LosslessBob LB For Year 1992
LB-6829xx/xx/92Various2 BOOTLEG: Modern Minstrel; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-88681/18/92Radio City Music1B+Late night with David Letterman 10th anniversary
LB-127001/18/92Late night with1A-jtt, (EX. MPG plus AUDIO) JTT, 'Late Night with
LB-43363/13/92Stuart Coope1B+from various locations: Los Angeles, CA and Sydney
LB-08553/18/92Perth2B+from mk recording,
LB-10373/18/92Perth2B+jl recordings,
LB-76443/18/92Perth2B+version "b"; FLAC files (dated 4 April 2005),
LB-08563/21/92Adelaide2A-from mk recording,
LB-10363/21/92Adelaide2B+jl recordings,
LB-76493/21/92Adelaide2A-version "b"; FLAC files (dated 5 April 2005),
LB-92213/21/92Adelaide, Australia2A-mk lk d, <>, From MK master tape
LB-107133/21/92Adelaide, Australia2A-version "e", Alternative recording 'MK' & 'JL'.,
LB-107863/21/92Adelaide2A-dolphinsmile, Uploaded by Dolphinsmile, master
LB-08143/23/92Sydney2B+from mk recording,
LB-10353/23/92Sydney2B+jl recordings,
LB-107643/23/92New South Wales2Aversion "c", Alternative recording 'MK' & 'JL'.,
LB-08173/24/92Sydney2B+from mk recording,
LB-10473/24/92Sydney2B+jl recording,
LB-52523/24/92Sydney, Australia2B+version "a"; From MK master tape
LB-107713/24/92Sydney, Australia2Aversion "d", Alternative recording 'MK' & 'JL'.,
LB-142573/24/92Sydney, NSW Antm lta 48k, taper: NET Taper M, lineage:, Sony
LB-08153/25/92Sydney2B+from mk recording,
LB-10483/25/92Sydney2B+jl recording,
LB-107723/25/92Sydney, Australia2A-version "c", Alternative recording 'MK' & 'JL'.,
LB-04163/28/92Entertainment Centre2B 
LB-08633/28/92Brisbane2Bfrom mk recording,
LB-119453/28/92Brisbane2Bjlt lk, Recorded by JLT. Source : Les Kokay who
LB-04003/29/92Royal Theatre2A- 
LB-08643/29/92Canberra2B+from mk recording,
LB-88303/29/92Canberra2A-version "c";, FLAC files labelled "Les Kokay
LB-110693/29/92Canberra2A-version "d", Due to recent information (disc times
LB-07274/1/92Melbourne2A-from mk recording,
LB-15584/1/92Melbourne2A-JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-47384/1/92Melbourne2A-from lk set "Tony's Master"
LB-97234/1/92Melbourne, Australia2A-version "d", From MK master tape
LB-129584/1/92Melbourne, VIC A-ntb version "e" 48k, 16/48, taper: NET Taper B,
LB-141814/1/92Melbourne, VIC A-ntb dat lta v2 48k, ***Second Transfer 31-May-2019
LB-07304/2/92Melbourne2Bfrom mk recording,
LB-15594/2/92Melbourne2BJLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-47454/2/92Melbourne2Bfrom lk set "Tony's Master"
LB-142934/2/92Melbourne, VIC Antm lta 48k, taper: NET Taper M, lineage:, Sony
LB-07314/3/92Melbourne2B+from mk recording,
LB-15614/3/92Melbourne2B+JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-04064/5/92Palais Theatre2A- 
LB-06564/5/92Palais Theatre2A-alternate version "a"
LB-14264/5/92Palais Theatre2A-remaster
LB-15624/5/92Melbourne2A-JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-07744/6/92Melbourne2A-from mk recording,
LB-15644/6/92Melbourne2A-JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-28124/6/92Melbourne, Australia2A-IAR056, Improved Air Remaster 056, released April
LB-110734/6/92Melbourne2A-BOOTLEG: melbourne 92 and the bromberg sessions;
LB-07794/7/92Melbourne2A-from mk recording,
LB-15654/7/92Melbourne2A-JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-08654/10/92Launceston2A-from mk recording,
