LosslessBob LB For Year 2001
LB-0300xx/xx/01Dave Stewart with-1 recorded from davestewart.com with cooledit,
LB-34411/1/01'Japan 1-2-3' -4B+NOTES : Compilation by LK. Notes are his -,
LB-34421/1/01'Waltzing Matilda' -4BNOTES : Compilation by LK. Notes are his -, This
LB-8527xx/xx/01August 2001 - LJK 4 part of "Compilation series from 2001"; "I've
LB-8528xx/xx/01Europe 2001 - LJK 5 24 June - 28 July; part of "Compilation series
LB-8529xx/xx/01Rare Songs - USA2 part of "Compilation series from 2001"; "I've
LB-11067xx/xx/01USA Autumn Tour 20011 BOOTLEG: live theft; Compilation, Wild Wolf /
LB-14746xx/xx/01   BOOTLEG: alternate live love and theft; The
LB-26032/25/01Omiya2ASource: aud, Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > me > you, Note:
LB-58152/25/01Omiya2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-106232/25/01Omiya, Japan2Aversion "b", Alternative recording to LB-2603 &
LB-122762/25/01Saitama, Japan2ABOOTLEG: 2001 first show; Posted: 23 May 2016
LB-39042/27/01Sendai2ATrade CDR > EAC (Secure) > WAV > FLAC (Level 8),
LB-74612/27/01Sendai2Aversion "a"; derived from LB-3904
LB-113422/27/01Sendai, Japan2A-version "b"
LB-154152/27/01Sendai, Japan2A-unknown digital audience oldneumanntapr, Unknown
LB-39052/28/01Akita2A-Trade CDR > EAC (Secure) > WAV > FLAC (Level 8),
LB-74712/28/01Akita, Japan2A-version "a"; before uploading I tried to find the
LB-113432/28/01Akita, Japan2B+version "b"
LB-39063/2/01Yokohama2ATrade CDR > EAC (Secure) > WAV > FLAC > WAV >
LB-46063/2/01Yokohama2AEquipment:, COS-11PTs > CPS161(Pre amp) > TCD-D100
LB-74743/2/01Yokohama, Japan2Aversion "b"; no info about lineage and taper, real
LB-113443/2/01Yokohama, Japan2B+version "c"
LB-39023/3/01Tokyo, Japan2A-This 2 CD set, graciously sent by Paulie Best (who
LB-46283/3/01Tokyo2AEquipment:, COS-11PTs > CPS161(Pre amp) > TCD-D100
LB-149783/3/01Tokyo, Japan2A-dolphinsmile, Discs>EAC>TLH8
LB-152393/3/01Tokyo, Japan B+md transfer, Transfer from MD MZ-R35 Line Out -->
LB-36493/4/01Tokyo2AIt is a high quality audience recording, of
LB-46743/4/01Tokyo2AEquipment:, COS-11PTs > CPS161(Pre amp) > TCD-D100
LB-106243/4/01Tokyo, Japan2A-version "b", Alternative recording to LB-3649 &
LB-113453/4/01Tokyo, Japan2A-version "c"
LB-152403/4/01Tokyo, Japan B+md transfer, Transfer from MD MZ-R35 Line Out -->
LB-09873/6/01Osaka, Japan2A 
LB-48403/6/01Osaka2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-96333/6/01Osaka, Japan.2B+BOOTLEG: osaka tapes; (filler from March 7, 2011).
