LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
10/31/64Greatest Hits Live114LB-6667 
11/29/67Biograph14 129
11/29/67Bob Dylan's Greatest - Vol II15 129
11/29/67John Wesley Harding112 129
11/29/67Masterpieces312 129
8/31/69Isle of Wight114LB-6698139
8/31/69Minstel Boy112LB-6699139
4/1/76Are you ready for the Carnival15LB-6721184
5/1/76Highway 49 Revisited14LB-6723 
1/30/78Darkness at the Break of Noon11LB-6600197
1/30/78Moving Violation11LB-6732197
2/26/78A Night to Remember18LB-6733 
4/1/78It's All Right Babe215LB-5184 
11/10/81Stadiums of the Damned112LB-6636 
11/12/81You Can't Kill an Idea, Part 1,2112LB-5842 
5/1/87The French Girl14LB-6772343
5/1/87The French Girl28LB-6772343
7/4/87A Dream Come True13LB-6773 
7/10/87I'll be Your Robert Today12LB-6776 
7/10/87Men of Peace12LB-6777 
9/5/87Visit to Islael12LB-6781 
10/11/87Temples in Flames32LB-6771 
10/17/87The Critics Choice Vol 5 & 6212LB-6786 
11/22/87Dancing in the Dark24LB-6787353_1
7/6/88Subteranean Philidelphia Blues15LB-6797 
6/10/89Hunted (Like a Crocodile)14LB-6592 
6/20/89All the Way Down to Italy113LB-6804 
7/5/90Rooftop Serenade13LB-6815 
6/18/91New Morning17LB-6823 
6/22/91New Morning28LB-6823 
10/30/91Answer Me18LB-6826 
11/4/91Live in Evanston Illinois14LB-6827 
11/4/91Simple Man Keep Waiting19LB-6862 
11/5/91Madison 9112LB-6828 
4/24/92Paradise, Hawaiian Style16LB-6830 
5/4/92Tangled Up in Blue16LB-6831 
7/7/92Meran 9217LB-6640 
8/31/92Friend of the Devil18LB-6835 
11/16/93First Supper23LB-6853409
11/17/93Second Supper15LB-6854411
2/14/94Japan 199416LB-6860 
7/10/94Love Minus Zero16LB-6867 
8/16/94Just Because16LB-6872 
2/9/97Northern Songs47LB-4525 
8/7/97Can't Wait Vol. 214LB-6914 
10/3/97Never Mind the Bollocks Here's Bob Dylan14LB-6330 
1/14/98Not Dark Yet14LB-6918