LosslessBob LB-15347
11/20/14Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   

bluebros iphone, Note from taper "bluebros": "I recorded this one with my iPhone. The master files aren't lossless (I don't think that was an option on the iPhone back then), but it's not a terrible recording. And better than nothing. Happy to share it. Maybe someone with a little more technical skill than me can clean it up a bit.", iPhone lossy record by voice memo => (2) m4a files => convert to WAV and declip with CoolEdit => tracked with CDWave and WAV split => convert to flac with TLH flac level 6 => files tagged and renamed with TagScan

bittorrent download 11/21; did not review this

(a bittorrent from 11/21 is reported source for this torrent; described with same info with filename "bd14-11-20-bluebros-iPhone.m4af"; xref-02076)

1. Things Have Changed, 2. She Belongs To Me, 3. Beyond Here Lies Nothin' (Bob Dylan-Robert Hunter/Bob Dylan), 4. Workingman's Blues #2, 5. Waiting For You, 6. Duquesne Whistle (Bob Dylan-Robert Hunter/Bob Dylan), 7. Pay In Blood, 8. Tangled Up In Blue, 9. Love Sick, 10. High Water (For Charley Patton), 11. Simple Twist Of Fate, 12. Early Roman Kings, 13. Forgetful Heart (Bob Dylan-Robert Hunter/Bob Dylan), 14. Spirit On The Water, 15. Scarlet Town, 16. Soon After Midnight, 17. Long And Wasted Years, 18. Blowin' In The Wind, 19. Stay With Me (Jerome Moross/Carolyn Leigh)
Year 2014
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