LosslessBob LB For Year 1998
LB-1138xx/xx/98MASTERS (BobDylan1ABOOTLEG: MASTERS (BobDylan.com); 1CD (Wild Wolf),
LB-69161/xx/98Madison Square2 BOOTLEG: Does the Big Apple; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-6917xx/xx/98Madison Square1 BOOTLEG: Voices in the Garden; cd > ultraplex >
LB-6938xx/xx/98Various2 BOOTLEG: From the Vaults; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-9106xx/xx/98various5B+Improved Air Catalog Number: IA34, TITLE:, "A 60th
LB-10545xx/xx/98various may 19981BBOOTLEG: nights of the living icons; Liberated
LB-11039xx/xx/98Live tracks2A-BOOTLEG: from the vaults vol2; Dandelion / DL
LB-11363xx/xx/98various 98-991 BOOTLEG: les bons moments; source: Live '98 & '99,
LB-11478xx/xx/98various1ABOOTLEG: masters 1998 1999 soundboard collection;
LB-150821/xx/98New York City1A-BOOTLEG: way up on the avenue; VAN MORRISON - Way
LB-15858xx/xx/98The Complete  complete bob dylan com captainacidremaster wavf,
LB-19691/13/98Garde Arts Center2A-this is a great show and includes a rarity. Bob
LB-155571/13/98New London, CT  daud oldneumanntapr, Digital Audience, "Got the
LB-28411/14/98New London2ABOOTLEG: LOVE SICK; (1) Garde Arts Center (New
LB-59641/14/98Garde Arts Center2 BOOTLEG: Not Dark Yet; Waveband, Bonus: Madison
LB-69181/14/98Garde Arts Center2 BOOTLEG: Not Dark Yet; version "b"; cd > ultraplex
LB-90821/14/98New London2Aversion "c"
LB-43511/16/98New York City2A-Off DAT clone(s), Taper: Bach, Remarks:, Bach
LB-65181/16/98New York City2A-ssrc; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-69461/16/98NYC2A-BOOTLEG: Time And TIme Again; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-111231/16/98New York, NY2Bversion "d", Audience > dat > Wav > Flac
LB-130401/16/98New York, NY A-pc dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by PC with Dat recorder
LB-134411/16/98New York, NY2Aschoeps dolphinsmile, Taped by a buddy of mine
LB-43521/17/98New York City2AOff DAT clone(s), Taper: unknown
LB-104231/17/98New York, New York Aversion "b"; torrent by dolphinsmile with no info
LB-155581/17/98New York City, NY  daud oldneumanntapr, Digital Audience, DAT clone(s
LB-08961/18/98New York2A- 
LB-26491/18/98New York City2B+version "a"
LB-31901/18/98MSG2Aversion "b"; FLAC, traded cdr>EAC>FLAC, Great
LB-43581/18/98New York City2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Dat
LB-64761/18/98New York City2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-150911/18/98Madison Square2Acsb kingrue, Source : CSB (omni) > Sony PCM-M1 >
LB-43001/20/98New York2ARecorded by Bobby Bourbon, Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax
LB-91091/20/98New York, NY2Afob; version "a";, Source: Unknown Mikes>DAT
LB-105831/20/98Madison Square2B+version "c", Alternative recording to Bourbon
LB-114961/20/98New York City2A-version "d"
LB-150921/20/98Madison Square2Acsb kingrue, Source : CSB (mics) > Sony TCD-D8