LB-15704/10/92Launceston2A-JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-140404/10/92Launceston Antb lta 48k, ***Transfer 20-March-2019 by LTA***,
LB-08694/11/92Hobart2B+from mk recording,
LB-15694/11/92Hobart2B+JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-141124/11/92Hobart, TAS A-mk lta 48k, ***Transfer 25-April-2019 by LTA***,
LB-155434/11/92Hobart, Australia A-dolphinsmile 48, Cass Master>Dat>Clone to me>,
LB-08204/13/92Sydney2A-from mk recording,
LB-15664/13/92Sydney2B+JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-08234/14/92Sydney2B+from mk recording,
LB-15684/14/92Sydney2A-JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-119564/14/92Sydney2B+rl lk, Shn's recieved from LK, Taped by RL no
LB-156194/14/92Sydney, Australia A-jtt 24, 'New 48/24 Tape Transfer' (JTT), Excellent
LB-03984/15/92State Theatre2A- 
LB-08274/15/92Sydney2A-from mk recording,
LB-15674/15/92Sydney2A-JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-40284/15/92Sydney1C+(incomplete soundboard recording), A rare
LB-52114/15/92Sydney2Bversion "c"; Audience recording > Unknown transfer
LB-61214/15/92Sydney, Australia1Bversion "d"; SBD > ? > CD > EAC > Soundforge 6.0 >
LB-70964/15/92Sydney, Australia2A-version "e"; From MK master tape
LB-119574/15/92Sydney2A-rl lk, Shn's recieved from LK, Taped by RL no
LB-04014/16/92State Theatre2  
LB-08264/16/92Sydney2B+from mk recording,
LB-15714/16/92Sydney2A-JLT master transferred and mastered by LK
LB-15374/18/92Auckland2B-non MK version
LB-47794/18/92Auckland2B-from lk set "Tony's Master", The final track is a
LB-64884/18/92Auckland1CJTT; (Partial Tape), BOB DYLAN, Super Pop Tent,
LB-39854/22/92Maui2A-Lineage: Trade CDRs > EAC (no errors) > hdd >
LB-53864/22/92Maui2BJTT; "2nd Generation Transfer, Possibly
LB-27244/24/92Waikiki2A-I received this audience recorded show in the form
LB-58184/24/92Waikiki2A-legendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-68304/24/92Waikiki Shell2B+BOOTLEG: Paradise, Hawaiian Style; cd > ultraplex
LB-03334/27/92Paramount Theater2A-Sonic Studios >D5. Seating was in the first row,
LB-39194/27/92Seattle2A-version "a"; Size:540MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-57744/27/92Seattle2ALTD; cut beginning Absolutely Sweet Marie,
LB-127794/27/92Seattle, WA A-hce g canada dolphinsmile 48k, Taped on dat with
LB-39694/28/92Seattle2A-Size:521MB, Trade > CDR > Wav > FLAC(Level:8),
LB-53874/28/92Seattle2BJTT; "2nd Generation Transfer, Possibly
LB-57974/28/92Seattle2A-legendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-75784/28/92Seattle, Washington2Aversion "c"
LB-92644/28/92Seattle2A-jems, Source: Audience, Lineage: DAT(M)>WAV
LB-140414/28/92Seattle, WA Ag senn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, taped by Canadian G
LB-156344/28/92Seattle, WA A-ltd lta 48, taper: LTD, lineage: Sennheiser
LB-16244/30/92SILVA CONCERT HALL2A-Master Tape > DAT > CDR > Adaptec Create CD > FLAC
LB-39294/30/92Eugene2A-version "a"; Size:560MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-58994/30/92Eugene, Oregon2A-legendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-58835/1/92Red Bluff2Alegendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-15785/2/92Sonoma County2Afrom "Positively Potpourri" set; Artwork -