LB-106253/6/01Osaka, Japan2Aversion "c", Alternative recording to LB-987,
LB-116853/6/01OSAKA,Japan2ABOOTLEG: tears of rage; Source: Audience, Lineage:
LB-122873/6/01Osaka, Japan2B+BOOTLEG: the best show osaka 2001; Zion 077,
LB-09883/7/01Osaka, Japan2A- 
LB-50423/7/01Osaka2A-Source:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-75123/7/01Osaka, Japan2A-version "b"; no info about lineage and taper
LB-116843/7/01OSAKA,Japan2A-BOOTLEG: gates of eden; Source: Audience, Lineage:
LB-122773/7/01Non label2A-BOOTLEG: next night osaka 2nd night;
LB-25363/9/01Sun Palace2A-version "a"; A terrific sounding recording,
LB-38363/9/01Sun Palace  see Bob Dylan 3/14/01 Nippon Twice LB-941
LB-42243/9/01Fukuoka Japan2 BOOTLEG: HALLELUJAH; Size:737MB, Original boot >
LB-52553/9/01Fukuoka2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-25813/10/01Kosei Nenkin Kaikan2B+Source: Aud, Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > me > you
LB-42253/10/01Hiroshima2A-BOOTLEG: Land Beyond The Sun; Size:684MB, Original
LB-53023/10/01Hiroshima2A-Source:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-26023/12/01Nagoya2ASource: aud, Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > me > you, Notes:
LB-53373/12/01Nagoya2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-106293/12/01Nagoya, Japan2B+version "b", Alternative recording to 'Hide'
LB-53703/13/01Hamamatsu2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-102143/13/01Hamamatsu, Japan2Aschubert asm
LB-106323/13/01Hamamatsu, Japan2Aversion "c", Alternative recording to 'Hide'.,
LB-09413/14/01Tokyo3B+BOOTLEG: Nippon Twice;
LB-38373/14/01Tokyo2B+MD(Audience Recording)>CDR>Wav>FLAC(Level 8),
LB-54103/14/01Tokyo2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-98443/14/01Tokyo, Japan2ABOOTLEG: its all over now; Size:761MB, Original
LB-110503/14/01Tokyo, Japan.2B+BOOTLEG: budokan revisited 2001; (AUD), Tombstone
LB-152413/14/01Tokyo, Japan B+md transfer, Transfer from MD MZ-R35 Line Out -->
LB-44203/18/01Perth2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann km 140 < Sony
LB-45003/18/01Perth2A-Off DAT master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-20773/20/01Adelaide2C-Nice Audience recording, DAT >CDR> WAV,
LB-45013/20/01Adelaide3BOff DAT master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-63793/20/01Adelaide2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A <
LB-39003/21/01Melbourne2B-Trade CDR>EAC(Secure)>Flac(Level 8), If you look
LB-45033/21/01Melbourne3B+Off DAT Master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-106343/21/01Melbourne, Australia2B+version "b", Alternative recording to LB-3900 &
LB-03573/23/01Tamworth2A-? > CDR > EAC (w/correct offset) > WAV > mkwACT >
LB-45283/23/01Tamworth3A-Off DAT Master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-63523/23/01Tamworth2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A <
LB-151903/23/01Tamworth2A-waz from oz audiowhore, Upgrade From Waz From Oz
LB-00443/24/01Newcastle2ANeumann km140's > ? > DAT > CDR > EAC > SHN
LB-44213/24/01Newcastle2ATaper: "Bach" +asm by "Schubert", Lineage: Neumann
LB-45293/24/01Newcastle3A-Off DAT master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-63763/24/01Newcastle2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A <
LB-25593/25/01Centennial Park2A-BOOTLEG: Roving Gambler; (Hello Cobber), AUD.
LB-45303/25/01Sydney3B+Off DAT master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-63573/25/01Sydney2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A <
LB-152043/25/01Sydney2B+waz audiowhore, Upgrade From Waz From Oz Master
LB-03433/28/01Cairns Convention2A- 
LB-25093/28/01Cairns Convention1 version "a"
LB-45313/28/01Cairns3B+Off DAT master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-45563/30/01Brisbane2BOff DAT master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-61263/30/01Brisbane2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-63603/30/01Brisbane2Aversion "b"; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40
