LosslessBob LB For Year 1976
LB-0388xx/xx/76Going Going Guam4B+BOOTLEG: Going Going Guam;
LB-3237xx/xx/76Rolling Thunder9 This setlist is from lk RTR file, it does not
LB-32951/1/76Bellevue Biltmore3A-version "b"; Recorded with ambient microphones.,
LB-8568xx/xx/76the guam rehearsals1Bversion "a"; bonus tracks
LB-10562xx/xx/76various1B-BOOTLEG: acoustic thunder; SOURCE: Audience,
LB-11127xx/xx/76rehearsals4B+going going guam captainacid, Hi gang, i had a
LB-12219xx/xx/76Rolling Thunder4B+(The Rolling Thunder Revue 2 Rehearsals 1976), Box
LB-14079xx/xx/761976 Tour Rehearsals A-ds master rehearsals pt2 dolphinsmile 48k,
LB-14761xx/xx/76Various9 guam thunder acidproject, Hi Dylan gang, i was
LB-14782xx/xx/76RTR3B+dolphinsmile rehearsals pt 1, Part one, Analog
LB-14833xx/xx/76various  BOOTLEG: nearer to the fire vinyl; nearer to the
LB-14864xx/xx/76various  BOOTLEG: best of rtr 1976
LB-15030xx/xx/76Going Going Guam4B+BOOTLEG: going going guam oms; Going Going Guam
LB-67201/23/76LA1 BOOTLEG: The Day before the Hurricane; cd >
LB-22631/25/76Houston1C+version "a"; I believe this is an unusually
LB-25721/25/76Houston Astrodome1B-version "b"; Night Of The Hurricane 2, Audience
LB-43041/25/76Houston Astrodome1B-lk version; Night Of The Hurricane 2, Audience
LB-49451/25/76Houston1 3 different sources (1-7 good, 8-15 very good, 16
LB-24623/30/76Shangri-La Studios1BBOOTLEG: Happy, Happy Birthday Eric; Various
LB-92173/30/76Shangri-La Studios1B version "a"; folder titled: "happy birthday eric"
LB-113743/30/76Shangri-La Studios2B-BOOTLEG: from paradise to shangri la; Eric Clapton
LB-67214/1/76Rehearsals1 BOOTLEG: Are you ready for the Carnival; cd >
LB-67224/1/76Belleville Bitmore1 BOOTLEG: The Days Before Hard Rain; cd > ultraplex
LB-152704/xx/76Clearwater1 BOOTLEG: days before hard rain dymamite; Dynamite
LB-152664/15/76Belleview Biltmore2 lk, Rehearsals before tour.
LB-152694/17/76Belleview Biltmore2 lk, Rehearsals before tour.
LB-02004/18/76Lakeland, FL2 master,
LB-24414/18/76Lakeland, FL2Bverion "a"; This is a high-spirited show that many
LB-40964/18/76Lakeland Florida2Blowgen; This is an exceptional performance from
LB-54114/18/76Lakeland2BJTT; "Cleaned Up", Mono Audience Recording,
LB-68014/18/76Lakeland2BBOOTLEG: Untitled 1976; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-86524/18/76LAKELAND4Cversion "e";, Cassette Master -> Untracked Aiff
LB-92734/18/76Lakeland2Bheyer lowgen, An exceptional and highly
LB-29344/20/76St. Petersburg2BSource/Lineage: aud mono>?>CD-Rs>me [removed sbe
LB-43104/20/76St. Petersburg2Blk; Master > CDR > EAC > Flac; from lk 76 data
LB-94014/20/76St Petersburg2B-jtt, Partial Tape (Transfer from Cassettes, JTT),
LB-42714/21/76Tampa2B-Master > CDR > EAC > Flac; (from lk dvd set)
LB-45984/21/76Tampa2Baud > Lowgen archives > CD-Rs > EAC > .flac
LB-121964/21/76Tampa2Blowgen, Aud tape. Not a great seat or a good mic,
LB-03864/22/76Starlight Ballroom2B-evening,
LB-08134/22/76Bellevue Biltmore1B+afternoon and evening shows, Complete circulating
LB-35624/22/76Bellevue Biltmore2B-evening show; LK version;, (?)>EAC>SoundForge 8.0
LB-35634/22/76Clearwater1B+evening show, sbd; (?)>EAC>TLH(FLAC level 8, check
LB-43054/22/76Clearwater1B+afternoon, lk PA; Tracks (1-7) are on Video,
LB-43064/22/76Clearwater2Bevening, lk aud + PA; PA Tracks are on Video,
LB-72474/22/76Clearwater, Florida1Cversion "f";, Different versions of the Clearwater
LB-88084/22/76Clearwater2Bversion "g";, Evening, Fixed LB-4306, 2CDR,
LB-19334/23/76Sports Stadium2B-Source: Aud mono, Lineage: CD-Rs, Taped by: ?,
LB-29334/23/76Orlando Sports2B-Thanks to BH., Super-turbo double remastered, Good