LB-40305/2/92Santa Rosa2Aversion "a"; Size:501MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-59445/2/92Santa Rosa2ALTF; source corrected by torrenter 04/12; original
LB-85035/2/92Santa Rosa2ATaper: LTF, Audio disks (from taper>my source>me)
LB-68315/4/92Warfield, SF2A-BOOTLEG: Tangled Up in Blue; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-70875/4/92Warfield Theater2A-BOOTLEG: The Warfield; Label: Flashback / 09.92
LB-85055/4/92San Francisco, CA2ATaper: LTF, Audio disks (from taper>my source>me)
LB-98885/4/92San Francisco2A-sonyd5, Audience recording, Sony D5 > master
LB-131815/4/92San Francisco, CA Acb dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by CB with Senn2002 and
LB-00415/5/92Warfield2A-48k, daud transfer from dat >midiman delta dio
LB-22975/5/92The Warfield Theater2A-version "a"; Audience recording, CDR > EAC > wav >
LB-59315/5/92San Francisco2A-LTD; Absolutely Sweet Marie and All Along The
LB-61825/5/92San Francisco Ca2ASchoeppes MK4 DAT, DAT Clone->CDWav->Flac,
LB-76385/5/92San Francisco2A-version "e"; Size:559MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-98855/5/92San Francisco2B+sonyd5, Audience recording, Sony D5 > master
LB-40085/7/92Berkeley Community2B+Lineage: CDRs from trade (audience recording) >
LB-59745/7/92Berkeley2ALTF; source corrected by torrenter 04/12; original
LB-152335/7/92Berkeley, CA Acb dolphinsmile 48, taped by CB with Sony dat and
LB-39875/8/92Berkeley2A-Lineage: CDRs from trade (audience recording) >
LB-59985/8/92Berkeley2A-LTD; some applause edited out, legendary taper D,
LB-68325/8/92Bekekey1A-BOOTLEG: From Broadway to the Milky Way; cd >
LB-87185/8/92Berkeley, CA2A-neumann km4s d5scott;, Recorded by "Da Weez",
LB-01295/9/92Event Center Arena2A 
LB-40315/9/92San Jose State2Aversion "a"; Size:592MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-46525/9/92San Jose2B+Pdub Master: Sonic Studios 6p mics > Sony D6 >
LB-68335/9/92San Jose, CA1A-BOOTLEG: San Jose Revisted; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-86415/9/92San Jose, California1A-BOOTLEG: Positivly 4th Street; (Crocodile Beat
LB-110265/9/92San Jose, California2Anak cm300, Very decent sounding stereo audience
LB-59385/11/92Santa Barbara2A-LTF; source corrected by torrenter 04/12; original
LB-66395/11/92Santa Barbara, CA2 BOOTLEG: Going To Arlington; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-125535/11/92Santa Barbara, CA2A-jems, JEMS Master, Recording Gear: Sony ECM-939
LB-41925/13/92Los Angeles2ALineage: CDRs from trade (audience recording) >
LB-60605/13/92Hollywood2A-legendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-152555/13/92Hollywood Asenn2002 dolphinsmile 48, Dat Clone>File cloned in
LB-15775/14/92Los Angeles2B+ 
LB-40155/14/92Los Angeles2B+version "a"; Size:567MB, Trade > CDR > Wav >
LB-40125/16/92The Pantages Theater2B+Size:576MB, Trade > CDR > Wav > FLAC(Level:8),
LB-89025/16/92Los Angeles2B+version "a"; Copy of LB-4012, static and analog
LB-13125/17/92The Pantages Theater2B+taper: Unknown, CD mastering: Jeff
LB-16435/17/92PANTAGES THEATRE2B+version "a"; Master Tape > DAT > CDR > EAC > Cool
LB-60775/17/92Hollywood2B+legendary taper D, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-40135/19/92Los Angeles2Bdata trade flacs > azareus > torrent dime, sorry
