LosslessBob LB For Year 1967
LB-1428xx/xx/67Essential GBT1 The best (IMHO) performances of the circulating
LB-1979xx/xx/67Complete Basement10B(lk) Well, here is it, my third attempt to cover
LB-2814xx/xx/67The Genuine Basement4 BOOTLEG: A Tree With Roots; Scorpio GBS 67, Silver
LB-3289xx/xx/67The Complete1BCorrection to d7 of the 10 disk set; this is the
LB-6391xx/xx/67"Big Pink"11Bversion "d", & THE BAND, THE BASEMENT REELS, Bob
LB-6690xx/xx/67US2 BOOTLEG: After the Crash Vol 1; cd > ultraplex >
LB-6691xx/xx/67Saugerties, NY1 BOOTLEG: Down In The Basement; cd > ultraplex >
LB-6692xx/xx/67Saugerties, NY1 BOOTLEG: The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 1; cd >
LB-6693xx/xx/67Saugerties, NY1 BOOTLEG: The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 2; cd >
LB-6694xx/xx/67Saugerties, NY1 BOOTLEG: The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 3; cd >
LB-6695xx/xx/67Saugerties, NY1 BOOTLEG: The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 4; cd >
LB-6696xx/xx/67Saugerties, NY1 BOOTLEG: The Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 5; cd >
LB-7344xx/xx/67Basement Tapes1ABOOTLEG: Safety Master; Lowgen; Hollow Horn
LB-7373xx/xx/67Complete" Basement1Areconstruction by jtt; This Torrent is not
LB-7688xx/xx/67new Basement boot2ABOOTLEG: Safety Master; lowgen redo; Basement
LB-9041xx/xx/67Big Pink1B+BOOTLEG; basement tapes acetate vinyl jtt;, THIS
LB-9043xx/xx/67Basement Tapes Tape1B+basementtapestape reel;, Lineage: Ten Inch Reel to
LB-9321xx/xx/67For Basement Addicts1B+BOOTLEG: little white wonder vinyl; vinyl jtt,
LB-9453xx/xx/67basement tapes1BBOOTLEG: million dollar bash vinyl; jtt, No Label
LB-10684xx/xx/67The Genuine Basement4 genuine basement outtakes, lineage unknown
LB-11056xx/xx/67basement tapes1B-BOOTLEG: more music from big pink; Early Years
LB-11057xx/xx/67Basement Tapes 19671ABOOTLEG: mixing up the medicine; Hollow Horn,
LB-11058xx/xx/67basement tapes5 BOOTLEG: genuine basement tapes wild wolf; silver
LB-11059xx/xx/67Basement Noise -1 basement noise bt compilation, Created by: CWS,
LB-11060xx/xx/67Big Pink1 BOOTLEG: one for the road; oil well rsc 108
LB-11061xx/xx/67basement tapes1 pig pink soniclovenoize, Big Pink, (soniclovenoize
LB-11134xx/xx/67tree with roots4 tree with roots captainacidremaster, Hi Zimmy gang
LB-11201xx/xx/67A Tree With Roots4 BOOTLEG: a tree with roots - white bear; (First
LB-14744xx/xx/67various  BOOTLEG: alternate live john wesley harding; The
LB-1432812/4/67Basement Tapes1Agans miller, & The Hawks, From The Archive of


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