LB-43631/21/98New York City2A-Off DAT master, Taper: Bach, Lineage: OKM II
LB-64771/21/98New York City2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-69191/21/98Madison Square2ABOOTLEG: Madison Square Garden; cd > ultraplex >
LB-104481/21/98New York, New York2Aschoeps, dat clone from the master, Schoeps mics
LB-149731/21/98New York, NY1A-version "f", Van Morrison, Source: Unknown
LB-46451/24/98Boston2B+Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-49891/27/98Poughkeepsie2B-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-76461/28/98Syracuse, New York2Aversion "a" ;Unidentified taper, No source/no
LB-151351/28/98Syracuse, NY2Adolphinsmile, Taped by MPH, Schoeps>Sony D8>clone
LB-152771/28/98Syracuse,New York Aschoeps mk 4 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-51881/30/98Brookville2Aclete-fed; Schoeps Schoeps MK4V's>Schoeps KC5
LB-72591/30/98Brookville, NY2ABOOTLEG: The Air Burns; THINMAN 088/89, Released:
LB-109491/30/98Brookville, New York2Amk4 dolphinsmile 48k, recorded with Schoeps
LB-09051/31/98Atlantic City2A- 
LB-41571/31/98Atlantic City2 Taped By Bobby Bouron, Source: Schoeps
LB-150151/31/98Atlantic City, NJ A-steve f dolphinsmile 48, Taped by Steve F with Dat
LB-08942/1/98Newark, New Jersey2A- 
LB-76472/1/98Newark, New Jersey2A-version "a"; **** As far as I can see, this
LB-81912/1/98Newark, NJ, USA2A-version "b"; I received this in a trade (probably
LB-150192/1/98Newark, NJ Astephen f dolphinsmile 48k, Stephen F taper Dat
LB-76482/2/98Springfield2B+version "a"; **** This recording is not identical
LB-91812/2/98Springfield2A-version "b"
LB-115152/2/98Springfield2B+version "c", unknown source; sorry, no more
LB-22472/14/98Public Hall2AAUD > ? > CD-R > EAC (secure) > WAV > FLAC
LB-36602/14/98Cleveland2ASource: Schoeps CMC54 > Casio DA-R1000 DAT Master,
LB-41542/14/98Cleveland2ATaped by Travitz (my VMS02IB), Source: Schoeps
LB-156672/14/98Cleveland, Ohio Aschoeps dolphinsmile 48, Schoeps CMC54 > Casio
LB-64462/15/98Toledo, Ohio2Anet taper G, ?? - portable DAT-recorder - clone
LB-64472/15/98Toledo, Ohio2ABOOTLEG: A Knife, a Fork, a Bottle, a Cork; cd >
LB-130822/15/98Toledo, OH Aschoeps dolphinsmile 48, Schoeps Mics and Dat
LB-23912/17/98St. Louis, Missouri2A-excellent audience recording
LB-76532/17/98St. Louis, Missouri2A-version "a"; **** This recording has no LB-number;
LB-155942/17/98St. Louis, MO A-dolphinsmile 48, dat clone>file cloned in
LB-52052/19/98Cincinnati2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-59172/19/98Cincinnati2A-version "a"; more requests, FLACS (level8) from a
LB-150962/19/98Cincinnati, OH2A-dolphinsmile, GW Master Dat, Nakamichi Mics and
LB-138372/20/98Bristol, TN A-hf dolphinsmile 48k, taped from the third row, in
LB-08932/22/98George Mason2A- 
LB-125872/22/98Fairfax, VA2Aversion "a", From a DAT (received in trade, 1998).