LB-34844/23/76Orlando (Florida)2B-Mono audience recording, This is a fun show. The
LB-91534/23/76ORANDO FL2B-version "c", Master reels(now lost dont exist
LB-16744/25/76University Of1A-* incomplete recording, NOTES:, Recorded with a
LB-30184/25/76Gainesville2C-version "a"'; Lineage/Source: ?>CD-Rs>me>you,
LB-35934/25/76Gainsville3C-version "b", -Stereo audience recording of Guam
LB-36844/25/76Gainesville, Florida2C-version "c"; audience tape, remastered with,
LB-43084/25/76Gainesville2C-lk; Master > CDR > EAC > FLAC., Notes:-only
LB-114904/25/76Gainesville, FL2C-version "e", I don't know which version I have as
LB-43094/27/76Tallahassee1C-lk; My Tape > Cooledit > NR & HR > CDR > EAC >
LB-31154/28/76Pensacola2B-Lineage/Source: mono audience>?>CD-Rs>me>you,
LB-34534/28/76Pensacola2B-version "a"
LB-43254/28/76Pensacola2Blk; My Low gen Tape > CDR > EAC > Flac; from lk 76
LB-46004/28/76Pensacola2B-aud > Lowgen archives > CD-Rs > EAC > .flac
LB-00614/29/76Mobile, Alabama3Bfrom Bob Meyer's audience master collection,
LB-159234/29/76Mobile, AL A-eve partial soundboard mono 48, evening show,
LB-159284/29/76Mobile, AL A-eve stereo demix 24, evening show, Partial
LB-05665/1/76Reid Green Coliseum2B+from master aud,
LB-31195/1/76Hattiesburg2B+version "a";, Source/Lineage: mono
LB-43235/1/76Hattiesburg2B+lk; Low Gen / Master > CDR > EAC > FLAC; from lk
LB-67235/1/76Hattiesburg, MS2B+BOOTLEG: Highway 49 Revisited; cd > ultraplex >
LB-100105/1/76Hattiesburg2B+lowgen, Very good show. Clean audience recording.,
LB-104135/xx/76fort collins1B-lk; described in torrent description as "LesKokays
LB-120585/1/76Hattiesburg2B+lowgen no eq, Very good show. Clean audience
LB-05095/3/76The Warehouse3Bcomplete sbd,
LB-28315/3/76New Orleans2A-Evening Show, (pitch corrected); SBD > ? > Boot CD
LB-43265/3/76New Orleans3B-lk; PA tape, Low Gen / Master > CDR > EAC > FLAC;
LB-55775/3/76New Orleans3A-version "c"; Evening Show, SBD > ? > DAT >
LB-61775/3/76New Orleans2A-BOOTLEG: Friends And Other Strangers; nfo taken
LB-67245/3/76New Orleans1 BOOTLEG: Creatures Void of Form; cd > ultraplex >
LB-67255/3/76New Orleans2 BOOTLEG: Live at the Warehouse; cd > ultraplex >
LB-67265/3/76New Orleans -2 BOOTLEG: Rolling Thunder Revue; cd > ultraplex >
LB-110915/3/76New Orleans, LA1B-BOOTLEG: dared to be free; Rock Calendar / RC 2109
LB-158205/3/76New Orleans2A-BOOTLEG: New Orleans 1976 Soundboard; Evening Show
LB-158755/3/76New Orleans  acidproject, Evening Show, Hi Dylan gang, i have
LB-05705/4/76L.S.U. Assembly1 aud
LB-30695/4/76Baton Rouge1 version "a"; Lineage/Source: ?>me>you, Notes: Les
LB-34235/4/76Baton Rouge3Dnamed "the belly baton window" in artwork; Good
LB-37565/4/76Baton Rouge1 Lowgen; A Bauble From BatonRouge, 11-song partial
LB-43205/4/76Baton Rouge3C-lk aud; Poor audience recording with very serious
LB-49515/4/76Baton Rouge3C-aud > ? > LB-4320 (.flac files from Les Kokay RTR
LB-43325/8/76Houston2C-lk; Another poor tape with serious speed problems,
LB-49465/8/76Houston2 Low Gen > CDR > EAC > Flac (LB-4332; files from
LB-21315/11/76San Antonio2BI got this soundboard-/audience-mix of
LB-33085/11/76San Antonio1 BOOTLEG: San Antonio 1976;
LB-43035/11/76San Antonio1C-My Tape > CoolEdit > HR > CDR > EAC > Flac; aud
LB-58015/11/76San Antonio1B+version "c"; incomplete soundboard recording
LB-58135/11/76San Antonio, Texas1B-version "d"; Lowgen; Mono audience recording., A
LB-67275/11/76San Antonio1 BOOTLEG: Discover Broken; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-104445/11/76San Antonio1B+sdb from analog master, incomplete soundboard
LB-108355/11/76San Antonio (Texas)1B+sbd lowgen, A fine show and a good partial
LB-150945/11/76San Antonio B+dolphinsmile sdb bonus 48k, incomplete soundboard
