LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Detail for Tangled Up In Tapes 1994 Number: 450
LosslessBob Bootleg CD
Detail for Tangled Up In Tapes 1994 Number: 450
9/2/95Cleveland, OHRock & Roll Hall of Fame


Bootleg CD TitleLabelcdseqsongseqSongLB#
Exclusive Series '95ES13All Along The WatchtowerLB-6876
Exclusive Series '95ES14Forever YoungLB-6876
Loud and StrongWhite Rabbit23All Along The WatchtowerLB-6080
Loud and StrongWhite Rabbit24Just Like A WomanLB-6080
Loud and StrongWhite Rabbit25Seeing The Real You At LastLB-6080
Loud and StrongWhite Rabbit26Highway 61 RevisitedLB-6080
Loud and StrongWhite Rabbit27Forever YoungLB-6080
Forever YoungGamble Records17All Along The WatchtowerLB-6891
Forever YoungGamble Records18Just Like A WomanLB-6891
Forever YoungGamble Records19Seeing The Real You At LastLB-6891
Forever YoungGamble Records110Highway 61 RevisitedLB-6891
Forever YoungGamble Records111Forever YoungLB-6891
Pledging My TimeCrystal Cat26All Along The WatchtowerLB-6893
Pledging My TimeCrystal Cat27Just Like A WomanLB-6893
Pledging My TimeCrystal Cat28Seeing The Real You At LastLB-6893
Pledging My TimeCrystal Cat29Highway 61 RevisitedLB-6893
Pledging My TimeCrystal Cat210Forever YoungLB-6893
Big Bob and Holding Company?16All Along The WatchtowerLB-6466
Big Bob and Holding Company?17Just Like A WomanLB-6466
Big Bob and Holding Company?18Seeing The Real You At LastLB-6466
Big Bob and Holding Company?19Highway 61 RevisitedLB-6466
Big Bob and Holding Company?110Forever YoungLB-6466