LB-126762/22/98Fairfax, Virginia Ahce jv schoeps dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE JV
LB-15963/30/98Cameo Theater2A-CSBs> D7> SBAudigy> CDWave> Goldwave> Shorten> SHN
LB-34863/30/98Miami Beach2A-Additional sound mastering by Schubert
LB-35223/30/98Miami Beach, Florida2A-This was recorded with AKG 391s and transferred to
LB-92123/30/98Miami Beach, Florida2A-version "d", AKG 319 Sony dat d8 master
LB-101783/30/98Miami Beach, Florida2A-schubert asm version "e"; This is a Schubert
LB-34983/31/98Miami Beach2AAdditional sound mastering by Schubert; My CDR >
LB-35213/31/98Miami Beach2AThis was recorded with AKG 391s and transferred to
LB-76543/31/98Miami Beach, Florida2Aversion "b"; **** This recording is not LB-3498;
LB-87493/31/98Miami, Florida2Baplay;, Aplay DAT Master Series 009 / Geetarz
LB-137983/31/98Miami Beach, FL Ads dolphinsmile 48k, Dolphinsmile Master Dat,
LB-88884/4/98Buenos Aires1CTaper: Ricardo Ferrara (aka "Old Richard")., Owner
LB-137324/11/98Rio De Janeiro2BBOOTLEG: old friends from rio; The Rolling Stones,
LB-72624/13/98Sao Paolo, Brazil1DUnidentified taper, No source/no lineage
LB-119964/15/98Santiago de Chile2B-demux orginal video, Source: Videoregistration
LB-08895/13/98The Rage2A- 
LB-70815/13/98Vancouver2A-version "a"; aud>?>cdr (x)>flac, md5 checked with
LB-128685/13/98Vancouver, BC A-hce p dolphinsmile 48k, taped by a friend of HCE P
LB-25345/14/98General Motors Place2B+ 
LB-70845/14/98Vancouver2B+version "a"; aud>?>cdr(x)>flac, md5 checked with
LB-127935/14/98Vancouver, BC2B+hce pl dolphinsmile, clone off HCE PL dat. He did
LB-46415/16/98GEORGE WASHINGTON2A-Neumans km140 dat clone from master>cd ripped and
LB-54645/16/98The Gorge2A-version "a"; I received this show directly from
LB-72605/16/98George, WA2A-BOOTLEG: Above the Mighty Beast; THINMAN 086/87,
LB-46655/17/98George WA, the GORGE1ANeumann mics, fob, dat clone from master>ripped
LB-106365/17/98George WA1Aversion "a", Alternative recording to Neumann
LB-130815/17/98George, WA1Akm140 dolphinsmile, Neumanns KM140s and Dat
LB-139545/17/98George, WA A-mk4 teddyballgame 48, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison
LB-149675/17/98George, WA1Akm140s dolphinsmile, Neumanns KM140s and Dat
LB-07145/19/98San Jose1Acomplete aud
LB-33545/19/98San Jose, California1ABOOTLEG: Sweet Marie; silver, SBD > Wav > Flac
LB-72315/19/98San Jose, CA1ABOOTLEG: SAN JOSE ''98 SOUNDBOARD; Commercial
LB-76175/19/98San Jose, CA1AA Bigfoot Disc recorded and mastered to cdr by
LB-86735/19/98San Jose, California1A-BOOTLEG: san jose calling; ("Exclusive Series" 016
LB-113055/19/98San Jose, California2Akm140s, source: Neumann KM140s>EAA PSP/2>Sony
LB-125055/19/98San Jose1A-BOOTLEG: absolutely sweet california,; From
LB-151705/19/98San Jose1Aversion "j", I discovered this recording while
LB-153025/19/98San Jose, California  boiledgutsofbirds matrix 2444, A
LB-11165/21/98Pauley Pavilion2AFOB/Schoeps CMC641>SXM2>D100
LB-24855/21/98UCLA Pauley Pavilion2B+BOOTLEG: SICK LOVE; Zipperman Records
LB-31285/21/98UCLA-Los Angeles, CA2A-BOOTLEG: CALIFORNIA OR BUST; incomplete; From my
LB-76575/21/98Los Angeles2A-version "c";Taper: unidentified, Lineage: received
LB-131615/21/98LOS ANGELES1B+version "d", D3 Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff
LB-132195/21/98Los Angeles, CA Apdub dolphinsmile 48k, taped by PDub, sonics and
LB-140785/21/98Los Angeles, CA Aversion "i", From a DAT (received in trade, 1998
LB-50665/22/98Los Angeles1A-Audience recording (Lossy) > Unknown transfer >
LB-76525/22/98Los Angeles1A-version "a"; **** This recording has no LB-number
LB-122085/22/98Los Angeles A-dolphinsmile 48k, dat clone>microtrack>tracking in
LB-131625/22/98LOS ANGELES1Bd3 cassette master, D3 Cassette Master ->
LB-138015/22/98Los Angeles, CA Bdolphinsmile b 48k, dat master>clone to me>file
LB-46485/23/98Anaheim1A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-126215/23/98Anaheim, CA A-neumann doplhinsmile 48k, Taped with Neumann mics
LB-129405/23/98Anaheim, CA A-pdub dolphinsmile 48k, PDub version, Taped by PDub
LB-08865/30/98Rock am Ring1A- 
LB-37425/30/98Nurburgring, Germany2 version "a"; datadvd(FLAC) > Azareus > Torrent >
LB-54245/30/98Nurburg - Germany1AA zimmy21 recording !, Sound quality : Very good !
