LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - All Along The Watchtower
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
All Along The Watchtower
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
10/31/64Greatest Hits Live113LB-6667 
11/29/67Bob Dylan's Greatest - Vol II111 129
11/29/67John Wesley Harding14 129
11/29/67Masterpieces16 129
1/14/74Love Songs for America23LB-6705 
1/14/74Phantoms of My Youth114LB-6704 
1/15/74Into the Flood113LB-6706 
1/31/74The Poet & the Players112LB-6708 
2/13/74Before the Flood27 167
2/13/74Biograph316 167
2/14/74Paint the Daytime Black16LB-6709 
2/14/74With a Little Help of Two Stones110LB-6710 
2/24/78Far East Tour29LB-4143 
2/26/78A Night to Remember26LB-6733 
2/28/78Bob Dylan at Budokan25 202
4/1/78It's All Right Babe28LB-5184 
6/2/78Stop Crying115LB-6735 
6/7/78Best Wishes211LB-6736 
6/18/78Tales of Yankee Power210LB-6737 
7/6/78Border Beneath the Sun29LB-6738 
7/15/78The Picnic at Blackbushe210LB-6740 
9/17/78Inside the Coliseum210LB-6741 
10/12/78I was Young When I Left Home27LB-6742 
11/10/78Live at the Pitstop 78 - Gaza Strip210LB-6743 
11/30/80Rise Again17LB-6579 
11/10/81Stadiums of the Damned111LB-6636 
11/12/81You Can't Kill an Idea, Part 1,2111LB-5842 
5/27/84Dirty Lies12LB-6752272
6/3/84The Jokerman has just left the Stadium13LB-6753 
6/11/84From the Mountains of Madrid115LB-6755 
6/13/84Just the Girls13LB-6754 
6/19/84Oh the streets of Rome13LB-6756 
6/28/84From the Coast of Barcelona13LB-6757 
7/1/84Les Temps Changent13LB-6758 
7/7/84What's Real13LB-6760 
7/31/86True Confessions12LB-6764314
7/4/87A Dream Come True110LB-6773 
7/4/87You Dont Know Me41LB-6626 
7/10/87I'll be Your Robert Today112LB-6776 
7/10/87Men of Peace112LB-6777 
7/12/87Dylan Plays Dead112LB-6778 
7/19/87In the Heart of Oregon110LB-6780 
7/26/87Dylan and Dead16 352
9/5/87Visit to Islael26LB-6781 
9/12/87Temples in Flames27LB-6771 
6/30/88Blown Out On The Trail22LB-6795 
6/30/88You Figure It Out114LB-6796 
6/7/89No Photographs Please17LB-6803 
6/10/89Hunted (Like a Crocodile)115LB-6592 
6/20/89All the Way Down to Italy114LB-6804 
7/15/89Nothing But You(Old Orchard Beach)116LB-6806 
1/12/90Toads Place Vol 126LB-6611375
2/1/90Infinity on Trial17LB-6811 
2/5/90The Critics Choice Vol 1 & 213LB-6812 
2/8/90Staying Here With You19LB-6813 
7/5/90CanYouPleaseTellMeWhat I'mDoingHere?16LB-6814 
6/10/91Ljubljana 9113LB-6820 
6/11/91Belgrad 9113LB-6821 
6/18/91New Morning13LB-6823 
6/29/91The Never Ending Tour12LB-6824 
10/17/91Answer Me27LB-6826391
10/30/91Answer Me13LB-6826 
11/4/91Live in Evanston Illinois15LB-6827 
11/5/91Madison 9114LB-6828 
4/2/92No Time to Think112LB-6851 
4/24/92Paradise, Hawaiian Style24LB-6830 
5/9/92San Jose Revisted115LB-6833 
7/7/92Meran 9227LB-6640 
9/2/92Friend of the Devil13LB-6835 
10/12/92Dust My Broom12LB-6836 
2/8/93Apollo Landing13LB-6841 
2/8/93The Illusion of Time13LB-6842 
2/9/93Just Like Zimmerman13LB-2779 
2/11/93If not for you13LB-5858 
2/12/93Fifth Time Around13LB-6843 
2/16/93Shadows in the Sound13LB-6844 