LB-10803/31/01Ballina2A-Ballina is the last Australian 2001 concert. Bob
LB-29243/31/01Ballina2A-This is the Schubert remaster (asm) of a
LB-45903/31/01Ballina3B+Off DAT master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-63733/31/01Ballina2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A <
LB-106353/31/01Ballina2Cversion "d", Alternative recording to 'Vito' &
LB-10734/18/01Boulder, CO2A- 
LB-75814/18/01Boulder, CO, USA2A-version "a
LB-00434/20/01Kearney2A-FOB, 10th Row In Front Of Right Stack: CSC > D8 >
LB-75904/20/01Kearney, NE, USA2Bversion "a"
LB-50694/21/01Topeka2B+Audience recording (Lego parapets) > Unknown
LB-51034/21/01Topeka2B-version "a"; request, audio trade, audio > xACT >
LB-99294/21/01Topeka, Kansas2B+version "b", Lineage: Audience recording (Lego
LB-127504/21/01opeka2B+dghale, Source: SP-CMC-6 w/AT-853C > SP-BPF-2 >
LB-134834/21/01Topeka, Kansas2B+dghale upgraded, Upgrade patched with slight
LB-50704/23/01Lincoln2A-Audience recording (Lossy) > Unknown transfer >
LB-33314/24/01Columbia2B-?>CD-Rs>flac, Note: most recent performance of
LB-62664/24/01Columbia, Missouri2B+version "a"; last ever Highlands, Lineage: trade
LB-65744/24/01Columbia, Missouri2B-asm Luisbp51; I have tried my best to improve the
LB-148784/24/01Columbia,MO2B+ccm4, source - Schoeps CCM4 > Sonosax SXM2 > DAT,
LB-00594/25/01Southeast Missouri2AB&K 4021>sonosax>sbm1>d8
LB-60624/25/01Cape Girardeau2Aversion "a";
LB-75964/25/01Cape Girardeau2Aversion "b"
LB-99324/25/01Cape Girardeau2B+version "c"
LB-49684/27/01Knoxville2A-Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-50714/27/01Knoxville2A-version "a"; Audience recording (Full spectrum) >
LB-75974/27/01Knoxville, TN2A-version "b"; this a recording derived from
LB-32874/28/01Charlotte2 versioin "a"; Trade CDR > EAC > WAV > FLAC, Bob
LB-00454/29/01Blacksburg2ATaper: Clay C. Brennecke, Recording: Schoeps mk4
LB-42225/1/01Asheville2BBOOTLEG: Things Have Changed; Original Boot>Flac
LB-43425/1/01Asheville2ARecording Info-, Digital Audience Recording - FOB
LB-154765/1/01Asheville, NC2A-shoeps dolphinsmile, Shoeps Mics/Dat recorder>Disc
LB-50725/2/01Dalton2B-Audience recording (Lego parapets) > Unknown
LB-62995/2/01Dalton, Georgia2A-version "a"; Lineage: Trade CDRs > EAC > FA and
LB-99615/2/01Dalton, Georgia2B-version "b", Known Lineage: Audience recording
LB-50595/4/01Atlanta2CAudience recording (Lego parapets) > Unknown
LB-65945/4/01Atlanta, Georgia2B+JTT; "Possibly Uncirculated", Excellent Audience
LB-76145/4/01Atlanta, Georgia2B+version "b"; No info about lineage and taper..
LB-46275/5/01Nashville2B+source: soomlos, fob, center, ga standing,
LB-60415/5/01Nashville Tennessee2A-version "a"; Artwork - There is artwork available
LB-151245/5/01Nashville, TN2B+version "c", Alternative recording to (LB-4627
LB-50605/6/01Memphis2AAudience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-60465/6/01Memphis2Bversion "a";
LB-103745/6/01Memphis, Tennessee2Asullylove, GA FIELD - WE WERE SHHOULDER TO
LB-00546/24/01Trondheim2A-Location: 7-10meters, 60deg from left stack,
LB-08886/24/01Trondheim, Norway2A-unreleased crystal cat
LB-77056/24/01Trondheim, Norway2A-version "b"; Source: Unknown > Audio CDR's > EAC
LB-86006/24/01Trondheim - NORWAY2A-version "c"; "Market Square Hero", From master
LB-123216/24/01Trondheim, Norway2B+version "d", Alternative recording to CSB (LB-7705
LB-145296/24/01Trondheim, Norway2A-dolphinsmile, Clone off master Dat>File cloned,
LB-04126/26/01Bergen2ABOOTLEG: Bergen 2001;
LB-52456/26/01Bergen2ATaper: Legendary Taper D, Source: Received as flac
LB-77066/26/01Bergen, Norway2ABOOTLEG: Bergen 2001; version "c"; Size:970MB,
LB-113366/26/01Bergen, Norway2Akm140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-04926/28/01Langesund2B+Unknown origin,
LB-52716/28/01Langesund2B+Legendary Taper D recording. Received as audio
LB-99566/28/01Langesund, Norway2B+version "b", taper: unknow, lineage: trade >