LB-61175/30/98Nurburgring, Germany2A-version "c"; Recordet with 32 kHz. Convert 44.1
LB-31775/31/98Nurenberg1B+incomplete; From my original silver cds. One track
LB-43995/31/98Nurenberg Germany ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-61135/31/98Nurenberg, Germany1Assrc; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-43716/2/98Leipzig2ATaper "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-64576/2/98Leipzig2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-106376/2/98Leipzig, Germany2B+version "b", Alternative recording to 'Bach'.,
LB-139976/2/98Leipzig, Germany Aokm dolphinsmile 48k, got this from one of the
LB-33256/3/98Berlin2AAudience recording
LB-43946/3/98Berlin, Germany2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-56106/3/98Berlin2Anet taper I, lineage, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-64406/3/98Berlin, Germany2Assrc; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-106386/3/98Berlin, Germany2A-version "e", Alternative recording to LB-3325 &
LB-134876/3/98Berlin  lta fix 48k, source:, originally uploaded
LB-150526/3/98Berlin, Germany B+dat 2 48k, From an old DAT (received in trade,
LB-150536/3/98Berlin, Germany Adat 1 48k, From an old DAT (received in trade,
LB-43786/4/98Rostock2Aversion "a"; Off DAT clone(s)
LB-44706/4/98Rostock2ATaper: Bach, Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-57346/4/98Rostock2Anet taper I, lineage, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-64596/4/98Rostock2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-69406/4/98Rostock, Germany2 BOOTLEG: I've Got New Eyes; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-121926/4/98Rostock, Germany2Aversion "f", dat clone from my friend CB who taped
LB-48476/6/98Malmo2A-Taper: Uncertain., Source: I received this flac
LB-69416/6/98Malmo, Sweden1 BOOTLEG: Shadows are Falling; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-09076/7/98Frognerbadet2ACDG: High sound quality, capturing the "cold" tone
LB-43736/7/98Oslo2B+Taper.MM, Lineage: Marantz mics > DAT
LB-81166/7/98Oslo, Norway2Averison "b"' mis-identifies itself as:"Taper: Bach
LB-104076/7/98oslo2B+version "c"; torrent from dolphinsmile with no
LB-124926/7/98Oslo, Norway2Aoldtoad, An OldToaD remaster, BLOWIN' IN THE WOOD,
LB-39836/9/98Globe Arena2A-Core Sound Binaurals, Sharp MD-702, CDR, EAC,
LB-41326/9/98Stockholm2A-Core Sound Binaurals, Sharp MD-702, Philips
LB-69206/9/98Stockholm, Sweden3A-BOOTLEG: At the Globe Arena; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-30336/10/98Goteborg2ATaper: Unknown, Source: Unreleased Crystal Cat
LB-115216/10/98Gteborg2Aversion "b", unknown source; sorry, no more
LB-15756/11/98Copenhagen, Denmark2B+BOOTLEG: I HAVE NO ONE TO MEET,; Waveband 10/11
LB-44066/11/98Copenhagen2A-Off DAT clone(s), Taper: unknown
LB-61576/11/98Copenhagen, Denmark2A-local taper DK: A, ?? -> portable DATrecorder -
LB-63086/11/98Copenhagen, Denmark2A-MM, Marantz mics -> portable DATrecorder - clone
LB-26006/12/98Hamburg, Germany2A-BOOTLEG: Everything Looks Far Away; Exclusive
LB-44366/12/98Hamburg2Aversion "a"; Off DAT clone(s)
LB-58006/12/98Hamburg2Anet taper I, lineage, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-64626/12/98Hamburg, Germany2Assrc; net taper I, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-64656/12/98Stadtpark2Anet taper F, OKMII -> portable Sony DATrecorder -