LB-159245/12/76Austin, TX A-partial soundboard mono 48, Partial soundboard,
LB-159265/12/76Austin, TX A-stereo demix 24, Newly circulated in December 2023
LB-05675/16/76Fort Worth4Bcomplete aud master, songs were reordered to
LB-43215/16/76Fort Worth4B+aud lk; Low Gen tape > CDR > EAC > Flac; from lk
LB-67285/16/76Fort Worth, TX2B+BOOTLEG: Hold the Fort for what its worth; cd >
LB-82875/16/76Fort Worth, Texas2ABOOTLEG: Hold The Fort For What Its Worth; version
LB-83015/16/76Fort Worth, Texas2ABOOTLEG: Hold the Fort (Lock Up the Warehouse),;
LB-110175/16/76Fort-Worth, TX2A-BOOTLEG: thunder rolls through many nights;
LB-111315/16/76Fort Worth2Aversion "f", CDA>WAVELAB>FLAC, SBD, Manufacturer /
LB-112375/16/76Fort-Worth, TX2A-BOOTLEG: thunder rolls through many nights;
LB-155885/16/76Fort Worth, TX A-lta 48, taper: unknown, lineage:,
LB-04235/18/76State Fair Arena /2B- 
LB-27605/18/76Oklahoma City2B-SBD > ? > CD > EAC > WAV > Soundforge 6.0 > CD
LB-43275/18/76Oklahoma City1A-lk; PA Tape, My Low Gen tape > CoolEdit > HR > CDR
LB-61655/18/76Oklahoma City1A-LK PA Fixed LB4327; PA Tape, My Low Gen tape >
LB-67295/18/76Oklahoma1B+BOOTLEG: Blood & Thunder; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-83935/18/76Oklahoma City2Cversion "e"; Audience tape > My Low Gen tape >
LB-97375/18/76Oklahoma City, OK1B-BOOTLEG: tall grass and ones i love; Soundboard,
LB-117275/18/76Oklahoma City2B-aud lowgen, One of the great 1976 shows. This is a
LB-117285/18/76Oklahoma City1A-sbd lowgen, One of the great 1976 shows. This is
LB-121875/18/76Oklahoma City2B-aud lowgen k, Dylan punches out one of the more
LB-151995/18/76Oklahoma City, OK B-aud sbd dolphinsmile 48k, Aud/Sdb composite from
LB-00625/19/76Wichita, Kansas3B-from Bob Meyer's master audience collection
LB-11245/19/76Wichita, Kansas2B-aud master
LB-34975/19/76Wichita, Kansas3B-version "b"
LB-43145/19/76Wichita, Kansas3B-lk complete; Master / Low Gen > CDR > EAC > Flac;
LB-157845/19/76Wichita, KS B-aud ryan welch sirmick, Source: Master Audience
LB-14785/23/76Colorado State2B+Mix of SOUNDBOARD and Audience tapes., CD1t1,5-7
LB-27385/23/76Fort Collins2C-OFF-MASTER, TRIPLE TURBO REMASTERED; C-grade
LB-43285/23/76Fort Collins2C-lk; Complete Audience Tape;, Low gen Tape > CDR >
LB-43295/23/76Fort Collins1B+lk pa; Mono recording from TV (except where noted)
LB-60515/23/76Fort Collins2C-I believe it's the best show from '76. Inferior
LB-67305/23/76Fort Collins1B+BOOTLEG: Like a Rolling Stone(The Hidden TV Shows)
LB-71015/23/76Fort Collins2D+BOOTLEG: Complete Hard Rain; Seymour Record,
LB-103165/23/76Fort Collins1B+hard rain jtt, HARD RAIN (AUDIO) Uncirculated Line
LB-112875/23/76FORT COLLINS1B+hard rain jtt g, Hard Rain DVD (JTT EDit) plus
LB-116155/23/76Fort Collins1B+hard rain jtt v3, HARD RAIN (AUDIO) Uncirculated
LB-146195/23/76Fort Collins1B+BOOTLEG: shelter from a hard rain; From the
LB-149275/23/76Fort Collins3 raining hard in fort collins captainacidremaster,
LB-157245/23/76Fort Collins, CO C-dolphinsmile, Cass Master>Dat>clone to me>file
LB-603011/25/76Winterland4B+MOTB Release: 0066 16/44.1, Release Date:
LB-642311/25/76Winterland1A-JTT; I had an OK from the Mods for this Torrent
LB-642711/25/76Winterland4A-BOOTLEG: Complete Last Waltz; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-714111/25/76Winterland B+MOTB Release: 0066 24/96, Release Date: 2009-01-14
LB-1150011/25/76Winterland1Ajtt, This is the Complete Dylan Set from The Last
LB-1169611/25/76Winterland4A-complete cool daddy jtt, 'SOUNDBOARD' JTT CLEAN-UP
LB-1571711/25/76Winterland  BOOTLEG: friends other strangers; THE BAND &


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