LB-113386/28/01Langesund, Norway2B+km140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-04206/29/01Goteberg2A-BOOTLEG: Gothenburg 2001; from crystal cat bootleg
LB-28846/29/01Goteberg2A-version "a"; Source: Trade, EAC>Wav>Flac
LB-52326/29/01Gothenburg2ATaper: LTD, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-60076/29/01Gothenburg, Sweden2ATaper: Condor, Lineage: OKM II R > Sony DAT
LB-84376/29/01Gothenburg2A-BOOTLEG: Gothenburg 2001; version "d"; Here is
LB-113416/29/01Gothenburg, Sweden2Akm140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-05806/30/01Roskilde2B+Neuman KM140s > EAA PSP-2 > SBM-1 > DAT
LB-30966/30/01Roskilde2B+olav66, Additional sound master (ASM)
LB-76676/30/01Roskilde2B+version "b"; no info about taper and lineage, real
LB-106976/30/01Roskilde, Denmark2B+version "c", Alternative recording to Neumann
LB-40407/1/01Sofiero2A-Core Sound Binaurals, Sharp MD-702, CDR _ EAC- WAV
LB-52227/1/01Helsingborg2ATaper: Legendary Taper D, Source: Low-gen audio
LB-76717/1/01Helsingborg, Sweden2B+version "b"; This recording is derived from
LB-113287/1/01Helsingborg, Sweden2A-km140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-00567/3/01Borgholm, Sweden2A- 
LB-04177/3/01Borgholm2ABOOTLEG: Borgholm 2001;
LB-76797/3/01Borgholm2A-version "b"; received in this way with no other
LB-101507/3/01Borgholm, Sweden2Aschubert raw, Taper: Schubert, Lineage: Neumann
LB-15567/5/01Braunschweig2ASchubert recording and mastering
LB-90597/5/01Braunschweig2A-recorded by NIM, OKM -MZ-NH1 -cooledit -cdwave
LB-24357/7/01Schwaebisch Gmuend2A-AUD>?>flac
LB-76937/7/01Schwaebisch Gmuend2A-version "c"; Very Good Sounding Audience Recording
LB-101537/7/01Schwaebisch Gmuend2Aschubert raw, Taper: Schubert, Lineage: Neumann
LB-149427/7/01Schwabisch, Germany2Aversion "f", Alternative recording to
LB-48607/8/01Montreux2B+Off DAT master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-101557/8/01Montreux2A-schubert raw, Taper: Schubert, Lineage: Neumann
LB-113167/8/01Montreux2A-version "d"
LB-28727/10/01Brescia Italy2BSource: Trade>EAC>Wav>Flac
LB-77117/10/01Brescia Italy2A-version "a"; received in a trade as derived from
LB-04357/12/01King's Dock2B+ 
LB-10767/12/01Liverpool2ABOOTLEG: Liverpool 2001; Crystal Cat version,
LB-28777/12/01Liverpool2B+version "b"; Source: Trade CDR>EAC>Wav>Flac
LB-10747/13/01Stirling Castle -2ABOOTLEG: Stirling 2001; Crystal Cat
LB-30537/13/01Stirling2CTaper Unknown, Source: "stage mic recording"
LB-72167/13/01Stirling, Scotland2BMatrix of Crystal Cat & Stage Mic recordings (see
LB-35417/15/01Kilkenny2BB or B- quality Audience Tape, Lots of crowd noise
LB-36347/15/01Kilkenny2Cversion "a";, Audience recording - Considerable
LB-18357/17/01Stimmenfestival 20012A-SOURCE:, Core Sound Binaurals > Sony TCD-D100,
LB-44977/17/01Loerrach2ATaper: Bach, Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-49937/17/01Loerrach2BOff DAT master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, OKM
LB-101597/17/01Loerrach, Germany2Aschubert raw, Taper: Schubert, Lineage: Neumann
LB-05887/18/01Bad Reichenhall2A- 
LB-35677/18/01Bad Reichenhall2A-version "a"; I received the CDRs in a trade w/o
LB-56997/18/01Bad Reichenhall2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-77087/18/01Bad Reichenhall2A-schubert rec asm; Files received on trade hard
LB-05867/20/01La Spezia2A 
LB-50897/20/01La Spezia2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-101627/20/01La Spezia, Italy2Aschubert raw, Taper: Schubert, Lineage: Neumann
LB-05777/22/01Pescara2B+James McKelvy
LB-50867/22/01Pescara2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: Neumann AK40 > MTX 191 A >
LB-101637/22/01Pescara, Italy2Aschubert raw, Taper: Schubert, Lineage: Neumann
LB-56307/23/01Rome Interview2A-Review:, This is part one of the two part
LB-59247/23/01Rome1A-from Interview cd, Part 1 of 2 (originally listed
LB-80027/23/01Rome Press2A-BOOTLEG: Rome Interview 2001; version "b"; This