LB-69426/12/98Hamburg, Germany2A-BOOTLEG: Everything Looks Far Away; cd > ultraplex
LB-91206/12/98Bob Dylan2A-nim, recorded by NIM, OKM -> MZ-NH1 -> cooledit ->
LB-55056/14/98Bremen2Anet taper I, lineage, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-64946/14/98Bremen, Germany,2Assrc; net taper I, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-64996/14/98Bremen, Germany2Anet taper F, OKMII -> portable Sony DATrecorder -
LB-106396/14/98Bremen, Germany2B+version "e", Alternative recording to LB-2261 &
LB-109546/14/98Bremen, Germany2A-BOOTLEG: you will remember my name; Label:, The
LB-115226/14/98Bremen2A-version "g", unknown source; sorry, no more
LB-152216/14/98Bremen, Germany Ads archive 48, OKMII>Sony DAT>clone, to me>file
LB-09826/15/98Rotterdam1A-BOOTLEG: He's Getting Ready For the Show; label
LB-44906/15/98Rotterdam2Aversion "a"; Off DAT clone(s), Notes:, d1t6
LB-65166/15/98Rotterdam2A-ssrc; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-69436/15/98Rotterdam1A-BOOTLEG: He's Getting Ready For the Show; cd >
LB-43176/16/98Essen - Germany2AA zimmy21 recording, Sound quality : excellent !!
LB-43836/16/98Essen2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-59856/16/98Essen2Anet taper I, lineage, OKMII -> portable Sony
LB-64546/16/98Essen2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-69456/16/98Essen, Germany2 BOOTLEG: Walking With You in My Head; cd >
LB-43196/17/98Brussels2AA zimmy21 recording, Sound quality : excellent !!
LB-43926/17/98Brussels2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage. OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-64696/17/98Brussels2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-69396/17/98Brussels2ABOOTLEG: May Your Song Always Be Sung; cd >
LB-55706/19/98Belfast1D+audio trade (marcel,ssad.....), no info, audio >
LB-22596/20/98Newcastle2A-BOOTLEG: Six Days in June Vol1; Doberman label
LB-44776/20/98Newcastle2A-version "a"; Off DAT clone(s)
LB-46076/20/98Newcastle2Aversion "b"; DAT-Clone > TASCAM DA-40 > HD >
LB-69476/20/98Newcastle, England2ABOOTLEG: Jack the cowboy went up North; cd >
LB-85946/20/98Newcastle, England2A(Bt), Taper: Bt, DPA 4061 microphones and Sony
LB-43226/21/98Glasgow2BTaper/lineage: unknown, Not the best recording,
LB-46376/21/98Glasgow2Aversion "a"; Off DAT clone(s), Source/Linage:, DAT
LB-120716/21/98Glasgow, UK2Aversion "b", Traded CDrs > EAC > Traders Little
LB-69896/23/98Sheffield, England2BJTT; Good Audience Recording, SOURCE: DAT > DAT >
LB-86176/23/98Sheffield, England2A-Taper: Bt, DPA 4061 microphones and Sony TCD-100
LB-102286/23/98Sheffield, England2Bversion "c", Alternative recording to Lossless Bob
LB-47946/24/98Birmingham2A-Off DAT clone(s), Source/Linage:, (Sennheiser >)
LB-66156/24/98Birmingham, England2B+version "a"; Audience Recording, SOURCE: CDRs >
LB-69216/24/98Birmingham England2 BOOTLEG: Bette Davies Style; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-48986/25/98Manchester2AOff DAT clone(s), Taper: LTJ (Legendary Taper J),
LB-106406/25/98Manchester, England2A-version "a", Alternative recording to 'LTJ'.,