LB-09645/20/92Los Angeles2C- 
LB-40325/20/92Los Angeles2D+version "a"; data trade SHN > azareus > torrent >
LB-124095/20/92Los Angeles C+version "b", 48k; From an old DAT (received in
LB-40685/21/92Los Angeles2ASize:571MB, Trade > CDR > Wav > FLAC(Level:8),
LB-89265/21/92Los Angeles2Aversion "a"; Copy of LB-4068, camera like noise
LB-125685/21/92Los Angeles, CA Aversion "b" 48k, From a DAT (received 1992 --
LB-12115/23/92Goldwyn Events2A-MJS Master, Sonic Studios DSM6 >, Sony TCD-D3 DAT
LB-11676/xx/92Acme Recording1A- 
LB-1454xx/xx/92Acme Recording1ACall it "The Lowgen Remaster", These were made
LB-1456xx/xx/92Acme Recording1B+and David Bromberg sessions, April/May 1992, Dan
LB-35426/xx/92ACME Studios1BBOOTLEG: Kaatskill Serenade And Three More Songs;
LB-35446/xx/92Acme Recording1Alowgen version "a"; Four Tunes from the Bromberg
LB-04806/26/92Lulea, Sweden2B-Concert # 406 of The Never-Ending Tour. First
LB-51686/26/92Lule, Sweden2Bversion "a"; Lineage: cassette tape (said to be A
LB-22676/28/92Gothenburg, Sweden2A-Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > EAC secure mode > shntool >
LB-50806/28/92Gothenburg,Sweden2A-Madhasse; Lineage:
LB-76926/28/92Gothenburg,Sweden2A-version "b"; Lineage:
LB-125666/28/92Gteborg, Sweden A-hce c dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE-c, my German
LB-07636/30/92Dunkerque, Kursaal2Amaster, Sony D-7, Sennheiser microphones,
LB-07646/30/92Dunkerque, France2A-alternate, upgrade, version "a"
LB-15976/30/92Dunkerque, France2A-Remastered by Improved Air Remaster, December 22,
LB-45266/30/92Dunkerque2Aversion "b"; Lineage: CD'rs received in trade ->
LB-89476/30/92Dunkerque2BA zimmy21 recording !!, Sound quality : A good
LB-144936/30/92Dunkerque Alta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper A, location:
LB-152766/30/92Dunkerque, France Adolphinsmile 48, Dat clone from taper>file cloned,
LB-26837/1/92Reims2AAUD DAT Master [Sennheiser
LB-28407/1/92Reims2Btaper Paul Berry, source FUJI C100,
LB-129887/1/92Reims, France Ahce bp dolphinsmile 48k, Senn2002 and Dat
LB-144897/1/92Reims Alta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper A, lineage:,
LB-145807/1/92Reims Dsoundcheck lta 48k, soundcheck, soundcheck, taper:
LB-18897/2/92Belfort, France2BSource: Audience, Lineage: CDR > EAC > FLAC
LB-34567/2/92Belfort1B+Source: Master mit Sony WMD6C + Microphon Sony ECM
LB-106687/2/92Belfort, France2A-version "d", Alternative recording to LB-1889 &
LB-143997/2/92Belfort, France2Ddolphinsmile, master>dat to me>cloned into
LB-145817/2/92Belfort Alta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper A, location:
LB-59007/4/92Genua, Italy2Alegendary taper J, Sennheiser MKE 2002 (?) ->
LB-104537/4/92Genova, Italy2A-BOOTLEG: genoa 1992; jtt, (Commercial CDRs) JTT,
LB-132317/4/92Genova - Italy2B-version "d", Originally sourced by a DAT recording
LB-146187/4/92Genova Alta 48k, ***New Transfer 19 December 2019 by
LB-154747/4/92Genova, Italy2B+zuma66, Recording & editing: Zuma66, Lineage: TCS
LB-44747/5/92Correggio2A-Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-85757/5/92Correggio, Italy2Alegendary taper J, cut before Don't Think Twice,
LB-130637/5/92Correggio (RE) -2B+zuma66, zuma66 master, lineage: Sony TCS 430 whit