LB-80117/23/01The Rome Interview2A-version "c"; SOURCE: Factory Pressed Discs (CD
LB-00577/24/01Anzio, Italy2 MD+Audiotechnica AT-853 mics
LB-32737/24/01Anzio2ASchubert ASM, Excellent recording
LB-102367/24/01Anzio, Italy2Aversion "c"
LB-44487/25/01Perugia2ASource/Lineage:, DAT AUD master [Neumann SKM140 /
LB-101657/25/01Perugia, Italy2Aschubert raw, Taper: Schubert, Lineage: Neumann
LB-102417/25/01Perugia, Italy2A-version "b", Audience > ? > CDR > EAC > .wav >
LB-107217/25/01Perugia, Italy2A-version "c", Alternative recording to 'Schubert' &
LB-14367/26/01Naples2Arecorded and mastered by Schubert
LB-44287/26/01Naples2Aversion "a"; SiZE: 583MB, TRADE: CDR > FLAC8
LB-72757/26/01Naples, Italy2Aversion "b"; LB-4428 fixed - sbeok, TRADE: CDR >
LB-73027/26/01Naples, Italy2Aversion "c"; LB-4428 fixed2, I've been told track
LB-73077/26/01Naples, Italy2Aversion "d", LB-7275 fixed (Track14), Again, I
LB-32747/28/01Taormina2 an Olav66 ASM of the Schubert recording that was
LB-45277/28/01Taormina2A-Schubert ASM; Technical Information, Mics: Neumann
LB-91167/28/01Taormina, Italy2A-Improved Air Catalog Number: IA43, TITLE:
LB-150087/28/01Taormina B+tarantula lta 48k, taper: tarantula, lineage:,
LB-04368/10/01Des Moines2ALocation: ~35' From Right Stack, Recording: B&K
LB-48708/10/01Des Moines2B-version "a"; Not the same recording as LB-0436.;
LB-00558/11/01Sedalia2ARecording: B&K 4021s > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sony SBM1 >
LB-77128/11/01Sedalia, Missouri2B+version "a"; incomplete; Taper: unknown, Lineage:
LB-125018/11/01Sedalia, Missouri2A-at 933, AT-933 w/ AT-853 cardoid capsules >
LB-149308/11/01Sedalia,MO2Accm4, source - FOB Schoeps CCM4 > Sonosax SXM2 >
LB-151658/11/01Sedalia, Missouri2B+dm cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ? > CD
LB-50628/12/01Springfield2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-77568/12/01Springfield, IL2A-version "a"; I received in a trade a pair of years
LB-50638/14/01Little Rock2AAudience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-77588/14/01Little Rock, AR2Aversion "a"; received in a trade with info belove.
LB-151668/14/01Little Rock2Adm cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ? > CD
LB-05788/15/01Oklahoma City2A-Location: FOB/DFC: 20' From Stage, Recording: DPA
LB-03518/16/01Wichita2B+Location: FOB Recording: B&K 4011s > Lunatec V2 >
LB-05818/16/01Wichita2AFOB: Row N, ~35' From Right Stack, Recording: DPA
LB-77728/16/01Wichita, KS, USA2B+version "b"; this recording is a rip from my audio
LB-151788/16/01Wichita, Kansas2Adm cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ? > CD
LB-65958/18/01Pueblo, Colorado2A"Possibly Uncirculated", Very Good Audience
LB-04398/19/01Vail, CO2A 
LB-04758/19/01Vail2ARecording: Schoeps ccm4v's > Sound Devices MP-2 >
LB-77758/19/01Vail2B+version "b"; Received in a trade as a rip from CDr
LB-151868/19/01Vail, Colorado2B+dm cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ? > CD
LB-05758/20/01Telluride2ALocation: 4' From Left Stack, Recording: DPA 4061s
LB-05828/20/01Telluride2Aaud master>>CDR>>SHN, ripped with BarbaBatch 3.0
LB-20038/20/01Town Park2ATaper: tyrus, Source: Schoeps CCM 4V > Sound
LB-94038/20/01Telluride CO2Ack61, Master: AKG CK91 caps > JK Labs ECMS > Sony
LB-05838/21/01Telluride2Aversion "a"
LB-17138/21/01Bluegrass Stage2A-?>cdr>wav>shn, most likely sbd source from KOTO
LB-20048/21/01Town Park2A-Taper: tyrus, Source: Schoeps CCM 4V > Sound
LB-94048/21/01Telluride CO2Ack61, Master: AKG CK91 caps > JK Labs ECMS > Sony
LB-147008/21/01Telluride, CO2B+version "d", Alternative recording to
LB-45338/23/01Sun City West2AAudience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-77908/23/01Sun City West, AZ2B+version "a"; Received in a trade as a rip from
LB-96538/23/01Sun City West2Aversion "b", Alternative recording to LB entries,
LB-04958/24/01The Joint2A 
LB-43338/24/01Las Vegas2ATaper: NTE
LB-77938/24/01Las Vegas, NV, USA2Aversion "b"; received in a trade as a CD rip.