LB-108236/25/98Manchester, England1Abt inc, SOURCE:, Taper Bt, DPA 4061 microphones
LB-49336/26/98Roskilde2B+Taper: Identity withheld., Source: Audio disks
LB-53736/26/98Roskilde2B+version "a"; Taper unknown, Source/Linage:, Off
LB-34406/27/98London2A-DAT>CDr>EAC(secure mode)>FLAC(level 8)>Dime, A
LB-44536/27/98London2B+version "a"; Audience: Panasonic capsules>Sony D3
LB-50436/27/98London2A-Taper: Condor, Lineage: OKM II R > Sony DAT
LB-52496/27/98London2B+version "b"; Off DAT clone(s), Remarks:, Taper
LB-85866/27/98London, England2A(Bt), SOURCE:, Taper Bt, DPA 4061 microphones and
LB-103266/27/98London, England2B+BOOTLEG: forever young; Forever Young: Wembley
LB-116206/27/98London2A-ebr, Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony
LB-154626/27/98London, England A-dolphinsmile 48, Clone from dat master>file cloned
LB-49646/28/98Pilton1CTaper: Unknown., Source: Audio disks > (dBpowerAMP
LB-51606/28/98Pilton1Cversion "a"; 1 CD - 66.22, Taper unknown -
LB-157216/28/98Pilton, England, UK1Cfm, Aud>FM>?>CDr>EAC(secure)>TLH(flac8+sums)>Dime,
LB-47956/30/98Paris2C+unknowm audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-49596/30/98Paris2AOff DAT clone(s), Taper: LTJ, Source/Linage:, DAT
LB-69486/30/98Paris, France2 BOOTLEG: Never Ending Tour 98 in France Vol 1
LB-147656/30/98Paris Altj lta 48k, taper: LTJ, lineage:, Sennheiser
LB-20577/1/98Dijon2Atitled "Still on the Road"
LB-51817/1/98Dijon2AOff DAT clone(s), Taper: LTJ, Source/Linage:, DAT
LB-69497/1/98Dijon, France2 BOOTLEG: Never Ending Tour 98 in France Vol 2
LB-14067/3/98Stravinsky Hall2B+JT series, Transferred from a DAT master tape
LB-43887/3/98Montreux2B-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-64727/3/98Montreux2B+ssrc; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-71977/3/98Montreux2B+version "b"; Trade discs > EAC > flac level 6 >
LB-21497/4/98Verone, Italy2A-bootleg "Stars From The Darkest Night" without the
LB-25087/4/98Villafranca2Asource: DAUD, notes: low sound level in first
LB-43817/4/98Villafranca2A-Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion > Sony
LB-64507/4/98Villafranca2A-ssrc; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-69507/4/98Verona, Italy2A-BOOTLEG: Stars From the Darkest Night; cd >
LB-121427/4/98Villafranca - Italy2Bversion "e", CD RIP
LB-154467/4/98Verona, Italy A-rs master, (RS MiniDisc Master), Transfer:
LB-15727/5/98Rome2B+Improved Air Remaster 26, "Ballerino Rugoso (The
LB-43757/5/98Rome2ATaper: "Bach", Lineage: OKMII Rockversion > Sony
LB-64537/5/98Roma2Assrc; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II Rockversion >
LB-70587/5/98ROMA, ITALY2B(gnegno & fdo series #7) - uncirculated DAT master
LB-13987/6/98Piazza Napoleone2A-AKG C/407B(Front Row Center)>SONY
LB-44007/6/98Lucca2A-incomplete; Taper: "Bach", Lineage: OKM II
LB-35847/9/98Torino2AAudience recording, mic info: OKM, DAT > CDR > WAV
LB-106417/9/98Torino, Italy2Cversion "b", Alternative recording to LB-2073 &
LB-07097/11/98Escalarre, Spain2D- 
LB-76567/11/98Escalarre, Spain2D+version "a"; **** This recording has no LB-number
LB-85797/11/98Escalarre, Spain2D+verson "b"; poor sound, has hiss
LB-14027/12/98Frauenfeld2AJT Series
LB-46327/12/98Frauenfeld2ATaper: "Vito", Equipment: OKM II R > Sony DAT TCD