LB-12687/7/92Merano2A-from Holy Grail series
LB-59727/7/92Merano, Italy2Alegendary taper J, Sennheiser MKE 2002 (?) ->
LB-66407/7/92Meran, Italy1 BOOTLEG: Meran 92; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-122587/7/92Merano - Italy2Bzuma66, zuma66 master, lineage: Sony TCS 430 whit
LB-136707/7/92Merano, Italy Asenn2002 dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by a 'legendary
LB-149837/7/92Merano Alta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper A, lineage:,
LB-20327/8/92Aosta2Btaper Paul Berry, source FUJI C100,
LB-35077/8/92Aosta2Aversion "a"; Audience recording, CDR > EAC > WAV >
LB-152617/8/92Aosta, Italy Adolphinsmile 48, Dat clone>File cloned, in
LB-45577/10/92Leysin2B+AUD DAT Master [unknown equipment] > DAT clone(s)
LB-57737/10/92Leysin1B-Off master, Taper: Vito, Source/Linage:, Sony
LB-58507/10/92Leysin2B+local taper DE D, ?? -> portable DAT-recorder -
LB-149847/10/92Leysin B+lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper A, location: DFC
LB-27687/12/92Juan-Les-Pins2A-off "sm" master; source: Sennheiser Mics > Sony
LB-59507/12/92Juan-Les-Pins2A-source: Sennheiser Mics > Sony TC-D5M > Master
LB-68347/12/92Antibes, France2BBOOTLEG: Lucky Not To Be Destoyed; cd > ultraplex
LB-82467/12/92Juan-les-Pins2BBOOTLEG: Lucky not to be destroyed; version "c";
LB-23728/17/92Massey Hall2Bsound is better than others in this time period..
LB-98908/17/92Toronto2Bversion "a", LosslessBob entry: LB-2372
LB-113538/17/92Toronto2Bstevemtl, Acceptable recording of Bob Dylan and
LB-44678/18/92Toronto2B+Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-115508/18/92Toronto2B-stevemtl, Acceptable audience recording of Dylan
LB-44738/20/92Meadville2BSHN files data disc trade, no info...NO EDIT, incl
LB-59138/20/92Meadville2BFixedLB4473; SHN files data disc trade, no info..
LB-124108/20/92Meadville B+version "b", 48k; From an old DAT (received in
LB-07958/21/92Hamilton Place2B+ 
LB-30688/21/92Hamilton2B+version "a"; Source: Low generation copy. No other
LB-98948/21/92Hamilton, Ontario2Bjtt, (Transfer from Low Generation Tapes, JTT),
LB-142098/21/92Hamilton Bstevemtl 24bit, Fair recording without audience
LB-33728/22/92Ottawa ON Landsdowne2A-DM master?, D2t04 patched of two masters
LB-126938/22/92Ottawa, ON2A-dolphinsmile, dat clone from taper>file cloned
LB-142048/22/92Ottawa Bstevemtl 24bit, Fine recording without audience
LB-154278/22/92Ottawa, ON  dolphinsmile 48, Dat clone>file cloned in
LB-43378/24/92Sudbury2BTaper: Glen Dundas, Source: Audio disks from taper
LB-143018/24/92Sudbury, ON Bltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-45508/25/92Ontario2A-Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: Audio disks from taper
LB-58328/25/92Sault St. Marie2A-version "a"; DATA DVD TRADE...just the flac
LB-143138/25/92Sault Ste. Marie, ON A-ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-18158/27/92Fort Williams Garden2B+Known features and flaws:, CDR from the master DAT
LB-143148/27/92Thunder Bay, ON B+ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-25968/29/92Minneapolis2A-from master
LB-45898/29/92Minneapolis2B+Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: Audio disks from taper
LB-25978/30/92Minneapolis2A-from master