LB-94358/24/01Las Vegas, Nevada2Aversion "c", LosslessBob LB-495: (71min+46min),
LB-96548/24/01Las Vegas, Nevada2Aversion "d", Alternative recording to NTE & LB-495
LB-04778/25/01Lancaster2A-Location: FOB/DFC: ~30-35' From Stage, Recording:
LB-36098/25/01Lancaster2A-version "a", Lineage: lifted off FLAC DVD-R >
LB-77998/25/01Lancaster, CA, USA2Bversion "b"; CDR > EAC > .wav > FLAC Frontend >
LB-113298/25/01Lancaster2A-km140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-038010/5/01Spokane2 ripped with BarbaBatch 3.0 for macintosh, shn'ed
LB-227710/5/01Spokane2 BOOTLEG: Spokane 2001; from crystal cat bootleg,
LB-275610/5/01Spokane2 AT853-> Zefiro inbox -> M1 -> CDR trade (me) ->
LB-943110/5/01Spokane2 BOOTLEG: Spokane 2001; version "d", 100% genuine
LB-1136010/5/01Spokane, Washington2Akm140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-044710/6/01Seattle Center Key2  
LB-275510/6/01Seattle2Aexcellent audience recording, AT853-> Zefiro inbox
LB-1136110/6/01Seattle, Washington2Akm140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-1171310/6/01Seattle, Washington2ABOOTLEG: tweedle dee; tweedle dee, What's Going On
LB-045810/7/01Gill Coliseum2A 
LB-280610/7/01Corvallis2AAT853-> Zefiro inbox -> M1 -> CDR trade (me) ->
LB-780910/7/01Corvallis, OR2Aversion "b"; Unknown origin. Received in a trade
LB-998410/7/01Corvallis, Oregon2Aversion "c", Live At The Palindrome, Audience
LB-1136610/7/01Corvallis, Oregon2Akm140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-1450310/7/01Corvallis, OR2Aat853 dolphinsmile, AT853>Zefiro Inbox>M1>dat
LB-048210/9/01Central Point, OR2A 
LB-986610/9/01Medford, Oregon2A-csc soomlos, source: soomlos, ga standing, in
LB-1059310/9/01Medford, Oregon2Aversion "b", Alternative recording to LB-482 &
LB-1448710/9/01Central Point Oregon Aat853 dolphinsmile 48k, AT853>Zefiro
LB-1452610/9/01Concert At sarnovsky4 lta 48k, taper: sarnovsky.4, lineage:
LB-044810/10/01Sacramento2ALocation: Mic stand at soundboard area; Recording:
LB-044910/10/01Memorial Auditorium.2B+ 
LB-465810/10/01Sacramento2AEquipment:, COS-11PTs > CPS161(Pre amp) > TCD-D100
LB-906810/10/01Sacramento, CA2AImproved Air Catalog Number: IA29, TITLE:
LB-941410/10/01Sacramento CA2AMaster: Neumann KM54's > Unknown Preamp/Power
LB-1176410/10/01Sacramento2Akm140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-044310/12/01Compaq Center2ACSHEB>D100, 2nd row standing left center back from
LB-046810/12/01Compaq Center2 schoeps ccm4v
LB-081610/12/01Compaq Center2A-from ALD,
LB-158210/12/01San Jose2AOriginal recording taken from the ALD (the
LB-160810/12/01San Jose2Aald/aud (remaster) mix by Jonathan at Watchtower;
LB-479910/12/01San Jose2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-514010/12/01San Jose2A-Arashi; Source 1:("Hide" recording AUD master),
LB-1033410/12/01San Jose, California2ABOOTLEG: san jose 2001; Rattle Snake 170/71,
LB-1199710/12/01San Jose, California2Aversion "g", Source: Audience Recording, Lineage:
LB-1376910/12/01San Jose CA2Aneumann km140, Neumann KM140>Deneke>Zefiro>D8>,
LB-1528710/12/01San Jose Aboiledgutsofbirds mtx 2444, Source One: Dehissed
LB-044210/13/01Bill Graham memorial2ACSHEB>D100, 3rd row row standing left back from
LB-046910/13/01Bill Graham memorial2Aschoeps ccm4v,
LB-549610/13/01San Francisco2ASource:, "Hide" recording, Equipment:, COS-11PTs >
LB-635110/13/01San Francisco2ANTD; Source: Taper (cdr) > my source(cdr) >