LB-59597/12/98Frauenfeld2B+version "b"; torrent desription added "received it
LB-25398/19/98Mercury Lounge2B+dolbyXLII cassette > cooledit200 > CDR > EAC >
LB-60538/19/98Melbourne2Bversion "a"; Unidentified taper
LB-70008/19/98Melbourne, Australia2BBOOTLEG: Down Under The Lounge; Dandelion DL
LB-25438/21/98Melbourne Park2Bdat > dolbyXLII cassette > cooledit200 > EQ+GE >
LB-60568/21/98Melbourne2B-version "a"; Unidentified taper
LB-28278/22/98Melbourne2B-dat > dolbyXLII cassette > cooledit200 > EQ+GE >
LB-60588/22/98Melbourne2B-version "a"; unknown taper, The lb 2827 is the
LB-25538/24/98Adelaide2B+off master cassette > Cooledit200 > EQ+HR > CDR >
LB-94448/24/98Adelaide, Australia2B-tonsco, [MASTER], 1998-08-24, Recorded by tonsco,
LB-113178/24/98Adelaide, Australia2B+ggb, Sony D6 pRO Walkman analogue Maxell Xls 2
LB-25628/26/98Burswood Dome2C-CDR > EAC > Flac (Taper unknown), Thanks LK
LB-25638/26/98Perth1C(partial tape), CDR > EAC > Flac (Taper John) -
LB-28348/28/98Darwin2Dpartial; CDR > EAC > Flac (Taper unknown)
LB-28169/1/98Brisbane2B+Dylan Set:, Dat > CDR > EAC > Flac (taper IN)
LB-51109/1/98Brisbane2B+version "a"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAQC>FLAC LEVEL
LB-28179/3/98Sydney2B+Dat > CDR > EAC > Flac (taper IN)
LB-52139/3/98Sydney2Bwm; Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-28189/4/98Sydney2B-dat > dolbyXLII cassette > cooledit200 > EQ+GE >
LB-15519/5/98Wollongong2BCDR trade (clean, thanks Ken) > EAC V0.95pb4 > WAV
LB-28199/5/98Wollongong2Bdat > dolbyXLII cassette > cooledit200 > EQ+GE >
LB-151489/5/98Wollongong2B-version "c", Alternative recording to
LB-28209/7/98Glenfield2B+(analogue) D6 > CoolEdit2000 > EQ > CDR > EAC >
LB-28219/8/98Glenfield2B(analogue) D6 > CoolEdit2000 > EQ > CDR > EAC >
LB-28229/8/98Glenfield2A-Dat > CDR > EAC > Flac (Taper LJK), (incomplete
LB-28289/10/98Wellington2ADat > CDR > EAC > Flac (Taper LJK)
LB-28299/10/98Wellington2B+(analogue), D6 > CoolEdit2000 > EQ > CDR > EAC >
LB-28369/12/98Christchurch2B+Dat > CDR > EAC > Flac (Taper LJK)
LB-28379/12/98Christchurch2BD6 > CoolEdit2000 > EQ > CDR > EAC > Flac (Taper
LB-53929/17/98Maui2B+audio trade, xACT > flacs > azareus > torrent > HC
LB-45859/19/98Honolulu2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-39959/22/98Puyallup2AAudience recording
LB-48759/22/98Puyallup2Aversion "b"; Audience recording; excellent sound
LB-61429/22/98Puyallup, Washington2B-version "c"
LB-71279/22/98Puyallup, Washington2ABOOTLEG: Packin Up in Pullyup; Taper: Unidentified
LB-59169/23/98Portland, Oregon2A-version"a"; Source/Lineage:
LB-76299/23/98Portland, Oregon2A-version "b";**** This recording is derived from
LB-59149/24/98Eugene1A-Taper: LTG, Lineage: dat aud master> dat clone(s
LB-151549/24/98Eugene, OR2Bversion "c", Alernative recording to LB-5914 LTG,
LB-24879/25/98Concord pavillion2ACSHEB>D100, 14th row directly back from right
LB-57399/25/98Concord pavillion2Aversion "a"; Taper: Not certain. [Legendary Taper
LB-24899/26/98Shoreline2ACSHEB>D100, 20th row directly back from left
LB-24919/26/98Mountain View1Aversion "a", excellent audience recording, no
LB-91709/26/98Mountain View2Asony nt2, Very decent sounding audience recording
LB-98509/26/98Mountain View1ABOOTLEG: west coast mountain; Mainstream / MAST -