LB-68358/30/92Minneapolis2 BOOTLEG: Friend of the Devil; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-25988/31/92Minneapolis2A-from master
LB-114828/31/92Minneapolis, MN2Bversion "b", Alternative recording to LB-2598.,
LB-32259/2/92Minneapolis2Afrom master
LB-76979/2/92Minneapolis2Aversion "a"
LB-145669/2/92Minneapolis, MN A-ltf lta 48k, (LTF), taper: Legendary Taper F,
LB-32239/3/92Minneapolis2A-from master
LB-62899/3/92Minneapolis2A-legendary taper F, cut after Rainy Day Women # 12
LB-145679/3/92Minneapolis, MN A-ltf lta 48k, (LTF), taper: LTF, lineage:, Sonic
LB-45849/5/92Omaha2A-Taper: Glen Dundas, Source: AUdio disks from taper
LB-143269/5/92Omaha, NE A-ltf lta 48k, taper: Legendary Taper F, lineage:,
LB-44959/6/92Kansas City2B+PDub Master: Sony D6 and sonic studios 6p mics >
LB-90519/6/92Kansas City2Bversion "a"; Unknown recording, Good sound, some
LB-127789/6/92Kansas City, MO,  B+hce jeff t dolphinsmile 48k, thanks, now it is
LB-54999/8/92Little Rock2A-Taper: No information., Source: Audio disks of
LB-14879/9/92Municipal Auditorium2B+Improved Air Remasters 076 [tape sourced], Notes:
LB-45229/9/92Jackson2A-PDub Master: Sony D6 / Sonic Studios 6p mics >
LB-106969/9/92Jackson, Mississippi2Bversion "b", Alternative recording to PDub.,
LB-125479/9/92Jackson, MS A-hce p dolphinsmile 48k, Something sent to me by
LB-35999/11/92Pelham2A-FLAC > azareus > torrent > dime > ......., data
LB-53969/11/92Birmingham2C+Stereo Recording, Lineage: DAT Master>Cass(XLIIS
LB-32359/12/92Pensacola2B+AUD Cassette Master>DAT>CD>WAV>Soundforge 6.0>CD
LB-133339/12/92Pensacola, Florida B+pdub dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by PDub with SonyD6
LB-32389/13/92Lafayette2B+from 1st gen pw tapes, AUD Cassette
LB-49909/13/92Lafayette2B+PDub Master: Sonic Studios 6p mics > Sony D6 >
LB-294610/9/92Pittsburgh2Btaped by "ag"; low-gen
LB-557810/9/92Pittsburgh2B-version "a"
LB-1225210/9/92Pittsburgh, PA Bversion "b", From an old DAT (received in trade).
LB-043110/10/92Lock Haven2B- 
LB-295310/11/92Rochester New York2ASonic Studios DSM-3 microphones > Sony D3 DAT
LB-1462710/11/92Rochester, NY2B+version "d"; Alternative recording to LB-0107 &
LB-342810/12/92Binghamton2BComplete concert.
LB-683610/12/92Binghampton, NY2BBOOTLEG: Dust My Broome; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-726710/12/92Binghamton, New York2A-net taper M, Sennheiser MKE2002 -> portable
LB-683710/16/92Madison Square2B+BOOTLEG: BobFest Rehearsals; cd > ultraplex > eac
LB-879010/16/92Madison Square2B+BOOTLEG: Celebration Night; celebration night; Bob
LB-884510/16/92Bobfest Rehearsals2B+bobfest rehearsals wilbury records;, Bob Dylan and
LB-1109910/16/92New York, NY2B+BOOTLEG: this ones for you bob; Bootleg:This Ones
LB-1134810/16/9230th Anniversary1B+nicam stereo jtt, Incomplete Dylan Set UK TV
LB-1134910/16/9230th Anniversary1B+satellite mono jtt, 1. Complete Dylan Set
LB-1562010/16/92Anniversary Concert2B+BOOTLEG: in the garden; Silver disc>EAC (secure
LB-317610/23/92Newark2B+Taper: J.C., CVR:, lots of gaps removed, track
LB-908710/23/92Newark, Delaware2B+version "a", Received in a trade with the infos
LB-1257210/23/92Newark, DE Aversion "b" 48k, From a DAT (received in trade
LB-321710/24/92Storrs2A-Taper: J.C., CVR:, lots of gaps removed, track