LB-878210/13/01San Francisco2Aversion "d";, Lineage: received in 2001 as audio
LB-1482810/13/01San Francisco, CA.  analog master 24bit, A Sharethetape Analog Master,
LB-1482910/13/01San Francisco, CA.2Banalog master, A Sharethetape Analog Master,
LB-049810/14/01Events Center2A- 
LB-252410/14/01University Of2 version "a"; Excellent Audience, This is another
LB-441810/14/01Santa Barbara2Asource: soomlos, fob, center, ga floor, core-sound
LB-048810/17/01RIMAC Arena2B 
LB-241310/17/01La Jolla2Aversion "a"; dat master
LB-406410/17/01La Jolla2AOldToaD Remaster; Audience recording (full
LB-786410/17/01La Jolla, California2Aversion "c"; received in trade as a rip from audio
LB-843310/17/01La Jolla2Aversion "d"; I received this show as audio disks
LB-048410/19/01Staples Center2Bminidisc
LB-708210/19/01Los Angeles, CA2Aversion "a"; Alternative recording to LB-484, the
LB-787710/19/01Los Angeles, CA2Aversion "b"; received in trade as a rip from audio
LB-1316610/19/01LOS ANGELES C+d3 cassette master, D6 Cassette Master ->
LB-1520510/19/01Los Angeles, CA Btarantula lta 48, taper: tarantula, lineage:, Sony
LB-510210/21/01Denver2Aversion "a"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-758710/21/01Denver, Colorado2A-version "b"; *** This is the same recording as
LB-1149510/21/01Denver, Colorado2Acsc soomlos, source: soomlos, right-side first
LB-043410/23/01Orpheum Theatre2A- 
LB-075910/23/01Orpheum Theatre2A-Ripped from cd with MusicMatch Jukebox >wav >shn
LB-787810/23/01Sioux City, IA2A-version "b"; received in a trade as a rip from
LB-830810/23/01Sioux City, Iowa2Asource: soomlos, fob/dfc, core-sound cardioids >
LB-053810/24/01La Crosse Center2B 
LB-410710/24/01La Crosse2A-Taper: NET Taper A, Source: Audio disks (low
LB-712210/24/01La Crosse, Wisconsin2A-version "b";, notes:, Bob's first live performance
LB-049010/25/01Xcel Energy Center2A- 
LB-712310/25/01St. Paul2Aversion "a"; Notes:, recorded direct to DAT at 44
LB-1515610/25/01St. Paul, MN2A-version "c", Alternative recording to LB-490 &
LB-048610/27/01United Center2A- 
LB-781010/27/01Chicago, Illinois2A-version "a"; ***** This recording has no LB-number
LB-947710/27/01Chicago, IL2A-Recorded by Roy Martin using a set of Sound
LB-045110/28/01Milwaukee2ALocation: FOB/DFC, Recording: B&K 4021s > Sonosax
LB-113510/28/01Milwaukee2AMJS Master, CSHEB> Sony M1 > M-audio Audiophile
LB-252110/28/01Milwaukee2ABOOTLEG: Trailing Moss In Mystic Glow; Rattlesnake
LB-757010/28/01Milwaukee2Aversion "c"
LB-874510/28/01Milwaukee2Aversion "d";, Lineage: trade audio cdr's > eac
LB-918410/28/01Milwaukee, Wisconsin2ABOOTLEG: trailing moss in mystic glow; version "e"
LB-1364010/28/01Milwaukee, Wisconsin2Abk4021 dolphinsmile, FOB/DFC, Recording: B&K 4021s
LB-049110/30/01Green Bay2  
LB-056910/30/01Green Bay2A 
LB-488510/30/01Green Bay2Aversion "b"; Same source recording as LB-0569 but
LB-788810/30/01Green Bay, WI2Aversion "c"; Rip from audio Cd., CDR > EAC > .wav
LB-841310/30/01Green Bay,2Aversion "d'; I received this show as audio disks
LB-1059410/30/01Green Bay, WI2Aversion "e", Alternative recording to
LB-1325810/30/01Memorial Arena2A-oade, if my memory is right this was taped with
LB-047410/31/01Madison2A-Location: 15th Row, 1 Seat Left Of Center Aisle,
LB-412010/31/01Madison2ATaper: NET Taper A, Equipment: No information.,
LB-618410/31/01Madison2Aversion "b"; CDR > xAct > FLAC, Artwork courtesy
LB-1136410/31/01Madison, Wisconsin2B-version "c", lineage: free dylan library (or vine?
