Live
LB-463611/14/99Worcester, MA2Afrom well vine trade cdr > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-965511/14/99Worcester, MA2Aversion "c", ** same recording as LB-870 **,
LB-1102411/14/99Worcester1ABOOTLEG: highlands of worcester; Wild Wolf,
LB-1280711/14/99Worcester, MA A-hce th dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE-TH with AT
LB-217511/15/99Barton Hall2Aversion "a"
LB-478011/15/99Ithaca2Aversion "b"; AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-1054611/15/99Ithaca, NY2B-version "c" alt2, There are currently 2 recordings
LB-1054711/15/99Ithaca, NY2Aversion "d" alt3, There are currently 2 recordings
LB-1303711/15/99Ithaca, NY2Am dolphinsmile, Taped by M, Schoeps mks4 active
LB-1395611/15/99Ithaca, NY Aschoeps ackerman noel 24, Ackerman Archives,
LB-326411/17/99University Of New2A-version "a"; from well vine > ultraplex > eac >
LB-478411/17/99Durham2A-version "b"; AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] >
LB-545511/17/99Durham2A-Produced by Unwanted Man Music, in association
LB-913911/17/99Durham2A-version "d", dat deck with Audio Technica M35 mics
LB-953811/17/99Durham1Brlh inc, Uncirculated & incomplete, but a must
LB-1286911/17/99Durham, NH A-hce th dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE-TH with AT
LB-211011/18/99Mullins Center2ACD>WAV>SHN, Schoeps MK4, W/Phil Lesh, Jorma
LB-478611/18/99Amherst2Aversion "a"; AUD DAT Master [Schoeps
LB-790011/18/99Amherst2Aversion "b"; Source: AUD > CDR > FLAC
LB-1407211/18/99Amherst, MA A-mk41 dolphinsmile 48k, Schoeps
LB-319211/19/99Atlantic City, NJ2 BOOTLEG: RAMBLIN' GAMBLIN' CASINO MAN; From my
LB-415811/19/99Atlantic City2ARecorded By Bobby Bourbon, Source: Schoeps
LB-466711/19/99Atlantic City2Aversion "a"; cdr trade > eac > wav > cooledit >
LB-790411/19/99Atlantic City2Aversion "f"; Early & Late Shows, Source: AUD > CDR
LB-1529911/19/99Atlantic City, NJ Aearly schoepsinthehat lta 48, first show, source:
LB-1530011/19/99Atlantic City Alate schoepsinthehat lbp51 fix 48, Late Show,
LB-1534411/19/99Atlantic City Aearly schoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-1534511/19/99Atlantic City Alate schoepsinthehat er wav48f
LB-1535211/19/99Atlantic City, NJ Alate schoepsinthehat lta 48, taper: travitz,
LB-342111/20/99Newark2A-Excellent recording, Taper: no info, Lineage: SHN
LB-482411/20/99Newark2Aalt; version "a"; AUD DAT Master [unknown
LB-487611/20/99Newark2Aversion "b"; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-514711/20/99Newark2ASchoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony SBM-1>Sony
LB-1514611/20/99Newark, DE2Amk4v bybourbon edtyre, schoeps mk4v > sonosax


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