LB-57379/27/98Reno2A-Taper: Not certain. [This date was taped by
LB-380210/20/98Regina2B+datadvd trade FLAC > azarues > torrent > DaD, no
LB-615610/20/98Regina2B+version "a"; Unidentified taper
LB-710510/20/98Regina2B+version "b"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: Audio
LB-711310/20/98Regina, SK2B+LTA Remaster; Audience Recording, taper unknown,
LB-201410/21/98Winnepeg2A-from dat master
LB-1495010/21/98Winnipeg2B-version "b", Alternative recording to LB-2014,
LB-543210/22/98Duluth2B+Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: audio disks from taper
LB-1495110/22/98Duluth, MN2B+version "c", Alternative recording to LB-5432 Glen
LB-126110/23/98Minneapolis Target2ABOOTLEG: Eating Caviar In a King-Sized Bed,;
LB-534710/23/98Minneapolis Target2B+Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: DAT master > audio
LB-591110/23/98Minneapolis2B+net taper A, ?? - portable DAT-recorder - clone
LB-907110/23/98Minneapolis2Asbd version "d";
LB-1530810/23/98Minneapolis  boiledgutsofbirds 2444, A "boiledgutsofbirds"
LB-170010/25/98Chicago2A-ALD ? or SBD ? Uncertain origins but one mighty
LB-1270710/25/98Chicago, IL A-pdub doplphinsmile retracked 48k, recorded by PDub
LB-1495210/25/98Chicago, IL2Bversion "e", Alternative recording to LB-1700 &
LB-456710/26/98Indianapolis2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-614410/26/98Indianapolis2A-Source: Greg Holtz's Master DAT, Show Recorded
LB-372510/28/98Auburn Hills2B+ 
LB-616810/28/98Auburn Hills2B+version "a"; Unidentified taper
LB-709710/28/98Auburn Hills2A-version "c"; Taper: Unidentified, Source: audio
LB-1248510/28/98Auburn Hills A-g2 version "e", G2 MASTER AUDIENCE RECORDING, 2016
LB-299610/29/98Toronto2BAKG CE5 Mic, Uher 240 deck, Source: Audience
LB-502310/29/98Toronto2Bversion "a"; Audience recording (Lego parapets) >
LB-1490010/29/98Toronto, Ontario Bcsb kingrue 24, Source : CSB mics > 9V power
LB-454610/30/98Kanata2B+Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-747810/30/98Kanata2B+BOOTLEG: Native Land; Sharing one of mine silvers:
LB-861310/30/98Kanata2B+version "b"; Unidentified taper
LB-1259110/30/98Kanata2A-version "c", From CDRs (received in trade, 1999).
LB-146811/1/98Madison Square2AConversion: CDR>EAC(secure)>MKW Audio Compression
LB-423011/1/98New York2ARecorded By Bobby Bourbon, Source: Schoeps
LB-1514311/1/98New York2A-version "d", Alternative recording to LB-1468 &
LB-410311/2/98Syracuse2ARecording: 7th Row Center: Schoeps mk4 > Sony
LB-410411/2/98Syracuse2AAudience recording (full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-1301911/2/98Syracuse, NY2Ax schoeps, Schoeps mks4 active cables - schoeps
LB-1528211/2/98Syracuse,New York Aschoeps mk 4 dat fob terry sullivan master,
LB-410811/3/98Rochester2A-Audience recording (full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-409111/5/98College Park2AAudience recording (full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-514911/5/98College Park2Abourbon; Schoeps MK4V's>Sonosax SX-M2>Sony
LB-1100311/5/98College Park, MD2ABOOTLEG: disobeyed his orders; (Thinman-127/128),
LB-310911/7/98Atlanta2BLineage:, Atlanta: Boot CDr's -> shn, A
LB-586911/7/98Atlanta2BTaper: NET Taper K, Source: Audio disks >


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