LosslessBob Bootleg CD - The Dylan Roots
LosslessBob Bootleg CD
The Dylan Roots

DateLabel DescriptionLocationCDLB
02/01/61Skeleton SKCD 1001New Jersey1LB-6629


Additional DescriptionQualityReferencesT#
Gleason Home Tape,Carnegie Hall 11/4/61 sap101


11San Francisco Bay Blues 4
12Jesus Met The Woman At The Well 4
13Gypsy Davey 4
14Pastures Of Plenty 4
15Trail Of The Buffalo 4
16Jesse James 4
17Car, Car (Riding In My Car) 4
18Southern Cannonball 4
19Bring Me Back My Blue-Eyed Boy 4
110Remember Me (When The Candle Lights Are Gleaming) 4
111Pretty Peggy-O11/4/6113
112In The Pines (Black Girl)11/4/6113
113Gospel Plow11/4/6113
1141913 Massacre11/4/6113
115Backwater Blues11/4/6113
116A Long Time A-Growing11/4/6113
117Fixin' To Die11/4/6113