2/18/93It Ain't Me Babe13LB-6845 
2/21/93And the Never Ending Tour Band13LB-6846 
4/19/93Hard Times in Alabama13LB-6847 
6/29/93Hard Times in Marseilles13LB-5811 
7/1/93From the Coast of Barcelona115LB-6849 
9/8/93Not Much is Really Sacred13LB-6106 
9/8/93The Real Sound12LB-6107 
10/2/93Stumblin' Along13LB-6852 
2/5/94Jokerman and Queen Mary13LB-6855 
2/7/94Breakfast in Yokohama13LB-6856 
2/9/94Lunch in Tokyo13LB-6857 
2/12/94Dinner in Osaka13LB-6858 
2/12/94If Not for You13LB-6859 
2/14/94Japan 199413LB-6860 
2/16/94Through a glass Darkly13LB-6861 
2/20/94Breakfast in Yokohama27LB-6856 
4/18/94Simple Man Keep Waiting13LB-6862 
4/28/94The Real Voice of America13LB-6863 
7/3/94Napolean in Rags13LB-6865 
7/7/94The Man the Master12LB-6866 
7/10/94Love Minus Zero13LB-6867 
7/15/94The Wiener Club of Spaulding13LB-6868 
7/25/94On A Night Like This13LB-6869 
8/14/94North Stage13LB-6870420
8/14/94Woodstock 199413LB-6871420
8/16/94Just Because13LB-6872 
8/19/94Pittsburg 9413LB-6873 
10/8/94Blue Eyed Boston Boy13LB-6874 
10/19/94New York '9413LB-5742 
10/19/94Stuck inside of Roseland with the New York Blues12LB-6875 
10/20/94All Along the Roseland13LB-5794 
11/17/94MTV Unplugged13 440
11/18/94Completely Unplugged21LB-6426430
3/11/9512/- A Pound13LB-6877 
3/15/95Down in the Flood13LB-6878 
3/18/95With One Hand Waving Free V213LB-6879 
3/20/95With One Hand Waving Free13LB-5828 
3/23/95A Million Faces at My Feet13LB-6641 
3/30/95F*** The PlayList! Brixton II13LB-5784 
3/30/95Skippin Reels of Rhyme13LB-5963 
3/31/95Bob's Full House Brixton III13LB-5785 
3/31/95Brixton Blues13LB-5786 
4/2/95One Hand Waving Free13LB-6342 
4/5/95Songs of Darkness, Songs of Light13LB-6649 
4/12/95Dylan Gets to the Point13LB-6880 
5/27/95Guided by the Eternal Light13LB-6882 
5/27/95Loud and Strong13LB-6080 
6/21/95The Pedlar Now Speaks13LB-6883 
6/25/95Bob and Jerry13LB-6884 
6/25/95Summer Night 199513LB-6885 
6/29/95Salt for Salt14LB-6886 
7/8/95Germany Summer Tour 95 Vol 113LB-6888 
7/10/95Germany Summer Tour 95 Vol 128LB-6888 
7/12/95Germany Summer Tour 95 Vol 211LB-6889 
7/14/95Sounds Inside My Mind13LB-6242 
9/2/95Big Bob and Holding Company16LB-6466450
9/2/95Exclusive Series '9513LB-6876450
9/2/95Forever Young17LB-6891450
9/2/95Loud and Strong23LB-6080450
9/2/95Pledging My Time26LB-6893450
10/26/95Pledging My Time13LB-6893 
12/17/95Paradise Regained13LB-6894 
6/20/96Escaping on the Run Vol 113LB-6899 
6/21/96Escaping on the Run Vol 213LB-6900 
6/22/96Something's Happening Here13LB-6901 
6/24/96You Can Call Me Zimmy13LB-6902 
6/27/96The Empire Strikes Back13LB-6903 
7/1/96It Takes A Lot To Laugh13LB-6904 
7/3/96Always On My Mind Vol. 213LB-6905 
7/8/96Ancient Odes13LB-6906 
7/12/96Eyes of the Idol13LB-6382 
7/14/96Dance Beneath the Diamond Sky13LB-6907 
7/18/96North Wind Blowing13LB-6908 
8/8/96House of Blues13LB-6112 
10/25/96Dallas, Texas13LB-6909 
2/13/97Hollis Brown At Ivy13LB-6910 
2/20/97Northern Songs33LB-4525 
4/8/97Million Miles13LB-6912 
6/9/98At the Globe Arena11LB-6920