LB-050611/2/01Terre Haute2A- 
LB-789111/2/01Terre Haute, IN2A-version "a"; Rip from audio CD, Playing this
LB-500611/3/01Nashville2A-Audience recording > Unknown transfer > CDR (x) >
LB-521011/3/01Nashville2B+An OldToaD remaster, D1 71:34, D2 68:54, The
LB-789711/3/01Nashville, TN, USA2A-version "b"; Rip from audio CD. Complete recording
LB-1516711/3/01Municipal Auditorium2A-dm cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ? > CD
LB-1530511/3/01Nashville, Tennessee A-csc, Core Sound Cardioids > denecke ad-20 > Sony
LB-790211/4/01Cincinnati, OH, USA2Bversion "a"; Rip from audio CD, CDR > EAC > .wav >
LB-857211/4/01Cincinnati, Ohio2Asullylove; GA floor 20' back from Stage Dead
LB-044611/6/01Van Andel Arena2B+ 
LB-793711/6/01Grand Rapids2A-version "a"; Lineage:Unknown, CD-R>EAC (secure
LB-829811/6/01Grand Rapids2Asource: soomlos, center ga floor, core-sound
LB-039711/8/01Air Canada Centre2B+ 
LB-252211/8/01Air Canada Centre2B-Sony ECM-MS907 Microphone -> Sony MZ-N707 Mindisc
LB-963411/8/01Toronto, Canada2B+version "b", Lineage: Audio CDR's -> EAC
LB-1475911/8/01Toronto, ON B+csc dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by Martman, from
LB-053311/9/01Cobo Arena2A 
LB-066211/9/01Detroit2ARecording: B&K 4021s > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sony SBM-1
LB-489711/9/01Detroit2Aversion "b"; This could be LB-533 without the pops
LB-940911/9/01Detroit MI2Adsm6, Master: Sonic Studios DSM6's > DATM (Sony
LB-053111/10/01Nationwide Arena2  
LB-153311/10/01Nationwide Arena2A-version "a"
LB-566011/10/01Columbus2Asource: soomlos, fob, center, ga floor, core-sound
LB-1516811/10/01Nationwide Arena2A-dm cd, AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > ? > CD
LB-023411/11/01State College2A-version "a"
LB-323911/11/01State College2A- 
LB-771711/11/01University Park A-version "b"; Source: Unknown > Audio CDR's > EAC
LB-864311/11/01State College, PA2A-bourbon;, Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony
LB-275811/13/01Syracuse2B+Unfortunately I have no information about the
LB-791811/13/01Syracuse, NY, USA2B+version "a"; received in a trade as rip from audio
LB-1527811/13/01Syracuse,New York2B+schoeps ccm 4 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-450211/14/01Morgantown2B+Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-792111/14/01West Virginia2B+version "a"; Rip from audio Cd., CDR > EAC > .wav
LB-054011/15/01MCI Center2B+ 
LB-455111/15/01Washington2Asource: soomlos, fob, center, ga floor, core-sound
LB-974411/15/01Washington, D.C.2B+version "b", Lineage: Trade Audio CDR's -> EAC
LB-793011/17/01Philadelphia2Aversion "a"; Rip from audio CD., CD1 72:20.69 -
LB-831511/17/01Philadelphia2Asource: soomlos, fob/dfc ga floor, core-sound
LB-1502611/17/01Philadelphia, PA2A-cdr dolphinsmile, Discs>EAC>TLH8, Uploaded by
LB-054211/19/01Madison Square2A 
LB-125711/19/01Madison Square2Aversion "a"
LB-126511/19/01Madison Square3ABOOTLEG: In the Garden 2001; (1) Madison Square
LB-793411/19/01NYC, NY, USA2Aversion "c"; Rip from audio CD, CDR > EAC > .wav >
LB-1131211/19/01Madison Square2Aversion "d"; mis-described with info from LB-1257
LB-325511/20/01Uncasville2A-The reason of this torrent is very simple : this
LB-793611/20/01Uncasville, CT, USA2B-version "a'; Rip from audio CD. "Tombstone Blues /
LB-1059511/20/01Uncasville, CT2B-version "c", Alternative recording to LB-3255 &
LB-1152411/20/01Uncasville2A-csc soomlos, source: soomlos, lower 16, row r,
LB-299911/21/01Manchester2ATaper: Unwanted Man, Source: Unknown generation
LB-532411/21/01Manchester2ATaper: NET Taper E, Source: low-gen audio disks >
LB-1037711/21/01Manchester2Asullylove, 17th Row 2 seats of Dead Center on the
LB-1059711/21/01Manchester, NH2A-version "c", Alternative recording to NTE,
LB-293011/23/01Portland2A-Taper: Unwanted Man Music, Source: unknown
LB-318411/23/01Portland, Maine2 A DoinkerTape
LB-326211/23/01Portland, Maine2B+version "a"
LB-414511/23/01Portland2A-Taper: NET Taper E, Source: Audio disks (from
LB-439511/23/01Portland2A-Source: soomlos, fob, center, ga floor, core-sound
LB-055511/24/01Fleet Center2ANakamichi 700 microphones, D-7 Sony DAT
LB-293611/24/01Boston2ATaper: Unwanted Man, Source: Unknown generation
LB-475611/24/01Boston2ATaper: NET TAPER E, Source: Low-gen audio disks >
LB-1059611/24/01Boston, MA2Bversion "c", Alternative recording to NAK700, NTE
LB-1218811/24/01Boston2A-version "e", Taper: ?, Lineage: trade audio cd-r's


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