LB-992210/24/92Storrs, Connecticut2B+jtt, (Transfer from Low Generation Tapes, JTT),
LB-993010/24/92Storrs, Connecticut2A-version "b", CONTRAST CLAUSE: This is an alternate
LB-1324210/24/92Storrs, CT  lte lta 48k, taper: LTE, lineage:, Sennheiser
LB-1432710/24/92Storrs, CT A-lte lta v2 48k, taper: Legendary Taper E, lineage:
LB-151210/25/92PERFOMING ARTS2ARemastered by Improved Air Remaster, December 22,
LB-495310/25/92Providence2Aversion "a"; audio cd > xACT > FLACS > Azareus >
LB-484210/27/92Burlington2B+Lineage:, AUD Master (analog) > DAT Clone(s) > CD
LB-151010/28/92Paramount Performing2A-CDR (clean, thanks Chad) > EAC V0.95pb4 > WAV >
LB-318010/28/92Springfield2 Taper: J.C.; cvr
LB-908510/28/92Springfield Mass2A-version "b", from torrent description: "clone from
LB-1079510/28/92Springfield2A-nak700, 2 Nakamichi 700s and Teac DA-P20 DAT
LB-066510/30/92Beverly. MA2A- 
LB-187710/30/92Beverly. MA2A-version "a"
LB-318110/30/92Beverly2A-Taper: J.C.; cvr
LB-147311/1/92F.M. Kirby Center2B+Improved Air Remasters 077 [tape sourced], Notes:
LB-318211/1/92Wilkes-Barre2A-Taper: J.C.; cvr
LB-320811/1/92WILKES-BARRE2Bversion "a"
LB-409511/1/92Wilkes-Barre2BJTT; Very Good Audience Recording, This recording
LB-867011/1/92Wilkes Barre2Bversion "d";, Very good quality audience recording
LB-1284611/1/92Wilkes-Barre, PA A-hce p dolphinsmile 48k, cass masters>sent to HCE P
LB-367311/2/92Youngstown2ABOOTLEG: Himself; bootleg cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-1275611/2/92Youngstown, Ohio Ahce pl dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE PL with a
LB-499811/3/92Cincinnati2A-Unknown Audience Recording>CDR>EAC> FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-329311/8/92Coral Gables2A 
LB-150911/9/92Van Wezel Performing2A-part of "Positively Potpourri" collection; Artwork
LB-295911/9/92Sarasota2A-taped by "ag"; low-gen
LB-758511/9/92Sarasota, Florida2A-version "b"; Source: Audience recording, Lineage:
LB-1101011/9/92Sarasota, Florida2A-BOOTLEG: gulf coast highway; (Commercial CDR) JTT,
LB-1284511/9/92Sarasota, FL A-hce ag dolphinsmile 48k, taped by HCE AG, who
LB-504611/11/92Clearwater2A-Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-637011/11/92Clearwater, Florida2ANTH; Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 slightly incomplete
LB-220511/12/92UCF Arena2B+Source: aud, Lineage: ? > CD-Rs > EAC secure mode
LB-638911/12/92Orlando, Florida2B+net taper H, ?? -> portable DATrecorder - clone ->
LB-1330511/12/92Orlando, FL B+sonics dolphinsmile 48k, taped by A with Sony Dat
LB-294911/13/92Sunrise2B+taped by "ag"; low-gen;
LB-909811/13/92Sunrise, Florida2A-version "a"; torrenters comments: "from my master
LB-1284711/13/92Fort Lauderdale B+hce ag dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by HCE AG, the guy
LB-1289011/13/92Fort Lauderdale A-am dolphinsmile 48k, my analog masters> put on
LB-498511/15/92West Palm Beach2B+Audience recording (Full spectrum) > Unknown
LB-504111/15/92West Palm Beach2B-version "a"; Unknown Audience>CDR>EAC>FLAC LEVEL 5
LB-909211/15/92West Palm Beach2A-version "b"; torrenters comments: "I have 3-4
LB-1359611/15/92West Palm Beach, FL A-dolphinsmile 48k, Taped by Dolphinsmile with Sony


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